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every day you meet your needs and the needs of your family. laila in this country. president biden announces a barrage of executive orders to crimes that faces big criticism from gun rights advocates who think the moves are unconstitutional meanwhile the state of arizona has already taken steps to block those reforms. the european court of human rights rules that it is legal for countries to force vaccines on children in a case that has raised fears of compulsory shots. in the european medicines agency sticks to its line that the benefits of the astra zeneca outweigh the risks but the regulator says blood clots should now be listed as a very rare side effect of the drug. that was
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a brief look at what's going on at this hour stay with us now for. whatever that may be. marker great social reception demographer feature it's really great to have you with us interesting how you're reading it so much to talk about mark. so you kind of terror generation after describing the kids for an after 2010 and then i can't help recalling has a place not of the brave new world where he was
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a strata are called often better come down south africa being the smartest nested looking well of citizens well generation have also be the best of that in the history of humankind. well good night and that the crews we don't want to just move through the let now off the bat we've had generation x. and y. and sand and we didn't just want to go back to i could buy other 1st generation or in this your ability i'm being born in a whole new era and so we're moving into this greek alphabet approach the style a bit you know a return to the old whether they turn out to be true alfas in that sense the pope expressible i'm not sure about that but that hopefully. they do serious in this new direction in this new millennium and at this important time so we have every reason to expect that this huge air however uncertain well break more of this era the more
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technology more working solutions to current problems is it redundant to say that generation often in most advanced ever evolving ration bareheaded into progress together. well there will be the most formally educated generation will be the most materially in doubt generation if i just because of the growth of wealth in the emerging world don't be the most technologically savvy generation about all i have at the youngest ages for all and the most globally connected generation that will has ever seen now with all of those amazing characteristics creates in them the biggest impacts of a generation ever all of the most enlightened generation about their that yet to be seen but i do think that they are equipped to solve these new problems that we're facing in our world from environmental ones to. issues or global equality they're
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approaching those new problems with fresh eyes and i think that gives us a great sense of how to tell you that the problems that we're facing janitors are the zoomers column here in russia already paid little attention to the founders it raises gender nationality religion either any limits left for a generation office to push. well that's true you know that they have no nothink popped up a city in their world and i think having such chronic tutti is so useful and for them from the youngest types you know they pick up the device just a few clicks away from any piece of information on the planet that i their friendship fate is global in use fade this stores they shop on local but global yes i think that there are various that i will break down for example diane now in a world with i am more empowered as young people than any other generation of young people has been there used to be when you were young you you looked up to the older
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generation you want to be older because that's where that was the influence was they all we have a youth obsessed society where people want to be young and the early adopters of technology the brand influences the social media influences of course of the younger generations and so how will leverage more influence than any generation before them at their i age and i think that that that's a great opportunity that i have and gives them a great responsibility to deal with some of the social challenges that we're seeing image in our world. now thinking about the generational markers and the mess important i can come up with this to conscious a generation that did not have a washing machine catalyze that was tested a different from the on that had a generation without the internet would be quite different from the internet generation y. degeneracy office ecological divide that makes it different from the previous generation although i mean for big things that we take for granted now they weren't
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haves you know and a lot watch is going to be a thing that most of them will ever know need to know in this digital world case because now it's about smart case full cost if even they get their driver's license because it's a new or a transport is a service world because even that credit cards have moved to payment digital forms because their their id is in a digital form they were need a wallets or a purse because everything is on that device and so even the basics that we would carry around keys and wallets and credit and of course cash i will not be something of their experience so they will growing this shrewd digital mindset to these diet areas of life you know it's not about the physical space but of course learning online any deep remote working or working. from home or other options as
