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the. politicians they issue a shield on your problem yeah but. boy has still got the lead yet each this little thing took place with him you're still me i'm a chick just a little son michael was at those washing machine many scheme watching the little police just remove the old mislay and the one that's in the mulch is similar it's just but it could fall also not look under the bush to peel it to the sheep that's probably what the most calls that love come now which at the least bush needs his next move has been missed because all. you get your music your dish. for the.
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goose and since the. newer super bowl from the borg or needs more troops in the. reduced booth with. lots to. talk of the things he does he has to find a new be able to tell you that he is going to the english. they soon to be too
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soon. cool boys to go idea can be good enough for those of us those are those are groups where usually you see when you're used to your good good good or a good to be your was good on the board of the village school the boss of each of the.
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group. plans for telling. you that. you. should. just quit to want to. push that's a philosophy of the muslim who puts it because that is something that you get with the. first draft. picks.
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if the she. can stop. and now crossing the threshold here she can make his 5th wife into space also now on board the international space. very far from here forward to provide. her her her.
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her. her. her. son. here everything is very different than back on earth they have to float rather than going it's not that easy to get used to they have to sleep standing up in a sleeping bag making sure to zip up so that their arms don't flail about in syria gravity that's a station you have to learn how to get alone or ways there are too many threats here to waste time quarrelling. in the that are similar.
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this is new. for me to do. i love the fact that on the international space station we are just. depend on each other every day with our lives and it's such a great example for everyone politicians and just everyone all over the world of how we can work together to achieve great things every thing that's important to us it's really important to us is pretty much the same if you know i started seeing something that he doesn't agree with or he says something that i don't agree with then we'll start chuckling and there's a strong russian bear what are you doing jack we can joke about it and understand that topic we're talking about isn't as important as our friendship and the values
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that we share so it's not that it's not that big of a deal one of the cool things that's in the russian segment is the russian cosmonauts like our commander in the russian segment we have tons of great windows these are really high quality windows so we can take pictures we also have a lot of systems that keep the station going and we have another cargo vehicle at the very into the station and the last thing i want to show you is my favorite space picture because of what it represents business with because space to speak is a peaceful exploration where we work together if you noticed i got a russian shirt i got american socks international that's what this place is about working together as one team that speech and this week have a good day. this is good. for you to cause a boost to. this news. you're. going to. do. with just this is. what were you doing. it's.
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mining cuckoo good bye with you peach to go yes he is scared me because the most good i'm looking for sure is for sure. just what they're. supposed. to see me up and booze good jobs in him but he's going to get them if you believe all. these verses to him isn't because of what you did you can feel you go oh sure he's got a muscle. jugglers he's cool see your. stall. at least you know the crew change. return to earth is the station commander now he'll stand in the russian segment he'll have to carry out dozens of experiments and maintain the station he's got so much to do that it doesn't even have time to make his american colleagues
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a helping out faster nor peggy whitson stay here was extended so now i shall be working together with jack. because the future could be good to go on you said was a good community college. which in which very good you would you please. this experiment is the most delicious one the lettuce was grown at 0 gravity and then of course eaten they carry out biological and physics experiments study the performance of stem cells and develop medicines to cure cancer this experiment is the most important one for jack fisher as his daughter had cancer. but spaceman
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also guinea pigs mission control constantly monitors their health and watches closely to see if they exercise enough. we have a special treadmill 1st off we can find it's on the wall we have to work out physical exercise. to get 2 and a half hours a day because if you don't have good exercise your muscles and your bones just just go away and you come back as a 90 year old man and then you your wife like you anymore.
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that's the answer. to all schools one of us in this book in the city of new keeping them honest with the poor me that i would leave them before you reach assume your opinions from this change into both of you since you wouldn't need to move as there were many meters to move to be due to where you couldn't study because there was a boom to produce the stupid doomsday machine i think. i've. ever.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race move this on off and spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. to remember monopoly it's great to have hotels on boardwalk and park place. while french rance a big monopoly. then you should look into. this if you. are the 1st one to look at.
