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hey there i'm not so much so you know and you're watching just for us the show that brings you in that reports exclusive interviews and controversial issues you may have missed during this week on our can marry and the workplace to the president joe biden he's enjoying his popularity as approval ratings are high but he's direct catch more amused with rick sanchez plus then he's meter talks with comedian russell peters to this cause how to be funny in a cancel called environment and i'll be joined live in studio by boom bust co-host bring deb or to this cause if the shortness of gas is still affecting the average consumer let's get started. just strikes. me. still.
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on contact host chris say it is worth americans not to be fooled by president joe biden even though biden's that brule rating 63 percent rick sanchez asked that question of why the president called if called as socially space some on that wall street guardian by others more news. well he has a high approval rating as did obama when he came into office obama was also compared to f.d.r. and then turned out to quote the phrase by my friend cornel west to be a black mascot for wall street biden has long serve the interests of the business elites and lead he was chosen by obama to be the vice president because in essence he voted to has voted republican to call him senator a credit card most of the big credit card companies are based in delaware and he has you know he was an author of the patriot act he nafta on and on and on and then
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of course in the clash with bernie sanders the democratic party elite made it very clear lloyd blankfein the former c.e.o. of goldman sachs and other major figures in the democratic party said that if sanders was the nominee they would vote for trump trump was distasteful in that he didn't bring the gravity and decorum to the management of empire that the elites want they knew biden would do that and when you look at his plan remember biden on the campaign trail had said that he would when he got to office right the $2000.00 stimulus checks that got reduced to $1415.00 minimum wage has collapsed his infrastructure plan is not it is clearly going to be whittled down by the senate and his covert relief package is essentially handing large sums of money to states and to corporations it's just another version of trickle down economics so then how does it work how is it that all my friends and the folks that i interviewed from
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time to time on the run i. can't have it so wrong they say he's a communist a socialist but he's going to absolutely give away the country to all the poor people and the rich are going to be a lock i mean they literally have have a converse view of him than you do explain that to us well but that was true in the obama administration rick i mean they made those same charges against obama when the track record is quite clear obama serve the interests of wall street indeed bailed wall street out bailed out the people who carried out the financial fraud at the expense of the victims of that fraud so that's a rhetorical feint i'm not sure they believe it and in fact i think most of them are probably quite comfortable with biden biden is not going to touch structurally the for profit health care system he has called for an increase in his budget military budget by 11000000000 dollars 1.6 percent increase and that's you know
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over $750000000000.00 so yeah i think that's just part of the kind of political game but the reality is that he has always been and remains essential creature of the corporate elites so he that would be the any more expression is a walking representation of that saying we hear all the time that nowadays in america there really is no difference between a democrat or republican. former president trump went against the vague industry and now president biden is moving to a band mental flavored cigarettes among other things back up products attorney sarah pup and tanya joined the big picture this week to discuss whether they've been and mental visions are real causes for concern across the industry and the targeted population. are brands like these just inherently
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fragile. well 1st i'm going to point out exactly how this industry is spinning the narrative like we said they've been is not a safer alternative to cigarettes in fact what we found is that there can be up to 8 times the amount of nicotine in a single puff of east cigarette versus a bout of a regular cigarette and that's not even to mention all of the carcinogens that are found in this baby in liquid so it's not a safe will say for our alternative to the traditional cigarette is just a narrative that this industry is spinning and they contend you to spin this narrative because they're so desperate to create this new generation of addicts right that's the classic tobacco business model that we've seen over the years let's get people addicted but specifically let's get children addicted let's get i'm addicted without flavored nicotine so easy i mean factors are pushing hundreds of thousands of dollars into schools in an effort to promote pain they're telling people it's safe and it's become a serious issue among teens we see we see the increase in babying rise
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substantially so luckily states are pushing this legislation because they recognize that isa great many factures are targeting our children they're targeting young kids middle school kids so we're going to continue to see cities fighting back and states fighting back and that's good but not all of them are going to be successful because you know it really is going to just depend on the nature of the legislation that's proposed and it's going to depend on the jurisdiction that it's in and of course it's going to depend on whether or not we can overcome the thousands of dollars hundreds of thousands of dollars that these industries fund in their legal team to try to overcome these hurdles. yeah you know that brings to mind something else because recreational cannabis is now legal in what 17 states and i speak to you from providence rhode island where up and down interstate 95 there is a billboard war going on between the just over the state line and massachusetts weed stores and no government seems to be resisting this because everyone needs the
