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ryan from the world headquarters of our team america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez part of i'm rick sanchez and i want to welcome our viewers from around the world including those of you smart enough to be watching us on your phones using the portable t.v. out so all over the world but especially here in the united states there is a ticking time bomb that is becoming an enormous threat to potentially every baby that's born in america i want to start this discussion this way so do you know what a p f a s is do you know you probably should it's essentially
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a floral polymer it sounds really technical but think of it this way when you wear a jacket like this one or a pair of pants or when you use a pam like a frying pan with a nonstick surface or an umbrella or a raincoat really just about anything that resists water or grease or heat or oil the reason it's able to do so it's because it has a coating on it and that coating is applied to those things and that's the floral polymer right it's everywhere including in our drinking water so every single time you have a cup of coffee every single time you have a drink of water just about anything once you consume it it stays in you forever in fact you know what's even worse it accumulates that that's why this this polish lorimer is as. actually nicknamed by scientist the for ever chemical
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before 'd ever chemical think about that so what's what's the news here what's different why am i starting this newscast off with this story today so it's this there's a new wrinkle and this is bad folks there's a new study that just tested the breast milk of american women there's 50 states in the united states right so what they found is particularly worrisome they collected 50 samples every single one of them every single one of them showed on average levels of floral polymers 2000 times higher 1st of all and 2000 times higher than what is considered safe even in drinking water for the rest of us so what are we what are we learning from that well think about it we already knew right but it's
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a growing concern for all of us today but what this study seems to tell us is that it's even bigger potentially to every baby who is or will be born in the years to come. and remember again it's called the florida or chemical so whatever the baby is born with about whatever the baby starts with or starts his life or her life with that's just the beginning so what are we going to do for you well we're going to drill down on this we're going to drill down right here on the news of rick sanchez because this is really an important really important story something we should all know about right and of course because we think it is time to do news again. what we think you will ponder as you watch this newscast today a are we poisoning our babies for the sake of a convenient coating is
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a bizarre beam causing brain injuries to u.s. spies and is there a new space race and who who will win it this time. you know i can't think of anything more important than the health of a newborn baby can you so imagine learning that every single baby that's born in america that is breast fed is taking 2000 times a level considered safe of a dangerous chemical one that could result in then coming down eventually with cancer or liver disease or thyroid disease or passing on birth defects to future generations the screams for action to be taken right. is it that's one of the questions that we're asking joining us now is attorney sara papantonio she specializes in these types of cases at the law firm levon happened tonio and
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rafferty for great to have you sarah i can't wait to try and get a better understanding because i as a parent and i think every single human being who's watching us right now is wondering why we're not doing anything or what are we doing to try and deal with this problem because it seems very serious. it's absolutely serious i mean you broke it down yourself breast milk is supposed to contain nutrients that allow a child to grow it's not supposed to contain a human toxin especially a human toxin that is bio persistent bile cumulative bio active and to break down even further what bio persistent persistent means is that that toxin p. fos will never leave that baby system what bio cumulative means is that every new exposure to p. fos will stay in that child system and then what bio active means is that since that piece os has nowhere to go in that child system it's going to attach to the organs and it's going to affect the organs and so this is what's going into
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a child's body in the 1st days months of its life being exposed to a cancer causing toxin and it will remain in that child's body for the rest of its life it might even pass it down to its future children this is amazing and i imagine knowing what you just said and knowing that this could be in the body of every child is breastfed by his mother in america we are government somebody is definitely doing something about this 'd to maybe even just stop the manufacturing of this coating right. absolutely and what we're doing what our firm is doing is we're taking legal action we're filing lawsuits against these companies because the companies that mean a faction of these drugs knew for years that this piece foss was bio persistent that it was going to stay in the environment for millions of years but instead of telling the federal government instead of telling the e.p.a. they kept it to themselves and now we're finding out 40 years later what these
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companies have known the entire time that this is a human toxin so we're absolutely taking legal action and i hope that the government going to follow in suit so right now as it stands in america our product still being coated with the stuff that's getting into our drinking water or has that stopped. we're certainly in a state where we're understanding the it's. acts of it and then we're rolling out different avenues that we can taken out but understand that this stuff is on everything it is everywhere you look like you described it some kitchen it's in past decides it's in all the products that we rely on day by day so it's not just going to evaporate it's not going to go away immediately sarah palin tony oh boy you're good you really understand this thing let's have more discussions about this it's certainly something that we should be talking about every chance we get thank you once again. and there's this another story besides the colonial pipeline that seems to involve 'd 'd cia hacking some measures
