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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  January 28, 2021 7:30am-8:01am EST

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is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being so. what is true. is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or inmate in the shallow.
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greetings and sal you take. on tuesday january 26th a long time washington d c yes man anthony blanket sworn in as us president joe biden secretary of state approved by the senate to name a landslide 78 to 22 vote lincoln took to twitter to announce his exuberance of being given the reins to u.s. foreign policy writing quote my career has come full circle i started at the state department in 1903 and today it's the honor of my life to lead the department's women and men as the 71st secretary of state. ah how sweet how sweet naturally blink in the. the rest of us corporate media has conveniently purposely
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forgotten blink in its role as iraq war cheerleader when he was the democratic staff director for the u.s. senate foreign relations committee under then chairman joe biden during that lovely little run up to the exercise in u.s. quake mar building known as the iraq war or as code pink medea benjamin elegantly tweeted out so we will have a president who supported the invasion of iraq and a secretary of state who supported the invasion of iraq in the united states there is no accountability for supporting the worst foreign policy disaster in modern history only rewards and speaking of the united states quagmire building one of the 1st challenges mr blinken will face as secretary of state will be the united states' role in the humanitarian crisis that is saudi arabia's war sorry intervention in yemen just this week common dreams reports that over 385 groups
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from around the world came together with a joint call monday to end the war and on the ground demonstrations took place in approximately 30 countries calling for the end of the yemen war this comes as the enter american commission on human rights just received a petition from the families of $34.00 yemeni victims of u.s. military actions within that country claiming that 6 drone strikes and one special operations raid targeted yemen's al bayda government during the obama trump administrations inflicted catastrophic damage on 2 families catastrophic damage my friends that included the deaths of 9 children. so today let us examine the united states' role in the ongoing devastation in yemen as we start watching. on a city street. under so let's see this is joyce
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state. great city this least systemic deception is the late show which. brings up. well if we're going to watching the hawks i went to an island and i made sure i bring up yemen today because it is kind of one of those tragic quagmires and tragic as they say humanitarian crisis that is kind of lost in the shuffle of all the other humanitarian crisis the world's been dealing with and i don't say about like i mean it's a little comic when you say but it's true we're dealing with so much but yemen is important because this is one of those kind of foreign policy situations that is going to be hard on the by administration moving forward babe gotta pull out they've got to do something to say we're not going to take part in this sort of you bring it up because it's not receiving the attention it should in major media but also because we've had a longstanding history of mistakes and human mistakes that have been very costly
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not only in terms of american dollars but also in terms of the lie of the people there and i think that you know it when we look at things from a geo political landscape and the new administration has brought in people who are supposed to kind of turn the tide from some of what we've seen in the past and i think it going to be interesting to see what we do in the air in the region now specifically looking at some of his newest appointments because they also kind of were involved but they definitely were what's interesting is that actually joe president biden has filled a lot of cabinet positions actually with people who signed the letter back during the obama administration and to me blinken was one of them calling for the u.s. to withdraw any kind of involvement in hell. bring saudi arabia in that kind of coalition in the in the war in yemen but you know that's going to be one of those things that you know what you say in a letter is different when you're suddenly in the driver's seat and you've got saudi arabia this huge u.s. ally in the region saying what do you mean you're going to walk away from us over
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here what do you mean you're not going to help it's terrorism you know they'll always weigh about blood but we've got several things that have happened you know that transpired between that letter and now when it comes to saudi arabia and one should be americans americans understanding of how we should pursue many levels of communication with them remember chris showed he wasn't murdered and mutilated it was something that letter was written it was really having themes saudi arabia actually have any level of penalty from the united states based on that alone i think that we are in a different space now in the way that we view saudi arabia and knowing that you know when it comes to terrorist cells and certain other things they have been part and parcel of that there has to be a response there has to be able it's also interesting to of what's going to happen with this petition by these yemeni families to the interim record commission on human rights look at the if they find in favor of the petitioners and say that the u.s. you don't violated human rights in these airstrikes and in this special operation special operation the attack that they did there. wouldn't necessarily force any
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changes in u.s. military and military operations but it would put pressure and that's sometimes all you need is the right kind of pressure to see these changes in active even when going up against the you know all consuming force of the u.s. mint military industrial complex you can still make change and i think you're absolutely right and a think that they have the environment in the pervert to do something for human right now is they are one of my good friends was just appointed one of the spokespeople for the state department for this year and written several letters and has been you know published multiple times in terms of her advocacy for human as well so i think that we're going to definitely see some level of positivity come out of there and. it's interesting too you're also seeing pushback from congress to . of real democratic reform he told the media quote ending this war and providing the relief that is necessary to civilians and yemen has to be our highest priority it has to be across nationality across religion and across party we've seen this call it actually you've seen republicans call for those 2 of them up mistake around
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paul's called well that you know is also called for the ending of the war in yemen you know it's one of those weird things that strikes me like afghanistan where it's or iraq where it's everybody wants it to and everybody wants to see this stopped yet no one will know what will because people the americans think that when american people rise up against and they feel like because there isn't enough attention being paid in a media about this people don't necessarily know what's going on i think that when we raise that attention then you actually have advocates out here pushing for that's the only time elected officials actually respond very true very very true. on the campaign trail then democratic presidential nominee joe biden promised he would address this to make racism now during his 1st week as president he find an executive order on racial equality he is also putting into private prisons as r.t. correspondent reports some believe this is
