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alter words so sometimes when i was back on earth i found myself remembering an english word but not the russian so we worked in unison everyone has their own mission at the weekends we would get together we celebrated some holidays or just for a day watched movies listen to music talk to each other there was work and saturdays and sundays but not as intense as the weekdays sometimes we even saying to a guitar as there is one on the r.s.s. . which are but almost it's just i miss being in space the feeling of the space flight is very special just to give you an idea in the u.s. orbital segment there is a glass more to know as we make 16 fool orbits around the air each day we often fly over the night side and when you're in that more children you turn off the lights so you can feel you're flying over the earth and you do not feel like you're in the station and that's a great sensation like being in and it is something i miss. but he was known to
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police with reporters asking how she'd look after her hair in space pointing out male cosmonauts get no such questions we got the lowdown from the person in charge of cosmic headers. because when i did not come to me specifically for a haircut i came to the hotel from my client the hotel director as they said that i would do the hair for 3 cosmonauts and 3 understudies look that is how it began on april 6th 2008. 100 short some just a little off of more careful but there were also model haircuts there were different ones i even rated a korean cosmonaut girl she was 28 years old she was young i think she was the 1st korean cosmonaut i braided her hair and she went to the press conference like that
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warm up with confidence. one day my husband had become a left turn and calm because most of us so happy he expressed support and signed a photo for my husband with congratulations on his promotion i would say they're not just ordinary people they heroes after all not everyone has the willpower courage and health to fly as we say in russian we as healthy as a cosmonauts and here they are the healthiest less simple interesting people just like you and me but heroes. many thanks for keeping us company here on out c. international this sunday will be back and 30 minutes.
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but often they should go down your back yard with the snow you board has still got . the average distance looking to this point if you still ni-mh it they still took off so muckle with the borough. fortune the little. more to mrs. what's in the march it's a good it's been a good fall post my welcome to the 1st appeal of the sheep family of what the most scope of local know what a story beats his next move is in the us both of. you get your music
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yet. or. since the. book winds up more troops in the. to. the to think this is just in front of me feels like it's in.
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the littlest they say look it is easy to see. the world was through no idea who it is for those of us those who are less real for years we used to when you're used to your good good good or do good for you it was good on the board of the rulers who are the borders of nature the.
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simplest. are. you. sure it isn't. christian to. push the actual votes or. are you the loser who puts it down to something that you didn't. post. which.
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is that. if the she. can stop. and now crossing the threshold of your cheek and making his 5th flight into space also now on board the international space to. be back remember but i am. very far from here for her but. for her her
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her her. her. her her her her. her. here everything is very different than back on earth they have to float rather than going to it's not that easy to get used to they have to sleep standing up in a sleeping bag making sure to zip up so that their arms don't flail about in syria gravity that's a station you have to learn how to get alone anyways there are too many threats here to waste time quarrelling.
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this is new. video. i love the fact that on the international space station we are just a team that depend on each other every day with our lives and it is such a great example for everyone politicians and just everyone all over the world of how we can work together to achieve great things everything that's important to us it's really important to us is pretty much the same and if you know i started seeing something that he doesn't agree with or he says something that i don't agree with then we'll start chuckling and say all their stuff strong russian bear what are you doing jack and we can joke about it and understand that topic we're talking
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about isn't as important as our friendship and the values that we share so it's not that it's not that big of a deal one of the cool things that's in the russian segment is the russian cosmonauts like our commander in the russian segment we have tons of great windows these are really high quality windows so we can take pictures we also have a lot of systems that keep the station going and we have another cargo vehicle at the very into the station and the last thing i want to show you is my favorite space picture because of what it represents business with and because space to speak is a peaceful exploration where we were. together if you noticed i got a russian shirt i got american sox international that's what this place is about working together as one team that speech and this week have a good day. there's a good. political is opposed to. this news. you should be about to commit crimes. we. just this is.
