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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  April 8, 2021 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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he became his drug dealer so he was to blame patients doctors manufacturers. greetings and salutations. you know nobody i mean nobody likes dealing with the spoiled brat back when we were kids we all knew one or 2 or 3 or 4 kids on the block who or at or on recess you know they didn't get if they get everything their way the most epic of tantrums would ensue you know if they lost the square one day we all knew they'd be back the next often with a new set of rules that would miraculously make the game easier for them and harder for the rest of us well apparently many of these spoiled little kids grew up to be
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united states politicians and apparently a whole host of them make up today's republican party for evidence look no further than georgia where after clearly losing the presidency in 2 key senate seats in the 2020 elections georgia republicans threw a temper tantrum and changed the state's election laws just to make it easier for them to win the next go around in response not only did major league baseball announce that the 2021 all-star game would no longer be played be played in atlanta but a number of major u.s. corporations including a t.n.t. comcast and georgia based companies like coca-cola and delta all issued statements denouncing these voter suppression measures. naturally georgia governor brian camp threw a fit declaring georgians and all americans should fully understand what the major league baseball's knee jerk decision means cancell culture and political activists are are coming for every aspect of your life sports included. but before my
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friends we start patting the m.-l. be. on their backs for their newfound woke mr and stand against injustice. let's keep in mind that since $21580.00 and teak comcast united health group wal-mart and other big businesses have donated a combined $50000000.00 to state republican lawmakers who are currently supporting voter suppression bills across the united states and that according to the consumer advocacy advocacy group public citizen during the 2020 election cycle alone u.s. corporations donated $22000000.00 to republican architects of voter suppression bills that are advancing through state laid state legislatures nationwide and while nobody likes dealing with the spoiled brat who i got to say it's even worse dealing with their enablers now let's start watching the hawks. in
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a city. that is so. is this you always see a. great city this least systemic just says so. so please tell. the world from everyone watching the hawks that i am i roll over and i'm of the it's a crop and joining us today to discuss the voter suppression laws in georgia and the fallout that has ensued from them is reverend james wood all the state president of the georgia pete thank you always for coming on james. always thank. gravity so while we all applaud major league baseball aid t.n.t. and other major companies for standing up to these voter suppression laws ultimately it is isn't it a little after the fact i mean would it wouldn't have made a bigger impact if you saw these major conglomerates or baseball stand up to these
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laws before they were written they were passed in the law you know maybe back when they were being written debated on. most definitely it is but i also don't i want to also as you know 'd. there was there who holds the house and the people who are fighting against these voter suppression actions way before it was ever aside it's a law of corporations are not more important or don't have a larger voice than the voters and voters recall the legislators 'd they were calling they are you know the county commissioners they were calling the governor they would call the secretary of state it was showing up every single day and i was right there last night with them but to have the corporations come out now is a little late you're correct but we want them in this fight because it's not only happen in georgia but it's happening literally all over this entire nation. n.j. names we often hold television and radio commentators to account for exposing racist views or comments while they're on air oftentimes putting pressure on their
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corporate sponsors and who you know does ads for them could we see that same kind of activism and pressure against corporate donors to politicians who espouse those similar hate and racist beliefs. most definitely that's why you saw you know that in that was the white voters mad at the georgia project that labor led a labor council and so many other amazing organizations coming together have a corporate accountability structure so that we can actually address that very question they have made search you know just delayed a boycott it gets coca-cola delta because they've brought you know delta and 'd coca-cola have brought corporate executives to the table and we're going to meet with them and let them know what our demands are and if this is not us bullying or pushing you know some kind of consequence what we're saying is that democracy is at stake and this impacts all of us this legislation is not just impacting democrats it's not just impacting people in the metro atlanta area this is literally impacting every single georgian and we believe us exports of election law that this
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is not the the best direction their state should be going and let's be real it's not it's not you bullying someone when you're the ones being bullied when it's voters being bullied the voters when it can't be accused of bullying and when it comes around the i want to ask you when will these voter suppression laws go into effect and while they are all agree just what changes in them do you feel will do the most damage to your ability to vote there in georgia. was dead and so the last in about 202 has already been signed by governor kim it is now in effect currently and we've sued the secretary of state in the state of georgia about a week and a half ago i know there are 3 other pending lawsuits in the federal courts that will address whether or not there can be some kind of relief given to the voters of this. well i will also say the most egregious part of this all is is the breaches effort to overtake local control you have the secretary of state who is the only
