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the money will start to run the town as opposed to the people that live there. that's when you start seeing the implosion. all that all stuff to come down and all the new stuff is coming up on a car at. least to a resort. in the mid ninety's las vegas has gone through this family friendly phase. over here they decided to build a theme park on the back of the property it was starting to become a place you could bring your kids to and they realize all the time with their kids or not the casinos on the theme park. biltmore hotel so. i'm sure resorts are national owns over a dozen of these properties and caesars owns most of the restaurants last time that you have like the way the column on the money ship goes are owned by other people but for the bulk of it is have resorts international and caesar's space we own all of the corporations took over vegas and went from have around 880000 people in 1980
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to around one and a half 1000000 by the year 2000. the population almost doubled and the money did a lot more than double a just blew up. in g. and started taking over the town. to bottom raj in 2000 and steve winter some of the 4400000000 the mirage sold for and open the way i'm steve wynn and this is my new hotel the only one i've ever signed my mate and that's where stephen data became a regular frequent visitor once or twice a month since day in las vegas until 6 so you know we're talking about 11 years i've got a picture of steve holy a 2 $150000.00 check signed by steve when. steve came in they said well we got your room mr paddock. stephen paddick was. well known on the mandalay bay property sometimes he was moody
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never mean to any of us people. men of very few words he was. a guy by the name of richard. man laid. down and. very personal and. was on a winning streak when richardson owned the company. when. my name for the 4th time. because he got 5 of the 6 things in the drawing. and he had 3 quarters of the tickets in the drawn. when he needed to burn points their store. got cash. 20.
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when plenty he did very well gambling he knew what he was doing that all ended once m.g.m. bought mandalay bay changes. we got lightbulbs for a christmas gift. but the tax. dollars on our check for it wasn't a gift we. are national. policies and procedures started pinching. feeling comps they didn't make any money on him so what would they do they would say oh we're sorry steve there's going to be 3. to 6.
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and then when they broke the deal he was. deal's a deal they were around a lot. because comps i've seen this countless times with other gamblers. would lose 500000 so mentally bay would have this recovery team man they put their chapstick on a search a lot of. smoothing things over for him losing the amount of money he'd lost. and they would promise him all these comps. free weekends nice we. mean the bell guy goes in to go get is free room and. towers fully community which means there are many rooms available but they can sell him up. gamblers because you know host emails me 2 days ago confirming my comps i get here
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and i have nothing or not already paid $100.00 for. me and i got a $500.00 for my room that's supposed to be. 13 years i saw it continuously thinking everything's going to be calm and when they get there nothing is. this just. a very end yemen manoli bid they definitely want to hide all these tricks they pull on gamblers they're there to make a winner a loser he was a success for a. substantial portion of his wealth they are diminished. when you blow your cash you go from mr c. mr p. mr g. to get. they don't want you no more your kids to shy. as you blow your cash you
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can't get a good french fry. gamble $26000000.00 at the mandalay in the week before he did the last 4 years of his. tax records show that. at the mandalay and they wouldn't give him the room sat down and gambled a $1000000.00 in the room he wanted violence behind gambling losses not something that doesn't have it. he was really really angry with the gaming industry. for the money at mandalay bay. to. international. he's got all these guns and i mean this is. a $1000000.00 and. he. says he wanted it in many questions for us to really say. we have to fire
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the 1st. 3 2nd floor. security. as he was sharp and gives the exact location of this room. down on the ground. and says that matches timeline of the shooting is not correct. very well aware of the statement provided yesterday. i agree with her statement the timeline associated with the regime. change. closer to 10 o 5 aligning with the m.g.m. timetable released yesterday. at nearly the same time over than 40 seconds of the mass shooting not the 6 minute gap given earlier this week by police. was given. somewhere in the neighborhood of $300000.00 for his silence he was also
