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tv   News  RT  April 13, 2021 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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still if you. eat. desperate business owners in rome square up to riots smoke bombs fly demanding that businesses be allowed. some. real work criminals. are reportedly giving cash to central american states in a bid to slow the conflicts of migrants and critics at home is an insult to americans in the. state of emergency is declared in minnesota flouted a curfew for a 2nd not running after police officer. thanks
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for joining us here on r.t. international. italian business and is a demanding an exit from the coded lock down they say they can no longer afford to remain closed clashes broke out at an unauthorized protest in rome. i would. like. to be.
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wrong it was a nice by the eye opening movement and the case for loosening lockdown restrictions on reopening businesses but it was also joined by a far right greenpeace members 3 smoke bombs at the police one protester was injured another arrested at his ease covert destructions in most regions after at least the lock down restaurant so will remain closed until at least the end of april only take out and delivery service is a permitted we spoke with some of the protesting business owners. they fear the anger of the people but the people are angry for a reason there are serious reasons not enough attention is being paid to important issues affecting the sector they have been hit by wrong and unfair decisions resources have not been allocated in a supportive or equitable way for restaurant owners. the state owes me but no help is coming i don't know how to make ends meet each month the expenses affixed each month there are more expenses than benefits we're desperate. to get we are in the
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square because we have the right to demonstrate this is a dictatorship maybe it's fine for brussels but not for us we are workers not criminals. and the mic related anxieties of a different kind of emerged on the italian island of sicily were locals are showing a high level of distrust in the astra zeneca vaccine to the region's president of the 80 percent of the city. refused to be inoculated with the jab over safety concerns of confidence in the anglo swedish job has been badly shaken by reports that linked it to a rare but potentially fatal blood clots among conflicting recommendations on a c s we asked our does for the. i turn down the astra zeneca vaccine because they don't think it's safe they have been several suspicious cases and for that reason i prefer not to risk my health. from what i've heard so far i do not trust it heard about the thrombosis cases but the percentage is minimal but given
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a choice i would feel more protected with a vaccine with fewer side effects the result was the possibility of an error that of the virus is more dangerous than the banks and i would prefer to get vaccinated you know that there have been many deaths we don't know this is related to the next scenario where all 3 at the moment i don't want to take the astra zeneca shot yet and i'll probably wait for spring to the. scene toward isms on the rise of the culture in robots and distrust in certain jumps we follow one freshman's trip all the way to moscow to be inoculated despite me being that story coming up in a few minutes. but before that washington secured agreements with mexico honduras and guatemala to boost its troop presence at their borders this in a bid to slow migration to the united states the move comes amid reports that by the ministrations also considering handing cash to central american states to stem the flow critics though say the president should be free directing that money to help america's own in need
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a little bit explains. with 170000 people picked up along the u.s. border just last month the migrant crisis is rapidly spinning out of control and the biden administration is scrambling to deal with it. 8 8 8 8 8 with a lot of political. and the current plan dollars and lots of them in the form of foreign aid president biden wants to try and buy a way out of his border crisis with taxpayer money the administration is spending $60000000.00 a week and now wants to launch a cash transfer program in central america this insults millions of americans who are out of what can a country the plan is for billions of dollars to go to guatemala honduras and el
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salvador now it's not exactly clear how this is going to work but the white house insists it won't be just direct cash payments to potential migrants is one thing i can promise you is the u.s. government isn't going to be handing out money checks to people let's not forget that back in 2009 the usa worked to topple the government of honduras ushering in a decade of instability and chaos let's also remember that white amala has had various u.s. backed military regimes so what exactly led to this stampede toward the u.s. border the trail goes straight back to the white house the united states is moral leadership on refugee issues was a poor in a bipartisan consensus for so many decades when i 1st got here we shine a light into lamp a lot of liberty an oppressed people were offered safe havens for those slain violence or persecution and our example pushed other nations to open wide their
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doors as well it's not exact. clear what the end goal is and there's not really a record of success here foreign aid to us aligned regimes in central america that have free market economies is certainly not a new concept in fact the u.s. state department has been showering the region with money for decades $750000000.00 was provided to central american countries between 20142017 now the stated goals of all that foreign aid was roughly the same as what biden is proposing and people remained poor desperate and they continued fleeing 2019 donald trump took the dramatic move of halting us aid so can we continue to just throw money at a problem and expect it to eventually be solved by will soon be celebrating his 100th day in office and he's got a major crisis on his hands with no end in sight. art see new york. second day of violent race riots in the u.s. state of minnesota has seen the city of brooklyn center flooded with national guard
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troops from the state of emergency declared in west follows the fatal shooting of a gun police officer. pulled them over who could or personal opinion from the room or. my brother in law who lied because they were. known to look like from the right.