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duly elected person in this entire state to run the state's elections they no longer serve as a voting member of the state election board secondly on the state election board the new chair would be a political appointee even though they are not very partisan or participating in a political party but the republicans are going to choose from the general simply who now runs our state's elections certainly as the general assembly now has the power to be able to overtake a local board of election or move an election director of their choosing for whatever reason any standard does not outline the law because the laws vary in big us they are now they would be able to overturn sort disorder file actions and ultimately you know change to the will of the voters that is not wholly undemocratic un-american it's contrary to the values that they believe that they mean that they claim they believe in and so this is what happens when partisanship overtakes the power and the will of the people we begin to see public policy
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decisions made not on the basis of what's good for people but what's good for political interests and that spells the end to this democracy and it's mean to this united states of america james you just laid out a lot of you know i think some of the undercurrents that haven't necessarily always been talked about in media as to why this is so problematic particularly at the local level what are activists and citizens in georgia doing right now to combat and challenge some of these changes that you just discussed. the one we're suing the state we're showing up where we're calling our corporate partners to stand up a stand out recalling our congress persons in our senators i know we have to amazing senators here in georgia in the in the river in the graph you know we're not going in senator john os off but we're going to be asking. our other counterparts across this nation to do the exact same thing to get it's our war and the voting rights were visions in h.r. one and the john lewis voting rights restoration act or the voting rights
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advancement act passed into law and so that's really where we are right now is one stopping it happening in other states into getting federal oversight on our elections. and that one of the big thing one of the big reasons that they push and they change these laws is to not only prevent people from voting but also destroy the spirit of the people who are out trying to exercise their civic duty and clearly from talking to you and hearing from the people in georgia that spirit ain't going nowhere anytime soon regardless of whatever the governor wants to strike shut down your throats thank you for coming on today and thank you for fighting to keep the vote alive there in in georgia. most definitely also is a closing that. this spirit of jim crow we were spotted and so in the same spirit with our response and maybe they'll be massive civil disobedience will pass out water will go up to make sure people have in pots and that kind of stuff because that is what we do when there is injustice we fight bet thank you so much and god
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bless. us senate majority leader chuck schumer is determined to go full speed ahead in marijuana legalization with or without president joe biden support after many states have already legalized cannabis the move seems like a natural step but as artie's alex smile of it explains america's newfound acceptance of cannabis could stand in the way of its love of guns something fans of the 2nd amendment will most likely not be too happy about. for decades u.s. opponents of marijuana said this would happen before. but after washington and colorado led the way by legalizing weed for recreational use in 2012 the fear of reefer madness quickly subsided in the following years more than a dozen states in america would legalize cannabis for adult recreational use while medical marijuana is now legal in 36 however so far the feds have remained
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steadfast in keeping cannabis on the naughty list so as a reminder you know cannabis is going to join some of this exact and schedule one drug. there were and still are. you know obviously you know. running. and right now. there is and you know not. many believe that this is about to change senate majority leader chuck schumer is a leading the charge to introduce legislation which would federally legalize marijuana is adding to the momentum most recently on march the 31st schumer's home state of new york legalized it but the law really allows for a lot of opportunities so licenses that are are held 50 percent of them for social equity applicants only so right there we see a huge component of this industry just by a lot is going to be going to those that have been impacted through what i think we
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can agree is been a failed prohibition on cannabis this all may seem like great news for people who support the cause but there might be some casualties along the way for example legal gun owners. the gun control act of 1968 strictly prohibits the ownership of guns for anyone who is in possession of marijuana so as it stands right now gun owners need to choose between their beloved broomsticks and those doobies that they've been waiting to legally smoke lawyer for chiller told a.b.c. news anyone who uses marijuana is going to qualify as an unlawful user of an abuse substance even though it is technically lawful in reality it is next to impossible to know which gun owners are also marijuana users but in the case of those wanting to purchase a gun background checks are required and the a.t.f. wants to know if potential gun owners like to get high also those with previous
