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the european court of human rights rules. children. late to the. program but the case might set a precedent. the european medicines. the benefits. outweigh the risks blood clots should be listed as a red. bull fukushima. with. brazil. on the program we hear from.
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if we don't do anything we could be. a story tragedy probably the largest humanitarian tragedy 21st century. to have you with us today for the program. the european court of human rights has ruled that compulsory vaccinations for children do not violate the human rights convention and. the ruling is unrelated to the current global. program but there are fears it might set a precedent our europe correspondent peter. this case in fact started long before anybody had ever heard of covert 19 1st time it appeared in the european court of human rights was in 2013 and already been going through the court
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systems in the czech republic for a long time before that the complaint was brought by families in the czech republic who'd either being fined or their children had been refused entry to early years education kindergartens and nursery schools because they hadn't been vaccinated by their parents and their parents refused to have them vaccinated what the court ruled on thursday was that finding all of those parents on the floor of the compulsory vaccination program in the czech republic was not a breach of the european convention on human rights particularly when it came to article 8 which deals with respect for private life what the court ruled was that vaccinations are necessary in society the court clarified that ultimately the issue to be determined was not whether a different less prescriptive policy might have been adopted rather it was whether the check authors who use had exceeded their wide margin of appreciation in this
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area they concluded that the impune measures could be regarded as being necessary in a democratic society the rules in the czech republic that dissimilar from all the nations in the e.u. as well as many other nations around the world if you're sending children to kindergartens or nursery schools they have to be vaccinated against 9 different illnesses and diseases now these include incredibly serious things like measles hooping cough hepatitis b. tetanus as well as now what the court ruled on thursday and this was the 1st time that the european court of human rights has ever got involved in compulsory vaccination programs and made a ruling on them but what they said that it was in the best interest of children that they receive these vaccinations before they go into these nursery school in kindergarten classes and start mixing with all the children. the judgment emphasizes that in all decisions concerning children the best interests must be of
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paramount importance of regards we mean a zation the objective has to be that every child is protected against serious diseases through vaccination or by virtue of herd immunity the check health policy could therefore be said to be consistent with the best interests of the children who were its focus while the ruling on thursday makes no reference whatsoever to covert 19 or the current situation we all find ourselves in the covert 19 pandemic has been 30 ground for anti vax conscripts the theorists with numerous conspiracy theories abound both online and elsewhere many of them relating to potential forced vaccination now what this ruling on thursday does from the european court of human rights is it sets precedent. of bigotry vaccinations don't contravene the european court on human rights what it does not do in any way is give any european nation the right to start forcing vaccinations on any of its
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citizens of course it coming out during this huge vaccination program we're all going through with vaccines throughout the news all over the world right now this is why this particular ruling from one of europe's top courts has made top billing in the news. are live now to a political commentator anthony webber joining us here on the program today good to see you thanks for coming on with us here at r.t. that court ruling that peter all of which was referring to it doesn't specify anything to do with covert vaccines but do you think it could ultimately at the end of the day pave the way for governments to to force children to get covert shots oh no i don't. want to see this is to do with the church situation. it all over see what's the counties under the tree vaccinations for key issues like many
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schools will be caught and so on and most parents just keep that this is a case where there are so primaries it's a step or 2 choice and they didn't well no children to be vaccinated and because of pets of the said say no specimen the parents are but the crucial thing is soup this is all very important matches where the the much seeds have been trying to test the eggs and were speeding shown to be in the interests of the majority or children too. so many asians are so demanding i don't think it sets up the person but it will so you have to bear in mind. even though a number of true cheese do you have can cause many shoes for children. only some other have. a lot of these on the cheap all owed off so. the chances of groups this big assessor cross and it certainly wouldn't be. the kind of
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no one seed situation are the moments the black seeds of the genes to school to children let me so some make it my own very very mature would not be a good idea of a little bit it's easy to understand a mr weber that you know people might hear this ruling from the court and hear the story that we're doing here at c.n.n. immediately associate it with that of the at the whole mass covert inoculation program and regarding covert you know all of this comes at a time of hesitancy of a taking covert shots of course you know you've you've heard the stories about astra zeneca blood clots and all sorts of various side effects happening if we see any attempts though by by by governments to compel people to get it not kill a did it is that pushback going to get worse do you think mr weber. well i think we . bear in mind this truly is a respect security. it was a student's job or the european cool brutha literally to us it generally our
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countries could not make his ministry are going to get so few rights are so good is were big difference between us all surely learns. what so sure of adults who what happens with their children as a source is a sacrifice or it could be still have this european concrete court rule or the government to treat us the nation. is discriminatory so i think any country going down the road will get known or respect so it's until some of course you also have to look at the us achievement for oh individual countries aspire as american go on so many countries are. amazing character and seem approximations compulsory even the even though. some of the population about helping it so knows they'd be safe penalized mr weber because in the u.k.