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tax money do you foresee a backlash against legal weed. it's all going to depend on what the federal government does like we say when you're traveling over interstate borders that it does become sort of an issue because you know if it's legal in one state not legal another then you run into interstate commerce issues but it's really going to have to come down to uniformity across the states when we find a solution and i think like you said states are so willing to accept it because because they're seeing huge profit rises in medical marijuana so it's really going to be interesting to see what the federal government decides and how this issue develops over time. yeah and at the moment these wee retailers have a real problem because the banks don't want to do business with them. colombia has been in the midst of protest and riots the have the country for more than 2 weeks
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what started as a practice against the government's new tax reform morphed into a full escalation of clashes between the police and various unhappy groups like unions indigenous people and their youth scouting though he was ghosting death into white hat and if there is any solution in sight. so why are these protests still going on do you feel like. you do many things happen to them and get lost i did years old prices came down dramatically old prices came down but we really don't migrants are going to say look into. the labor market. why don't you get it and then you have prices oh yeah one of their own trees that was. their worst. year was a contraction of almost 7 percent. so that i mean old those things going to go there was 20 per cent unemployment. skyrocketed almost 40 percent of the people are
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on there already levels soledad together that has created a very folksy climate well a lot of that sounds like you know kind of mirroring what's going on here in the united states hence why i think a lot of residents in the us could be very sympathetic as you mentioned you've had your borders have been definitely traded when you're have to deal with an immigrant crisis there that obviously low employment you know and you're having the same argument that we're having here in the us the target of a lot of these protests have been towards a law enforcement you know i've seen lots of images of police stations and fire and flooded with social media so what has made people so angry at the place and made them a target. colombia has very little police where every 100 people and that's a huge burden unbelief. to try to keep only colder when you have some organized groups that really want to reduce ability to go. you know there's a lot of money from detroit that you. all are going to be has had some terrible years that drug related business has an amazingly well so those people gain
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a lot by creating stability and so all those groups are the land. members that didn't became part of the peace process so how do you then with a lot of cash it and use these you know to a great instability of the police and all just started while there are very few bullies compared to the number of protesters so that is a very and by those relationship that's what this whole thing. and that is a lot of money behind the fortune but i and i have to ask you this they're bringing on the ground who are the people that are out there protesting and sometimes you see in the united states sometimes you have people that come in and they feel very passion about it sometimes you do see like you said the paid protesters there's money behind it you know does the average columbian and are they involved in what is going on or are they kind of still living trying to at least live their daily lives as best as possible with a crippled economy. i think any of my the. 5 percent of what i've been put out a lot of people that are suffering a lot of the growth. and use knowledge is almost 35 percent unemployed so they out
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of the streets protesting with very legitimate arguments and they're ready for a straight but they don't all the people on this side that are the ones that created these names that are able to create a climate of violence a crisis that is not what is happening all over the country started it's a few areas particularly. where collies and what not include are they being part of another what it is this huge region and that there are 3 for many years so you know how will that be mixed together it's very complex is not happening all over the country it's a very specific areas and us as you can imagine most of the people are are positive this is they are going in for legitimate request from the government but it's. why would the whole interest groups with a lot of money out of created quite a bit of the sort. when we come back the united states has gone into a tailspin in that wake of that that's sort that's and young life and the guy's face right after these.
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please. call the feeling of. everyone in the world should experience fleas and you'll get it on the old role in . the world according to josh. welcome to my world come along for the ride to.
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town read out read turn on the t.v. on the back the world of what's happening around me i see shows on the screens but in last every day because the fake news narratives that a state lead to maybe cooling his clock little to no christmas with the farm after the plum brick by brick globalism make it my own house plenty off that in this war but i found a network that open question sorry it's a great sadness a civil strife climate change savile will be a cold simply lists all the mainstream wants to do was keep us playing here watch the right you can't keep a silenced critical point seize hold perspective and question inside to read we don't take sides we walk the long artsy america of means real talk.