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rocks and other objects thrown at the police department there were reports of shots fired in the area of the police department. the little one all of the all of move out of the middle of the volatile up up in the autumn we all know. people who took to the streets of new york from washington d.c. on monday to demand justice but don't play right they marched chanting his name and some have been is the red driving while black cannot be a death sentence for officer dominic is 0 told us the incident shows there are serious problems within the police force this is either bad training or this is a scared police officer and a story the problem i'm going to have for me personally as you're going to see a lot of blue live supporters who are going to be jumping to the aid of this police officer saying that it's
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a high stress circumstance we don't know what she was thinking we know you can you cue can mistake this was this was this was a or if this was absurd to go to a pistol have it in your hands you had she obviously had tunnel vision on the suspects how you can mistaken mistakenly grab your pistol instead of your taser after you have had training that makes no sense to me whatsoever you use your hands usually at that taser has been proven over and over and over again to be not a complete tool and otality is going to wind up helping the scene out and it is just done this is put more cops under the false a false security that a tool is going to replace words and physicality and this is a problem. mosco has lashed down to me use the latest sanctions on iran saying the decision to impose them is worse than a crime. yes you are so user if the e.u. lacks coordinations if the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing
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that's unfortunate but if the decision was reached with consciously the ongoing negotiations in vienna to save the joint comprehensive plan of action but this isn't a stage that is worse than the crime. let's get more on the story now live from our correspondent philip a trunk he joins me good afternoon not only of some very strong words coming from sergei lavrov who has got him so annoyed. neal good afternoon well donald trump who once destroyed the landmark iran nuclear deal or the joint comprehensive plan of action is gone and america is back as long as well as its diplomacy as they are putting it the negotiators are back in vienna for trying to to try to restore and to try and somehow correct the mistakes of the past so it looks like all the ingredients to fix the deal are there but then all of
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a sudden comes extra trouble for the 1st time since 201413 sorry the european union decides to sanction a group of senior iranian officials for a crackdown on protests that happened 2 years ago and iran immediately fights back by cutting all talks with the block on human rights and also deciding to halt all cooperation and dealing with such issues as terrorism drugs and refugees and all this is happening despite some initial positive signals from vienna that is the state department coming back to the negotiating table in the 1st place and also hinting that it could look into easing some of the sanctions or the iranian president. saying that iran is ready to go back to full compliance if the sanctions are lifted so the iranian foreign minister during his talks with
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sergei lavrov said that the european union only seems to be dancing to washington's tune and besides this jawad zarif said that there is no way that the u.s. or the could force tehran into complying by putting pressure on it. the americans have to realize that if they carry on with their policy if the result will be the same they have to get rid of this mindset they have to wake up to the fact that sanctions don't work and that they have been negotiations about supporting terrorism genius if it really changes the way they think and lift sanctions and we will again consume with their obligations under the nuclear deal. another potential stumbling block a very important development that could affect the talks that are happening in the capital of austria was an incident at one of the iranian nuclear facilities that
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happened a couple of days ago when there was an explosion that led to a power cut and iran already called this an act of terrorism blaming israel on it so there you have it again many obstacles so perhaps the added means of the iran nuclear deal could be happy with the latest developments because they keep piling up despite. the efforts that have been announced to revive the deal and to work back on to work on putting it back on track because all the details of that story that's not easily thank you. on to other news now a group of activists in the united states entering their 3rd week of a hunger strike it's over the saudi blockade of yemen the american based yemeni liberation movement is urging the by the ministration to make good on its promise that and supports for the saudi campaign yemen is now in the grip of a full blown famine after
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a 6 year military onslaught by saudi arabia those operations are aimed at propping up yemen's pro saudi government against the fighters we have claims that terrorists one has directly or indirectly claimed almost a quarter of a 1000000 lives according to the u.n. and the crisis seems to be getting even worse with the saudi blockade preventing vital supplies from entering get many ports. according to the united nations 2000000 children under the age of 5 will suffer
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acute malnutrition in yemen this year if the blockade continues that could result in 400000 deaths they say we heard from one of the leading activists involved in the hunger strike she thinks a global response is needed to end this war. we're not talking about just the united states who is involved although they are a vital supporter and a key supporter in this in this role i mean you know you have to involve the united nations france spain and in so many other countries who are also involved in in supplying arms to the saudi coalition but absolutely you know there should be a huge uproar i mean we are literally day by day watching the worst humanitarian crisis in the world you know these are people that struggle to find water and and struggle to of be able to afford food and just imagine that this is a constant daily life and why are we not hearing from these world leaders why are
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we not hearing from from the from other nations who should be extremely outraged that this could be this could happen to any other country and we should all equally be as enraged and absolutely that the world needs to talk more about what's going on in yemen. several months of subzero temperatures in france have decimated the country's great problems spelling disaster for many of the countries winemakers always having to get creative in a desperate bid to salvage what they come of the harvest.