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a step in the right direction while others say it's simply not enough. in my campaign for president i mean very clear. it's the moment arrived as a nation a moment many americans have been waiting to hear on tuesday biden signs an executive order addressing what he calls racial inequity and to give perspective he brings up one of the most historic moments of 2020 biden reflects on the changes made through the death of george floyd saying those last 8 minutes and 46 seconds of floyd's life open the eyes of millions of people all across the globe it was the lead on the next justice and it wouldn't be forgotten. still conscious and tens of millions of americans and in my view it marked a turning point in this country's attitude toward racial justice another familiar face from the obama administration susan rice biden's domestic policy council
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director gave a preview of the new administration's plan to tackle racial injustice one of the main points she made during the news conference was investing in equity for economic growth same it creates jobs for all americans if we closed racial gaps in income and opportunity these same economists are best elated we could add 5 trillion dollars to the u.s. economy over the next 5 years and add over $6000000.00 new jobs and the binding administration also ordering the department of justice to end its reliance on private prisons the new president saying he acknowledges the central role the government has played in implementing discriminatory housing policies this will in turn lead the justice department to not when you contracts with privately run criminal detention facilities i did also calling on the department of housing and urban development to promote equal housing opportunity the new orders asked for the government to respect travel sovereignty helping to east is from a nation against the asian american and pacific islander community over the chrono
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virus pandemic one biden says we have a long way to go he believes these are the necessary steps to help put an end to racial discrimination was 37 executive orders or resign critics question why some type of police reform wasn't one of them were porting for watching the hawks and tossed sweets artsy. out of a busy week for mr joe biden in the 1st couple with a lot of executive you know executive actions and things like that but do you believe it has enough chief that are we're going to see that change we're going to see the federal government truly you know divest and get out of the private prison business i think one of the things that people aren't really highlighting here and i respect a lot of what joe biden. doing specially with the housing and the racial equity the racial equity piece but specific to prisons though this is not new joe biden is continuing what was started by the obama administration was that the exact same thing and then it was rescinded once trump came in so what this does not do with actually eliminate private prisons entirely what it does is eliminate
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a certain level of federal funding that was given to them that doesn't mean they're still not going get funding from other sources and it doesn't you know cut their you know their legs off either the other concern though is for a lot of our a lot of our federal prisons as well and what happens and what happens there because that wasn't addressed at all there are still major inequities in the sentences that come in federal prisons there are still some guidance that he could give to the states because a lot of the the majority of african-americans and latinos who are incarcerated are actually not in federal prisons at all they are in state prisons so i think that you know there's still a ways we can go with this and i don't think that it's often highlighted in a new plan even though president obama didn't call it racial equity it was something that he did as well i think it's interesting too that you brought up the state prison aspect of this because look this doesn't you're right this doesn't affect states that have contracts with private prisons you don't no matter what the u.s. government in all of its forms it's going to take a lot to get off the private private prison spigot because that lobby is huge at
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this point and so much money is spent and the other piece is that even the under this legislation or under this under this this piece that we see right now this policy it doesn't affect immigration in these prisons private prisons are still going to be able to contract for immigration detention centers that i think is one of the hugest blind spots that is to especially when we're looking at all this push back now with these reports about ice not implementing the you know about we saw the judge rule against the by the ministration of the deportations or so they're coming over but it's you know it's going to be interesting plus at the end of the day we have to remember to executive or our law if you want to see real change it's not in the executive order that donald. kind of like lol to even the both sides of the media believing the next executive orders a lot of that it really makes this big drastic change it really doesn't i mean you saw biden come in and pretty much rescind most of what donald did through executive order on the 1st night exactly and i mean that's a that's that's the miracle of executive orders on the one hand they help people to
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fulfill short term campaign promises on the other they are etched in stone and it's very it's whereas it's very hard for you to go back on a bill that it's become law it's very easy for you to retain an executive order so really if you want to see real you know racial equity in this car it's got to come it's about and it's not worth it i've got a clue right now and not have a congress that is built to or ready for war in the position right now to even care about racial equity because we have far too many people on the right who don't even want to believe that we have a problem with race in america is that right now i just saw it just so even if the let's say the democrats were people pushing for you know racial equity in this country racial justice in this country or police reform you know even with the 50 percent 50 votes in congress plus you don't coddle is the tiebreaker you still don't think that that's going to get through now and i think that they will fight tooth and nail because they've got to go back to their constituents and midterms are coming up there are far too many republicans who are not going to take a stand on racial equity because they don't think it's going to play well in their districts you know it's sad to see that it's sad to see that that even when you
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think that like ok for those that voted for democrats saying ok we believe they're going to carry the torch on this they ran on carrying the torch on that the even to this day they'll bill still far in that pushback and congress even when they have the votes to do it absolutely. all right as we go to break remember you can also start watching the hawks on demand through portable t.v. it is an app that is available now on all platforms so don't hesitate please download it coming up water protect the woman with blue joins us to discuss the latest protest against the fossil fuel pipeline in northern minnesota you do not want to miss this story so stay tuned for watching football.
