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tv   News  RT  April 13, 2021 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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because we. still if you believe to be. fighting for their livelihoods desperate business owners in rome clashed with police state demand long time restrictions lifted we speak to some of the. people. we're workers criminals. boyden reportedly considers handing cash to central american states in a bid to stem the influx of migrants the idea that it catches some flak at home with critics dubbing it's an insult to americans. and the state of emergency is declared in minnesota writes his flight a curfew for 2nd night running after another fatal shooting of
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a black man by police. get even just gone 6 o'clock here in moscow you're watching our senior international. destroying lives not saving them the cry from business owners in rome who are demanding an immediate end to restrictions tensions boiled over during a protest in the italian capital. i. think i. was lucky. to be. i can think of is. that.
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i. won the rally was organized by the eye open movement which is calling for the rules to be relaxed however it was also joined by the far right create these members through smoke bombs at police one protester was injured and another was arrested yesterday he seems covert restrictions in most regions after an easter knock down although pressure on small remain close at least until the end of the month and take out for delivery services are permitted we spoke to some of those who were protesting. them or not they fear the anger of the people but the people are angry for a reason there are serious reasons not enough attention is being paid to important issues affecting the sector they have been hit by wrong and unfair decisions resources have not been allocated in a supportive or equitable way for restaurant owners. the state owes me but no help
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is coming i don't know how to make ends meet each month the expenses affixed each month there are more expenses than benefits we're desperate. to but we are in the square because we have the right to demonstrate this is a dictatorship maybe it's fine for brussels but not for us we are workers not criminals. while pandemic concerns of a different kind of being felt on the italian island of sicily where like coursera showing a high level of distrust in the. take a vaccine according to the region's president up to 80 percent of civilians are refusing to get inoculated with the jab over safety fears public confidence in the anglo swedish jabbers been badly shaken by reports linking it to rare but potentially fatal blood clots we got the views of some locals. i turned down the astra zeneca vaccine because i don't think it's safe there have
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been several suspicious cases in sicily and for that reason i preferred not to risk my health from what i've heard so far i do not trust it i heard about the thrombosis cases the percentage is minimal but given a choice i would feel more protected with a vaccine with fewer side effects the result was the possibility of an error but a virus is more dangerous than the vaccine i would prefer to get vaccinated. there have been many deaths we don't know this is related to the vaccine or not we're all free at the moment i don't want to take the astra zeneca shout out probably wait for sputnik the. wiemar us health authorities are revising against the use of the johnson and johnson coated vaccine after 6 recipients in the country develop blood clots the food and drug administration as well as the centers for disease control say that they will stop using the vaccine at federal sites although it's still up to individual states and whether to follow suit nearly $7000000.00 americans have
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received that jab so far and $9000000.00 more doses have been exported johnson and johnson says it is aware of the red disorder and decided to delay the vaccines rollout in europe. or vaccine tourism is on the rise faltering rollouts and distrust over certain jobs we follow later in the program one frenchman stripped all the way to here in moscow to get the sputnik japanese that is to come in the next few months. washington has secured agreements with mexico honduras and guatemala to boost its troop presence in their borders in a bid to slow migration to the united states the move comes amid reports the biden administration is also considering handing out cash to central american states to stop the influx critics though argue that the money would be better spent at home to help america's own people in need of corporate reports. with
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170000 people picked up along the u.s. border just last month the migrant crisis is rapidly spinning out of control and the biden administration is scrambling to deal with it. 8 8 8 with a lot of political. and the current plan dollars and lots of them in the form of foreign aid president biden wants to try and buy a way out of his border crisis with taxpayer money the administration is spending $60000000.00 a week and now wants to launch a cash transfer program in central america this insults millions of americans who are out of what can a country the plan is for billions of dollars to go to guatemala honduras and el
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salvador now it's not exactly clear how this is going to work but the white house insists it won't be just direct cash payments to potential migrants is one thing i can promise you is the u.s. government isn't going to be handing out money checks to people let's not forget that back in 2009 the usa worked to topple the government of honduras ushering in a decade of instability and chaos let's also remember that white amala has had various u.s. backed military regimes so what exactly led to this stampede toward the u.s. border the trail goes straight back to the white house the united states is moral leadership on refugee issues was a poor in a bipartisan consensus for so many decades when i 1st got here we shine a light into lamp a lot of liberty an oppressed people were offered safe havens for those slain violence or persecution and our example pushed other nations to open wide their doors as well it's not. clear what the end goal is and there's not really
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a record of success here foreign aid to us aligned regimes in central america that have free market economies is certainly not a new concept in fact the u.s. state department has been showering the region with money for decades $750000000.00 was provided to central american countries between 20142017 now the stated goals of all that foreign aid was roughly the same as what biden is proposing and people remained poor desperate and they continued fleeing 2019 donald trump took the dramatic move of halting u.s. aid so can we continue to just throw money at a problem and expect it to eventually be solved by will soon be celebrating his 100th day in office and he's got a major crisis on his hands with no end in sight they look up and are to see new york. and will stay in america because the 2nd day of price rise in the u.s. state of minnesota has the national guard troops to pull to the streets of brooklyn
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sent. i think how i. hundreds gathered outside the local police station there in violation of a curfew which had been imposed in the demonstrations grew violent several areas were looted and according to police protesters 3 concrete blocks at offices reported leaving at least one injured police dispersed the crowd firing tear gas and flash grenades the state of emergency has also been declared people are also took to the streets of new york washington d.c. and paul and on monday to demand justice for don't take right he was fatally shot by police on sunday spotting the young girl. they called them over to get your personal opinion from the earth. was.