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marijuana related convictions or who possess medical cards for cannabis use to help with their elements can be targeted technically if someone is in the possession of a legal amount of marijuana and illegal firearm and or. arrest could be made only for the illegal possession of the weapon not the wheat this is because the federal gun control act of 968 supersedes the state legalization of recreational marijuana with such stark contradictions and legislation chuck schumer and his crew might have to dig a little deeper into the books to free americans from archaic laws not only prohibiting marijuana but also surrounding its call to be sure and use however before they get there the pro marijuana camp in government has one major hurdle to cross joe biden was the only leading democratic primary candidate to oppose federal legalization of the plant and its president many say his stance has not changed for watching the hawks i'm alex my love it. all right as we go to break remember that
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you can also start watching the hawks on demand through the portable t.v. app which is available on every platform you can buy an app on so definitely check it out coming up companies and institutions have been scrambling to introduce diversity and inclusion into their workplace and work forces but what effect has that had on the industry of diversity and inclusion of the men and women within it find out next i'm watching the whole. thing. if you're born into
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a poor family if you're born into your own minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances. are lavish gifts on. generational poverty. it's a fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family. to remember monopoly it's great to have hotels on boardwalk and park place. while. monopoly. are you sure that i get a note this is. the 1st one to look up in your marriage because. i didn't. actually see
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you were doing. their thing i was mad. at the way. that played. over there. it's a lot closer than the problems. there are but will support these critics one of the in the middle east because. it's a shame you don't want to be smeared. all over. long as someone. who doesn't like you in the late eighty's.
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the. police brutality in equities and housing education health care and job opportunities have heightened calls for diversity and equity pledges diversity equity and inclusion or d.e.i. isn't exactly a new industry it took root following the civil rights movement and led well into the eighty's with nominal success d.e.i. efforts went into overdrive with the media storm following the onslaught of backlash from hash tag hash tag of unarmed blacks murdered by the police the rise of the black lives matter of the men and the data pointing to disparities in black executives who are board membership my corrections overt and covert racism show the business community the things needed to change. as the budgets explode there and still aren't being met most d.-i roles focus on recruitment and human resources some sessions have moved towards empathy largely via digital video questionnaires and group exercises since the 2016 us presidential election of donald trump the
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d.t.i. industry has become a multi $1000000000.00 franchise in fact a $2900.00 survey of $234.00 companies in s. and p. $500.00 found that 63 percent of the diversity professionals have been appointed or promoted in that 3 year period in march of 2018 the job site indeed reported diversity and inclusion professional jobs had risen 35 percent and d.e.i. consulting brings big bucks they versity support can cost $25000.00 to $450000.00 a year depending on client needs but the pay off the workforce environments isn't all that great reporters reports of micrograms discrimination and pay disparities are at an all time high a recent forbes article titled top 4 reasons diversity and inclusion programs failed shows us why one no long range plan to lack of
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commitment to the program 3 poor instructional delivery models and for lack of representation that's a lot. dr maya to go assistant professor at loyola marymount university and the expert joins us now. nice to have you in my. what you've held you've been long held as one of the leading with n.t.i. writing numerous articles you've been quoted multiple times what do you feel are some of the reasons why the multibillion dollar industry is not meeting its stated goals and how can they be adapted to provide more than just their own dollar checks to consultants. well lackey sir the achates torrence d.e.i. are not a revolutionary or new what's a concept been around for why now and what of the me sure she. hurts is baby news iraq her patients and even within her education colleges and
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universities to safeguard against lawsuits and so when you've seen her actions are companies like target and google. who are in you know shit over the head with lawsuits and had and have had to keep millions of dollars to employee. or various discrimination lawsuits you see that there's kind of the strand of these emerging cops asian and about. but alternately what happens is these corporations approach. as a box that just simply needs to be tracked and once they have some a permit and in a similar tape a professional development similar. in there again and it happens that's in the bag and the people at the again something you know great in amazing which they had they
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did in one step merely required to travel in equity in the workplace but they stopped there and that's what becomes problematic cd i had sound as a concept is not problematic the implements he sent in the last follow through how are it. it's a difficult businesses and corporations themselves. you are playing an outsized role in in the success of diversity equity and inclusion programs and i want to ask you how can executives and other leaders in the in the business world properly integrate long range plans were to be in their organizations beyond what you mentioned just kind of checking that box and how doing they measure success what what is success and a long term you know looking at this and in the long term. absolutely so one other thing that can be done or number one even asked markel when organizations of companies bring in professionals to provide professional development opportunities