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france has lost a significant amount of its harvest it's estimated that we have possibly lost around 30 percent nationwide we're talking about 12 to 15000000 hector liters at least that's roughly equivalent to what france explores almost every year but there are also people who have lost 90 or even 100 percent of certain types of vines some of my friends are living in a real nightmare for those like me a modern lucky underwent affected so badly when you look at the situation on the whole it's a really big problem look at the same time there are also been other problems especially covert and the shutdown of our main markets especially for winemakers small why make it work a lot with restaurants the sector is closed restaurants are closed and it's not clear when they'll be open. to come this hour a german base the vaccine manufacturer says here as an example
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a strict sense of putting vaccine production at risk and that story after a short break. kaiser's financial survival. when customers go by you're just. did now well reduce some lower. that's undercutting but what's good for food markets it's not good for the global economy. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led. by. what is true what is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or a mate in the shallows. since anyone can get answers from the white house at least that's the impression given after an online impostor managed to journalist into putting her questions to joe biden spokesperson auntie's to me to pound explains what happened and what it showed have you ever wondered who gets to ask the questions at the white house well for channels like artsy or independent journalists it's practically impossible and simply you get accusations of being propaganda fake news and someone make news
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that's being spread by russia or to you which is heavily supported by funded by the russian the russian government faking has dominated the true had lines fake news spread by russia fake news. kremlin spread misleading or otherwise fake news of course they explain it as holding up journalistic standards or something like that well ok so just how high are these standards well just for yourself an online game or manage to get in for questions to jen psaki biden's press secretary by just pretending to be a white house reporter a few fake twitter handles that's all it took the gamer who was real identity is still unknown created a profile as casey leggo montagu who pretended to be a reporter for a non-existing news agency called white house news several white house officials even followed her on twitter montagu then asked credentialed reporters in the white
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house press room so a pass on her questions because she couldn't make it there to code the regulations and stuff like that and they did no credentials no background check nothing and this laziness or incompetence or whatever you want to call it on the part of the white house press team is exactly what led montague to do all this in the 1st place i love journalism and i think the press corps is doing a pretty bad job at the moment so i decided i wouldn't show us some transparency and ask some questions me and some friends wanted the answer to and she's not the only one fed up with the real journalists ever since biden circa office the pres briefings in the white house have turned into a game of softball at least compared to the way the media behaved during the trump administration back then everyone suddenly had a sense of journalistic duty to ask the hard questions and grill the administration over everything and anything this president like go ahead you say candidates get
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a question because of the like can you give us a closer view or doubting us can you give us a question don't be rude you know get us ready i mean i've got to give you can use that you can use a kind of you or fake news but you know if i may ask one of the course of this president for me i should have a harsher are you worried i said no that's or the president i think that's an ask one of the other folks that saddam. for you that's enough put down the mike was president are you worried about indictments coming down in the service. but with biden's team it's a snooze fest screened questions scripted answers no accountability and a lot of circling back we will circle back with you if there's more to update you on that we'll have to take that question to you and circle back with you circle back on that one that's an excellent question i don't have any information in front of me both are excellent questions and the 1st one i should have information on how to follow up with you on both of them i don't fully eve we have outlined that yet let me we can follow up with you if there is a specific time line that we're putting up publicly at this point. so it's no
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surprise that even regular people are getting tired of this all and even going as far as getting their own questions into the white house because hey if you have the proper twitter and all that's apparently all it takes to become a white house approved journalist these days. germany based pharmaceutical company q vax says that it's having trouble producing its new vaccine because of u.s. export strictures both the u.k. and do you have preordered almost half a 1000000000 doses of the firm that those orders or risk global supply chains are disrupted be it chemicals to quit meant filters or hoses u.s. manufacturers are obliged 1st to meet american demand and that means we are slipping down the list will consume comes out of the bottom ministration invoke the so-called defense production was introduced in the cold war and it grants washington emergency powers to secure vital resources by prioritizing its orders
