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tv   News  RT  April 17, 2021 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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afghan translators who worked shoulder to shoulder with western forces in afghanistan fear for their lives is the plan of u.s. and nato troops from the water in country leaves them vulnerable to taliban richard we hear from a former interpreter the british are. they are not aware of their future they are living in fear every day not knowing what could happen tomorrow or next to them so the situation is very risky for us in afghanistan. turns for the safety of
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police families are photos of numerous plastered on the walls in the paris suburbs amid a spike in tension in france between the public and. also the u. parliamentarians accused of peddling fake news during a session after he questions the transparency of b o p c w s the gay should into the duma chemical attack in syria we hear from. those. guys i'm sure. it would be a. very good afternoon to you and thanks for joining us here on r.t. . afghan interpreter put their lives on the line and helped western forces in afghanistan fear that they could be abandoned and left at the mercy of taliban terrorists as u.s. and nato troops prepare to exit the country by mid september
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a former afghan translator who works for the british army told us why their concerns are. if there isn't an office full recognition by the government so far. and the process soft been often terp there's or not very much at the top priority of the ministry of defense i think minister of defense and the u.k. government as a whole are forgetting that interpreters were key assets off the. 18 year long combat military mission in afghanistan and leaving them behind and forgetting them is this putting them at risk over the years the u.k. has led hundreds of interpreters who worked for the british army to settle the critics say that many who ought to be eligible for the scheme of being denied that chance meanwhile u.s. president joe biden announced the withdrawal of american and nato troops just a couple of days ago the reason the translators the help there misses scared is that the taliban which is resurgent in the country has branded them national
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traitors and considers them legitimate targets i mean again as interpreters have been left traumatized. i am regularly in touch with afghan interpreters who are searched for the british army and they are still stuck in afghanistan and they are not aware of their future they are living in trauma and fair every day not knowing what could happen tomorrow or next the to them so the situation is very risky for interpreters in afghanistan unless the british government acts quickly on introduces an inclusive scheme that allows all interpreters to relocate to the u.k. the situation will not be resolved are part of the international. missions object of in afghanistan was to secure europe and american borders from the threat of terrorism so afghans who joined the international forces and worked as interpreters alongside these forces they are actually the core of the ends of the
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safety and the security of europe and america leaving them behind is not a way of morality. and human. prosecutors have opened the case after the photos of more than 20 police officers were plastered on walls in the paris suburbs it's led to fears the policeman's families will be identified even threatened her group bill from a french police union says the stunt was meant as a threat. initial reports these are blatant threats intended to intimidate police officers were all trouble is a concern to the officers identified families are worried and we're concerned for their families and you may think it's the 1st time but it's not the 1st time this has happened to you we've also seen officers getting all nainital in other areas it's scary enough that you no longer have boundaries there are people who laim officers families without hesitation and it seems to me that matthew like behavior
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and intimidation is encroaching into our private lives because with the police. the incident comes as french lawmakers pass a controversial global security bill penalizing the spread of images of police officers in operation those found guilty could face a sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a 75000 fine the bill's been slammed by civil rights groups and n.g.o.s the french public have been angrily protesting against if a month. i i. i. i i. i i. i i. i. i. i. i i i i. however francis police
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organizations insists that the war is needed to protect police officers and their families thanks. as we try to protect ourselves but it's true there are limits the police have to protect the general population but who defends the police article 24 some things are progressing well but it's not enough we are now waiting for the restrictions to be introduced to soon as possible the alliance police union a demanding that the faces of police officers are blurred it's not to hide what happens during the arrest because the i.g.p. n police watchdog receives the body count footage everyone is worried about the police making a mistake we want the police to have their faces blurred to protect officers and their families because as we've seen some people don't hesitate to identify officers wives children their addresses and this is a big problem that we want to avoid. a recent e.u. parliamentary session got rather heated when
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a member was accused of spreading fake news that's after he questioned the transparency of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. by you we do not need cause from. international figures to meet with all the investigators are you going to investigate all aspects in a transparent manner clickable seen what our discussion here do you begin by saying what i feel i have to say after what i have just heard there is no peace with fake news and i would like to apologize to the director general of the o.p.c. w. for what he has just cannot accept that you can call into question the work of an international organization is there no freedom of speech be that allowed in the european parliament any more we never thought oh i don't have the floor i missed it what is the subcommittee should keep it on your p.c. w.'s been looking into allegations of chemical weapons use in syria's civil war and accuse president bashar al assad of deploying toxins against his own people on several occasions something syria denies one of the most prominent cases over which
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multiple doubts been raised was in 2018 in duma. a. week of reaction to the incident from the unpaid at the receiving end of that fake news charge make wallace says it was a convenient way of trying to silence him. use is a very popular term. in europe and the u.s. . uses almost legal right to decide as i said earlier if the president said back to earth we should. start wars too
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well she's dead right to start wars and when the days attack took place. it was used time by the us. to illegally parked syria so that was. causing war and what the 1st like you said was a quarter to either science or risk if you started by and i didn't peacefully started from we want to shoot and we want peace. meanwhile a panel of experts convened in 2019 rejected the chlorine cylinders used to deliver the toxic gas in duma had actually been dropped from the air and that had been a key argument in laying the blame for the attack on the syrian army based on whistleblower data the panel decided that the o.p.c. w. report on the attack relied on false premises and that it was deliberately massaged to yield a biased conclusion. wallace again thinks that if the o.p.c. w. had nothing to hide it would have turned a blind eye to the whistle blows revelations about the duma far. your p.c.