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of media hysteria remember those so-called sonic attacks of u.s. diplomats and cuba it turned out to be what crickets so said the scientists well now the u.s. government is saying that these attacks are back and they say they're much more widespread and that u.s. spies are the ones that are being supposedly targeted. so we decided to look into it here's our to correspondent john hardy picking up the story from here. between late 20162017 more than 3 dozen u.s. diplomats in havana cuba reported hearing high pitched sounds kind of like crickets while they were at home or staying in hotels the so-called sonic attacks have since been dubbed the hub on a syndrome later in 2018 u.s. diplomats in china reported the same type of mysterious sounds and illness along with americans posted in russia well now the number of americans reportedly
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sickened by the mysterious sonic attack illness has grown to more than 130 people and counting the new york times reports that since december at least 3 cia officers have reported serious health effects from episodes overseas one occurred within the past 2 weeks and all have required the officers to undergo outpatient treatment at walter reed national military medical center or other facilities china cuba and russia have all denied involvement u.s. officials have called the attacks unacceptable and demanded answers the national academies of science engineering and medicine reported in 2020 the strange mysterious illnesses appeared to have been caused by quote directed post radio frequency r.f. energy translation microwave radiation weighs the report stopped short of saying it was an attack and doesn't blame any particular country though it does note previous research on this type of injury has also been done in the former soviet union
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reading studies published in the open literature more than a half century ago and over the subsequent decades by western and soviet sources provide circumstantial support for this possible mechanism politico reported this week some u.s. officials are pointing fingers at russia's g.r.u. military intelligence unit for being behind the alleged attacks though without a quote smoking gun or any definitive evidence the. the i.a.e.a. has reportedly created a special investigative unit looking into both these past and recent attacks and the vine and ministration is also reportedly assisting with the investigation and so the mystery of the so-called sonic attacks continues for the news with rick sanchez john honey. grafx so much john this is the nose right sanchez and when we come back the movies into outer space really penned by the way it's a race who is going to be the 1st to do it will explain when we come back.
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our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that emerged fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most. society on politics as a species of endless and needless political theater politicians have morphed into celebrity are 2 ruling parties are in reality one part corporate and those who attempt to function as. breathless universe of fake news designed to push through the cruelty and exploitation be a little more up for so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche but squeak we must.
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hey welcome back i'm rick sanchez so what began as a forced removal of palestinians from their homes in a suburb of jerusalem has turned into a full scale attack as we reported here last night the israeli defense forces are now send in ground troops in what is assault on palestinian communities in the west bank of gaza. by the polls near files this report from the actual fighting. the sirens are sounding here in tel aviv have just woken up and i'm just going to walk through the apartment to go outside and see what's happening so i'm just switching on the lights because it's about 1 o'clock in the morning and they're coming from data direction and is usually a pause after the sirens and then an explosion as to where the rockets have landed
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this is not the direction one should be moving in actually most people are sleeping in sheltered rooms i wish i was sleeping in a shelter up until now because should be hunkering down but i just want to show you what it's like here when the rockets sound so if we go here. and you walk with me. you can also see the roads are completely quiet tel aviv is a busy city and normally the roads are busy at this time there is absolutely no one or nothing on the streets now is the pause i told you about and then after a moment or so they should be an explosion and that would be the iron dome anti-missile defense system intercepting with the ruckus they were it is there it is it's quite far away so it doesn't seem as if the rocket landed in tel aviv it sounded a little bit off to that direction. but for this reason at least 5000000
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israelis are hunkering down in bomb shelters to. wow that sounds a bit loud but that's coming from dan so that's quite close to where we are i mean he shouldn't be out right now i should make my way back to the shelter room i was sleeping until a minnesota police. television. you know when it comes to competing in space russia and the u.s. while they're at it again this time the 2 countries are neck and neck in a race to see who can put the 1st star in space and when we say star no it's not the kind of star that you're thinking about we're talking about a hollywood star see how many movie references we could actually make in the script when we say here's our t.v. correspondent alex behove it's what the story. he once aspired to make movies around the world. that easy. to see. but now
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tom cruise has his eyes focused on the cosmos taking what would have once been thought of as a mission impossible in turning it into mission probable taking a lead role in a real life drama tom cruise is planning to film an upcoming movie on the international space station in october with the backing of nasa and tesla c.e.o. elon musk the superstar will be joined by director doug liman for a film shoot in space but cruz and his team of a few good men are not alone a competing film crew from far away also aims to be the top gun in shooting a movie in space and just like 60 years ago once again the rivals for the hopeful american space pioneers are russian. around the same time crews of such a arrive at the i s s a russian actor and director are scheduled to reach the space station on october 5th to be exact popular russian stage t.v. and film actor yulia paris hilton is taking her talents to be edge and is set to star in
