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it's a look which are from. these critics one of the biggest musical. because the. shooting in july for the smear. opponents someone. because of the old style is due. to. the people of the czech republic. still holds back from approving of the job despite mounting interest from e.u. states. the us state of all console bonds gender reassignment treatment for.
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critics as. we hear from a former trans woman about the possible dangers of changing sex. young man who started on hormone therapy at. 18. facility around alleges the israelis were behind the bridge in a bid to scupper any future nuclear deal with the. transcended the limits of. becoming the 1st man in space celebrate the anniversary correspondent got a taste of 0 gravity down here on earth. it feels unusual. i mean i really can't believe that this is what. it's. you know float around a space station and. it's. amazing.
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very good morning to you and thanks for joining us here on r.t. . almost half of people in the czech republic are ready to use russia sputnik the vaccine if it's approved by prague that made a spike in the european interest in the job which the use medical authorities have yet to approve auntie's peta oliver reports. well the czech republic could be sent to follow hungry and start using russia's sputnik the vaccine before it gets approval from the european medicines agency the czech president the man made the announcement he was also critical of the slow pace at which the e.m.e.a. approval for the sputnik v. vaccine has taken if the decision on split the registration is made by our national regulator it will be enough to start using it as happened in hungary as for the
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european medicines agency it is very slow well new infections in the czech republic have started to relent in recent days that's following the country being gripped by a 3rd wave of the covert 19 pandemic now a recent poll showed that just under half of the czech citizens who were asked the question said that they would take the sputnik the vaccine without a.m.a. approval as long as health authorities from prague had given a green light now just over the border in austria they're a little further along when it comes to getting sputnik into the country they go see a sions that had been going on for a little while were concluded over the weekend between vienna and moscow for the purchase of sputnik the vaccine the austrian chancellor sebastien could saying that sputnik v. would provide an additional turbo boost for austria's vaccination program. michel the e.u.
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council president has also been speaking he acknowledged that there is differences between member states when it comes to the use of russia's sputnik the vaccine there's a lot of pressure and politicians people are getting impatient they want to get vaccinated governments want to do all they can also control this insensitive it's a regarding sputnik the among you member states at the back end of last weekend spawn the german health minister said that germany would be looking to secure its own deal for sputnik the. once the european medicines agency has given it the green light germany's going to have to set up its own deal of course because the e.u. commission joint procurement mechanism has already said they're not going to buy sputnik v. as it stands at the moment there's also been some comment from france when it comes to that announcement from germany last week the french foreign minister saying he thought that was a bit of a p.r. stunt designed to give confidence to the local markets here in germany of course we
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have an election coming up in september he thought that was a bit of politicking from yen's spawn but he also said that he wouldn't rule out taking any vaccine based on where it come from that if it's a good vaccine it's a good vaccine but when it comes to that all important a.m.a. approval well sputnik the started being looked at by the european medicines agency on the 5th of march we're expecting that process to run through perhaps as long as the end of may once it gets the green light of course it can then be used all across the european union. meanwhile spinning these global uptake is on the rise indian regulators are expected to give approval to the vaccine today or 20000 doses will arrive in the philippines this week when others order 20000000 doses in all last months but he was approved for emergency use in the country along with china's sign of job which is already being rolled out the philippine authorities saying to vaccinate up to 70000000 people this year chance to speak to tier door locks
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ingenius the philippine secretary of foreign affairs about the significance of this deal. although from the start we had the control 'd 'd of the undead. a measure of control over the undead but i already turned to russia because when i heard about a governor split nic i knew that was the one to get. there if you want but all of that started. my friends who are witnesses interest. transactions russia told me about about it also in civilian connections in the mill if you're so interested and he did and they put the government they have him and russia and zoom and i was on the other end and we talked and and asked to explain code good dominator was saying that it's going from a very young to the very old like yourself because you know that i've had heart surgery and people like yourself it's very good and he looks at my face then he
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said i don't really think you believe what they're saying and he says well i don't really care if you believe what i'm saying but i'm telling you he is in 2 days you read the lancet journal and come back. in 2 days i read the lancet journal and the only lancet he revealed lexy in boston is slightly flying colors and i said doc we're going i remember when i was a child and. takes me out of the the big guard in the night and he says look at the sky and that thing blinking up there and that's. and that's the 1st one man kind of ever getting to. it's so unfair it's you know it's let us not part was your last we came to all the hard science you always have the impression that russia. would it would would be always at the forefront
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on that i could tell you this when we wired adjourning the whole cold war we never took sides well it's truly belong to the west of the alliance but it's true also that there never took sides of that when the height of the cold war it was the footprints that reached out to russia the soviet union and establish diplomatic missions because we knew that's were the only chance. the kids he was been imposed in brooklyn sent to minnesota until morning after violent riots broke out over the fatal shooting of a black man by police. the money question was shopped while in a car after being pulled over for a traffic violation people flocked to the local police department it was looting in the area as well as clashes a national guard was reportedly deployed and tear gas used for consent is 10 miles