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my brother in law who lied because they were under attack nobody knew but from the rattle. i heard. the time. i took. rocks and other objects thrown at the police department there were reports of shots fired in the area of the police department. was that i don't want all of the all of the above at the moment let me hold
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out of all the public that i want to know my. well former officer dominic issac told the incident there are serious problems with the police force. this is either bad training or this is a scared police officer and a story the problem i'm going to have for me personally as you're going to see a lot of blue live supporters who are going to be jumping to the aid of this police officer saying that it's a high stress circumstance we don't know what she was thinking we'll you can you cue can mistake this was this was this was a or if this was absurd to go to a pistol have in your hands. obviously had tunnel vision on the suspect how you can mistaken mistakenly grab your pistol instead of your taser after you have had training that makes no sense to me whatsoever use your hands that taser has been proven over and over and over again to be not a complete tool in totality is going to wind up helping the scene out and it is
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just done this is put more cops under the false a false security that a tool is going to replace words and physicality and this is a problem. now another nice tonight moss guy with nash trying to do like to sanctions on iran and saying that the decision to use them is worth than a crime. you are so user if the e.u. lacks coordination and if the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing that's unfortunate but if the decision was reached consciously i mean the only going to go shish ns in vienna to save the joint comprehensive plan of action then this is a mistake that is worse than the crime. donald trump who once did everything to room the landmark iran nuclear deal or the joint comprehensive plan of action is gone america is back with its diplomacy as they're putting it and the negotiators are back in vienna to try and correct the mistakes of the past few years so it
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looks like all the ingredients are there to fix the egremont but then all of a sudden comes extra trouble from the european union for the 1st time since 2013 the blog decides to sanction a group of senior iranian officials for their role and a crackdown on the protests that happened 2 years ago in iran immediately fights back by cutting all talks with the european union on human rights and also by halting cooperation in dealing with such issues as terrorism drugs and refugees the iranian top diplomat jawad zarif during talks whether it's colleagues in iran blame the european union for dancing to washington's tune and also said that there is no way that to her on could be forced into compliance through means of pressure such as unilateral restrictions. the americans have to realize that if they carry on
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with their policies the result will be the same they have to get rid of this mindset they have to wake up to the fact that sanctions don't work and that they won't force us into negotiations by supporting terrorist regimes if they change the way they think and lift sanctions then we will again comply with their obligations under the nuclear deal only a couple of days ago there were. a very serious incident at one of iran's nuclear facilities there was a major explosion that led to a power card tehran has already called that an act of terrorism and blame it on israel so like i said it seemed that the road to saving the red nuclear deal was clear but something always seems to go wrong and this brings me to the question whether actually there are still more enemies of the joint comprehensive in the west rather than people who one too was stored any way the talks in vienna are resuming on wednesday. when you are trying to i would ask the thoughts.