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welcome back. and you are watching just for a spate to base castle culture has he been there at the comedian said beat the to say funny stories without being censored well that's not the case of russell peters the comedian tells them he's meaner how he created the podcast allowing his guest to speak freely about whatever they want to discuss into base cancel culture. you know we're living in a time everybody scared what they're saying out in public and as i'm sure are you in private with your friends and much like myself when i'm with my friends i always say to them i go could you imagine if somebody could hear a conversation right now we would be canceled so i basically have those same types of conversations in my backyard with my friends we smoke a cigar we have some drinks and and we just talk it's free talk and there's no one malice involved when we're talking about anybody so i mean if you want to cancel us
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for being real people and talking about real things and that's on you that's not on us and the people that want to cancel you are never your fans they're never people that were in your corner to begin with so what does your sudden before the song was and so i want to get back to the times when freedom of speech was free. but you know russell it's odd because it's counterintuitive but one has to go back and. think george orwell was no strict damas he always thought it would be the global left to the to some degree and indeed 30 years an. open mind to this which is always preached over there and now comes with a very close minded. it's a bit it's very confusing but i don't think they see it or if they do see it that's even more frightening to me because they see it and choose not to do anything about it which seems malevolent as a part as a as opposed to misguided. why is this whole notion. you know we need to be more
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tolerant upon being more true or well if i'm telling you to be counted then i have to be tolerant of your installer it's just best when i work a. pretty strong words and not be tolerant listen we've got mission creep over there and when it reaches the host of the bachelorette i would say we're somewhere near the pillars of hercules. we're actually done any active discussion it's a very odd time and i've never actually physically met a cancelled person. i don't know if you have i've never been met you see them online but you don't actually see a face and i think they're bots i think the russians. but i do feel their plight of sometimes people say things that if you're going to be in the public eye i get it there is e.u.
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shit you owe it to yourself to be smart enough to not compromise your rice bowl with some idiocy i see other people who have just done what anybody else does on any given day in many aspects of their life which is a little more rough and tumble than shot through the p.c. prism and they're over as far as a wage earner that that is a frightening promise to make. it's a very weird and you know i'm starting to realize that this all is a p.c. culture isn't coming from the outside is completely insane because when i'm on the phone with networks or agencies or whatever they're the ones telling you what you can and cannot say it's not out so the fact that the industry is actually doing this to us is scary because that's our industry and they're the ones. according to the labor department inflation search at the fastest pace since september of 2008 this jump in inflation let's expect that after a year of lockdown seen the united states used to cover one thing and then nick
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boom bust cohost bring that we're explains why that condom is reacting that way to us. and what do you make of this current situation where there's no nothing to suggest that it's transitory remember this is the same fed that told us that the problems in subprime were contained inflation isn't as is as transitory now has a subprime was contained bagmen but you know it's actually a lot worse than the 4.2 percent year over year if you look at the 1st 4 months so far of this year prices have already moved up by 2 percent in a 4 month period so if you add your lies that you're talking about 6 percent c.p.i. for 2021 but if you look at the trend the monthly trend is accelerating if that trend continues for the rest of the year we're going to see a c.p.i. in 2021 increasing by better than 20 percent on the year so whatever numbers mr
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full wolf was using at 4.2 percent imagine how much bigger it is at 20 percent because inflation is a tax this is the way the government is paying for all the spending so if you want to know how we're paying for all the ballots and all the stimulus it's through inflation so every time you go to the super more. and stuff costs you more money that additional cost is the price we're paying for bigger government professor wolf . to the point i guess initially about raising inflation or inflation continuing to rise you know when we talk about monetary policy from the fed they've had this easy policy it could lead to long term harm if we continue to see inflation going up. yes the fed is in this impossible situation it has bumped the money supply up it has made corporations more debt dependent than they've ever been by providing them with virtually free money from the federal reserve it would be very dangerous to
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raise interest rates which is normally what you would do it in inflationary situation because that could risk a cascade of people are unable to turn over their debt to maintain their debt and then what will the corporations do you are seeing a system that is now disintegrating around us nobody knows quite what to do mr schiff is right the inflation could be much greater than what they're guessing at this point and the future is something none of us know so they can't afford to raise the interest rate because of the debt problem but there can't afford not to because it'll accelerated inflation that will be troubling to. several states including north carolina and virginia the clear a state of emergency as a result of a gasoline sort that as you can imagine those lines at the pump linger as an
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exciting this was the out of the hiking on one of the longest gas pipelines in the country the colonial pipeline paid the extortion in the media and some dollars to restore the flow gas i think correspondent necktie sweet has of the health of a nation in panic. scottie what their $1000.00 gas stations in the south. reported running out of fuel part of that reason according to analysts is near panic buying among drivers it all began 6 days ago when a gang of hackers such down a major pipeline driver was lighting up their cars in fear the current gasoline shortage will dry up even more question white says he commutes every day to work at least 25 miles and doesn't want to get stuck with out enough fuel you should have a personal reason he's only. for your gas field day or it's very. very good start you get to work and i have the gas to. the colonial pipeline the