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in 2040 you know bloody revolution here to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it. spilling into the fall the ukrainian president recalls the events of 2040 and. those who took part in the state over 5000000000 dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. led
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. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived within the zeros on their way to view houses were. preserved was located and the only people have access to the story from investigators covered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. you go. in. for justice.
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minnesota is home to some of the strongest fighters for environmental justice known to be a pillar of environmental awareness campaigns and honoring natural resources while the state doesn't always practice what it preaches with big and oftentimes lofty climate goals minnesota also endorsed one of the dirtiest fossil fuels parthians oil and this hasn't gone unnoticed climate activists have been raising the alarm water protectors have changed themselves inside a pipe section to hold construction because they believe bill infrastructure is killing people and planet earth science is on their side. not to mention the sovereignty of indigenous communities also on the line as workers continue to dig deeper in the pipeline 3 indigenous and environmental activists have steadily opposed the project in the canadian companies efforts to replace an aging pipeline
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with a much larger win that stretches across alberta canada up in through north dakota minnesota and wisconsin in bridge the company behind the project has a well noted history of oil spills and other significant environmental disasters but line 3 in particular raises issues related to cultural maps as well the proposed line runs through numerous sacred and significant sites where the indigenous people the twitter account aptly named resist line 3 provides up to date information about the project in advocacy efforts currently underway but despite advocacy to stop the pipeline project it seems to continue unabated. activists are now calling on president biden to stand up for those on the front lines of what is deemed bottle racism and the climate crisis by stopping line 3 in a letter submitted to the byte administration the request read quote the biden administration can uphold their climate justice claims by acting to stop line 3 stopped keystone x.l. and stop dakota access pipeline joining us now to break this down is one of the
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executive director of honor their welcome one on a. time there i mean we're so glad to have you we know that activists like you have been fighting against pipeline projects for quite some time can you explain the mickens of what we are seeing in minnesota right now and why pipeline 3 has become ground 0 point digitas people and environmental groups. well the biden ministry said that he used to own pipeline wouldn't meet their climate test this one certainly won't it's 915000 barrels a day of tar sands it's not the good land of new coal fired power plants and it crosses through the most pristine waters soda in a time when we are not only water skiers you know this is where we're in and out of that but it's also the time to to not make a bigger mess or time to start cleaning up. the you know you mentioned the by the administration in its most recently released racial equity plan may include
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protection of sovereignty for indigenous communities in the country how do you believe this is going to play out on the ground and does biden's plan give activists and indigenous communities any kind of hope or do you think this is more lip service washington with no follow through. you know we think of divided ministration is going to mean what they say i think it's time for north america the united states to stand up in that rest of the countries instead of the. past years so this is how indigenous people are going to be treated because we understand that us understand free prior and informed consent we also had. that writing tarsem. the heartland of people's territory threatening their very lives in existence is a really bad idea and it's not the right thing to do so you know already a lot of people look at the rest of the work basically we're standing up there is that all kinds of cops trying to protect our skulls and stop it claimed criminal particular water and destroying our land and then destroying the environment and i
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want to you know it's really. it's really wrong what's happening to us and went out you're obviously extremely passionate and well informed i do have a question for you regarding some of the things that you might be up against one of the biggest arguments against dropping the keystone pipeline and pipeline 3 and other projects like it is the cost in american jobs conservatives argue that thousands of jobs would be lost if these projects in what is it what message would you say to them and why do you think they ignore the significant health and environmental threats posed by these projects. well 1st of all there were promises of jobs and still you know what do you 200 out of state tipline workers who've come to northern minnesota in the middle of the pandemic. and so you have the highest communities need communities in the north with about 4 times a shot of dying from coal which is what one person and we're surrounded by these i planted that have come from failed pipeline projects like the keystone x.l.