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from minneapolis where last year the death of a black man at the hands of police led to nationwide protests race related unrest seen in california as well. close. 6 to the square of whites lives matter rally had been organized on line but turnout was low and it was meant by group of counter protesters from black lives matter of confrontation descended into violent clashes with bloody fist fights. just how do you hold. it was a heavy police presence to you and several arrests were made on both sides counter protesters later claimed that it was a victory for black lives matter is reaction from both camps. it was like whoa there are people here. who know what life better shouldn't. we all want
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to be treated equally that's what's going. never in their lives they mean that we're the sheets in the costumes that used to be we're. in the also. in creating racism in trying to harm people of color. their state of arkansas is at the center of transgender debates in america after it bans gender reassignment treatment for under-age people it's been called the strictest anti trans use measure in the country journalist walt reversed his sex change so that it will protect young people from making a dangerous mistake. i reach about 300000000 people a year and help people every day who also have regret or have a story just like mine and want to do a transition so i've worked with
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a lot of young people who were diagnosed by a so-called doctor telling him that they had gender dysphoria have gone and met with the children and been around with them and none of them that i've come across had gender dysphoria there was a fox diagnosis one recent young man who started on hormone therapy at 15 had is goal surgery at 18 contacted me at 19 and said he feels like a prank unstained monster in the arm that it's done is that it causes. many things real problems for bone structure oftentimes in a natural development of the brain is interrupted what we know from sweden is that after you go through these procedures share 19 times more likely to die from suicide then you would if you didn't go through the surgery so what they're doing is really horrible the arkansas governor defended his failed attempt to veto the
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bill is a conservative step against government overreach what do you hope my veto will cool my republican colleagues across the country to resist the temptation to put the states in the middle of every decision made by parents and health care professionals they are console bill press from providing gender affirming procedures puberty blockers all surgery for people under the age of 18 as well as from referring them to other professionals for the transition for the president donald trump blasted the governor after he vetoed the bill saying that it spelled the end of his political career well taylor again says the transgender debates become a source of money and political leverage for some. but truth is it does a great deal of harm to put children or known blockers or give them hormone therapy before they're 19 years old and it really should be 21 years old before they
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attempt to put. any hormones in a young person's body you know big pharma has a great interest in selling hormone therapy to people who don't need it the people who make the hormone blockers the advocates you know whether it's facebook or he said there are big platforms raise money for these advocate groups and i think it's horrible what they're doing and it's really political it's not a medical thing now it's become totally political because what they're doing is not providing medical care at all they're raising money for these activists to perform unnecessary surgeries and harm kids. 60 years ago today russian cosmonauts eureka garvin became the 1st human to leave earth's atmosphere the flights brought him instant fame of a kind no wouldn't be so good person could have been prepared for 6 decades on his
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name smile i'm words still pretty good inspiration. but you do it. of course that. her. really means let's go a surprise he said it at the time it wasn't scripted and was actually considered very colloquial but in the 60 years that have passed since it's really become quite popular. let's go. to the.
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best. to be the 1st space number. 206. the break we will look at what made him. the world's 1st space travel.
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is you'll be via reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. tyson nation to community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a made in the shallows. one else seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me lol
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yet to shape our disdain to come to advocate and engagement because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. 60 years on from here if you garlands flight the idea of space travel still fascinates and indeed entices but it does have its downsides as microgravity in the international space station can cause dizziness headaches and other pleasant symptoms science has to work harder minimizing these side effects by simulating
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moon missions down here on earth they also use special to create the feel of weightlessness artie's constant thing at all scoff took the plunge for us. thank. you thank. right off the bat what can i say. it feels and usual. i mean i really can't believe that this is what caused us feel when they you know float around a space station it's. it's amazing you know i was told that those who take part in the study of the actually have to spend here inside this tub from 7 to 21 days and yes that means even eating and you're e-mailing another
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a fact of these conditions is that your body and your spine stretch out a lot of people they actually grow by 2 to 3 centimeters overall i want to say it's even relaxing if it's not for the cameras and you know and people who always stare at you. dry immersion in there of a neutral water snow it can be fun in the beginning and i had fun that's for sure if i had the pleasure as they say words are pretty quick for one this might be boring because you know all you do is just flow in a tub while scientists conduct their research and you know there's not so much to entertain yourself with on top of that the longer you expose your body to microgravity the more negative effects kick in. in space microgravity
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can have a serious impact on your body causing muscles to atrophy bones to lose calcium even your internal organs and eyeballs can change shape as far as a no vision also deteriorates if you stay in space for a long time therefore and a lot more research needs to be carried out to help cosmonauts. at this point scientist want to focus on women and what a fact weightlessness has on their bodies after decades of space exploration well there are still relatively few female causes. and there was limited data available on how women react to space travel. the experiment takes place at an institute in moscow known for long term simulations of trips to space one of its trademark feature is is this small type compartment facility that is used to play out would be missions to moon and mars