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the move has led to u.s. supplies struggling though to fulfill contracts outside of the country professor of medicine dr rudolph alone to explain the possible implications of the me. one thinker that we know who sure used to many able to articulate the real transcend materials that we need to research and for producing great scenes. of course supplied by a big surprise here since many of them of course located in c. and i did states. they were going to. treat her with many important items and tif indeed they are there will be restrictions on their supply or for the materials or the truth of course chemicals and many other. that are necessary to good use that work seems these would be a good talk however. has to cease the intercooler closeness. many people who learn things in meantime also
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a lot just remember if you will be talking when you go we will be short on masks paper masks it time your lucky leave well the last 2 people are at least came from china and i think we just have to think it bold or do not use a rose media located course in other parts of the world. to consider trying not to show up so i think they will be able to look into it the trees to secure. these necessary. stalling vaccination programs and doubts about some of the jobs on offer have led to a rise in vaccine tourism among your peers with some travelling as far afield as russia to be inoculated here. micha do flow is a lawyer from early on and he has his own opinion about the vaccine situation of holes it will mean there aren't currently enough vaccines in france and not
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everyone can get vaccinated where they want to without waiting we 1st of all i don't trust the vaccines offered to us whether it's the american vaccine or britain's astra zeneca they don't fill me with confidence so why i chose the russian sport nick the jab which i think is much safer and more effective. the russian vaccine has not yet been approved by the european medicines agency so it's not in france and that's something to flow is not too happy about what i stores or good could be and i regret that my country france is denying its citizens access to the sputnik vaccine for reasons unrelated to health or medicine so if support nick doesn't fly to me i'll fly to get in the habit of excess food while on a business trip to moscow to flow decided to get inoculated against coronavirus he didn't seem nervous before getting his long awaited job one. no i'm not concerned i might have been more worried if it was a different vaccine i won't name it but in france it's being heavily criticized now
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in this case i might have been more afraid however maître do flow things it's still a long way to travel for an injection but all men can follow despite the fact that there is a vaccine shortage in france they have to decide who should get vaccinated 1st which also shows that we don't have enough doses even though there is a vaccine available it's their choice and i think but this is a criminal choice this was it despite his technology and experience france has not developed its own vaccine never really i really regret that we're in this situation i think it's because france no longer has the scientific potential to develop such things we are the country of the scientists past and how may and you're wrong you really changed the health situation in the world for the better and today we're lagging behind france is the only and so how would a member of the u.n. security council but has not developed its own vaccine mortal to do flu will get the 2nd sputnik 3 job in 3 weeks during his next trip then he can go home with one
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less thing to worry about. wraps it up for this news hour thanks for your company don't forget to check out plenty more news available on a website at watty dot com. the world is driven by shaped by. dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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the national guard has a once again been deployed in the state of minnesota this is a violent protest and the looting has erupted following the shooting of a dante right but is the anger justified we're going to bring you the facts of the situation as well as our expert analyst weighs in. on has just crashed an effort to unionize its workers in alabama we're going to take a look at this vote and compared to how another company owned by jeff bays of the washington post has covered unions in voting xin other situations does hypocrisy exist well we're going to debate and president biden is considering expanding the supreme court but even members of his own party are very cautious there's more justice happen when there's more justices what we're going to break it down with our legal analyst lionel and our favorite gun toting political panel is back to give you the 360 view of the president's executive orders on gun control i am scardino hughes this is news you that you're watching are to america.


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