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tv   News  RT  April 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in this country. president biden announces about raj executive orders to quell gun crime but his moves are preempted by the state of arizona which has already taken steps to block the reform. european court of human rights rules that it's legal for countries to force vaccines on children in a case that's raised fears of compulsory. european medicines agency sticks to its line that the benefits of the astra zeneca kovi jab outweigh the risks but the regulator says should now be listed as a very rare side effect of the drug. and i live from moscow this is r.t.
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international monitors call in brian welcome to the program we're going to start 1st in the small u.s. city of bryan in the state of texas which is about 160 kilometers north of houston where yet another shooting has taken place and it's left multiple people wounded according to reports the police say that some victims are in critical condition after a suspect opened fire at a business he remains at large the area has been cordoned off by police with 6 ambulances spotted at the scene officials say that a nearby school was temporarily locked down but it's since reopened for parents to collect pupils it's a developing story and we will bring you more details as we get them well this incident comes after joe biden unveiled 6 executive orders aimed at tightening firearm controls it's amid a surge in gun violence that the u.s. president's called an international embarrassment. gun violence in this country is an epidemic whether congress acts or not i'm going to use all the resources in my
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disposal president to keep the american people safe from gun violence but there's much more that congress can do to help that effort. and they can do it right now so we have joe biden president of the united states talking about how there is an epidemic of gun violence in the united states and putting forward executive actions intended to address that epidemic now the 1st proposal we heard from the white house was an effort to crack down on how guns are sold he referenced ghost guns which are guns that people manufacture by they they purchase kits to make them in their homes he talked about gun show loopholes and background checks furthermore joe biden discussed what he calls the red flag legislation that exists in a number of states where if a person is deemed to be a threat to themselves or to others they are temporarily deprived of their guns at this point biden has been facing a huge amount of pressure from gun control supporters due to the fact that there
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has been a surge in gun violence you saw last year there were 20000 gun related deaths that took place and that is a 25 percent increase since 2019 that we've seen this surge of gun deaths other was recently an event where 5 people were killed in south carolina including 2 children and that was certainly not the 1st mass shooting that happened in 2021 let's review some of the events that have been happening in the united states of america.
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now it's important to note that there is certainly not unity around these moves that joe biden has proposed we've. governor of the state of arizona put together a piece of legislation prohibiting sheriffs and police officers from carrying out any order that was deemed to be in violation of the 2nd amendment of the us constitution which guarantees the right to own a firearm the state of arizona and its political subdivision supreme emitted from utilizing any financial resources were state personnel to administer cool parade with or enforce a new law act order rule treaty or regulation of the federal government that is inconsistent with any law of the state regarding the regulation of firearms much like the vaccine passports there's a big divide between red states and blue states that we've seen vaccine passports already outlawed in texas and florida preemptively as republicans just don't see eye to eye with democrats on this gun control is yet another example of how
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polarized the united states is becoming in 2021 talking to me earlier the executive director of the ron paul peace institute over the gun control is bound to remain unsolved as long as the us establishment remains split. this is typical double speak by joe biden this is a joe biden who's putting it if he's really interested in gun control he should be interested in government gun control i don't like the the idea of red and blue states there are plenty of democrats who are very very strongly in favor of the ownership of firearms very very strongly in favor of the 2nd amendment and in fact that's why you can't get gun control passed through the senate because it's evenly divided and many democratic senators are in favor of this just like many republicans. centrist republicans may be in favor of gun control at the end of the day this is starting a slippery slope i think it's waking people up to the religion of the by the administration he's going to get a lot of pushback not only from red america but from red and blue america where
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there's strong support even in the senate among many democrats to preserve our 2nd amendment freedoms. european court of human rights has ruled that compulsory vaccinations for children are consistent with international oil and could be regarded as necessary the running time related to the kind of a pandemic but the raw fear is that it could lead to tougher policies from some governments is our europe correspondent peter ollivant. this case in fact started long before anybody had ever heard of covert 19 1st time it appeared in the european court of human rights was in 2013 and already been going through the court systems in the czech republic for a long time before that the complaint was brought by families in the czech republic who'd either being fined or their children had been refused entry to early years education kindergartens and nursery schools because they hadn't been vaccinated by
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their parents and their parents refused to have them vaccinated what the court ruled on thursday was that the finding of those parents on the floor at the compulsory vaccination program in the czech republic was not a breach of the european convention on human rights particularly when it came to article 8 which deals with respect for private life what the court ruled was that vaccinations are necessary in society the court clarified that ultimately the issue to be determined was not whether the different less prescriptive policy might have been adopted rather it was whether the check authors who use had exceeded their wide margin of appreciation in this area it concluded that the impugn measures could be regarded as being necessary in a democratic society and the rules in the czech republic album that dissimilar from other nations in the e.u. as well as many other nations around the world if you're sending children to kindergartens or nursery schools they have to be vaccinated against 9 different
