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why you shouldn't also fight for the interests. of the british. police with. the russian foreign ministry. 7 years ago. in a week of straight international diplomacy the u.s. but sanctions in retaliation for washington imposing restrictions on russia earlier in the week which came at the same time. deescalation we look into the mix messages coming from america.
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continues to rage. spreads propaganda. trusted name in news. stories from the past 7 days on the ride up to the moment developments as well this is the weekly r.t. along welcome the russian foreign ministry summoned the czech for talks amid a diplomatic standoff between the 2 countries it is in response to prague expelling 18 russian diplomats while accusing moscow of being behind
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a huge explosion. back in 2014 russia firmly rejected all the allegations. the accusations herb's surge especially as earlier the czech government laid the blame for the explosions at the door of the companies that own the depos this hostile step is a continuation of a series of anti russian actions conducted over the last several years by the czech republic one can also fail to notice the american influence by trying to win washington's favor as the u.s. imposes sanctions against russia the czech authorities have even outdone their american musters. with me now. to try to make sense of this area 1st and foremost direct words by the way from moscow there is in their breakdown what's been spoken about. well you know so many diplomats were forced to start packing their suitcases in recent days because of expulsions and counter expulsions 1st of all america ordered 10 russian diplomats to head back to russia
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moscow's response was then almost identical then poland announced a similar move but their sanctions only targeted 3 people and then eventually we heard from the czech officials who announced that prague decided to expel 18 people working for the russian embassy that is even more than that then america originally chose to punish you understand that this is a very significant share of the embassy staff so you'd have to think that there must be a very serious reason for it well the czech authorities have accused this group of 8 saying of working as intelligence operatives and also blamed russia for being behind a major explosion at an ammunitions military warehouse in the czech countryside that happened 7 years ago and killed 2 people no confirmation of the cause has
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ever been released by the czech authorities one version suggested that it could have been because of workers' negligence but now there you have it prague is blaming russia all of a sudden and it coincides with the decisions on diplomat expulsions by washington and warsaw told by the czech republic either is it is seeking some suspects in particular well you know and that is the interesting part because the people the suspects that the police are now looking. actually the people with faces that you may find familiar these 2 were once accused by the way of trying to poison the script balls in the united kingdom in 2018 back then london released their identities their names were alexander petroff and roussillon bashir
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all right so now when the authorities said that these 2 could be linked to that explosion immediately their names and photos were back and international headlines but the russian foreign ministry though is saying that these announcements and these steps that are taken by the czech authorities could only be a deliberate attempt to somehow distract the attention of the media and the international community from another story which is now in the news here in eastern europe. it looks like when it's actually supported by facts that the west need it to cover up the importance of the information published by both russia and belarus about not just a conspiracy but an actual plan for a constitutional clue. and here we need to speak about it so a coup was allegedly being planned against the leader of the roost what more do we actually know about this this is
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a story apparently that was happening more or less taney is the the russian federal security service has announced lately that they have detained 2 men one with russian citizenship another one with dual citizenship del ruse and the u.s. detention happened in moscow and these 2 are believed to have been plotting a coup in bella ruse by attempting to assassinate the ball russian president alexander lukashenko and possibly even members of his family during victory day celebrations that are upcoming the bell russian president almost instantly blamed the u.s. forward for orchestrating this attempt but washington has denied any involvement now you may wonder what does frog have to do with all this what we have to understand that the czech republic is a close u.s. ally in eastern europe it's a member of nato not with