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a film directed by clint shipping go. at this point it is unclear whether the american made team or their russian counterparts will be the 1st to arrive but if by chance they were to get to the ice at the same time things could get a little cramped don't believe it just ask a cosmonaut sometimes there are moments when it's impossible not to be together with other cosmonauts and. sometimes several people work at the station one place becomes tight sometimes but in general i would try not to bother each other while this is far from being a war of the worlds it will take all the right moves to get there 1st while the russians and the american film crews must know that this is a risky business both teams seem determined to have their country be the 1st to film a movie in space in the end nobody likes losing it well at least when it comes to a space race for t.v. i'm alex my love it. joining us now to talk more about this is there an paygo he's a professor of strategy and economics at the paul university in chicago and thanks
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so much for joining us this is a fascinating story why the sudden fascination with space. is it sudden i think we're all very excited about space and we've all been growing up at least speaking for my 3536 years old like we're all excited about this so i think maybe we are commenting on his wires things happening so quickly now and yeah there's a lot of new innovation in new technology i was just going to say i mean you have a great beard and i've got a couple of years on my feet are getting a little bit of those so you know what i grew up on space was actually a big hit while right is so what's happened is that the technology to get to space as well as making films has all become cheaper and easier and so what we're seeing now is the ability to implement on those plans and make something that's really stunning hollywood can do a lot of great things with special effects that to be onsite on location is a big deal about what it really be any different i mean can they do it special effects what they can do bang up in space what would actually be more difficult to
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do it up there than to do it in a studio. you know probably in a studio though he has there's 2 ways to do this writing go full speed visual effects you can do you know the bomb at rocket as they say where they are if plane falls quickly so you have simulated sergi where you can use rigging and all those things cost money right and can sometimes not look very realistic and we can see just from the international space station the way the close land on people the way people's hair floats it's a different experience so yeah there's probably a cost conversation here but the split space is an economy that we're trying to figure out how to access other industries and this is actually low hanging fruit there's a part of me that is thinking error now don't know if you've had this thought as well that you know there's a lot of great things that we can do in space from the standpoint of research and everything else that we've seen throughout the years is this kind of minimizing it
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turning it into a place just to make a movie which is much less important than any of the discoveries of the move things that you and i experienced you know in our lifetime. one could probably take that perspective there's this thing about space that's called the overview effect is a really great book about it there's an awesome nonprofit called space for humanity and it's about how astronauts experience seeing the glow seeing the blackness of space understanding that there are no. country borders that you can see from space and yeah you might be able to say that entertainment might be minimizing it but really we're trying to say that space should be something that we see as very commonplace we should get to that point and it's accessing a new industry in space that's going to give us other ways to interact with that. place and so having tom cruise up there and whoever the tom cruise russian counterpart happens to be who is the star out there go there tells the people hey he's just like us he's not an astronaut he's just like us right. well i mean it's
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tom cruise you know he's just like us to some extent but it's to him it is yeah just like me but it's does say that we could write and that we should be hopeful about the future and that we can do this and there's a lot to be said for that this is a fun conversation to have especially with an academic and intellectual and you seem to be able to have a good time with this story just like we did thank you my friend we appreciate it you're welcome. hate what you say we talk friday sports oh you know we've got a lot going on right close steve you are the friday sports maven. i think it's more exciting and yes it does though as we're going into the weekend a lot of events happening a lot of things happened last night and today actually but let's start with some m.l.s. the only game on the docket last night d.c. united actually hosting chicago fire the worst team in the league looking for their 1st win disunited on a 3 match losing streak so it was right down the street out of field so let's check
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it out right here 7 minute d.c. in the black and red chicago and all what uni's coming up the left flank with d.c. on the attack adrian present the cutback loss what up from the end to the. top of the 6 yard box and that guy at assen flores cashes in the header gives d.c. the early lead and floors its 1st. goal by the way later in the 1st half chicago looking for the equaliser 17 year old brian here is gets a great look from point blank range but goalkeeper john kempen with an incredible save his defender have some clear out the ball there the loose ball that was close but 2nd half the black and red on the prowl looking for some insurance picks up floors in the box who almost gets the brace almost got a 2nd header right there the night but chicago keeper bobby shuttlesworth denies them and one last chance for the fire in stoppage time. almost connects on the head or at the doorstep to even things up but kept in there again assisted by the crossbar on this one maintaining the shutout so close but chicago continues their losing ways well d.c.