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illnesses and diseases now these include incredibly serious things like measles hooping cough hepatitis b. tetanus as well as now what the court ruled on thursday in this was the 1st time that the european court of human rights is ever got involved in compulsory vaccination programs and made a ruling on them but what they said that it was in the best interest of children that they receive these vaccinations before they go into these nursery school in kindergarten classes and start mixing with all the children. the judgment emphasizes that in all decisions concerning children the best interests must be of paramount importance of regards we mean a zation the objective has to be that every child is protected against serious diseases through vaccination or by virtue of herd immunity the check health policy could therefore be said to be consistent with the best interests of the children who were its focus or while the ruling on thursday makes no reference whatsoever to
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covert 1000 or the current situation we all find ourselves in the covert 19 pandemic has been 34 anti vax conspiracy theorists with numerous conspiracy theories abound both online and elsewhere many of them relating to potential forced vaccination now what this ruling on thursday does from the european court of human rights is it sets precedent that obligatory vaccinations don't contravene the european court on human rights what it does not do in any way is give any european nation the right to start forcing vaccinations on any of its citizens of course it coming out during this huge vaccination program we're all going through with vaccines throughout the news all over the world right now this is why this particular ruling from one of europe's top courts has made top billing in the news well we've been getting reaction to that ruling and hearing whether it
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could have any impact on covert shots. situation that moment is we were under enormous pressure i think of that from the government advertising campaigns from the media etc to have a jab now there are people in the media in politics who have actually called for compulsory mandatory code back to the east on the grounds it's for the good society so it is worried this judgment is it's worrying but i think what point is is that vaccines whether or not we take the vaccine should be up to the individual if we go down the line of saying look bond of true vaccinations not just for kids for measles or for tat the sort ever but it should be for adults to the cove it then i think that's a slippery slope it is something very unusual for the call because the court has to arm i decide whether it is good for the society because vaccine is important for not only the person who will take the vaccine but also for other persons who called dig the vaccine into
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a tin the unity of the case may be different for or another virus vaccine because it's not for children it's what i don't it's a new vaccine contrary to the vaccine. devoted to the children in the czech republic but at the un convention of the child the paramount seat principle is something under which any drafting of legislation must abide by and any rules made that do affect children must consider their welfare 1st when you're looking at compulsory kovi that scene's you not looking at those sorts of protections a big problem with coronavirus vaccination is that conspiracy theorists they are getting it wrong there is a lot of misinformation around i don't think it's going to be a compulsory vaccine in force by the government but i do think that people like airlines and the tourist industry are going to force it in through the back door.
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on. european medicines agency standing by britain's astra zeneca jabs saying the benefits outweigh the risks while noting the blood clot should be listed as rare side effects the agency has received more than 200 reports of unusual blood clots in those getting the shot but that's among more than 30000000 who've been inoculated across europe over in the u.k. the authorities there say that people under the age of 30 will be offered alternatives to the astra zeneca job due to that possible blood clot leg 80 people in the country have suffered clotting after a dose 19 have died but britain's regulators taking the same line as the european medicines agency more against the of reports. the takeaway the message that europe's health authorities want to leave you with is that it's still worth it the benefits outweigh the risks the benefits outweigh the risks i does become almost a slogan for the after that make a proven vaccine earth portrait cases of unusual blood clotting following
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vaccination with the astra zeneca vaccine should be listed as possible side effects of the vaccine it's important starts both vaccinated people and health care professionals are aware of the signs and symptoms of these unusual blood clotting to cylinders so that they could be spotted quickly to minimize any possible risks so why did it take so long i mean the rumors began months and months ago and it was all in the news on t.v. in the papers and the company kept telling everyone the same thing there's a new link between the jab and the well dive analysis of our safety data more than 10000000 records has shown no evidence of an increased risk of palm in your family's or deep vein thrombosis and a defined age group gender batch or in any particular country unfortunately there was a link and now the astra zeneca job will have either diesel warning or it can cause
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blood clots and potentially death in people as young as 8 seed the age the youngest deceased and still they say it's worth it unless of course you can go and get another job in which case probably best to go for that their words adults who are age 18 to 29 years old who do not have an underlying health condition that puts them at higher risk from serious kovan 1000 disease should be offered an alternative covert night in fact seen in preference to the astra zeneca vaccine where such an alternative face seen. is available over a dozen countries only counting the european union have suspended vaccination with the astra zeneca vaccine or vax servia to please their marketing department though i doubt that a simple rebranding is going to cleanse their reputation i would definitely say is a stupid move because changing the name which means changing your shop window right