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a central role but still and russian officials very often have blamed washington for using some eastern european countries the czech republic in particular asked puppets of the assumption by the russian foreign ministry is that washington could be pressuring these countries into making political moves against russia to demonize it so that is the message coming out of moscow in the meantime the u.s. state department has already said that they are expressing full support for the move that's been made by prague. all done for us this are a lot to get through there let's look at some of the points that libya was bringing up there with martin mccauley martinus or for a. rochelle list good to have you on the program martin it's fair to say this is being quite a week hasn't it for russia in terms of international diplomacy it's under fire on
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multiple fronts we will probably get into the specifics in just a moment but what's your main takeaway. i would say that all linked because it's very difficult to resist a view that they're not linked in fact. 10 russian diplomats expelled from declared persona non grata from america 18 and astonishing 18 from the czech republic and then 2 from italy and you go on and on and one would see these all nato members one would see leagues here between them because the chicks have been known to be very friendly towards the russians for a very long time in eastern europe they were regarded as one of the czech republic or ticket of like your book your closest friends and oscar and yet at prisons they seem to be an immature now you take the prime minister i'm going to bed rich and he
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says that there is reasonable to reasonable to assume that the russians or the hind the g o u with behind the explosion on the other 1000000 plant and so on he doesn't like to say they were responsible it's reasonable to assume no number 7 years ago and that's been brought up now and then the attended to in the bill ruse that's been linked as well because the west. look at genco as illegal and he's been talking about new elections and so on until it was. this and all this seems to fit together and there's a case also in bulgaria. bulgaria is a member of nato and a member and a close ally united states so the americans here seem to have influence now i'm not saying that action directing all these things but it's difficult to resist the conclusion that they haven't in view of the. this is the thing is that when you
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take into account the u.s. checks made similar moves essentially with any day of each other you have to ask the question do coincidences like this actually exist at such a high level of diplomacy and i'm not i would suggest it's unlikely no there's no likely because it normally who will need it. we're interesting situation because the prime minister is obviously very critical must go where the president. is known to be very friendly toward most so you have a split between the government and the president so therefore the. government in the czech public opinion is split between those who want friendly relations with russia and the others who are critical of russia but of course the czech republic gains from. the american aid and american intervention and so on because they see the united states as the strong partner and they are then
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see themselves in a position now where they are they're basically weak towards the. towards russia because they. have in fact engaged in this explosion reduced dollars the number of 18 and this is not the 1st time it's been going on for a few years and now this. these difficulties between the czech government and most would not be doing the job president. there's an issue when i look at statements from foreign ministry and i've been doing this job for quite a while martin it is usually diplomatic it's usually tightly scripted and we know that nothing is put on on paper or are said very easily but this seems to rock the russian foreign minister seem to think washington is pulling all the strings here how likely is that. well it should smirk to say that most who are there thinks that
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washington is behind all this because biden has come out with some very strong language about you do approach him. and he's talking about bringing the nato alliance closer together bringing the west coast of the gether going to compete with russia little china and the czech republic and one of the members of that coalition the group which will in fact work together and they see this as a way well. if you like gaining strength because economically and politically they gain from this and that by very close relatives you know the states and also by linking patrol from. the other feller with the exploding the sheriff. but she seems. quite far fetched but of course the czechs may have evidence which they don't reveal because when you have
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a case aren't these foreign companies diplomats or cuteness minnows and so on you mean to deny it so the float quite normal for the russian foreign minister to deny all these accusations from the czech government and check from ministry to make these allegations and say that they are correct. that the russians was going to so you have they said dollar to the death. well neither side will concede to the other side there's a point to make. martin thank you especially sunday for coming on and sharing your expertise with us martin mccauley or on rochelle is live in the program thank you. well as we have mentioned this week the u.s. and russia on least sanctions on each other marking another low point in relations washington blacklisted russian companies expelled diplomats barred u.s. banks from buying russian debt moscow in return 10 u.s.