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and see how crewmembers are going to act together in isolation and confinement so let me actually give you a quick tour inside. so this 1st area is a refrigerator or facility and those are the actual fridges huge ones. those are used mainly for food because you have to realize that while in space no one's cooks you have to take food with you and. because of that it needs to be frozen so here we have a storage facility and you know this place is used for everything clothes equipment you know everything that is needed for space mission here it's a greenhouse this is where they have plants this room over here it's obviously a gym and it's also very important part of every space station or every space
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mission so there's another passage let's have a look. while this appears to be a kitchen i guess because of the microwave and by the way look at the c.c.t.v. cameras there average where all over 123455 cameras just and one kitchen well that is because everything that people subject of an experiment everything that they do is being constantly monitored by scientists you know gauge their behavior and you know make certain conclusions. so let's move on ok so this is were causing a lot or those who take part in experiments they live. so this is yeah this is the light control the mirror yeah well yeah it's not too it's not
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to be 3 cramped space here but. yeah this is what you get when you are on a very important space assignment right it's not a 5 star hotel. in the order of that in an enclosed space where they can talk to the family the deprived of communications and isolated from the outside world if they don't receive news and have no idea what's going on they can't go outside for a walk they don't know if it's day or night and the biorhythms get thrown out of sync by staying in this environment all this has a negative effect on the psychological well being right now the institute is going to ready for another round of experiments both in this mock up station and in 0 gravity tubs you know after decades of space exploration there is still a lot of the unknown and the more you research it on the ground the safer is going to be out there in space guards trip into will but it's widely seen as something
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started the space race but it actually helped break barriers and not just in terms of human achievement but also between east and west wellness story and believe good governance personality helped to melt the ice. good afternoon the soviet union announced it had launched a quick fix number 2 for all of the code for. me to get. to. go to the.
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cash transfer. of 6. to 6. 6 to 6 shifts. to. the. school football game to the small of the. table. for. quiet for the russians 1st into space. $5.00 for travelers facing a soviet system. well our creative teams restored and
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colorize this 962 recording of yuri gagarin in the video he's speaking on the 1st anniversary of his maiden flight he lived fast but died young at the age of just $34.00 so our connection to him is through photos and videos like this one plus memories shared by people who knew him for example his interpreter in france spoke to us about what it was like to meet the man. jeilan you ever hear parrot everyone not only recognized him but tried to get closer to him if that was a crowd that meant that the garden was in the center of it everyone smiled at him there was no other way of looking at him he has a special place in everyone's heart because he was our man the fast person in space and suddenly he was standing nearby close to you but. us.
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we were watching us in top artists and were signed to a helicopter company so my colleague and i were inside helicopter learning the tom enormity and once we met a pilot who also watched the company he was a decorated test pilot a hero of the soviet union yuri deny it he told us your guard is coming tomorrow he's my friend to be honest we didn't believe him because all the pilots were saying that garden stuff friend and he was like should i invite him him he said of course because we just didn't believe or she was saying i'm sure he after we were told that darren had actually arrived connive came to a helicopter and we asked him so was the guard you promise to bring him he said i'll bring him now and he left and came back with him we were shocked gar in the legend like a gold to us came into the helicopter and introduced himself we went red and stood open mouthed and he smiled we went over to the car and who had already left the helicopter and i asked him shyly can you please take
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a photo with you in the background he laughed and responded oh my i'm just a background for them. or can the us really a photo of garnett connive some french people and me was hanging in the building of the is yesterday newspaper my friend phoned my mother and said step to the sitting close to guard and. paris' mom ran over to see it with her own eyes she said it was raining but she didn't care she told me off she said how come you are in paris and you are sitting next to darren in a calico dress you brought back so many good dresses with you i tried to tell her that it was an era job and we were there every day from morning till night it was windy and rainy but no she said why are you sitting in a calico dress next to a good car and. iran's foreign minister says israel's to blame for a blackout of that underground nuclear site with tehran vowing revenge incident was
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earlier described by iranian government officials as an act of terrorism in the turns facility suffered an outage on sunday a day after the president failed a new set of events centrifuges for 1st the rain even richmond media in israel citing western sources were immediately reporting the cyberattack of been carried out by israel's intelligence agency mossad on sunday israeli prime minister stressed the importance of fighting against iranian nuclear. the fight against iran and its proxies the fight against iran's nuclear program the fight against iran's nuclear a zation is a huge task. the incident and so shallow ongoing talks between iran and world powers on reviving the 2050 nuclear deal to iran claims it was designed to scupper those talks. a political scientist at tehran university also says that israel is the most likely culprit. iranian officials so far have not formally accused anyone
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but i think it's very unlikely that the israelis are behind this and this is not surprising in the past 10 years every time you're on in the united states have begun serious diplomatic negotiations the israelis have tried to sabotage this they assassinated iranian scientists between 201-2012 when obama wanted to negotiate with the go on arguing the final days of the trumpet ministration day assassinated iran's top nuclear scientists with the aim of forcing a confrontation between iran and the u.s. and now that diplomatic talks have begun in vienna since last tuesday between iran and the u.s. 1st they attacked the reigning cargo ship off the coast of yemen and now we have this cyber attack. like this part of our coverage of the anniversary of the 1st manned flight into space we get up close and personal with 3 russian cosmonauts on the last in order quiz them about life in space.


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