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about the acland he's a writer and commentator and joins us tonight thanks for coming on. russia's call these new sanctions worse than a crime what are your thoughts on this are believe so i think you know the european are. very big. in their own time why are we. american from one side and every year to go back to the nucular of the euro to take steps to freeze that as it's still pose a. problem. senior. this is a bad omen to the talks in vienna this actually could result to some sort of you know bad question and also revenge from maybe you know throwing
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talks in vienna it is incredible timing isn't it when you consider that these sanctions being imposed 1st something that happened 2 years ago but they're being imposed while everybody is around the table trying to restore this nuclear deal i just wondered what the e.u. is trying to achieve here. well i believe european are coordinating with united states and put putting more pressure on the reunion in order to accept their point of view their conditions on this will be the real goal of these talks and again i think anyone will interpret it that way the european are siding fully with the americans there are not actually and neutral mediator between the 2 sides as they present themselves so i think very well who. is really furious dissever because these kind of sanctions will end the act we don't know what will happen it will reflect clearly on the talks when it's going to be with you to morrow and
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vienna what hopes to have them for these talks because as you said if you look at iran's reaction to everything that's happened over the last few days particularly in relation to the attack on its nuclear power station iranian enrichment is now up to 60 percent which i think is something like 20 times more than it is a great thing under the original nuclear agreement. oh yes definitely you are absolutely correct here i think there are any and now they may increase more than the level of enrichment of your answer your review and specially after the israeli attacks on the towns. nuclear establishment. in the in the air in your soil so it seems this kind of action from europe is supporting entirely ladies kind of israeli has to act on that and even nuclear establishment so i think this will complicate the situation completely and may actually push the
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iranians to and reach higher level of uranium and also maybe pull out from the talks in vienna i think this is the provocative from the european side today and in europe and they're even actually there are hesitant from that they want to go back to the negotiating table and to go back to the nuclear deal according to the american all european conditions i believe mr ludlow is this that to turn around. yesterday i think it was a clear start indicating that russia is fully supporting their union and their position and this does it actually could make their union more confidence and also more someone on a stand against this kind of israeli european american provocation talks regime donate to morrow so be inching to see what comes out of them always good to tell she will even though i was out of body atlanta writer and commentator.
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now japan's announcement sorry japan's government has announced it's going to dump contaminated water from the fukushima nuclear power plant into the pacific ocean more than a 1000000 tons we released this way the process will only begin in 2 years' time it is expected to take decades to complete is the water will be filtered and diluted to safe levels 1st the move though has already provoked anger from neighboring countries. despite doubts and opposition from home and abroad japan has unilaterally decided to release the fukushima nuclear waste water into the sea before exhausting all safe ways of disposal and without fully consulting with neighboring countries and the international community this is highly irresponsible and will severely affect human health and the immediate interests of people in neighboring countries didn't order. the japanese government's decision is absolutely unacceptable the decision to release the
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fukushima tank water into the scene not only threaten the safety of neighboring countries and the marine environment but also as a measure unilaterally decided without sufficient discussion agreement with our country which is the nearest neighboring country. while the disaster at the think of human nuclear power plants struck back in march of 2011 when the power for earthquake hit japan in this case that led to a massive tsunami which triggered one of the worst nuclear disasters on record so far the plant is still not being completely decontaminated however the government's plans to tackle the issue have received flak including at home people have rallied outside the prime minister's office calling on the government to reverse its decision among those strongly opposed to plans to dump waste water into the sea is the japanese fishing industry because of trace radioactivity contaminating fish and ending up on people's plates. my 3 sons will followed in my footsteps and
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a fisherman if they contaminated water is discharged into the sea how can they make a living in the future i strongly oppose the decision to dump the waste water into the ocean. i am in shock i'm originally from fukushima and so i think i feel it more very shocked i do not wish a tool for it to be released into the sea logical. when the disaster happened you had to act to treat the area through. decontamination but then don't fully spread the contamination further after the disaster. of the japanese government though stands by its decision it claims that it's the only feasible way to tackle the consequences of the 2011 disaster and has the support of the u.s. and the international atomic energy agency which does say the waste water will be treated using internationally accepted technologies.
