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people called. them going to be in a recent weekend 3rd california state the power bankruptcy and i'd like a homeowner who can walk away from a mortgage that's more than the house is worth a municipality now. if you come back to this property it's considered trespassing did you ever think that this word could become 50 percent of your business no never would have led to . yes i found the floor in the model farms are the world your ideology was not right. now to. jar opener everyone needs one of those.
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it's not. just buy 17. from the living room. that was 18 counting the counter. he count this to feed here. i've been doing real estate with him since now that was 2 so that's 16 years. after the l.a. times article in the nightline piece all bad i remember us being just completely crazy busy i mean as great as it was it was such a blur. it
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was a blur. you think when i said where you think that i don't know all those details i'm just saying blur meaning it was a blur the time of my life well let me add some color because i remember i'm sure. the blog was running i want to. because of our connection countrywide they started at least they had just applied to be one of the. december 2006 this house sold for a 1000000 dollars 900 square feet right across the street from the freeway one. so we call it retro order here a vintage. lovely. if you. are watching this video and you're a realtor. and you're saying wait
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a minute i represented the buyer when they paid a 1000000. i want to put your my tie down and go grab a shingle. right now you don't deserve to be licensed december 2006. want. to get fired. i'm jim realtor. there's a lot of trust the marketplace value could this be just a value bubble where people just keep paying these crazy prices a lot more than they used to just literally a year ago just because they want to get a house there really isn't the evidence to help support them and i can say for sure it's worth. there's really i think some valid concern about valuations when the proof is so thin. that's always been
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a problem in this industry there is. just that one way to determine what sum is worth is look what other people paid to feel that people were crazy. they were hoping to get $2000000.00 for these appear you can see the i think a handful of them and gave up and those are $5.60 square foot house us. everyone was going by the montra get in or you might get priced out forever because up to that point no one had seen any previous downturn just wasn't in the can you larry and nobody clued in realtors ever really thought hey party is never going to end.
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i mean the thing about this is this is kind of i used to bill i was the engineer it would design and layout build this stuff. i would work on these big development projects sees would come to us we want this done we got to build it and i sincerely believe that the work i was doing was building a great america. but then i started to ask some questions about what comes next. after we build something how do we take care of it what's the cash flow that makes this all work i started to look at developments that i had worked on and run some larger math problems. for example developer would come in to build the road the developer paid all the costs to build it people have been paying their taxes and the idea was they pay their taxes and then the government would stick. this
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road. the cost was $3.00 and $54000.00 to fix that road we has a question ok based on the taxes the cities collecting from these people how long is going to take them to be to get the money they just spent. is for 79 years. as an engineer i knew that road was going to last 2025 years this doesn't make any sense. the growth creates what we call the illusion of wealth if you lose money on every transaction you don't make it up in volume. where we act today. we were like way out here. you can look at the run up to the housing crash as a prime example everybody felt like we're doing ok because you know yeah i made 12000 our housing payments for my house went up by 40000 i cashed out the difference i'm doing fine here's sedgley skirting around the core problem which is
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that the underlying economy does not work. in 2000 we had 1100 census tracks in this country that you could classify as persistent poverty in 2010 it went from 1100 census tracks to 3300 census tracks 3 times the american geography is now in persistent poverty. our places don't work they're just designed to decline. if you don't know what was lost you don't look at the place and see like this is decline. 143 if you're 10 years 20 years 30 years older than me or you see these wounds. and so it's really hard for you to get your mind out of that and actually see how this could be a better place. now we have it all off guard and so we made it right i don't know maybe the middle east is sort. breaking the midwest is
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heartbreaking and of all the places this is one of the last ones i live in but it's home and i you know there's a part of me that loves it too like i look at it and i'm like i want to help this place i want to make it a moving little google street view guy yeah. 6 trees that was. a man that's. up after another yeah i know. i'm educated enough to to know that i shouldn't talk about some things because i'm i'm i realize how ignorant i am i mean i grew up in a city that is 99 percent white and probably still is very close to that. but when you start to get a mixing of people in the community the others start to move in whether the other is someone of a different race or someone of a different social class i think excite colleges is that there's a natural human tendency to a sense like circle the wagons and what zoning did is
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a good like this really wonderful tool to be able to write in a more camouflaged kind of racist way we don't want those people here. i think the irony today is that it's also now tracked for white people that macquarie say is you know if you are going to fit it out is for new break lads. what is the i'm going to go. for $40.00 you know this is a yeah this is an advantage if it's not a refrigerator. if. it's got a guy who. you know cream abdul-jabbar said the hyper problem we have today is less race than it is poverty and i think use exactly right i mean there's a racial element to it but. middle class whites will sacrifice poor whites too there's no racial loyalty there they're going to come to the curb. i've been able
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to to travel around the country to experience different communities it's the same it's the same thing. so you see across the rust belt and you see across rural america people struggling and those struggles are kind of shared struggles with people in urban areas that have long been left behind when you find that you can no longer get the mortgage we can no longer cash out of it it could mean when you can no longer get a car loan for the new car your world changes and your experience changes and america becomes like a really cruel place. you starting to see more and more that is a mainstream experience how are you going to. win even a mission here and nobody else because each colony. you can create a social contract to make tons of promises we now live in the day when those
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promises are coming to you. and that's not a laughter right thing. transcends left and right because neither side understands that they both want to go back to what they thought worked. and didn't work. one else seemed wrong. but. just don't call. me. yet to say pout just because etiquette and engagement equals a trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just of the for common ground.