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where you do needs. money who could you be teach to go to school. because because the most good will come with me for shoes for. just what they're. supposed. to be just as it is going to get to this. isn't what you choose when you go to. school see your. stall. video you know the crew change. return to earth. the station. in the russian segment you'll have to carry out dozens of experiments and maintain
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the station he's got so much to do that it doesn't even have time to make his american colleagues helping out the north peggy whitson stay here was extended so no she'll be working together with jack. mutual. good to go and you said it was a good. job. bush and bush are going to your lordship. this experiment is the most delicious one the lettuce was grown at 0 gravity and then of course eaten they carry out biological and physics experiments study the performance of stem cells and develop medicines to cure cancer this experiment is
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the most important one for jack fisher as his daughter had cancer. but spaceman also guinea pigs mission control constantly monitors their health and watches closely to see if they exercise enough. we have a special treadmill 1st off we can find it's on the wall how could we have to work out physical exercise. to get 2 and a half hours a day because if you don't have good exercise your muscles and your bones just just go away and you come back as a 90 year old man and then you your wife like you anymore.
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that's the answer. to some crude for. the most news in the worst or the reporting of a movement before you reach assume the pure mutual the sharing pinpointing both of you what you would do 3 needs to. be reduced through. the more we do 2 equals 3 because those are the worst the stupid boomers who should i think. was a pandemic no certainly no borders just lying to nationalities. summary
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. judgment commentary. we can do better we should. everyone is contributing. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. problem drugs has come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people
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seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids oids invited to america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but this is trying to. go she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who is to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments. of the rich and. the. bush the. authority. of the delta to want to keep that.
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it's. pushed to. the gills both eat fish and finally get it all if she wanted to. put it up if it. killed. but it still be. anything it's closer to. us than we have what it took. to. get the kids to go through it. but if. that. point.
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is that nothing. else goes on the good will and delusions are going to get insults is useless and good as those who knew it was not. was the one who took the whole book with the slogan to the. credit. i mean. a little bit working on. your anger. not. just the good. morning again. to going to.
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church. it's not going to boost a person it's a sin. to do too much nation should go for the jugular the sense of just go from students who are still mostly. or in this to. soon see used. as means to resort. to abuse of the buttons to the smallest action to so as to do so. much to.
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manager i. am. more your partner are nearing an hour on a grammy honoring. her . family.
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going to whatever. than. to. help us. lucia survive the night. you know what.
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this was just. you know the test not just you know it's the most annoying of them with almost no use like the i don't mean because why are they mashed on. the start of the digital age when you want them to you know it's the. worst. of over 4 years of her and we confirm separation and we see that the message of a pair or darkie an internal transfer system would have been completed him in syria and you have the 1st.
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play. play.
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play play. play . play. play play the living it's ability to get. someone to tell you to shift because the slaves to snoop i'm looking at because that is because i'm with you so you simply must be
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a patient station. was going to sleep in my studio your thoughts most people spoke for you should go through for a woman who's doing believe. that it took a lot of. good focus to get. the. union to accept the forgiveness pretty much just like it was like a good perfect technical is that it's a good lawyer and a minority of william. the best doesn't. want to live.
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thank you. question thank you. but. what. was the wishes for luke of. your sublime wisdom we should we need you still to do spielberg's you work on this road or do comparisons to move to the future when you
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pull which it's the more she loved to. go your post was to be a force of the work of the noble which of course. the smoke the court scores are still practiced because of. my firm it's unique and it's why i must play to the spirits. i am like when school say and i was sitting there with. the los i ask of the court. and the low down swim meet me yet about this.
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i am. yes to my evil misguided believe by many of them by locking down the whole society you can somehow protect the old high risk people but we're seeing now is so obvious that that wasn't the case it did not change. the high risk pool of people because in the us we are haves now over half a 1000000 deaths mostly older people there was a complete failure just saying that these lockdowns would actually protect all the high risk people i am. the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in you know being delayed regulations will be sniffy all about making money making profits in some of the big
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corporations international markets to import export do you imagine the number of printing diseases that are in every family it is new due to new viruses all new microbes drugs not true so it is due to environment. and say you know that moment on disability of this sort of muscles are really just accumulate could only come in to see the new to the side in the list that. the legacy of the sky if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something into street except that we are british and we want regulation i was in just any freedom behave when you spin or to just find.
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a u.s. officials think to reassure the astra zeneca kovac shot is safe stressing the vaccine has a tendency it's costing lives and there are signs that the damage to the public trust is already done. one year for me there is no escape since it has been shown that there are people who have unfortunately died after getting vaccinated put same the risk is low in their best interest i think we don't know what to trust you will be to the dark. police vans told stand was a cannon fire riots are about to cross northern ireland to have opposed trade barriers. and the former us intelligence analysts faces years in jail for exposing america's drone assassination program we speak to a whistleblower.


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