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don't come can be a viking international law to say she can hunt. the demise of to use of chemical weapons but o.p.c. don't do has to present it and write it down it looks like to do the rights of the director general of the l c w or no no i didn't it looks like at least to a lot of western europe there is a if earned under our ears i was going to die and if they hadn't behaved well and they have and this whole episode where they had nothing to fear nor a zation who has nothing to hide and is sure that they're tending to suit would be afraid to have to investigate and if they refused to have a transparent investigation into this whole matter then it is actually a precise story gets. the whole drinking water brown to evian has made
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a splash for all the wrong reasons it's been accused of islamophobia of her tweet encouraging people to drink more water. plants killing me this is perhaps nothing more than imposed. something to cling to this week but the ground everyone has found it still feels so very hopeful to hear your friends think who is that they were thinking full there's a lot left to be had to be a victim of intellectual terrorism and it all started with tweens seems and this isn't enough rowing to retreat if you handle liter of water i don't necessarily even say water i mean we're all supposed to drink to need to sit day but new this reminder of a staple for human life was put at all 1st day of ramadan a festival with muslims. during daylight hours the reaction king and false. i have to explain to my mother how it is normal for everyone to tweet
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about water even during ramadan because she thinks they are islamophobia yo it's ramadan you're abusing it he issued an apology to coors in the offense and said that the post was controversy but that any saw it in sinking even deeper into controversy. i would never buy every and again inadmissible to apologize it's basically a cool health message and yet you have to apologize if in 2021 asking for drinks water since provoke it if you should have a consultation. every umbrella under tax for advertising water on ramadan day for some islamists muslim festival should be imposed on everyone well no let's stop this madness soon was in beans we need to exult it is a long way off through here in paris people read the battlefield boy that allegation. for me no i saw the controversy i saw the to eat frankly i think it
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could be queen city in my opinion there was no bad intention and they deleted the tweet to avoid unnecessary control this but not at all because they felt guilty. for me it's not a slam a for the i don't understand it like that for me would denigrate a star when we say look at her she still veiled for me that islamophobia. him or madonna when i'm doing my ramadan i know where start in the morning and it goes on until the evening i don't eat i don't drink it has nothing to do with business or anyone else if someone tweets like this i don't care what many muslims also took to twitter to say that they didn't think that tweet by everyone was. leading so to question the way that any muslim had indeed been left insulted by everyone or if somehow this whole story was the result of they were. playing it rather see
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so what do you see paris. a soyuz spacecraft with 3 crewmembers on board to stand back on earth after 6 months in orbit of the international space station they have to petition consist of 2 russians and one american who can see nasa is. being helped out of the capsule for the medical cause when a surrogate is a cough and so good could search go far expected to fly back home replaced by a special mission that blasted off as part of the 60th anniversary celebrate celebrations of the 1st human spaceflight traffic to the stars getting ever more congested seeing the i. yes well also greeting a new crew on a space x. crew dragon spacecraft to the nearby medical turning his spacecraft to give us a quick what's going to go bonds infrastructure packages garnered relatively little public support part of the problem not everyone sure what the plans actually about take a closer look after the break. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. and spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. those who can the speculators and those are now the ruling elites of the world are the speculators. they can create bubbles it could be used cars this week it could be. next week it could be islands somewhere in the pacific the week after that those are bubbles of the secular collapse and ultimately when the everything bubble
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collapses then we have the realisation that the economy die in 2008 we just have a very to get. close to risen crippled by the pandemic is scrambling for ways to get travel started again and some agencies are hoping to turn the crisis into an opportunity offering vaccine vacations with russia among the most popular destinations. today we have around 80 people in moscow who if they want to be vaccinated tomorrow
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and fly back on sunday we expect now every week the same quantity so long as the vaccines in germany a scam. i added that i had no gears because it sort of recommended vaccination from the w.h.o. you does a good international reputation so from dunstable i have no concerns. of the bookmaker pull on him i want to receive the vaccine myself quicker than we would get it enjoyment of the 19 year old i would receive it oscillates. is in the interest of patient doesn't go and opportunity for him or actually door because i want to protect my family and i don't want to remember the glorious home body i