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well because. people you. people. for example. that work for a while but it's really hard to hide the fact that. a lot of inflation expect. things are. beginning. to. be stagnant. it's not about that bad. it's much more complex not to. understand really what is good quality food stocks and it's not
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about these 3 matters. because food is actually a 1000 chemicals. baltimore is where. the students are the way it is being written. since 1950 in 2000 baltimore was 100000 pounds. of negatives they do people feeling like they have control over the systems of the lines. are. not. a lot of
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problems. not only this but they are. we will build together court covenants when we build it it will be ours for coming to a vision for at the heart of a new world headquarters for under armor an opportunity for all of wall to. mislead . tonight baltimore city council put the stamp of approval on the $660000000.00 for the forthcoming project developer guaranteed the city affordable housing jobs in exchange for the investments are intended to have a mixed income diverse community their definition of affordable housing is
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affordable to families making about $70000.00 per year so we're saying is just can't build a community when people who are wealthy this you know. is not the told but if only one of. those neighborhoods there's still inequality now all in favor. and he. remembered you're creating a structural disadvantage in our national marriage. but we creating structural advantage in our way. guess where we are today. it was until i got older and started understanding in. politics i love it more and i did say in time when i started getting really big and black history and about the things that
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america had done to us because chavez stepped on a cd test spectacular bouts we really recognize that is right but we don't recognize the great work. we already know as leading people in environments where they don't have. a desk. in baltimore city. i was sitting here in mind this watching the police in the children interact on the day of april 27th 2015. the children were thorax the police tore rocks back at the children in a vision the police you know they're shooting were bullets and they deploy teargas and at the moment they deplore that teargas i'm sitting here and i'm like i feel like this weight come right oh my chest and i'm like i can't breathe i can watch any more because i knew it was causing some sort of physiological reaction in my body. it really was
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a. powerful political turning point because everybody when overdraft everybody went into drawing themselves into activism and nonprofit work and voluntourism. so this is let's. talk about here so that's. exercise is the 1st. part of this. since. i'm originally from the grenada area to me that small section of a neighborhood is everything because a certain level of pain you got to go through to be really from baltimore and when you really from a neighborhood that has a reputation you get was known as a stand. my little stand you know. it's only thing for the last 2 digits of your. so it's really. you know to
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be connected to a neighborhood. where people outside of street don't understand all of this stuff is about legacy. you don't really know where we come from we don't know our families so we decided you know street do you put your all into band street. it's really the only industry that we run or we think we were going to say so from their kids grow up under about your name what is your name what kind of name you want to leave your children. as a for that's the name of allah for me i could go anywhere i want to is bottom line i have a problem because of my followers but because i'm not a street do but i still kind of morals i got a. i'm about black in a city and it's going to be. it's going to blow up i'm trying to tell you i have a lot of people just by giving them places to stay and don't want to know how to do . i know too much about real estate and get them into these homes would be
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my legacy as. it was. the family's. money. and say. we. have seen some isolated. anyways you see. from when i was going to man tell me this kind of neighborhood for me and it's dangerous and you can imagine to be interesting and it would help and then i think. you know said you need me to get again. people who've been here and have been. beaten up and tired of life is so much. you've got to be managed that feeling of hopelessness and kind of manifested itself into hate so when you go down the turn of the to just play and. it goes way beyond anybody's i think.