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diplomats and bond a number of officials from entering russia shortly after announcing the new sanctions u.s. president joe biden said he wanted to deescalate tensions with more on the mixed messages coming from washington you're so you are. big politics is all about big p.r. political marketing of trump america transitioned from saucy nicknames for his opponents into the biden age which spearheads now shameless self promotion a murder is back. america is back diplomacy is back biden diplomacy sounds like a classic personal brand of so what is it well for russia it apparently means a sanctions sledgehammer through several steps including expulsion several russian officials as a consequence of their actions have also signed an executive order authorizing new
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measures including sanctions to address specific harmful actions that russia has taken against u.s. interests well the man seems to be abundantly clear at least for ones right well he would have been had he not led into these sanctions announcement with this united states is not looking to kick off a cycle of escalation and conflict with russia we want a stable predictable relationship these signals are not just mixed in terms of consistency they're on par with noises from space joe biden was counsel joe biden said he's interested in normalization of russia u.s. relations but the actions of his administration show us the opposite the u.s. is not ready to deal with the reality of the multipolar world which shuts at the possibility of american has your money instead they count on sanctions and interference in our internal affairs just this week biden and putin talked over the
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phone to join the conversation the u.s. president and now a new batch of sanctions in putin's face only to express hope later for a stable and predictable way forward and the white house sees no problem here no discrepancy forget proof for good reason forget who's president even biden strategy is to bully a country out of geopolitical relevance and it seems that's the only predictable thing about america left after all trumps anti russia sanctions galore that appears to his whole. term didn't save the ex-president from being shamed for being soft on russia so maybe biden is resorting to nuclear options right away this prove me trying to keep one foot in the door with 0 the door leading to that positive trajectory while unveiling the lead his raft of sanctions the u.s. also cited claims made last year of russia offering bounties to the taliban to kill
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american troops in afghanistan the white house admits it has very little to back up those claims but is nevertheless demanding answers from the kremlin we felt the reports were enough of a cause of concern they assessed with low to moderate confidence as you alluded to that russian intelligence officers sought to encourage taliban attacks against u.s. and coalition personnel in afghanistan so while there's a lot of moderate assessment of these reports we felt it was important for our intelligence committee to look into it this information really puts the burden on russia and the russian government to explain their engagement here june it was reported that russian intelligence offered telephone linked militants mali to kill american soldiers in 20 dean the allegations were never proven the pentagon itself said it could not corroborate the reports but that didn't stop the media from jumping on the un verified story vladimir putin is offering bounties for the
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scalps of american soldiers in afghanistan now the european intelligence official called this callous shocking and reprehensible overnight president trump dismissed the intelligence denied being briefed on it as new reports emerged saying those payments did in fact lead to the death of americans rushes rejected the allegations with the foreign ministry branding them the speculations and phobias of the u.s. intelligence community now we got the tick of former u.s. marine corps intelligence officer scott ritter. the mere fact that you have politicians action on intelligence that has appeared on the front pages of the new york times knows you right off the bat that it's not intelligence it's been it's clear sized information as opposed to hard intelligence look the united states and russia are adults they they they they sit at the big table they were big boys pants and their intelligence services do things against one another because that information normally we understand this is the reality of the world but the united
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states right now is very defensive it's dealing with the changing world changing reality and the fact that russia refuses to play the game of being subservient to you know a dominant america and so this is a domestic political problem where intelligence is 0 and political objective as opposed to doing what it's supposed to do providing insight american decision makers about what ground truth and russia is. still ahead the founder of an investigative journalism prepares blocked on twitter after the team's latest exposé saw a c.n.n. director caught on camera admitting his channel spreads propaganda that story and more for you after the break. to maximizers and as a survival guide. looking for answers that's the town. yes
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this is what happens defenses in britain delegates have watched as a report. i strongly believe that. information. will. be. nobody. either. i believe. shut down my warships will drown but. i agree let's stop with no need be it will be. the best.
