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tv   Documentary  RT  April 23, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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that he was going on a hunger strike on the last day of march and now just over 3 weeks on he has said that he is and during this strike in a statement though published on his instagram page the opposition activist has said that he is not retracting his main claim his main demand they should say to allow civilian doctors over he's choosing to do the premises into the prison into the prison where he's being held so that they could examine him but right now he has said he's ending the hunger strike as a measure of compromise and now as for the overall health of the opposition activist recently he had been transferred to a different prison in the russian town of lattimer with a large prison hospital where several doctors examined him several prison doctors examined him and deemed his overall health to be stable and satisfactory that this was their verdict he also agreed to receive
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a vitamin treatment from prison doctors and now this announcement comes just a couple of days after thousands of people all across russia joined a mass protest which weren't sanctioned by the government to demand freedom for the opposition leader and to voice their support for alexina valley well it's goodbye for me good bye from the team and have a great day. live . live. live
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live . again. you know when i was just the last look at just what i thought it would be now most of it if i'm the last one but i don't want to get off this why is there no better. but we did enough and there. was some of that but a lot of the most of it. in the end you have a sense on of that that unless it is the other and. you can list the book until to me over the c.c. list that i wanted to be done in i'm going in earnest.
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and innocent as you know. and you're not seeing. how easy it would be. well that i looked up at your number i found out today gosh i'm going to you are going to write into my yeah. because i suicide in the end. i mean by the end of it i mean by that. i mean i would use him up at all in my and say by evil. with it all right joey. did that mean. that all those women to get out back in africa it only a moment to give you your company though said that they own your. wish. memphis and . that only and doesn't know probably much that i ain't really your. 'd share or that you don't call me by the way as we couldn't last
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a sissy out of this understanding and i have it in. this one. to be. your we have the new. me mother didn't know me well managed but there is that i mean. if we. each mix it up with any other and even to let it in. but the mother. on the exams i know there's a. jar with a nearly as easy as i used to. make that year. but just i want to gather measures in the years that i've. plenty left i mean. you know my will be buggered up i don't live. i had to. buy most of it out up at the. bush then dark i want that but on
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a lemonade out. or there's arson and we're not. anyone i love money. going ok i get all of the of all of it but even i want maybe that. when you're not. up with it believe it. or not it's actually. elliston when there are many. of the arguments i want some of. them. i started. it all. when i was on to. one of them they're. going to yell me. again and we.
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share. me. in you know that watching of the on. makeup and. you know when they. get out. of the premier league. commits a home your money look at those at the other and you know he went. on though maybe all one day you'll be done with. you're almost all good to see much. to look at will read my message. for you to where you. don't. know that i'm. the. shoulder all of those the big jump examples that i made my. heart on my
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body thought. he had that he only mildly manly miles you're. all you are seeing. what you'll get. along but it don't get is that hard luck given getting there but not because with. what am i suppose. there's a lack of what amount of the years you actually got when you could get. into. were only going to either one of those or nobody you know me or the. guy yeah but i don't say up out of the low he was there they will get the needle they say when i mean up the field as the needle running up at the. white i mean that i'm in argument here is really important littler is that while the others are i don't know
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what they're going on then he goes around us. yellow man as he has there been any medical marijuana. that i'm off i don't know how they feel icky. by the. game you know a magical lot when one of the of us get the edge of me but every. other colony yellow see on again me and you guys are no my dear jack and nobody ever let me. get over the. bullshit when i study them at bushehr your dad you know lead i thought i lead
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rationalization you know that you thought i better get get bashed and they will burn me you know but that wasn't what i thought. they was a g.m. of the well as i may have had but i wanted i mean. me bad and not get it while i was. young most of the day you know me for me. is rolling she's the man says he measures the measures now that this removed before my. ego money half a mile i don't see a. gate get i want to know nobody there let alone. they don't talk they be the only ones that do not believe there's their linux machine
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they need to get. into cash at that point where you know i don't know shutting down model of meals after i mean. you know what i'm going to. eat again and then it all equal each of us 3 an ego that i would have. the actual mother of the other. women theda. i go to. yeah you make and you and i want to. just i want to live in what i thought and like i cannot even if the thought i want me. is the only motion and either the generic i. see it there on your. there my you. know there are many. actual question
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yes do manually because i 100 and question. and we've gotten used to you know you have. that with them there's a pair it doesn't there's apparently dug a game. bush understanding the i'm not. your only began on. it but it all meant that i get. another week at the law as an euro. eoghan rajani one of only. nominal men for a. bet all my life. yet that gives i lost the audio jag i wanted to look at me scarred me and measured my notes. but no my what do you call not a. mile a mile a mile i'm on a level. now that was economically perfect i get my yellow and you're not be in the going to and what i want was and she owner of then she won her 1st unit of the she
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was at the. equilibrium while money though he would look at me a lot on how many go bad or no i will not think that she. made up john and even the one who knows i want those danny. better august backlot always good to get a job on what is. evil or not. believe. it will know. and that validates. mike you know. i don't know you do you see here.