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well and and that will flow through all areas in other words we had deep toppling location for a home study or workplace or shopping or can make shift and social interaction and of course there's digital generations will just think that way from the youngest age. yeah how parents nowadays they post photos of their newborn kids on social networks and thanks or creates digital digital accounts for them before this kids even can walk or talk or take a decision whether they want to be instantly here now or have for a family now what exactly. presents from birth have been jammed out. well it doesn't come without challenges of course you know and the most. they'll have the biggest digital footprint of any previous generation as you said probably by the time they want to 2 years of their more photos of them they know
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they grandparents and right current right their parents put together for their entire lots and the amount of the video and just a digital. footprints a pretty big now because from the youngest age there are there on social channels that chatting and sharing and and so they just leave a long legacy a long history that can be crites in that i have if you like a digital diary if i have it a digital history that i can look back on and and recall stages in life it has a downside be cruz well when you're a teenager you share things and say things that you probably don't want coming back to you 10 or 20 years lyta when you're a senior leader or an influence so there are some problems with this and we see very plainly one big problem that this younger generation faces through the digital and that is cyberbullying putting down each other sometimes that they will say
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things that will shape things that will threaten our own one among. things that i would never cite priced advice there's a sense that because we're connecting through that digital isn't anonymity we would interact in a way that we wouldn't do physically together and that that can be a problem as well as of course the darkest side of the internet the security side the postal site decided does come with this digital will take knowledge advance say to kids of inflation risk or anything was in those last tales we he was actually just need simply far greater that than a time in the handwriting of our mental our ethnic. that's a great point and it is true and when we've surveyed teaches around the world we have found that one of the deficits that i notice with young children and we're talking about crimea you know children just starting to get close to their teenage years now is that their life skills are not as well developed as they would expect
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arrest i've seen in the past this sophistication in millard's technology skills that right. being able to. choose the clothes or many and keep they've been dreams tidy or cook a meal or as we move into those teenage years old will all go beyond even basic things like the kids in the process could do from now to apply. coming up with some activity to fill some time even having this artificial skills of stepping out of the comfort zones and shaking a hand introducing them so being able to go camping lada a file a some of these thomas human skills i'm not as well developed with this generation that not a neat a technological and digital but many of them increasingly of being raised in an urban us environment in a vertical community it's a beautiful sum of options rather than the horizontal lines of code and streets where there is as an american research a cold
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a night should deficit disorder with i have fears or worries about the outdoor world because they've only ever known a built environment an urban one side there are some challenges that we do need to address in law skills with this generation. this taste you know that young people they all have aspired to be in the last go there on a base and well again touring that their job instead of opting for a pretty fine career in some areas ation and that's what we used to go for when we were all generation a hobby they were all the myriad of independent started late businesses than a corporate dominated world. well they certainly are more entrepreneurial and as you said have been inspired by those entrepreneurs by the digital silicon valley tech startups you know and i have been some great role models for them but at the same time you know they going to need in a society need and
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a right of skills and of course but everyone can be an entrepreneur now it's a great set of skills to have to think entrepreneurially even if they are working within a larger organization because they can. think in terms of better neat line managers a hierarchy begin to work well in a in a flat structure in a collaborative environment which is the one that we have now i can think through complex problems because they used to handling multiple challenges they can work collaboratively even if some of the same members. own suitable road shooting in another location so they do have a great set of skills in that regard ok i'm going to need those traditional ones of being able to work across people of different generations to be able to resolve conflict and indeed to. have the skills of public speaking to be able to step out of their comfort zones even to manage money you know financial literacy
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these are skills that they will need not purely technological they don't have an early my program he should break right now our battle contain talking to mark on greenhouse and research and modifications that i. will the generation coming. khurana at period in like state of the us. because the swarms of them so moving. to build your school local was before. much of those who heard the preview are mostly other movies who see him
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with the north we will. move. move but it. will show you just look beautiful the militants can look really good. more muslim also his girls with good view films for good girls. go to shows a lot but look your simu believe kishwaukee it's good to you should go. to startups to have some good to me to tell even the little mr banks you look it is it's. just not just just just you know it's the mashed old truck stop the president and he's been trying this morning until.