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that anybody can get on says from the white house it seems that suffered online impostor did manage to listen to putting questions to joe biden spokesperson. explains what happened. have you ever wondered who gets to ask the questions at the white house well for channels like r t or independent journalists it's practically impossible instantly you get accusations of being propaganda fake news and so on they can use that speaking spread by russia or to which is a totally supported. funded by the russian the russian government fake means has dominated the true had lines fake news spread by russia fake news fake news kremlin spread misleading or otherwise fake news of course they explain it as holding of journalistic standards or something like that well ok so just how high are these standards well judge for yourself in an online game or
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manage to get in for questions to jen psaki biden's press secretary by just pretending to be a white house reporter a few fake twitter handles that's all it took the gamer who was real identity is still unknown created a profile as casey leggo montagu who pretended to be a reporter for a non-existing news agency called white house news several white house officials even followed her on twitter montagu then asked credentialed reporters in the white house press room so a pass on her questions because she couldn't make it there to cover regulations and stuff like that and they did no credentials no background check nothing and this laziness or incompetence or whatever you want to call it on the part of the white house press team is exactly what led montague to do all this in the 1st place i love journalism and i think the press corps is doing a pretty bad job at the moment so i decided i wouldn't sure some transparency and ask. questions me and some friends want the answer to and she's not the only one
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fed up with real journalists ever since biden circuit office the pres briefings in the white house have turned into a game of softball a police compared to the way the media behaved during the trumpet ministration back then everyone suddenly had a sense of journalistic duty to ask the hard questions and grill the administration over everything and anything this president like go ahead you say candidates are going to question bill president like can you give us or closer to us can you give us a question don't be ridiculous or the question if you're not going to give you can use can you speak out if you are fake but you know if i mean one of the course of this president for me i should have a question are you worried i should off that sort of president i think that's an ask one of the other folks that stood up for you that's enough put down the mike was president are you worried about indictments coming down in the supposed. but with biden's team it's a snooze fest screened questions scripted answers no accountability and
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a lot of circling back we will circle back with you if there's more to update you on that we'll have to take that question to you and circle back with you circle back on that one that's an excellent question i don't have any information in front of me both are excellent questions and the 1st one i should have information on but i'll have to follow up with you on both of them i don't fool leave that we have outlined that yet let me we can follow up with you if there's a specific timeline that we're putting up publicly at this point. so it's no surprise that even regular people are getting tired of this all and even going as far as getting their own questions into the white house because hey if you have the proper twitter and all that's apparently all it takes to become a white house approved journalist these days. i'm still willing vaccination programs and that's too bad some of the jobs on offer have led to a rise in so-called vaccine tourism among europeans to some traveling is far afield is russia to be inoculated here. micha do flow is
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a lawyer from leon and he has his own opinion about the vaccine situation of holes who will mean there aren't currently enough vaccines in france and not everyone can get vaccinated where they want to without waiting 1st of all i don't trust the vaccines offered to us whether it's the american vaccine or britain's astra zeneca they don't fill me with confidence so why i chose the russian sport nick the jab which i think is much safer and more effective. the russian vaccine has not yet been approved by the european medicines agency so it's not in france and that's something to flow is not too happy about stores or grade b. i regret that my country france is denying its citizens access to the sputnik vaccine for reasons unrelated to health or medicine so if support nick doesn't fly to me i'll fly to get it out of access while on a business trip to moscow to flow decided to get inoculated against corona virus he didn't seem nervous before getting his long awaited job. no i'm not concerned
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i might have been more worried if it was a different vaccine i won't name it but in france it's being heavily criticized now in this case i might have been more afraid however maître do flow things it's still a long way to travel for an injection but all men can force despite the fact that there is a vaccine shortage in france they have to decide who should get vaccinated 1st which also shows that we don't have enough doses even though there is a vaccine available it's their choice and i think that this is a criminal choice. despite his technology and experience france has not developed its own vaccine never i really regret that we're in this situation i think it's because france no longer has the scientific potential to develop such things we are the country of the scientists past cull may and go on really change the health situation in the world for the better and today we're lagging behind france is the
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only permanent member of the un security council that has not developed its own vaccine. do flu will get a 2nd sputnik 3 job in 3 weeks during his next trip then he can go home with one less thing to worry about. the biggest lobbying scandal in a generation has come to light in the united kingdom the government there announcing an investigation into the former prime minister david cameron that after he held talks secret talks with ministers in a bid to get them to support a company he was working for with more details from london his. the british government announcing the review into green silk capital amid the david cameron lobbying growled former prime minister who worked as advise a full green self off the leaving number 10 as prime minister and he had contacted a number of government ministers to try to secure coded funding loans full of the company which had been struggling like many others over the course of the postes
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year it david cameron admitting that perhaps he hadn't handled the situation in the best way possible but the mining that he had broken any rules i have reflected on this at length there are important lessons to be learned as a former prime minister i accept that communications with the government need to be done through only the most formal of china so there could be no room for misinterpretation the rouse dragged in a number of current ministers including the chancellor soon that cameron had sent him a text message and sumac had replied saying that his team were working on it and also that he had pushed his team to explore if there were any funding alternatives that could be reached with banks for green silk capital it was also a phone call held between david cameron and to reduce a knock on the question of green so and also a private drink held between lex green silk the founder of green silk capital amount how the health secretary to discuss a new payment scheme for n.h.s.
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stuff which one of his companies had been working on we understand that mr hancock wasn't in favor of green so capital being given any contracts is saying that it should be put out to competition and also we understand that he wanted to leave the decision to local n.h.s. manages as to whether to use that particular piece of technology now david cameron is also a welcomed that review and we look forward to seeing exactly what the findings will be. he certainly reports now it's just gone 6 that say yeah in evening here in moscow good to have a company will have more stories for you and the day's headlines in about half an hour. so what we've got to do is.


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