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proved anytime soon it appears washington is determined to force moscow to take the need this is delusional this will never happen we live in the most dangerous of time. but warns western nations against confrontations moscow's response will be asymmetrical. red lines across the president also compared those who provoked russia to jungle book characters. little jackals run a room. just like in the kipling story howling with the ruler. child murder and ongoing trauma a damning new report sheds more light on how france quote nabl the foreseeable
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genocide hundreds of thousands in their wound $994.00 also on the way. clashes break out in berlin as police there disburse a 1000 strong rally offices and brought gear deployed to spray and make more than a 100 arrests. a very good evening and thanks for joining us here on r.t. international. russia's president has given his annual state of the nation address setting out his vision for the country as expected there was an international focus in putin urged western powers to stop trying to provoke russia and warned of an
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asymmetrical response. some countries have adopted the highly indecent habit of blaming russia with any excuse and usually without any reason it's turned into a kind of sporting competition a new sport who speaks louder than we react to that with the highest restraint and you could say without any irony with modesty often we don't even respond to unfriendly actions or even to open rudeness we want to keep good relations with all participants in the international community which we see what's happening in real life as i already said they're picking on russia all over the place without reason and of course immediately around them all sorts of little jackals run around like with sheer just like in the kipling story howling to gain favor with their ruler kipling is a great writer but we really don't want to burn bridges but if someone mistakes our good intentions for indifference or weakness and is determined to completely burn or even blow up these bridges that person must know that the brushes also will be
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as symmetrical fast and hard most of his speech was of devoted to international affairs it was about domestic affairs it was about the pandemic in its ravages and how it has made life that much harder for so many people he also came out and said that russia simply wasn't ready by the pandemic they gathered its institutions and the the medical field wasn't ready for a crisis of such proportions but it was thanks to frontline medics and that russia emerged out of this crisis stronger than many other countries with many fewer deaths many fewer infections and with 3 vaccines something. is just the meat and the vaccination is of immense importance right now i'm asking the government and regional heads to terkel this everywhere people should have the chance to get vaccinated which will allow us to have heard immunity by the autumn and once again call on all our citizens get vaccinated we've made
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a breakthrough thanks to all signs. no we have 3 reliable vaccines he also spoke about the environment saying that it is paramount that companies which exploited the environment for profit such as all companies and coal extraction mineral extraction that they then clean up after themselves he said that within the next 30 years the emissions of the russian federation will be less than those of the us the european union was a spoke about supporting single parents about encouraging birth rates in russia it's no secret that it has undergone a major demographic process and that many government plans and initiatives to help both parents both schools and social sphere as well as as well as businesses recover from the ravages again of the pandemic. my colleague research a spoke with oksana boy could host of program worlds the parts he was closely
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following limited speech and thinks that there are different ways to interpret what he said. actually very interesting on how interpretation of the speech depends on who is listening because my take on it is totally different from that of iraq i didn't think that the russian president was stern in fact i thought that that was. an address about reflection about trying to motivate and inspire people about learning lessons from the pandemic and finally about outreach and making sure that people understand your intentions well and what i took from it was not just the ravages or the pain of the pandemic you actually sad cobbett 900 provided a very useful. straps task to the russian government which in the past has also often been criticized for being a few slow to grab. beleaguered by red tape and he sat there during a very. real ringback learning how to provide services. efficiently going
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to the international side of the speech i thought that that was indeed putin's response to joe biden and if you listen carefully to that speech it really showed you how russia different from the united states because he talked about the russian values he is sad that russia has been able to establish and maintain good relations with most nations around the world based on the principles of mutual respect track where differences is that we approach to things not abstractly but in a very practical manner we look at what we can do and how we can. how our citizens and others rather than going to fix meeting about what's good what's bad in the world one of the things that putin always like to talk about is tipping is how to our professional partners around the world showing and exercising a mutual respect with professional partners around the world as well or so on
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a do you think that putin's. federal assembly address today was any different than any other outstanding ways to previous years but it was particularly touching actually by the sector after. watching her. you know because still again this. boy in fort smith what how to get people working the cultural sacked. thinking everybody for what they have done for the country almost reminded me of john f. kennedy address you not ask what the government can do for you but what you can do for their for your country he said that we absolutely sure of our professionalism we base our policies on common sense and that applies to domestic affairs as well as international affairs. russia has announced this expelling 10 u.s. diplomats in a tit for tat move they've been given
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a month in which to leave the country it comes after the bod ministration unveiled new sanctions against moscow for allegedly interfering in last year's presidential election and for hacking federal agencies the u.s. also booted out 10 russian diplomats we heard from dr michael redd involved a professor of liberal studies. so anything that harbors any kind of sense of aggression is certainly a red line and i think you're seeing these signs of aggression now not sure how far it could go but i think it depends largely on the biden response and this administration has as a has a kind of obsession over russia which is unwarranted in my opinion and which is completely off the charts in terms of what they think russia is doing then they have put pressure on the troubles of here to the 2. suiters and. diplomatic. personnel just from from the from the country.