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in the midst of a crisis rather than increasing trust will increase because it always indicates that there is something you want to hide so i absolutely do not understand how 'd a company comes to such a decision at the end of the day i can't help but partially agree with them the alternative waiting for another vaccine could have cost thousands of lives but only partially they let these rumors steward fester for months before coming out and admitting that essentially people were rights to be afraid and that unfortunately has done irreparable damage to the vaccination drive worldwide. vaccine shortages across the you have prompted several member states to question the block's joint procurement scheme austria is one of them and chancellor sebastian kurt has said that he'd be in favor of buying russian sputnik v. it would help
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us a lot because the vaccination process would be significantly accelerated i advocate that we do this we are now coordinating this with the federal government i really hope that we will be able to acquire this vaccine as well as use it this is not only my decision but i strongly support it the european medicines agency is yet to approve the russian vaccine but former european commission president jean-claude juncker says that if the regulator does give it the green light the e.u. should include it in the procurement program meanwhile the russian direct investment firm which is behind the sputnik the rollout says it's now in talks with germany on supplying the jab but made it clear that it will go ahead with using the shot if it passes that e.u. approval which has been dragging on for several months now cancer surgeon bob johnson thinks that europe's allowed politics to get in the way of saving lives. we need the vaccines and the problem is it was a political initially we many people in europe didn't accept the russian vaccine and spotlight is a good vaccine and yet they were coming out and saying well this is not what we
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want let's look at the european and i'll turn of this and you see here the problem is the politicians have fields to cover the nations with adequate back seeing dozes and this is the problem we have we don't have enough vaccines and if you see what she right now is that we're going back and asking russia for school next we should have done that much much earlier we need all the players all the players on the table and that includes the sputnik 16 which has excellent data out there as has pfizer and as has their not so we should have known that much earlier in order to be able to provide our nationals with adequate vaccine does it is it and now we are paying for those political shortcomings with human lives. this is all things still to come the brazilian president doubles down on his resistance to lock downs despite soaring covert deaths we hear a bleak assessment from
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a doctor in brazil among all stories after this. world is driven by a drunk. person. or dares thinks. we dare to ask. seems wrong. when old rules just. mean you get to shape
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out just because that's ok and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. again you know when islands now being gripped by almost a week of rising loyalists and irish nationalists faced off amid a wave of anger over post trade barriers between the north found the republic this was the scene in belfast on wednesday the bus was torched a more than $41.00 officers were injured during the clashes rocks and petrol bombs were also held at police in northern ireland 1st minister ali foster's to both
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sides to show restraint and the prime minister has expressed his alarm and called for dialogue. i am deeply concerned by the scenes of violence in northern ireland especially attacks on the p.s. and i who are protecting the public and businesses attacks on a bus driver and the assault of a journalist this way to resolve differences is through dialogue not violence or criminality meanwhile northern ireland's justice minister has blamed the u.k. government for the flare up long accuse the conservatives of dishonesty over the way breaks it would affect the irish border saying they promised unfettered access while failing to work through the legal consequences she also slammed the british government's decision to suspend the northern autumn protocol which was part of the u.k.'s withdrawal agreement from the e.u. it was supposed to ensure an open border we spoke with jonathan tone was a professor of british and irish politics he thinks the government made a series of false promises to the people of northern ireland. well the british government bonds johnson in particular have to bear
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a considerable amount of responsibility it was part of johnson to do went over to belfast and totally democratic party the largest party in northern ireland told the public party conference 3 years ago that it would be intolerable for any british government to preside over the border in the r.e.c. forest johnson was attacking his predecessor treason make the signing of such a deal within a year for his johnson done that and since then he spends a lot of time to tending that there is more between great britain and northern ireland so you disagree or the single on few terrible sense no betrayal over what the prime minister has done think that boris johnson needs to go to northern ireland explain what he's done in terms of of the protocol and try and also meet with the you leaders to instigate simile the worst effects the protocol and diminish the number of checks go on for good between great britain and northern ireland otherwise we are looking ahead to a grim summit potentially of violence in northern ireland. biological