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the 3. guys are just at the c.v.s. bar. i think if you are. not. going to go. as long.
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as. someone to stop it right here i just wanted you to see this piece 1st but i want to do something else now to sort of young man was poking the waterholes most a pocket knife. well i want you to know that see i'm right there. right there. at 21 with no prizes. is 25 and he was trying to give me more time than i had been on earth it was scary but it was eerily familiar because it felt like no matter what i accomplished in my life in the 1st person to go to college graduate school i felt like i was supposed
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to be there it's kind of hard for you to. take this stuff that we see here and translate it into the humanity of it as a person a 1000000 got a $1000000.00 in restitution. $100.00 and that is $10000.00 less anybody i know anybody had to live $10000.00 less and that can lead us any time a recitation pay. well and can't you know loudly you said he said it sort of presentation today these are the struggles that don't make the news these are the differences there make. people like myself turn off from everybody just south. you know what i mean because everybody has a few. people who make the claim of you know why would people burn down their own neighborhood but then you sort of the glib statement to sort of gloss over the fact that news labor has don't have this
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need to begin with. the why would they burn on their own community i mean it really isn't a community that they've been able to have ownership in. don't push me cause close to the black community and close to that is and i think that is sort of why we see some of the president see that. happen may begin to understand the black lives matter but black lot of the matter of black neighborhoods don't matter. i came back yes subsequently when i was a police officer. and it was all bricked up all the the windows 2 doors. choice property now the. chance for 5 you know gentrification i suppose on one hand is a good thing for sure cleans up the neighborhood it makes it nice but my heart goes
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out to the people who once lived here who got moved out because where those poor people go you know they were forced out it enabled by their homes or god. if we as a country don't pay attention to. the places where people are the homes. the people who. will consume it in circles and that really get to the root problem. when you look at a rain forest. you're seeing a very complex ecosystem. not only do you have these massive trees but you have all the understory all the animals every do leaf has its own individual ecosystem and when you add up all that you have this massive massive complex and if. you compare that to say a cornfield. you have one species of plant a complete monoculture. and what you see is
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a very efficient undertaking indeed for use a lot of corn in a very small space but you certainly don't have the complexity and the ability to thrive then i wait for steps. so what we did is we switch cities from being complex systems to core if. you look back in history and the way humans evolved along with the city. and what you see is that messiness that friction that rubbing up against other people is an essential component. and there was a certain discomfort that went along with that there was also a social dimension to it that we've just completely lost. this pattern of development has allowed us to. intentionally enrich the pain
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and the hurt and the needs that coal long and all the places.
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but if you work when you can feel both of which are. going to grow the idea of a major overhaul social slawson is to keep the interest. which 90 feel you that are saying no is reasonable because i thought mine could be a few. pleasurable fish not go for it it's a beautiful building what a shit that of these that they took the stage was if this were a small bubble the worst of us was in the she beautiful couple of the before school and once this issue will. go well for just really. it's not out of the store to get a good beat and if we do those mills are by as of to much to much of meaning yes to clutter ceased door mama as they should but they say you can be when you get out of the scott. peterson your she could just be some piece of off what she has misused.
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by the pandemic no certainly no borders i'm just blind to nationalities. as americans we don't come with 3 we don't have the facts in the world beat's to be the chief. judge of. 2 commentary crisis with this system since in modern times. you bet it we should. everyone is contributing each or our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges crave the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together.
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no one has ever cruised around the globe in an inflatable catamaran before. you know so much. because you have. such a cruise you need a solid crew people you can share a foxhole with so to speak. you can do with your little ones but. once you have the money with these the money for. much of what. you need for us if you haven't got the money for you going to maybe only.
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stop the madness of the play of these really president as chaos reigns on the streets. of dr who was dragged from his vehicle and beaten he's now in a critical condition. comes as the cross border between gaza and israel intensifies the suburb of television portably hit overnight. another funerals take place of the victims of a mass shooting at a school in the russian city of because. he's continued to fight for the lives of those critically injured relatives of victims have been speaking of heartache. her name was she was 15 she was a very resolute girl she had big plans for the future.


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