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so and destruction of life on an appalling scale including of children that's the harrowing testimony exposed in a new report finding france enabled the genocide of hundreds of thousands of the wonders in 1904 the document commissioned by the african states government says paris quote did nothing to stop the slaughter of ethnic to see the latest witness accounts paint a terrifying portrait. even today that sadness does not end the thought that someone came raped you destroyed you and killed your child it is an extreme strain on my heart that will never end i only have survived.
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one woman died after hutus hacked off her arms and forced them into her mouth her 2 small children aged $1.00 and $5.00 were then slaughtered. they came in a great crowd shouting like crazy people the whole place was littered with bodies. and the report alleges france kept giving military support to its rwanda allies even after the atrocities were known more than a 1000000 people lost their lives the scale and brutality of the killings reverberated around the world france still insists it doesn't bear responsibility for failing to intervene that is shahla do explains. morning close to 600 pages and based on interviews with hundreds of witnesses this damning report due to
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the recent findings by a french commission that said paris was on quote the lying to the. genocidal agenda. to not a doctor to prevent the genocide that was a fact but another fact is that the government of france at that time accompanied the rwandan government that was committing massacres preparing a genocide the french government at the time was close to that rwandan government and supported them in various ways draining the diplomatic and political support that's what we call the responsibility of france in 1904 france led operation turquoise a military humanitarian starting to back. it went on monday but is moving it seems to being a front for collaboration with the extremist. that allegation is too close to the to resume was also leveled in the report into the genocide commissioned by from
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list this. is the french authorities who in this case responsibility because every 3 years instead of supporting democracy in peace in rwanda they supported the rwandan government's policy of radical action to vision under the leadership of a dictator who was very close to the hutu extremists however senior officials from the french government. at the time of. still refuse to accept the blame i disagree because i did my utmost to ensure that france would not be blamed for being passive and indifferent my concern was not to commit our army in a civil war where it would necessarily have appeared as supporting the hutu government that was being criticized for the genocide france need not apologize although knowing. the reports say they found any evidence that french officials all personnel directly participated in the killing of this latest investigation
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shed some horrifying light rule in rwanda relations between the 2 countries have been strained for many years and it's. with these new reports that this child can find. so much speed see. killers turn to germany now where police have resorted to brute force to disperse crowds of anti lockdown demonstrators in the capital movement a 100 arrests have been made that displays been deployed with reports of injuries on both sides.
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according to the berlin police as many as 8000 activists turned out for a protest in the german capital they were demonstrating against the so-called infection protection act which has now been passed by the bundestag gives the central government the right to impose nationwide law banning rules overruling the regional authorities we spoke to martin dulls a number of the hamburg parliament from the left party he thinks both police and demonstrators need to show more restraint. don't like police brutality as well but i don't like the brutality of demonstrators in parts and so i think if you do demonstration it should be peaceful and it should be in respect of each other and times all apologetic you can have security measures through trash out there all the people all organized and assembly there right. now nice like we who want to make and prove some kind of aggression as well that's just wrong to general
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straight so i think of course in some cases the police. overreacted as well in other cases look at the whole street just sort of to violence what i don't like and appreciate it on it so we have to have a balance between not the right of assembly but those who are certainly should take . respectful matter much to each other and keep a distance. as i mentioned the been the star cast passed a controversial bill which removes the right of germany's regions to decide their own lockdown policies those decisions would now be taken in berlin $342.00 lawmakers voted in favor $250.00 opposed the bill martin doul to again thinks is a positive step the parliament was at least consulted on. but we have to see the ambulance in it and the one we want to have just got at the parliament at least decide it's. the law and now before it was just a group of. presidents of the federal states and the chancellor now it's
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a parliament that is good but the measures in it so they are contradictionary and in itself you have on the one hand reasonable things that for example you have to. measure since you have thinks like this there is a high incidence security measures have to return but on the other hand it's not all scientific condiment for doing a curfew from 10 o'clock in the. abusing the basic right of freedom of movement and of course courses just. calls as well that people are frustrated. major cities across russia see unauthorised rallies across the day in support of jailed opposition activist alexei navalny in moscow the rallies are still ongoing