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biggest fuel pipeline in the u.s. to live in about 45 percent of what's consumed on the east coast was hit by a cyber attack last friday hackers locked up computer systems and demanded a ransom to release them the attack is raising concerns about just how vulnerable the nation's critical infrastructure remains well colonial resumed its normal operations monday drivers are still feeling the crunch several states including north carolina and virginia have declared a state of emergency as a result of the gas shortage however officials say there is no reason to hoard gas as it will still take a few days for operations to get up and running at normal levels heard of that it set of gasoline in these areas that motorists simply are their cars for a few days and conserve as much as possible but some motorists aren't so sure even while filling up certain types of fuel are also on low as n.p.'s oil price information service put the number of gas stations encountering shortages at more than $1000.00 in virginia 7.7 percent of the state's nearly $3900.00 gas stations
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reported running out of fuel tuesday and in north carolina 8.5 percent of the state's $5400.00 gas stations were out while they're helping reports of price gouging gas prices were rising even before the pipeline incidents and now with summer approaching summer worried about the busy driving season ahead government officials are taking action to assure the public there is no reason to. alarmed over the shortage the environmental protection agency reportedly lifted some fuel quality requirements on an emergency basis and the transportation department is also relaxed and some work for standards to have railroads deliver fuel it lends. to talk more about the gas shortage after the run somewhere at the colonial pipeline we have boom bust co-host want to join us and discuss some more and thank you for coming of course ok brant that attacker chose one of the most important energy infrastructure in that country to hack the colonial pipeline carries gasoline and other products to 14 states even more all of these are gasoline is
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mostly used in that east coast so does the same price structure is often and do the companies pay without hesitation how common are these run some. routes where attacks are very common on this scale for a large scale infrastructure like this where it comes to energy where it's gas or the power grid or something like that we haven't seen something quite as large scale but i want to bring up some numbers here you know one boom bust we're numbers people 2500 ransomware attacks were reported by the f.b.i. last year that's up 66 percent from 29000 so this is getting more and more common and lately we've been seeing it more in local municipalities where they might take on a little bit of their health care system government computer systems and they do the same thing now as for paying it has become a little bit more common because it's cheaper to pay it than try to figure out how to get rid of it but the insurance industry for cyber attacks has also grown with
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a lot of these companies now having insurance programs to cover this if it were to happen again so they still have to spend them on absolutely or some money in some cases where people are excited to rating when the long lines were form at the gas station i don't know if you say that on your software these long lines there was an erratic behavior among consumers even risking their. to get a hold of the liquid like. plastic bags we saw all over twitter of these pictures but at the same think they u.s. consumer products safety commission even sent a warning against it do not feel that something with plastic bags now going to make a point that they are very right that you should not do that but the twitter account has also been known to kind of like to do things that might be viral lately to get the protection out there more recently but the cash shortage with the necessarily overblown we don't know exactly how much supply was being put in and how much supply was actually affected what we do know though is that the demand
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nationwide went up about 20 percent according to gas buddy was actually referenced in the dash package and 40 percent on the east coast in those in those areas and which are fueled by the colonial pipeline and because of that right so you have to look at the way that they do business if you're a gas station you know this week of may or of april this is how much gas we need well if the demand goes up 40 percent sunni harder for us no matter what happens to get the gas that needs to be put in the tank so there was a little bit of panic buying that caused the supply shortage where there was actually a supply supply shortage time that everybody saw for consumers and big corporations i'd lose all right thank you so much for coming on that sent for to us press and roxanna solana to see more of the kids you just saw here download the portable of the t.v.'s for your i phone our angry device will see you here next time and as always don't forget to put them.
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oh you. compain. dear viewer thank you for finally changing the. understand you're tired of networks in the news with you. 'd is incidental. they are. no matter what. you know me i'm famous for my views. and they need. yours truly scottie nell. our culture is awash in lives
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dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that merge back fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most deluded society on politics as a species of analyst and needless political theater politicians have morphed into celebrity are 2 ruling parties are in reality one party to corporate and those who attempt to conquer this vast breathless universe of fake news designed to push through the cruelty and exploitation of me on the school board for so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche to squeak we must.
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shocking images of children killed in the crossfire as a week of rage between israel and gaza shows no signs of relenting barrages of missiles from both sides have intensified. their children to 3 of them. will do the job of the army to reach if you want to. stop the madness that is the plea of the israeli president has chaos reigns on the streets with arab and jewish mobs facing off shops are vandalized cars torched and the driver was dragged off from his vehicle and beaten unconscious. 2 people die and more than 160.


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