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fukushima that's how a scientist describes the covert situation in brazil after more than 4000 deaths in a single day he's been outlining the scale of the problem. the current situation is this 3 really severe in brazil is very critical right now we are in the middle of a national hospital collapse and exponential growth of new cases in the country for the 1st time in brazilian history and april we may have more deaths in the country diverse this has never happened in brazil in the entire brazilian history what we needed now is a national law but we 4000 that's the way i think the brazilian people will support that call because they know we have nothing else to do it despite the deaths from covert in brazil have now passed a 340000 that puts the country 2nd only to the united states but despite the horrific surge and a collapsing health system president insists the nation won't be put under lockdown
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we've been getting reaction to that in sao paolo. as keypads just said i think part of the blame is ours from people getting relaxed after so long in this situation but i believe the bigger blame is on our president who always makes and a path more difficult making it harder to interact with the rest of the world. through i believe it's the result of people having to relax too much after all the improvements people have to know that if it was getting better we should keep doing what was being done to improve but as it is system we brazilians are in a unique situation due to the government we have that doesn't care about the millions of people that are dying every day or even worse i even think the president celebrates. on the brazilian authorities maintain that the country will get quote back to business in a couple of months the physician that we spoke to warns that that's unlikely. the country is not going to be back to normal in 2 or 3 months you may take half a year or more just a good friend them
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a kind of control let alone to get back to normal life the government didn't work hard and off to procure to buy tens of millions of dollars that brazil needs to vaccinated its people so we have unlimited supply and current levels 'd we have vaccinating barely a 1000000 people a day when we should be vaccinating at least 2 to 3000000 people a day so we need to double or triple the number 6 of people vaccinated 'd but the problem is the supply of vaccines the brazil has been able to acquire if we don't do anything we could be in to me 2 of a story tragedy here i mean probably the largest humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century. russian foreign ministers dismissed washington's attempts to detail the north stream to gas pipeline project between russia and europe calling them a dead end strategy correspondent eagles donald's traveling with sergei lavrov a trip to kazakhstan. there have been reports that the united states army pointing
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a special envoy to europe with one thing stopping the north stream to project down just to remind a north stream to is a gas pipeline going from russia via seabed into germany now if this envoy is appointed their goal will be traveling across europe talking to european leaders like in germany for example or denmark and convincing them to stop the construction russia's top diplomat sergey lavrov has commented on this strategy on this potential step that the united states might take he did not mince his words have a listen. even a structure like the council already publishes material criticizing the united states' absolute deadlock strategy over russia which does not produce any results in terms of the goals that were declared when sanctions were imposed now from the very outset the united states have been against this project against north stream to saying that russia will be using this pipeline as
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a geopolitical weapon geopolitical tool moscow in turn has been saying that this spy plane simply makes a lot of economic sense and it makes russia's task of delivering natural gas from russia into europe just simply move flawless and easier but this didn't stop the united states from repeatedly slapping sanctions on to this project and onto companies involved in the construction circular labral has also commented on the state of russia u.s. relations in general saying that while in fact russia can only rely on itself one it comes to some key state interest saying quote unquote that the u.s. and european partners are unreliable as an example he talked about the situation around the so-called open skies agreement with the united states saying that lately russia has been receiving some very mixed messages from the from the united states from washington as to whether or not it is staying or leaving at. banding this
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agreement and if it is abandoning the dream and then on what terms. that should be used for now thanks for watching our next update special on thomas after watching the hawks. the swarms of them so much. good who was before. much of those who heard the food you. were going to. move. move. move show you this new you believe you things look good. just love most of those goals good you found her good good good. good good issue also look i do
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assume you belong here to show your story to you should go. to start ups to. get to needed though it was the night of the most they'd say look it is with. him stashed not just his dish moved they mashed on. to stop the president and please introduce more to. those who have petitions to go to school to snoop or come up with new clothes that is the cousin with serious approach to your shoes as they should shouldn't be you should cook door for the one who's doing the. talks are underway in vienna just save the j.c.
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peel away the agreement the trump administration unilaterally walked away from making the deal whole again is relatively easy for iran but that cannot be said for the united states does the buy didn't ministration have the political will to say yes. l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given a human beings except when such orders to conflict with the 1st time we should be very careful about official intelligence at that point all feel. like. playing with artificial intelligence will summon the demon. most protect its own existence and existence.
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with. greetings and salutation. you know nobody i mean nobody likes dealing with a spoiled brat back when we were kids we all knew one or 2 or 3 or 4 kids on the block who or out or on recess you know they didn't get to get everything their way the most epic of tantrums would ensue you know they lost the square one day we all knew they'd be back the next often with a new set of rules that would miraculously make the game easier for them and harder for the rest of us well apparently many of these spoiled little kids grew up to be united states politicians.


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