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gifted. and those come to the tune of about $2500.00 a month each $5000.00 a month gifted him in the form of a residence and that came about the time that he was supposed to be on 5 different television shows doing interviews suddenly he canceled shortly before the end of his work to occur and said he just showed up on the ellen show with a cane and a lamp he shot through this door right from behind the door i don't know how he was shooting i don't know all the investigative reporters that we have that could ask hard questions i mean generous who have to have a whole line of slot machines that are sponsored by the m.g.m. resorts wow so and i mean they really he saved your life and he saved the also the woman that's him out of the door to. you stop everything and m.g.m. resorts in mandalay bay did everything right she just threw him softballs it's like
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she was tellin em what happened there was a metal bracket holding the door in place right so what we're talking about here just clear ok so the only damn interview that he did was on a t.v. talk show. you just want this to be over so you're talking about it now and then you're not going to talk about it again and she managed to keep him out of contact with the media and they made sure that instead of hearing the facts from his mouth we had the facts from their mouths. you know getting a better idea of what may happen to the 1 october shooting site resorts emitter or reportedly talking about the construction of a swat building on a portion of that you would think would be a conflict of interest to give. such an enormous. las vegas feel which is valued at about $30000000.00. you guys. that's worked over $30000000.00. this entire event and that's occasion happened
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in an election year where joe lockhart oh is campaigning to continue to be the sheriff he really is suppose her a $1000000.00. loss vegas boulevard stood up and said this is where we're going to put our money because this is who we want to live in the neighborhood more than a $1000000.00 in to share. so nobody else is going to win if they try to run behind them because there is a power machine behind them in it's a gaming industry. he's got a 1000000 bucks to spare and on t.v. all the hotels want to because he's going to do with the children but do i don't want anybody assuming that you're on safe. you don't want to burrow tells almost every press conference if you saw one figure and it was steve says he didn't see governor sandoval there didn't see even carolyn goodman of the mayor there but you
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always saw steve says slack in the background he was on every national television set giving face time using this as a springboard for his political campaign. seemed wrong. but also well just don't call. me old yet to say palin these days because as a kid and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find
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themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. debate is is it fair for transforming our plates to compete in women's categories and sport. as a society we've decided to categorize sports based on sex i definitely need to do not think that it's fair for athletes that form porn as pie logical males to compete in the women's category on the run. why do we have gender or do you have gender categories in sports because we do treat men and women differently. every single soul beat athletes will we all have biological advantages over each
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other. are the same use a lot of these and i think friends are the subjects of a little here as a whole to do it. and develop confidence and belief in myself and i've learned the value of hard work and dedication i'm gonna cut out. that these men say that they feel like a woman and they will not ever know what it's like to feel the loss of a baby her maybe biologically every home of these that they will never do they really think this is fair. i just don't believe it. i'm as kaiser or more and my guide to financial survival this is a hedge fund it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just adding more and more to the.
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totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for a while because we're for. well funny thing about. politicians grandstanding on the. move. to. following through i'm a journalist with the las vegas tribune and i tried reaching out to the vegas strong resiliency center couldn't get anybody on the phone then when the answer e-mails i couldn't get any answers on where this money and god if the money got anywhere i was told i was going to get back to them out of money and i didn't you know. they didn't get a christmas. present and only a rough rest of the year for me i felt helpless and there isn't a i could do to support my family. definitely to you can enjoy. my life as
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a mother. my kids down. i do let them down. understand in the beginning and thankfully my kids are very very very me think. in there they're still there for me there's a lot of broken people than adam got the help they needed to managers out it was there she was injured. after it happened she couldn't stand up for work at the s.l.s. and they fired her because she couldn't work. home to divorce. from a fire truck. and i want to get coffee in the window of dunkin donuts and they were selling vegas strong t. shirts out of the window everybody. this big marketing ploy the people that were victimized continue to be victimized because they have not received the funds.