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the 3 of petitions to close in this were to snap them up when you look at those the girls are with you sir your supporters to your shoes ration shouldn't throw you should put dorothy was do you do the ripples to. back with mark mccrindle social research and a lot of officious like him at generational discourse is there a gun contest or a shit out there for instance baby boomers are supposed to support conservative authoritarian south south carolina whereas my parish and have more liberal back in taishan seeking to be friends with their kids the kids happiness they're much more
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their kids they successful etc how will the generation gap between laugh i added generations of i can't there is the possible that a generation gap will cease to exist again well in some ways you know those generation gap sabi bridged but you know as you say what will be the characteristic of this generation will i be able liberal conservative. be bought by destruction more free range in their approach what we find in our generational research is that the generations tend to be more like a pendulum that swings back and forth then just a pathway that heads end up on in one direction in other words each generation is a reaction to eyesore in the past their response to what has gone before and so we see this generation of alphas the children of the millennial so generation y. as actually being a bit more structured a bit more conservative in their outlook indeed disclosure old growth forests and
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to make has shaped a bit more of that conservative value in them they have seemed that jobs can be lost that stock markets and economies go up but they go into recessions that volatility is the new normal and that security methods that savings and money for a rainy day is important that has been shaped in him over these recent loves and of course we've got some ups absi used to go it is a bit like those global issues of wars. or will the great depression what we're experiencing at the moment and that does forge in a young generation resilience character fortitude and and the ability to adapt and respond so we see the alphas will end up being fairly conservative unstructured and risk averse savings and job security will match up and they won't
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be as perhaps focused on the super officiality or the bridge it was interesting certainly not to be you know member around this immunity are only 10 years out. that's true and and that means that we can't work out exactly what that would be like by looking at who they are although we do research them by looking at the context it's often been said that people resemble that times more than they resemble their parents and that's really the calyx the age of which were exposed to even a global event the world of being through all that determines how imbedded it becomes an ass cycle and so we can learn a lot about who they will be based on what they're experiencing and also by their parents and we do so by their parents the 30 somethings the law and so in a something of how they're being raised. i'm also thinking france is a golden generation can they contrast it bore is that confidently data from
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dallas and history acevedo that he is from ballerina the sixty's they have a generation sat as not much different from generation x. and then generation y. it's not that less different from the alpha why divide them into different generations that are. well that's an important point and you know let's keep in mind that as humans we have more in common than probably divides us and we're saying that at the moment as we look globally it is insecurities uncertainties you know i mean it's i mean it's what is impacting us all around the world so so we do need to keep that in mind and to kill in this era we need to try to find the commonalities and not just find the differences but we're also aware of the diversity that exists whether it be cultural gender or whether the socio economic rigid graphic we're not all the same and there are differences across the generations as well we find that the generational differences
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a more robust than even some of our differences we might look at like geography assessor economics because we are who we are generation for 3 reasons firstly as a generation we're at the same age as each other and different to the us i mean generation those in it childhood he is a clearly at a different lifestyle agent and therefore have 2 priorities to change a just a 20 something to 50 something a window into who we are because of life stage but also the experience that is shaping us and while we've all been i do not attend we have an old and i do not know 10 in 2020 and these are unique times to be shocked and said that we'll leave that to differences and thirdly even so the experience is that we live through a quite different for a generation inurement you mentioned you know the baby to mr was so she. by the 960 cent rebellion or the jane excess that experienced the emergence of the dot com era and indeed. recessions in the 1990 s.