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wanted to move i would probably get my turn at the end of the year and i don't want to wait that long if i had other options such as serbia israel iraq and the united states but all fell away for various reasons not all this was the best offer. of the democrat outfits would be suspending use of the asters then take a vaccine the 1st country to issue it out right it seems an aig q ford of other e.u. states wanting to snap up the stockpile will contact denmark to find out how to apply for these vaccines denmark has announced that it suspending vaccination with astra zeneca i instructed the ambassador of the czech republic in copenhagen to contact the danish authorities immediately and to announce the czech republic's interest in purchasing all astra zeneca vaccines from denmark we addressed the she yesterday and said that if denmark want to consider offering these supplies we would certainly be among those willing to take them. it comes as ian asians are still
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suffering from vaccine shortages last month the leaders of 5 member states including some of those now asking for denmark supplies raise concerns over what they see as the unfair distribution of jobs across the blog austria's chancellor claims some countries assigned secret contracts to get more vaccine microbiologist at reading university also believe that's the case. we have seen other countries go out branch out beyond the the problem policy to to use their economic position to be able to get hold of extra vaccine so there is you know they're up there taking their share of the common european purchase and then topping that up on their own so what we see is a situation where there is not equal distribution of vaccines across europe which is the whole point of. common purchasing practice in the 1st
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place. google misled users in australia about collecting their personal location data that's the ruling coming from the country's federal court and it could learn the take giant with a huge fine australian fair trade watchdog which filed the lawsuit declared the ruling a world 1st and said it sends a very clear message to all digital platforms. what the court found was that google misled consumers into thinking that if they turned off location history then that would stop google story and keeping or collecting and keeping the personally identifiable location data when in fact that was not the case. for the judge in the case ruled some new users were misled during the initial set up process of android devices users weren't informed that even if they had the location history disabled activating another tab called web an activity would mean google could still collect their location data 1st time the australian competition regulator and the tech
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behemoths clashed last year google along with facebook were obliged to pay news organizations if their content was posted on the platforms google said it rejects this latest ruling on the cation data stating the claims by the watched a pretty broad and that the judge's findings only concerned they narrow class of users company said it is considering an appeal internet law expert and social media solicitor cohen assess the impact of the ruling. google doesn't care the company's found to be far too monopolistic google doesn't care about reputation because there is no real competition out there google also doesn't care about a small a relatively small financial penalty because it's got plenty of money so the only way we can have google starting to care about the sort of the things is by either forcing the company to break up and start creating some real competition
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or and imposing huge penalties the realities that now they got caught again the australian court found them guilty of effectively cheating on their own customers. the question is what's going to happen next the question is whether google is likely to be detailed by these finding. turbines unveiled a new infrastructure package left a lot of people confused in part because it's and mixed bag containing all sorts of measures that don't seem to have much to do with infrastructure like jobs and environmental issues around a 3rd of american support the bill to unpack it is on the scale a mormon. joe biden's infrastructure plan is getting a fair amount of criticism polls show the country is pretty divided when it comes to the plan itself but overwhelmingly americans do agree that infrastructure should
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be a priority joe biden is selling the plan as a jobs creator then american jobs plan is an investment in america that will create millions of good jobs rebuilt our country's infrastructure and position the united states to compute china public domestic investment as a share of the economy has fallen by more than 40 percent since the 1960 s. then merican jumps but he will invest in america in a way we have not invested since we built the interstate highways and won the space race. a plan to get america moving again and get those cast aside by the pandemic back into the workplace has certainly got america talking with the word infrastructure very much on everyone's lips a sweeping new infrastructure plan to rebuild roads and bridges across this country biden vowed infrastructure investments could create 5000000 new jobs and bring back the pandemic jobs lost president biden in pits her yesterday promising to create