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you know we can do one of. their new christmas. nothing regarding one of those men he knows. he would never ever allow myself to be that way. ever who was looking when then it the next thing you know that. you will thing that can destroy. the most that's your right. and she was to me to do 'd. this not. you or know what happened back there and you'll never know this you know it's dark. in there is a bag. and i want to. see minutes later someone has made it on my door. and then me into the hospital. 2000. and 7
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rows one in the way kids are on the other one of them. it's just so hard when they feel. they're not part. they're out there nobody wants to do anything every shot. many times. a lot. of problems. out for a while you don't need a part of the world. for them. and they're just. they're letting people forget about it because. there's always somewhere down apologise you can blame and cicely act will say that while i was the final raiser but i'm responsible for distributing well the hell you're not because if you're not going to just be the each of the victims why collect. i
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think the community 1st is a tragedy but select the site is an opportunity every time there is an event they're involved they just. he was there walking around making certain that he faced before you go over your head with this community you should decide so if you did never showed before you never really proud mostly. i saw him jumping in front of cameras to show his support and to be real emotional about this horrific tragedy that happened but i didn't see him just bursting any money like a lot of money. raised over $10000000.00. there is not much building it's over 10 feet long and it's up there on main street a bit of business owner in downtown las vegas for over 10 years and i just i love my community and we're helping and we're not don't know where the money is up it's not getting to the people who need it the victims are getting it the victims are missing the ranch they're missing their mortgage payments conventionally the funds were distributed but they were distributed at the time that the people needed it
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they needed those funds early on that's when the bills are racking up that's when the rents to the car payments to the insurance to do that is when they needed the help they didn't get it. and g.m. e-mailed me shortly after the shooting and they said that they realized what happened that night was horrible and they had like soccer me a 10 percent coupon and my next stay at one of their property is because obviously a 10 percent discount in a hotel or am is going to just make everything go away and make all the victims forget the hell that we suffered. serious really tricky to. the what did. it was my recollection we have information on the 25th. told you previously the 28th or you go to timeline change and 3 times because people were calling out things different in teen finale. ma'am that's not how we conduct just service ok q 5 percentage with a question. the f.b.i.
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does not know i conduct press conferences manner. please stop asking your question and you get really angry and that lady was never allowed in the room again and there shortly after they did she. the timeline that matched the independent journalists findings. sometime late october i was here and i noticed that there's a camera here amount of mail so this business you know i was wondering if that actually caught any of the footage from people coming through here so i asked if i could take a look at and see if i could access the information and next thing you know videos on fox news 2 men dragged what appears to be a fall and zip down into the parking lot the business owner who possesses this tape tells us that no law enforcement officer or government investigator has ever seen the video or even asked to see it you would think that the l.v.n. p.d. and the f.b.i. would want every piece of evidence that they could possibly get their hands on we have hundreds of agents covering every facet of this investigation nothing will be
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overlooked from bartow promised a conference of investigation into alleged images of the stephen petter crime scene and we still have ever seen the results of this comprehensive investigation so i decided to call in to a radio show in which sheriff umberto was answering questions. involving believe it . promised. to do it in. order to. push for a cleaner pretty comprehensive restitution retrain romantic ground for would you introduce yourself to me 1st you have a department with over 600000000 dollar budget yet they couldn't figure out really images from a cell phone imagine that in my opinion from bartow is why it is certainly not the 1st lie he's told i want to talk for the 1st time is to see the pope this last race or say community yes it is or see if tears community yes.