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hello again there's been a full week of an agree on rest in the u.s. state of minnesota and follows last sunday's fatal shooting by police of dante right right officers have been resorting to tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters. i. i. i i i. i i. i i i i i
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brooklyn center police claimed don't say right died as a result of an accidental discharge after an officer mistook her gun for a taser mr wright attempted to flee in a car after being stopped for a traffic violation subsequent protests descended into looting and violent clashes with 6 police protests are also seen in other cities of today chicago dallas and portland where the police union building was set on fire the scenes are reminiscent of those in the wake of george floyd's death last year he died during an arrest but an officer knelt on his neck for several minutes radio host wayne dupree who served as a board member of the national diversity coalition for donald trump says it's vital to rebuild trust between police and line or it's a community. tensions are so diode to the left and right the people that are getting hurt or in the middle what's happening right now is not going to stop is going to get worse because the lead leadership around many places
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is weak there is a lack of trust on both sides of the aisle. and when i mean both sides and there's a lack of trust with within the police community about what's going on within the minority community and then there's a lack of trust within the minority community about what the police are doing because of what they see projected on our media. every day there has to be a concerted effort from both sides of leadership leadership of people there everybody can try to sit down and work out proven solutions and and take it all types of suggestions and try to work on something and bring the trust back between law enforcement and the community. twitter this week but i'm the founder of investigative journalism group project veritas for alleged violations of its policies it came right after that group published another undercover sting video
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and valving a c.n.n. director. a strain of using these eternally teaching hate like it. people are getting hacked or is it just a picture that you need to protect patients. and someone when. they were trying to like help like a b.l.m. like today like i mean it's individuals it's not a you know. that's like going to the optics of that and i'll get it for you that we can speak to the fact that this technical director charlie chester he was certainly part of the culture he was speaking as if they were an advocacy group and this is a network that uses the tagline the most trusted name in news does the most trusted name in news you know colluded directly or indirectly with black lives matter that's a question for the american public to ask it seems that the rules that as a society that we all thought were in place are no longer in place there is no more
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roebuck it's a bentley is the 3rd undercover scoop published by project for a tell us this week with more on all those revelations here's our teams dollar question. the most trusted name in news it's a title c.n.n. has long prided itself on maybe you buy it maybe you don't but what would you think if a network admin did to deliberately spreading propaganda well apparently they did i do you. believe that it was. but again you were creating a story that we didn't know anything about. that's b.s. i think that he is the worst president we have ever seen but what president trump just said was undemocratic and false the president seems to think that dominating black people dominating peaceful protesters is law and order it's not he calls them thugs who's the thug here this guy is should not be president
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cnn's charlie chester spilled the beans over a tender date he was enticed into by an undercover project veritas journalist and he claimed the channel long had a pre-determined agenda to get trump out of office one that flows from the top down from none other than c.n.n. president jeff zucker himself naturally trying to make joe biden out to be a spring chicken was the other side of the anti trump propaganda calling yeah i mean. we did it right was. shaking or whatever and he brought in like so many medical people so like all tell a story like this is all speculation you know you're shocked to hear john. mccain. you know. him and you say here she. hates him is a. young. tree. that sounds
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a lot like election meddling something c.n.n. has pointed the finger at russia for time and time again blaming on unverifiable claims from u.s. intelligence and its reputation as evidence the. in last year's elections the network claimed that moscow was trying to hurt joe biden's chances by spreading conspiracy theories about the now u.s. president i'm talking about russia attacking our election russia once again interfered in the race for the white house russia is indeed interfering in the 2020 election with that kind of a double standard it should come as no surprise that people's trust for c.n.n. is on the decline but we don't think that this is all the personal attacks just. makes this worse when you're caught red handed hiding the way you do business from your viewers that's one thing but accusing someone else for breaking the very rules you yourself were caught breaking well that's another it's a rinky dink 2 bit organization what do you want it c.n.n.
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that scare defends immunised from any responsibility because nobody takes them seriously and as far as project very close and james o'keefe god bless him but how many exposé these must be produced before something's done things done and nothing jeff zucker still there everybody still there but let me explain something to their ratings are plummeting those who want to watch c.n.n. if there's no trunk what do you do talk about what a great job biden is knowing what a great job camelot harris story i don't think so now me we can't believe what we're seeing and our country is in complete collapse with our borders being destroyed and being invaded gaily with a sense of on nimby leave a bill distrust with with vaccine efficacy vaccine malpractise with this anyway and years nothing for them to do build up why of tensions flared up once more in east
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ukraine and i'll cut it indirectly to a 1st summit between presidents putin and biden worlds apart gets into the out of it's next. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy even for him to let it be an arms race to move his arms off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical daryn time to sit down and talk. back.
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on. the welcome to worlds apart because the reviews in eastern ukraine have more than once resulted in a call to arms for pubes western allies raising the threat over direct confrontation between russia and the west but this past week as the tensions in eastern ukraine where heating up something unexpected happened president biden picked up the phone and placed it direct call to logic which ends what's on the line here while to discuss analogy one by you guinea bush and tyrant late tenant general of the russian army and chairman of the board at the center and most mr brzezinski it's always a pleasure talking to you thank you very much for climbing the time they endured some.


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