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the 1st step is to extend themselves in most cases those who attend workshops and seminars are mid-level supervisory managers which is great in those 2 experiences for many sit in the workforce the stats wow the key decision maker the c.e.o. or the c r c i have it so what are they saying about right and so the 1st piece is going to be president and actually attend these opportunities also to hire consultants be willing to hire consultants and to hire people of color to hire margy if it is a marginal has become an insult to deal with i am i as a difference here and i have inventory of the current work whole church to teach surveys from their employer. and have a consultant to that's not necessarily in h.r. early who works mostly with everyone and definitely not their director of their
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direct supervisor but a consultant to come in as a 3rd party and to get a fresh unbiased perspective of really what's going on in it in the workplace and also what are some of the ways in which their policies and the way we conduct business maintain their if systems and oppression. and my you kind of led into this a little bit but we know the d.i.i. is more than just a numbers game or quota system equity and inclusion aren't baked into american society or its institutions can we really expect the business community and employers to adapt to what hasn't been a part of our larger culture and what are some of the barriers and limitations of eliminating what is reinforced in everyday life. you know or not and i should. so this is not to say that effort should not work this and. i sat in on a time which featured. last year and she made
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a statement that stuck with me she said we don't need allies we need abolitionists and we live in a world right now where it is very difficult to be an admission ist it is much easier to be an r i it's much easier to go through motions and gesture in he's already acting is a. behavior is an action. in that is more part of being arab working within the system which needs are not if you mean it changes to this is there where abolitionists they look at this is that the this is that and they dismantle it in building and they got themselves accountable and they hope one another and the whole others accountable as well and so when we live in a setting where we are members and remember it we're in condemning revenue dread it live in a capitalistic society and so i think
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a lot of the c.e.o.'s are find themselves between a rock and a hard place and how do i still really read it and how i saw it number and atlases mindset what others don't know each year back maps and how they care about is the number in so much is maybe more so about those individuals individuals who do not care about about sincere efforts. the individuals who are only numbers trading. in helping them to focus on. again what are some ways that they can connect better with their employees or marginalized groups were raised in to current policy in terms of hiring and promotion and retention. just. revising improves and we can bring in entirely. capital
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in everything in how you might function. well dr oz can thank you so much for coming on the day and really kind of breaking down the state of that industry today and its importance and what people need to do to really truly change the workplace environment for the better a pleasure having you on as always thank you so much. industry. and it is interesting when you look at that workplace and how many i think she hit the nail on the head there's a lot of companies that just kind of check that box and move on without actually putting in the work it's checking the box and she also you know added on that detail of the c.e.o.'s the c.f.o. as all of these people who are heavily involved in engaged executive level ironically never a part of the trainings they see in you know the underlings in the lower level employees in meanwhile they sit back and kind of watch and see what happens for america management is never wrong. already because ours are open today remember in this world we are definitely not told we are loved and so i tell you all i love you i. keep on watching those hawks never great day and night everybody.
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the swarms of them so morning. good news who was before.
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much of those who heard the preview are you ever seen him with the north we will we're going to. move. move. move show you this look beautiful live i mean it's a good looker a good. movie muslim also in the gulf with a good view film score good good good. don't go to shows look i do the same you pull over to show the story to actually go. to startups to get it to me to do it with a little mist they say look it is it's. just ashton understands just me it's the mashed old truck to stop the president and please introduce more of them to.
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the 3 of producers to ghost whisperer to snoop to come up with a new a because that is the cousin with you swear your supporters to your machine station shouldn't feel you should cook door for one whose job is the request to. welcome to maximize your financial survival guide. looking forward to your question of them. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain delegates average you watched as a report. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person if there is.
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no day or thinks. we dare to ask. top headlines when oxy in a ruling on related to the current global coven occupation program the european court of human rights rules that compulsory vaccinations odd legal for children and can be regarded as necessary. there are cases of one usual sheltering child doing box nation with the astra zeneca vaccine should be listed as a chance to both find it takes of the vaccine the european medicines agency maintains the benefits of astra zeneca job still outweigh the risks while warning blood clots should be listed as a rare side effect. a biological fukushima scientists
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concerned with us so they can cope at 19 for.


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