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during your form are those reelection campaign a violent crime rate report was released. which show did the violent crime rate in las vegas had been reduced when in fact it didn't take into account the 58 that we lost 31 tobar and there's also 2 other homicides that also didn't take into account so you had 60 homicides that were not included in this report so the crime rate actually was the highest in las vegas history if you include the 60 that they so conveniently left out. former police officer deputy sheriff and criminal vester gator and i spent about 20 years in the casino industry as a director of security and i'm also a journalist i was listening to the radio static swat officer levi hancock on the radio they said we have actual destruction but none of that was released publicly we want it all on your own little. job i have to say anything about the actual
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discharges so i broke the story about a month later in the border post examiner and they later came out and said there was an actual discharge kind of expose the fact that he had been entirely at the problem and that a lot of people started asking questions about why we weren't being given the whole tray of accidental discharge excuse me to tell you you know to jump in. because he's a pretty good puppet. he's a lawyer there is no conspiracy between the f.b.i. between illian p.d. and the m.g.m. nobody is attempting to hide anything. when you try to hide it conspiracy theories breach people say and why is he lying he's a liar they're covering this up becoming that if there was a conspiracy it was conspiracy to cover up negligence and incompetence and even one of the stories he titled was his job on a lie or incompetent or both the word incompetence has been brought forward and i
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am. absolutely it offended with that characterization they shut down all the press conferences shut the pie. look out of the information and the story just started to go away shortly after that do you have a radio commercial where the public's no longer allowed to listen to the police scanners out here. what happened. they were getting called out on a daily basis for the inconsistencies and they kept changing the stories and i think probably all that was based on the fact of people check up listening to the radio you can compare to the stories you can see for yourself that they were telling the truth. and your news outlets have filed lawsuits asking law enforcement to turn over
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police records related to the 1 october shooting this is according to the l.a. times which is one of the plaintiffs. over half a dozen media outlets got together put a lawsuit together to sue the las vegas metropolitan police apparently over them refusing to release these documents that the court ordered them to release the supreme court ruled that all information was supposed to be given out immediately so sure if one sided to charge nearly half a $1000000.00 to get this information another legal maneuver on his part to delay the release of the information washington judge ruled that las vegas metro police can not charge the media high fees to get records on the 1 october shooting at the behest of the court system. we were mandated to provide body worn camera footage in documented footage as part of a public information request the las vegas metropolitan police department started releasing data but only bits at a time from borrowed cherry picked which information you wanted to have come out before the election and which information is going to come out after the election.
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and there is not a new sheriff in town where you can do this for a while and bardot was reelected as las vegas metro. in june of 2018 it wasn't until after that that he chose to release videos of his officers cowering in the hallway outside of stephen patrick's room and said immediately entering to stop the possible threat of more people being shot out of the hotel room and. we were told the capitol it right investigation is one of the largest in american history the f.b.i. has made it clear it will not leave one stone unturned to prosecute what it calls domestic terrorists all of us want answers surrounding this. but is this also
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a purging of trump loyalists. like taste around like sites or and like hearing the brain doesn't have an organ for time right we have no organ for it nor could we because time isn't a material physical substance like matter or like late so the brain has to create the perception of time. debate is is it fair for transforming our plates to compete in women's categories and sports. as a society we have decided to categorize sports based on sex i definitely do not think that it's fair for athletes step from porn as pile article males to compete in the women's category on the run. why do we have gender or do you have gender categories in sports because we do treat men and women differently.
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every single soul beat athletes all we all have biological advantages are for each other. are the thing you thought of me and i think friends are those of the day care as a whole to do it. and develop confidence and belief in myself and i've learned the value of hard work and dedication i'm gunna doubt. that these men say that they feel like a woman and they will not ever know what it's like to feel the loss of the baby her maybe biologically every home of these that they will never do they really think that this is fair. i just don't believe it. but you know the standard model of. what how small.
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of a good cigar are you are the top of the hour rather you know across the bar before corporate america ever. going to lead compared to my next question then you can keep an. eye. you lose a child for transplant. living. alone. and mind. the hey how not doing. its whole place choice i knew you didn't pay on time and to me this is. true she ought to have a. model for that even after the whole fuck around with mr hate to jim and then i
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hope that our friend in your corner. russia recalls that some bastards of the us after president biden said blood amir putin would pay the price for election meddling while at the same time branding the russian head of state a killer. the e.u. considers a controversial digital code pass to open up travel between member states. u.k. hospitals warn they may have to take their scalpels into their own services on lest they get billions in support from. bring you all the most important news from around the world this is r t international i'm donald quarter welcome to the program.


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