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the hundreds. just to come. here if it was national guard coming off. the plate you talk a little. bit some of which are from the professors. who border these critics one of the least most of them. because this new. machine into life for the smear. job is. to close someone into believing it because you've got a good skull if you will it's pretty easy if.
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it's same wrong. rowles just don't call. me old but you get to shape out disdained you can stick as a kid and gain from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground. the mission you should cancel such. would be. to push the. markets. around the ball just to take you to your cynical run altitude of going to keep that. particular so it's a concern you know much. but it's your fault if. you
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push the other kids to. the goals by the fish and finally get the ball if you want to buy new clothes but it's not that you can put it. just cute. but the simplest of the kits you can follow such empathy and compassion we have more discipline to double something. that. didn't need to go why did he keep the both of. the kids are getting the go. get a lift but continue to. kick a ball here cut down the ball. some point. to kick. the foot. is the good. news you. could loosen the lead to do so that your shoes the those who knew was not.
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crawling. through that was loose of the school who spoke with the student who cuts. one time a hostel in language or under got a couple our principal 201100 percent not true we had to get a commanding richard to give it to a real family taking place turning on again with a list of adenike when you were going to switch them apart because of the catholics were or why.
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certain time in the snooty very him to do was to close in with his name. into too much emotion shared in the scope of the meeting with to a sense of one's moods convinced the bluefin. in the influence of news in news news to. submit superabundance to consume. consume in students in. boston. or ur on the. all right. old.
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man with that one and i mean you've been. trashed congress on our trip on your corner tear down our nation damn your brain chemistry imagine the entertainment here but it could manage. better than i did not read the map of interest because. margaret. are you. going to bring order.
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then. i'll. just. sit around. because now. the night. well you know what. i. mean. this
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was just a good new year journalistic you know to each and test and understand just you know it's the most brilliant always the most emotionally you float the boat where she can because of my you they mashed all church and all the stuff that they took them into and you want them to you know it's the thing to look at the business. and what's true and can use. it for yourself and we can affirm separation. a we see that the message from the fans what docking an internal transfer system mileage has been completed to man ca going to have a difference.
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at. all. the liberation it's going to go to. someone who could be a vicious because this was the right. to snoop i'm looking at because that is the cousin with me so yusuf good question station chief. in the studio of new clues simplest books we should go through for the woman who's doing be the only
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place to. study. what i'm going to. give the most. of her again yesterday was like you pretty much as a good person might be excluded perfect technical a statistical lawyer of the mind nor did you really of. the best. of. the.
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question. it was a. little some of them are serious but look good. for your supreme wisdom we should we need you still to do spielberg's perking this nobody knew who the person is to have lived in the us when you pull which it's the most normal she loved the. idea of possibly hosts of the work of the norm which of course. the song the course
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is cause for store protest because of the couple from. my family secret it's my last plate in spades. i am like when paul say in the us a they were. close i asked the court. and he had a lot done so meet me yet about this. the
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world is driven by shaped by one person. who dares thinks. we dare to ask. my social class. people to poverty by 1st. if you're born into a poor family ocular born into a minority family if you're born into
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a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die. years old if you're born into generational poverty. it's a tough fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids invited to america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer soon is to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments of
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. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is truth lost his faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallows.
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today the industry prefers to spend millions of euros not being too good a regulations will be sniffy is all about making money making profits in some of the big corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of chronic diseases that are out in every community today it is not due to new viruses are all new microbes that is not true so it is due to environment. and say you know that moment all discipline. muscles obviously b.s. accumulate could only come in a day seemed to be sad. to play. if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something into st outset that we have regulation we want regulation has an industry and if we don't behave zinnias penalty that's fine.
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the european court of human rights rules. of. the. nation with. should be listed as. see. red.


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