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jobs in 5 climate change with a sweeping 2 trillion dollars infrastructure plan infrastructure means roads bridges highways it cetera however there seem to be some other items thrown in there too such as health care and benefits for business now democrats are not exactly clarifying the confusion paid leave is infrastructure childcare is infrastructure ok given is infrastructure supreme court expansion is infrastructure are you feeling confused well you're not alone many are starting to wonder if this is just a democratic party spending bill with all kinds of items thrown in as they are now considered to be infrastructure democrats infrastructure proposal goes way beyond what's working americans would call infrastructure it tries to use a bipartisan issue is the truth in holes for tax hikes miscellaneous liberal policies we need to tackle infrastructure in a more targeted way so what exactly is infrastructure 2 trillion dollars after all is quite a bit of money $1.00 thing is pretty clear while americans don't care much for red
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tape and bureaucracy they do want better roads and bridges caleb mop and artsy new york thanks so much he company mccully going to follow will be here with their updates in half an hour. the oldest german died. in a day or so thinks. we dared to ask. i'm
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after newtown see and we're going on the ground front of a lockdown edition of solidarity is expressed all around the world with palestinian prisoners allegedly detained by israel by the e.u. u.k. and us in violation of international law this all under the shadow of the global coronavirus pandemic in part 2 we go to northern ireland to investigate why the 23rd anniversary of the good friday agreement was accompanied by nearly 900 injured u.k. security forces before us joining me now from heifer in israel is israeli dissident a story in the north a professor. thank you so much and i'm for coming back on i mean you're known globally for your work on the middle east you know you work with know i'm from ski on gaza on palestinian prisoners day gaza's been called the largest open air prison in the world is everyone there
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a prisoner. what in many ways not only in the dollars you're nothing also in the west bank we're talking about to measure prisons was a different you know where gaza is almost like maximum security prison because of the siege and the naval mccrae and part of the west bank you want them all right in open prison but basically the regime are going to rent you homes or the millions upon millions. the rest reminders. regime and relationship between wardens and people of course who are 1. only crime is being honest probably because they. all did any criminal acts just because the op understands their living conditions that most people in the world. and there are all basic rights which is common
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how what happens. in. i mean these are of course denies this absolutely and keeps talking about how must as does many as do many e.u. leaders do you think would you agree with clare short of all my british cabinet minister has said that accusations of terrorism against hamas is a bit like the accusations of terrorism against president nelson mandela of south africa. i think understand ration movement has secular. and has a nationalist side and it has also economy going to islamic side but all the specs and all these parties all these movements all part of britain admiration and. understand if you want liberation movement and therefore this struggle is an anti communist drug and it is absolutely true. there were times that because on the list
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drug lords in nigeria. an unsolved. acts of terrorism and then i won't mention mandela was called an art terrorist. compared. and. we need project in life the palestinian struggle and not training it as an act of terror for the sake repair route of course the propaganda has been trying. to yours i know the light is changing there are the camera live or we will persist on this despite that that judging light i mean i what i want to get on to the britain's role we're going to speak in bonn to to the former head of intelligence francine lloyd and island was england's 1st colony what do you made for boris johnson's comment saying any international criminal court
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avesta geisha into alleged war crimes by israel in these areas it gives the impression of being a partial and prejudicial prejudicial attack on a friend an ally of the u.k. is netanyahu of course has said it's i've been diluted and he semitism. well. when it comes to britain because there is a british responsibility for the suffering of the palestinian which goes back to $917.00 of the balfour declaration and ever since the bulk of the gratian so many of the british decision so many many off its policy meeting has contributed. to the honesty and catastrophe. and to the catastrophes the trauma of. now i know some of the british diplomats on the ground in the west.


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