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at the moment there are reports that the government night make people have covert passports in order to go to the theatre the shopping center or just to go to the pub now in a way some are saying that's discriminatory that means you cannot live a normal life unless you get an injection. yes sure cool see you take up arms to poor people trucks on the pups and i suspect they have backtracked on the result the issues as well because we actually hear it's a vaccine in this case which the vast majority of the population don't need the only people in very immediate respects nation of people who of them will people who are not castrate might get certain seal so there's a difference between the code knowing state budgets and means so not the. other types of things that would general for a wider proportion of the population for people who would say nothing about seeing
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in this case seems all of it also officially on trial that only approved for emergency use it's not surprising that things are going to come out of the wood where where. the columns to people who leads you've taken respects it and so in a given time touchy the most and where she has the potential of being improved so it's 2023 so you can understand a lot of people are thinking well who waits until these much leaves are properly licensed before we actually take the risk of taking than ourselves but i can't see in you. any form of. motive tree vaccines or even manage a tree if you cancel class schools to go and so there's a census and so on because secede too much opposition. a lot simpler solutions are changing our minds on this issue. i think i just don't think it's going to going to
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happen and any efforts in this respect would be challenges legally and as we seen from the case regarding new york bhutto and the czech republic the 6 can say yes it gets a foreign courts classically needs to get. because goodness it cools fruit oh rule rice was an early states government a strong suit impose any form of discrimination so i think any government which goes on the roads on our own sophistication or mandatory so shouldn't for coding no one seems like seaton's are we really were because he has yet certainly proved. the majority of the population she needs. to do it needs to be adjusted scoots leading the normal vaccines which has been tried and a group of men 1st and we go to go and see the switches were in the process i don't
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soulless confidence and confidence. on too many problems with these but. you're not going to have people tell you no more no don't meet the people who need other people who are likely to have a serious illness and because one of the things which has been said was nice but mostly i'm sorry i just saying this anthony as you say the type of person who needs the covert vaccine typically elderly with preexisting conditions but we are seeing motions now to inoculate a lot of the younger generations as well anthony weber political commentator i wish i had more more time to speak about this with you but i really don't it's a great pleasure to have you with us on r t thanks for your time today and he really wants. meanwhile the european medicines agency is standing by britain's astra zeneca vaccine the regulator says the benefits outweigh the risks while that noting blood and blood clots should be
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listed as rare side effects the agency has received more than 200 reports of severe blood clots in those getting the shot at someone the more than 30000000 who have already been inoculated all across europe meanwhile u.k. authorities are now saying that people under the age of 30 will be offered alternatives to the astra zeneca job due to. possible blood clotting 80 people of the country have suffered clotting after a dose 19 have died but britain's regulator is taking the same line as the european medicines agency well that's certainly at least according to our correspondent what i guess the. the takeaway the message that europe's health authorities want to leave you with is that it's still worth it the benefits outweigh the risks the benefits outweigh the risks how does become almost a slogan for the actions that make a covert vaccine earth poor to cases of unusual blood clotting following vaccination with the asters and it can vaccine should be listed as possible side
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effects of the vaccine it's unfortunate start both vaccinated people and health care professionals are aware of the signs and symptoms of these unusual blood clotting disorder so that they could be spotted quickly to minimize any possible risks so why did it take so long i mean the rumors began months and months ago that it was all in the news on t.v. in the papers and the company kept telling everyone the same thing there's a new link between the jab and the well dive analysis of our safety data more than 10000000 records has shown no evidence of an increased risk of palm billie's or deep vein thrombosis and a defined age group gender batch or in any particular country unfortunately there was a link and now the astra zeneca job will have i did issue a warning on it can cause blood clots and potentially death in people as young as 8
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seed the age the youngest deceased and still they say it's worth it unless of course you can go and get another job in which case probably best to go for that their words adults who are aged 18 to 29 years old. who do not have an underlying health condition that puts them at higher risk from serious coben 1000 disease should be offered an alternative covert night in fact seen in preference to the astra zeneca vaccine where such an alternative is available over a dozen countries only counting the european union have suspended vaccination with the astra zeneca vaccine or that servia completed their marketing department though i doubt that a simple rebranding is going to cleanse their reputation i would definitely say is a stupid move because changing the name which means changing your shop window right