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and articulate when it is done up in the center of the capital close to what is taking place just take us through what have you seen and what exactly are these demonstrators demonstrating against. well neal that we are in the thick of the protests right now this is for sky the central street you can see the crowd behind me essentially the crowd of people they have occupied both sides of this here. huge huge avenue and basically the security forces are now lined up alongside the road trying to not allow them to spill onto the street now the showing from the visual estimate that i can make the showing is in the thousands will have to wait a little bit to get the mall kong creek figure it is already getting dark in moscow so they have been well lightning flash lights on their phones and well chanting slogans anti-government slogans well the kremlin is literally a few 100 meters just down this street to the left of me there's
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a quite heavy security presence police presence so far they have been standing well idle we have seen some people being detained here in moscow down the street here we haven't seen any detentions so far now we'll have to see how the protests here in moscow on folds because right now the amount of this moscow of people they have been centered here because in aces which are using online messages to coordinate the crowd like telegram for instance they a few minutes ago like maybe 10 to 15 minutes ago they gave them a direction to move to to move to another location but just moving around moscow right now is a very challenging it's a challenge basically moving around on foot because very large chunks of the russian capital have been cordoned off by the police so again and people are simply
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not being allowed through this is this is what we're seeing probably this why people are standing here they have found their happy place and they are happy to stay here and train make their voyage try and excuse me try and make their voices heard so again that mosque was not the only city in russia definitely the major one but not the only one seeing protests as several other cities from flood of all stock into the far east. you st petersburg have seen people who took to the streets in certain towns it's safe to say that the protests just flopped where only a few dozen of people showed up in other cities it was more it was more well there were more people and that it was there was a show we at least of some of some size but so far all of the towns of the pale to what we're seeing in moscow was the russian capital remember a city of 15000000. some people were bound to show up so right now we're
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seeing a couple of a couple of 1000 probably several thousands of people here but overrules for the opposition who have been boasting hundreds of thousands of followers who have been trying to have some half a 1000000 people to sign to sign up for these protests basically for them the current showing especially in other towns we'll have to see how it unfolds here in moscow it could be a little bit underwhelming in terms of the saudis simply because they were counting on well more but here in moscow it is just the beginning so we're seeing a lot of people still coming here well some people tend to run away when they see security vehicles but so far we are planning to stay with this crowd and see and if they move we will move with them and bring you all the latest very much for the update our correspondent is done off reporting on today's protests in several
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cities across russia. now and other news reaction has been pouring into the guilty verdict against former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin he could now face up to 40 years in prison on 2 counts of murder and one of manslaughter following the death of george floyd last may trial celebrated the verdict outside the course on choose the evening. i. wrote. but while some celebrated others took to the streets to demand tougher action over police killings about frickin americans some protesters in new york called for the abolition of the city's entire police department saying that the system's fundamentally racist. tempers were so fired up around the trial that
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at one point the presiding judge warned the entire process could be derailed it was after congresswoman maxine waters encouraged crowds to become more confrontational if show was acquitted the mainstream media was happy to embrace those comments. not. that. i don't think what she said in in any way should we should criticize her for of course we should be more confrontational do you really think she's calling for violence and most people know that that's not true. and the people who are speaking out against her or using it politically i don't think that maxine meant anything by that except to say you have to stick with a you know you have to be there she's she's fine as far as i'm concerned well 1st off they've got the mainstream american media in their back pocket but this is by any means necessary you know this is rules for radicals this is whatever it takes
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to get the job done what maxine waters did is tantamount to a mafia intimidation during the trial i mean it really is you don't know how these jurors if they catch wind of this in any way shape or form are going to think that hey you know we saw dozens of people guy last year or is the blood of those people going to be in our hands if we don't return a guilty verdict against you know who wants to live with that on their conscience it's completely thrown the legal process in the due process and the constitutional right of this police officer into question. left to the jury concluded the judge floyd was murdered by the officer house speaker nancy pelosi uprooted the decision she even thanks floyd for sacrificing his life and not drew a scathing reaction. we saw it happen and thank god the jury. day that what we feel what we saw so again