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or the constitution pipeline or the atlantic coast quite dark building new pipelines in this country they're building new pipelines anywhere it dirt closing down the tar sands you going to get a lot of the tar so. why would you want to invest in a dying economy i mean take a couple of notes at the end of this one that we 23 new jobs we're more including more people in my reservation based we need adult organization and we're just going and what we want is jobs for people that's going to protect our environment not jobs or school or bunch of guns i mean this is rural minnesota you're looking at. it was more cops up there when the when the impeded little i think i was like what do you do that you're protecting a canadian multinational who wants to destroy your land and water that's what's going on and it's time you know canada is a climate criminal and bridges a climate criminal and the new administration doesn't want to be climate criminals
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nor should what's the time is now for a just transition that's what we want we want jobs over the long haul i want solar panels in the us and i watch new turbines coming across the north you know on these roads along with pipelines that might which one do want want i want the interference how do we make your i could not i could not fly many people that would disagree with you wouldn't really brag about that i would much rather have wind power than the than the bird of your energy or fossil fuel it's interesting because in most arguments in favor of climate and environmental policy that is friendly to our ecosystem but one thing we don't hear about is made of sovereignty why do you think this is omitted and what is the significance of this omission when we're talking about green energy and we're talking about all things we can do but then you leave out the maid of sovereignty aspect of it. which you like the long term the short so. i would i've got a few minutes or so we can take whatever sprigs you're going to give us. for free
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that's what are you sure is sure is out when people don't even know that consciously i'm been there you know and it would become a bunch of mascots 0 impact you know like. you're aware i mean on a worldwide basis or about i percent of the world's population in about 35 percent of the world's. so who's to got their act together at b.s. i mean you know so is likely i think at this point we should try to make you made it. all just my plans cross media i mean and the fact is that you don't have anywhere else to go and we happen to be the people there that are courageous. just add up in a lot of question the lot of nonunion people got arrested if we just keep praying and i think those pictures are from the tar sands i mean that's the worst you know logical disaster in the world right there you know so i just need time to move on you know time to move wean ourselves from also fuels i mean you know we didn't get
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out of this don't age because we ran out of rocks and it was time to do you know oil you know it's kind of oh i'm i'm already i'm like ours there's a little grain and good will to stick around to me it could also. come already i mean this kind demick so in the end it is in the units i could not agree i could not agree with you more i salute the courage of you and your fellow protesters and water protectors out there putting up a fight for the better in the betterment of our environment thank you so much for coming on today all thank you very much for educating our audience as well. thanks for having me me remember to protect the water. with all the doom and the gloom that we are facing today it's easy to get lost in the misery of it all and convince ourselves that humanity is on a freight train to oblivion but then a little bird comes along and reminds us just how beautiful we are and how much we've overcome to get here and in this case it's not a bird but a pig yes
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a warty pig this cave drawing of a warty pig discovered on an imitation island sulawesi scientists believe is one of the oldest known artistic depictions of a real world animal or object ever discovered clocking in at over 45000 years old not only that but its discovery in indonesia highlights that human cave art traditions did not originate in ice age europe now that my friends in the world of charlotte's web in the words of charlotte's web as some big this little piggy in the human who painted it remind us that no matter how hard our existence we still find time to create something beautiful. and that ladies and gentlemen is our show for you today remember in this world we are not told that we are loved up so i tell you all i love i am i robot and i am of the keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and night. actually
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as a financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad fill out let's say i'm not sure i get any earthly grease tom thanks for the fight 9 street spot thank you for helping. destroy that's right. that slavery. is going on the phone lines smoke why don't they couldn't put them in the moment one for appointments you know them done well sometimes he doesn't get
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a. lot of the comedy just that he had nothing to. eat she brews or was he made. drunk on bar from the sun on my book you go to the british course there's enough of them around. i mean we got. to. take. this measure to everything that we learned all the world see it's not right so as we learn more and more because we are learning more and more silent grows now as any good island yolland is surrounded by an ocean in this case is the ocean off the
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unknown most stuff we do not know. and a paradox of learning and this is why the boy did. as the island grows the boundaries between what he's known and what is not known is also growing. on swords have to tell you the number of deaths recorded from in the u.k. has suppost 100000. grieving u.k. families demand a public inquiry into government missteps blamed for the coded 1000 death toll which is by far the highest in europe. i'm didn't see the clip from the un's they did not promise 1st it was the nomination and most of these lives could have been saved. also this hour french lawmakers vent their frustration at the country's failure.


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