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in the midst of a crisis rather than increasing trust will increase because it always indicates that there is something you want to hide so i absolutely do not understand how 'd a company comes to such a decision at the end of the day i can't help but partially agree with them the alternative waiting for another vaccine could have cost thousands of lives but only partially they let these rumors steward fester for months before coming out and admitting that essentially people were rights to be afraid and that unfortunately has done irreparable damage to the vaccination drive worldwide. the german chancellor has had yet another change of heart as she fights germany's 3rd wave of the pandemic and the americal has now backed a short national lockdown according to the government's deputy spokesperson. this is any call for a short uniform lockdown is right
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a joint uniform federal approach would also be important here the variety of fruits adopted does not contribute to security and acceptance as the moment. the long running covert restrictions in germany have taken a severe toll on the federal budget the public sector deficit has now hit almost 190000000000 euros which is the highest level since reunification and 3 decades ago now a member of the ruling c.d.u. party economics professor max auto spoke to our sister channel r.t. deutsche he said the deficit will have a severe knock on effect for already struggling businesses and workers. now question of eclipse of the world trade has partially collapsed in germany itself there are structural deviations retail trade hasn't grown for a long time huge shortfalls in revenue have occurred in the middle class restaurants and the hotel business there are also changes in the country's system
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we're really losing jobs because of retail bankruptcies this is not happened to everyone yet but it will happen to many more now we already have a lot of unemployed people trade has not withstood the strong recession and germany in particular because of the strict lockdown and our dependence on world trade i would rate this crisis twice as severe as the financial crisis in 2008 and i believe that now in the midst of the covert crisis the mood has changed dramatically at 1st everyone thought that we were well equipped and then there was 180 degree turn we have very weak politicians they are just followers we are now definitely dealing with the digitalisation lobby a panic lobby a bullying lobby and a pharmaceutical lobby merkel is busy figuring out how best to stay in power the big lobbyists have become very influential. biological fukushima how one scientist is describe the covert situation in brazil after more
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than $4000.00 deaths in a single day the physician told us the scale of the problem. the current situation is this 3 me see here in brazil is very critical right now we are in the middle of a national hospital collapse and exponential growth of new cases into country for the 1st time in brazilian history and april we may have more deaths in the country diverse this has never happened in the brazilian exotic receiving these from what we needed now is a national park but we 4000 that they think the brazilian people will support their call because they know we have nothing else to do it's like. death toll has passed around 340002nd only to the united states but despite the surge and a collapsing health system president both an auto insists the nation will not be put under lockdown so we went out and got reaction on the streets of sao paulo.
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just said that i think part of the blame is always from people getting relaxed after so long in this situation but i believe the bigger blame is on our president who always makes and a path more difficult making it harder to interact with the rest of the world. i believe it's the result of people having to relax too much after all the improvements people have to know that if it was getting better we should keep doing what was being done to improve not as bad as it is is that we brazilians are in a unique situation due to the government we have that doesn't care about the millions of people that are dying every day or even worse i even think the president celebrates. the brazilian authorities have maintained the country will get quote back to business in a couple of months but the position we spoke to will he's not terribly optimistic. the country is not going to be back to normal in 2 or 3 months he may take half a year or more just to good and then make under control let alone to get back to
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normal life in a government didn't work hard and off to procure to buy tens of millions of those that brazil needs to vaccinate aids it's people so we have a limited supply and current levels 'd we have vaccinating barely a 1000000 people a day when we should be vaccinating i please 2 to 3000000 people a day so we need to double or triple the number 6 of people vaccinated 'd but the problem is the supply of vaccines that brazil has been able to acquire if we don't do anything we could be in to me 2 of a story co tragedy here i mean probably the largest humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century. northern ireland has been gripped by 6 nights of rioting loyalists and unionists faced off the middle wave of anger over post bricks at trade barriers between the north and the republic the show the scene in belfast from wednesday late afternoon into the evening a bus was torched and more than 41 officers were injured during the clashes rocks
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and patrol bombs were held at police northern ireland's 1st minister in foster has urged both sides to show restraint and the british prime minister has expressed his alarm and then called for dialogue. i am deeply concerned by the scenes of violence northern ireland especially attacks on the p s n i who are protecting the public and business attacks on a bus driver and the assault of a journalist this week to resolve differences is through dialogue not violence or criminality meanwhile northern ireland's justice minister has blamed the u.k. government for the flare up nomi long accuse the conservatives of dishonesty over the way bricks it would affect the irish border saying they promised unfettered access while failing to work through the legal consequences and she also slammed the british government's decision to suspend the nor. and protocol which was a part of the u.k.'s withdrawal agreement with the e.u. aimed at ensuring an open border a bit earlier in the program i spoke with jonathan tong professor of british and