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this is a reunion. and i want to hear. your . group of people i believe not only do i have that know the master of this war but i don't wish to know. but. i don't know but i haven't read the article though you go there. just talk to. girl internationally known justinian read a manual polish up and as her body gave india. on his capital yeah i have to be here every day i want and. that is not just going to have and. not going to have a multilateral next time you know what they're going to want to do in this country
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and ask if i do something or have them for me and i thought i would be there for your thought on this. you probably will talk with your doctors who know you know it was the 1st semitone off your head you're going to school with the stop. 1 trying to reform the other from us or something purpose computing few people understood. that i mean maybe it all right well you've got john plus equanimity did i think about me look at the beef with our small hospital personnel have become perfect go escape from pros personally employers of medical care us but i could but he summoned the support michael. in them and this has sort of i want to start will then go to them because i couldn't you know i don't often but i want to do nothing for them you're misusing their focus on oh she really listening she will be the mother he. or she will you know that when i went into one of those who you know. normally does you know that i had in my you that i'm the national reconnaissance of
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you know one thing you're not a sports fan or not it was new mom outlook on the ivy mob it is just so nice to be on your local heat on that is your most but i'm not going to put your most vocal career our commanders you know want to look almost became a coffee and not. back stabbers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside. artificial mortgage true don't get carried away that's cause report. the world is driven by a dream shaped. thing
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. we dare to ask. get it out and he gave them that little equalizer the unit off one of the local me mohammed. me. he said well you can buy the the thought i live if i mean to ask you not what they want and if you live you give out a lot of the thread about me you'll make it up to you. lots of things are said to be in your mail yeah i said read it you have no use the internet was not that you'll want to put that much air in no. one though they said you. don't forget those computers. and know with you. with what they.
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tell us mothers. one. can be central to the u.s. maybe. those thoughts when you look at this we look at the name you know you're going to notice pretty much that the name of the school which comes. right in. your company was international that was you know going to something it's not the multiple on the line was you know there was one of them and. more going to look at the name won't. move us to the most be a flask. and. this was right if there's a crisis was familiar ask and then it was before we were looking to go it involves who i was now go complete opposite to no scruple and i mean have a phenomenal think of how they're going to last because there's no game it's almost surreal because almost last night ministers especially not a morning when people in the i got an article on the motion that if it weren't. for
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a this probably others misrata on that last he was. made if you're going to see no defaulter just put it's one of the open though i would as next authentic it but if i did that and mission parish my unusual winter news who is that is that if you feel. like i'm in part of the interstate if you were that i encountered this parking lot and they could not know where in there never was and you see how it's temporary and how ok ready him yet you have an ego as a better deal than going tougher. on this bloke other was on my best how this happens how lucky can i make it here i don't wish i was under a lot out of this i want to go to that with others i'm either going off on my own it's not good maybe i've done it was your backup for c. committee yet but i'm on the net where they're going to monitor what us are going to do you know his comm or when i'm about avarice and i with this time last man he roused himself right after supper you have watched you know that have and to me out . of our horrors and there is of him was he demanded that i was attending
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a party something again. i think that mothers remember their children their whole lives. sometimes i think she's dead and i get very sad. maybe my mother has seen me but does. and want to come forward. because she doesn't want to reveal the secret nobody knows. it must also be hard to have
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a son appear in your life after so many years. especially if it was a secret. but it's hard as the years go by because we're not asking for anything unusual. sometimes i get angry when i notice resignation in myself. because i'm not so old i'm 53 time is passing by there are people older than me who disappeared before me. my mother was probably around 70 the women at the home were young. it would be so cruel to get to the end and find them in the ground.
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true because remember who doesn't get a few days yes i say break a little business on the stump i'm going to you know. your guess miles when you took up when it was an inquiry no. better access that is
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ninoska doubt i stick it to the guy get the gear oh and say. hello then there are bands that begin you know very look at. him i hear they think you don't mean your urine you can look at him or hear that is this you are this is lobby or superior about a carving went through your ego. again and went as mario against an earlier swap where you are using. your cloak as soon mildly or as staff where i'll not be venice by nia in all the dog will look a passer or get her son for a momentum unknown not where they're going. when 2 minutes is better only about is that.
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car. i am.
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i also pointed out by monday you probably wouldn't you go give him you know the number who is your mentor your subject it let me go look what i was a little golovkin ok downpour for the person you say i want to open so i don't forget almost on a friday or must have been a fair deal you know i believe i was crying when i want any part i'm going to want or do you see that i look and see any here in n.y.c. and yet you have just started going to write not once again but for love not your libido i guess you get there by then yeah i'll progress to moderate and there's more for the years i get a little chuckle off that i was those mothers mothers called i was till she called you know this is my what i'm going to work your 2nd i don't know what's going on for me i mean you're from a good thing or have used up and then what are your stop it oh but it was cope as well i'm glad that i woke up a couple of those days and they're going to be the you know. get it.
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down when you're going to ask about it and i read it's good i was going to be honest about you know i was can i spoke on t.v. i think. this interview that i saw when i said my dear. you actually. meant i was more. prolific you look on the tickets i wouldn't have you could you keep you are. allowed i'm allowed out by loud and in the course of you called liberal that are going to you're going to get it and i think you're going to. be an imbecile either
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look at yourself below you'll see north sea nico distant content just disappear also it's just. you're going to have us wireless i got that you know whether if you know what i was good if you are going to. but i don't. know what it. is that. you. want to but this will. never do that with your mom. i mean i will stop there not. go up there you have the watches and they are. not then what but on the bed on their escape that's better they got body that's one thing when they don't i know. it will better. get the good that we generally don't
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get given. all the other people that know. that but i felt that i mean that. the prosecutor told me it might be easier to find them if you signed an official waiver of civil and criminal records against the people who sold you. most when they got there on your side but i mean. you know but if you're. going to commit one. voters who are put on my leg then you know i was not but i meant to use from one of you also you know as part of your political this could be done a lot of it on. but i could lead. the most out of this process when the meter was being she not going to move you know and i wasn't going to perform in
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this. room but on the most. you know. that our.
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president mark crawl off wrong spouse not to give up the fight against islamic terrorists female officers killed at a police station outside of paris those of the late pictures you'll see. that because reputation suffers and not the fellow who has the right it's a woman who died off to getting its job soon the vaccine makes we have from tough problem isn't well. there was no warning about the risk of
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this on the information sheet.


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