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remains undefeated at home watching their 2nd one of the season 10 chicago's a really terrible i mean they have a want to match in 5 games at least 2 and 3 so. yeah kemp and yeah 1st start since 29000 by the way goal that was real time in a while you don't really come through a lot yeah he stopped a lot i didn't have time to show you all the saves but there are plenty more than that winds up next all right next now we've been following the rome asters over there and italy a.t.p. 1000 tournament and it was world number 3 again an action adult taking on world number 6 alexander there of picking up 15 of the 1st set rafa dominant early up 4 games to nil keeps it going with a backhand winner down the line later on though look at this a scary moment for an adult he's been injury prone he chases down a drop shot takes a tumble looks really bad at 1st hear the crowd gas in disbelief but play is stopped even climbs over the net here to check on his guy you know looks up to rafael he's an idol to all of the umpire even comes over eventually he gets back on his feet and thankfully it seems like he was just
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a bit shaken up left the fans gasping though hoping it wasn't another one of those nagging injuries display in the great sportsmanship gravitas talfourd off the bench but play on a dollar. eventually recovered finish that set 63 seconds and now look at the great form was nidal. to break a breakpoint in the 9th game the nifty drop shot for deuce eventually serving out the match here the cross-court backhand volley winner and 6364 and it all advances to the semifinals where he will take on american rival. and he will be looking for his 10th row masters title what's it all ranked right now world number 3 so he is and he's number 2 seed in that tournament djokovic as they say he's ready with a bullet though yeah yeah but i don't know moving on oh yeah oh yeah he better than him keep trading that 2 and 3 so our next step i know you're going to like this one so cliff diving it's a sport all we have here is you know if we're wide world of sport yeah yeah and it's actually red bull puts it on it's world series vet they have been one of the
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best divers we know of riyadh and if and she's one of the greatest she's a 4 time world series champion now she checked this out this was in new south wales a lot stick australia lost a dam in australia look at that incredible view so she did something she became the 1st person in the world man or woman to jump out of a moving hot air balloon dive and this is one of those things where it looks easier than it is this is much harder than it looks so she's about 18 meters high 59 feet and if you've ever jumped off a cliff right she's used to this but off of a moving hot air balloon that's a world record they're pretty amazing stuff to do and i've jumped off a 30 foot cliff before and let me tell you that was nerve wracking so doing a swan dive backwards like that is pretty incredible reality and if what's the distance again that's about 59 feet up on a movie and hot air let's us it's another story building i don't know if we can get into a story coming up on this story you know. we tried the math last time we were not successful in that but yeah you know the tour starts in june in france there's 6
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stops on it. and obviously the cliff diving world series was cancelled last year so i would be sure to certain that the lake is deep enough oh right yeah i mean i'm not sure i did. lastic dam it's a famous body of water out there in australia so 'd i'm sure they know still i'll go yeah yeah because if you have want to read well you know if you get the water wrong or or if it is too shallow you get seriously injured now going into the weekend as we mentioned there's huge events going on one of the biggest ones is you have c 262 going down tomorrow night and this is significant because this is for the lightweight title and for the it's a vacant belt because have be made off of course retired officially a few months ago when he announced it have to his last fight so now these 2 guys are going to be fine for the bout charles all of a taking on michael chandler for the vacant lightweight title they both weighed in at $155.00 pounds today so the fight is on and it will begin a new era in the lightweight division we've seen he retired undefeated as a champion so that's going to be a huge event going down and also we have of course kobe bryant being inducted into
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the hall of fame with michael jordan ushering him in we've got the preakness with medina spirit being the favorite we'll see if there's controversy there and i wanted to say that the n.h.l. stanley cup playoffs kick off tomorrow night with the capitals hosting the bruins right down the street at capital want to rina and of course on portable t.v. we're an official partner of the n.h.l. so you can catch all the best place and highlights there on portable t.v. that it will be fun to see if the caps can make another run at the stanley cup people all over the world are checking into portable t.v. to see what we do with the check out the n.h.l. survey man have a fantastic weekend you yours and you as well thanks so much for being with us have a bad pass that we will be looking for you again right here as you might expect when it's time to do.
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if they give you the bush doesn't belong to me but i didn't even want it would be too much stuff. would do much. more than just bush go for a few days be much sleep but if. you don't feel some of the sick want to go to poetry of any spirit that would what issues to issues will be grossly.


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