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jim political train just the world order is we coming to an indecent mock shifting you know democracy and as an awesome person drawing her in these sorts of things she says gen x. is well the gen alphas of today are all started living through different times so our i last staged the events and experiences the technologies or all of those shy process and through the defined differences across generations and he now is wondered at that. whether this whole generation labeling if they can make marketing scam or not tell you why because i find myself finding it common language barrier easily with someone who is 90 just as much as i find it with a 10 year old. and out of the way that there is no such thing as a generation gap it's just different experiences there we can people are people i
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mean we feel safe humans with our basic human needs what we think if it wasn't for the mass marketing the generation labeling and gas it don't really sense to friends and is there such thing a generation gap or just age difference really yeah well you know that's important to think through and as a said there is but there is and events and social moccasin experiences and technologies that also do. we do a lot of research on all those who are dealing with them and that that is teaches you a guy up there who we research and try to recruit so they can best and gauge with students and by tell us to go to those that have been at this profession for a long time that this generation of young people different to previous generations you know yes a 10 year old is a 10 year old in terms of brain development in terms of maturity levels in terms of felt needs and wants and. you know the disappointment i need to curriculums that
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they going through you know that doesn't change too much but the world around them is changing and clearly being 10 i means to global pandemic being 10 when you've got a device in your hand it could get you with any problem will it is difference being 10 by generation experience before the p.c. and and into a more country separated times so death does create some differences as for the marketing side you know i think we all need to be wary of that because the last thing that we want is for macas to define and comes. a generation and think that i can sort of sell to them it and a younger i just in fact i think that that will not work at all for companies today because this generation of the most savvy when it comes to marketing to the most aware of the technologies and the agenda globally and certainly not afraid to push back on that if we think that we can do something on the. ok. terrorists share
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a separate generational morasses. gentlemen our generation a different arcs look something they see their eyes a bit more rattles a washout wishing their example for change are hungry person they can really compare to experience or know and don't yet say i don't are genders and salad same as they are after well. well more similar than previous generations so you know if we went back to say the 19 fifties and looked at teenagers in georgia or attain ages in america or a teen ages in sweden you know there was a lot more differences than teenagers across those nations today because they're all connected on the same platforms whether it be youtube or another visual video based or whether it be searching through google or other platforms they are all on
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the devices it is a digital world that they share they are more aware of the global issues the gaps that we all know who that separated us internationally have have come to get up there is more global awareness there are global brands is the opportunity to travel down not at the moment because of coded but generally the ability to travel for young people to die has never been. right up and all of that means that we have brought the world together the other thing that we see in in countries like a struggle we found in the u.s. so you sail into europe is of course were more culturally diverse and this was not the case in the 19th fifties rate in the 1970 s. this is a generation that i growing out in the west alongside people from south america and africa and europe as well there is more of this chronic tyranny globally and and culturally diverse connections than ever before so it's definitely a new era it's
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a small awoke there's more connection to this generation and that means yes there are still those geographical differences across the generations anyway they live but aftershock closer to get a weatherby brussels by using old ballarat in australia then used to be the case in the past do you think that the fact that life exact exact in say scrabbling in people are sorry i don't like the areas. having kids larry like i have we have said we have it made and that it on a whole generation will it change things yeah that's a great insight and that is what is happening you know we are living longer right around the world and walt in the developed countries that moment every continues to rise in the emerging world the life expectancy is increasing at an even faster right so wherever we are around the world almost without exception life expectancy is increasing and what that means is and it comes along with increasing disposable
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income wealth that did become more sions in those young be used in the teenage years and the 20 somethings because this guy did study years and there is. a delight in very just people still a bit earnings yes i have more options in terms of opportunities to travel and to experience new things and so it's as if the childhood years have been extended now the story to get into the workforce but it's as if because they don't live long we live spiced up those particular last stages and just as we've seen in the west marriage in the span of a couple of generations removed from something that took place in the early twenty's and now something that's really not taking place until the early thirty's and family forming at that stage so is saying it right across the world the pushing back of these last stages as we do more study through more koreas and delay the family years later than previous generations had so it definitely the life stages
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have changed it what we used to. it was so wonderful to have your insight on what's to how many generation and is there such a thing a generation gap really or is it all marketing salaried asking that very 1st minute that i wait until the end later as they say russia was wonderful tom here was she on the best of luck stay safe thank you very much has been a lot to chat with you and appreciate it and along. thank you.
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poverty. if you're born into a poor family i ahd you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die. generational poverty. it's an awfully tough fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family.
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will show you the snoop on the label. you're going. to. do most of. the cultural. move from still most of these days to get used to shoot your good clothes in your garage or to solicit do.


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