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irish politics he thinks the government made a series of false promises to the people of northern ireland but i think the british government and bob johnson in particular have to bear a considerable amount of responsibility it was far as johnson who went over to belfast and totally democratic party the largest party in northern ireland told the public party conference 3 years ago that it would be intolerable for any british government to preside over the border in the irish sea johnson says hockey's precisely treason may the signing of the deal within the year boris johnson does not and since then he spends a lot of time to tending that the reason the border between great britain and northern ireland so you said more the singalong through the terrible sense of betrayal over what the prime minister does don't think that boris johnson needs to go to northern ireland explain what he's done in terms of the protocol and try and also meet with the e.u. leaders to instigate some really the worst to fix the protocol and diminish the
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number of checks. between great britain and northern ireland otherwise we were looking ahead to a grim summit potentially of violence in northern ireland. a dead end strategy russia has lashed out at us plans to appoint a special envoy to kill the nord stream to gas energy project the pipeline would of course bring billions of cubic meters of gas to europe but the white house's vetting former ukrainian gas executive amos hochstein in a last ditch opposition bid correspondent down off is travelling with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov for his trip to kazakhstan and reports on his response. there have been reports that the united states army pointing a special envoy to europe with one thing stopping the north stream to project down just to remind the north stream to is a gas pipeline going from russia via sea bed into germany now if this envoy is
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appointed their goal will be traveling across europe talking to european leaders like in germany for example or denmark and convincing them to stop the construction russia's top diplomat sergey lavrov has commented on this strategy on this potential step that the united states might take he did not mince his words have a listen. even a structure like the council already publishes material criticizing the united states' absolute deadlock strategy over russia which does not produce any results in terms of the goals that were declared when sanctions were imposed now from the very outset the united states have been against this project against nordstrom to saying that russia will be using this pipeline as a geopolitical weapon the geopolitical tool moscow in turn has been saying that this spy plane simply makes a lot of economic sense and it makes russia's task of delivering natural gas from russia into europe just simply move flawless and easier but this didn't stop the
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united states from repeatedly slapping sanctions on to this project and onto companies involved in the construction circular labral has also commented on the state of russia u.s. relations in general saying that well in fact russia can only rely on itself when it comes to some key state interest saying quote unquote that the u.s. and european partners are unreliable as an example he talked about the situation around the so-called open skies agreement with the united states saying that lately russia has been receiving some very mixed messages from the from the united states from washington as to whether or not it is staying or leaving at. banding this agreement and if it is abandoning then. the developers of russia's 2nd job have released efficiency data at the. center says the interim results are out for the. details now with jacqueline food.
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overall the data about corona is quite encouraging but the company behind the shot has released data showing that infections can occur after the shot has been given out of a group of 150 people 28 later tested positive for corona virus but this isn't anything to be particularly alarmed about because the company said that these were people 60 years and older who would not remain isolated during the vaccination process itself corona requires 2 shots given 2 weeks apart and only a few weeks after that 2nd shot is given will the body be able to produce a sufficient level of antibodies which is of course the norm for all of the vaccines that are out on the market right now now dr has said most of those cases actually did occur within the $42.00 days necessary for the body to build up its munity there are still some cases of infection and people who have had the corona vaccination as is the case with any coated 90 jobs in the vast majority of cases it
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occurs when the person didn't have time to form a fully fledged immune response the legal studies of volunteers over the age of $65.00 show 94 percent efficiency in production taking into account the immunity kutta to a sticks of this group we consider the indicators as good in addition to that it's believe that at the back khurana will be easily adopted in order to fight any future mutations that might arise and the world so its overall efficacy is quite high as is its ability to prevent severe cases which again is the typical for almost all the scenes currently available in fact just a few days ago there was quite a big story that hit the news that the president of argentina had tested positive for cocaine 1000 after having said that he got russia's 1st coronavirus vaccine sputnik v. now according to reports he's remained largely asymptomatic suffering only a mild fever and the makers of sputnik feet have come out reiterating the fact that sputnik v. is 100 percent effective against severe cases and they also wish the president
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a speedy recovery so while infection is highly possible after getting vaccinated it seems that if you wait the appropriate amount of time for your body to build up immunity that helps prevent any further and factions and of course even if you do get sick the cases are quite mild. i thought some of the top stories here at our international full this hour though your program continues at the top of the hour hope you can join us then.
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