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thank you cured or 8 percent accurate placing your life or just think you murdered person for without your horrific killing we would have never known that it's not ok to kill people for no reason nancy pelosi in a nut shell the word 2nd feist implies it was necessary this is how liberals will read produced illogic that labeled his life expendable in the 1st place no no no no what the 2nd phase in your life is something people have to do on their own floyd was murders we just had the whole trial. and i'm joined on the line now by journalist and author daniel is our very good ity daniel we have the verdicts and we've seen the reaction people in minneapolis chicago lots of the city celebrating . do you think the wave of anger though that we've seen prior to the verdict will now disappear or is it just a matter of time until the reaction flares up again. well there are all undoubtedly
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be more police killings this has been going on for for decades it's not only and it's not only black people it's brown people it's poor white people it's across the board police in america are very poorly controlled controlled police departments like minneapolis are virtually our target this the mayor has little power over them and so therefore are they can basically do what they want to do now derrick derrick sheldon obviously went too far and unfortunately for him he was filmed. killing george for it over the course of 9 minutes and 29 seconds but believe me plenty of other killings go on beyond the range of video cameras and this is going on quite frequently america american police relations are in need of a thorough read there from top to bottom. during the june the trial democratic
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congresswoman maxine waters bizarre behavior from her i've got to say she called for confrontation on the street more confrontation if showing were to be acquitted now the judge rightly said that his comments would jeopardizing the process and if you were a juror and you heard of the congresswoman you know trying to influence decisions like that you would be i think concerned and possibly influence i think that could be grounds for appeal if that's what some people are saying. not a legal expert i don't know i tend to doubt it i mean the jurors were sequestered and therefore they were presumably outside no didn't hear about what she had to say and trials don't take place in a vacuum trials are a political process so so of course there's there's noise off stage any judge is aware of that any judge has to take measures to make sure that the juries are not influenced. what do you think the endgame is for the black lies matta
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movement that made numerous demands that included defending the place also including compensation for descendants of slavery is there a point at which they will say we have achieved what we want or will keep moving on to the next target. a combination of both i mean 1st of all that the problem is not going away the problem only get worse the. america is a completely to crap a political structure that lives under a slave constitution. that dates from 1787 that's when catherine the great was still on the throne and slavery has been a abolished but various vestiges of slavery linger on the system the structurally biased against black people against poor people it's really quite undemocratic so the problem will continue but as for black lives matter i mean
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there's no political support for abolishing the police 0 in fact there is less political support among poor people and black people believe it or not because crime is such a problem the police are the only protection against crime racist as they may be so b.l.m. it doesn't get anywhere with that and b.l.m. itself is for the court. spoke about maxine waters commented on the politician nancy pelosi said thank you george floyd for sacrificing your life for justice. she got a lot of criticism for that i mean to sacrifice if to do it willingly he didn't offer his life willingly did it was it was noted what do you think of the commons nancy pelosi the barest meant she's also a catholic by the way a devout catholic and therefore has sacrificed on her mind but but but george floyd's it was not a sacrifice he was a victim of a crime he would take didn't want to be a victim of a crime he preferred to go on living and and it doesn't take an act of this like this to show americans they have. a problem this should never have happened i mean
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the you know the now to control cops like derek showed and should have been allowed to commit murder you know in broad daylight before a crowd of dozens of people but the problem has gotten so out of hand that the that american politicians like nancy pelosi have no idea what to do about it. thanks so much for your time my guest is journalist and author daniel lizza thank you. after allegations of sexual misconduct and mismanaging the pandemic the governor of new york has yet another scandal on his hands and you quote are being investigated for using state funds to write his new book it's called american crisis leadership lessons from the cove in 1000 pandemic much of the work in compiling the memo was done by quote most staffers while receiving state salaries most team has denied any wrongdoing the idea that there was criminality involved here spake unclip certain
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it's faceless just the furthering of a political pile on any state official who volunteered to assist on this project did so on his or her own time and without the use of state resources earlier this year cuomo was accused of downplaying the true death toll in new york state care homes he has accepted some blame but denied a deliberate cover up tracy l.v. no assistant director of voices for seniors which represents the rights of care home patients think that the book was poorly timed a dubliner cuomo. we're in the middle of a pandemic people are giant and you had time to read and. that was my 1st thought i it was adding insult to injury it's not like i'd mention the guy all of the family stone the same way he he dear straight of work when we're suffering and people are dying ages it's unconscionable to me he's in a ditch over.


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