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for him to and when he won the largest international congress on negates that he development the headlines this russia's high level economic form in st. petersburg. it's talk gay with president economy to toot and taking part alongside the leaders of austria. and meanwhile, this consensus out, the for the widespread vaccination is the only way to get the global economy back on its feet quickly. i guess speak is if highlighted the hurdles involved. it's a shame. the politics is limited. the distribution of european commission made a big mistake at the very beginning by considering vaccines as if they were issues of ideology. his be politics that's very, very good. and also to come, no economy with our energy than what string to gas pipeline is back in the news. this time, the brushes energy minister expressing high hopes of its completion by the end of the year after president biden's white. thanks. don't european projects that they
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were ah, hello, good evening, just gone 6 o'clock here. moscow, you watching. international rushes high profile. economic form is in full swing and st. petersburg. the moments where global business movers and shakers gathered this week under one roof from president peyton. as given a speech covering many global topics this afternoon, so let's catch up with what was said, go straight to any for try and get he's at the form for say good afternoon again. and he just run through then the sort of things that presentation covet. because he was speaking for an awful long time. wasn't me something like 3 hours andrew. hi again. well, i'd like to point out that here insane petersburg among the most important
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announcements watermark potent for the 1st time actually said he talked about what he expects of the upcoming 1st ever summit between him and the u. s. president joe biden. capital system. you can learn to discuss the relations and we need to find ways to regulate them because they are very low point . at the moment we'll be talking about strategic stability, regulating conflicts in the world, hotspots disarmament, the pandemic and the environment. this is our preliminary agenda. mr. brewton also talked about how much the experience in the use of russian vaccines. i can remind you that the 1st one, but think it will soon be a year since it was registered in this country. so mister potent said that this experience allows him to talk about great impress success of the russian
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jobs, not the single loss of life because of the use of vaccines. and here's what else, the russian president said on that issue. in russia, as you know, makes its own contribution to the fire against viruses, with all of them magically adding the completion of our time to have achieved why really the world has already been registered in 6 take countries that are home to more than 3w2cw people, i'd like to highlight again, we've used our new technologies. we've not just created capabilities for manufacturing vaccines and brush wearables to help our country to develop their own production capacity is now, if you're not a citizen of russia, but for some reason, you don't have access to vaccines in your country,
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according to lot of our pokemon you can now, soon you'll be able to come to russia, get the job if you pay money. so mr. brewton pretty much gave the green light to vaccine tourism. so to say, when you're doing a full number, we're not just fully covering our own needs. we can also provide for citizens with a chance to come to russia and get the vaccination here. i know that given the efficiency of our vaccines, there is a high demand for more of there is a widespread practice when people from different countries, commas specifically to russia to get a job against corona virus. and that regard, i would like to ask the government to analyze all aspects of this issue until the end of the month. so that, of course, in compliance with all safety measures and entry requirements to organize the conditions for, for citizens to get a chance to get a vaccine on
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a commercial basis. as another leader who took part in that discussion was the austrian chancellor sebastian court. he, thanks a lot of our put in for rushes efforts in fight in the global fight independent mac and also the proposal, but mr. paul made and when it comes to the vaccine distribution. but besides this, mr. kurtz also said that he regrets the fact that the european medical agency has not yet approved the use of sputnik creek that sort of came in or does. it doesn't matter where of axiom comes from, from russia, from the us or from china. every bit of success in the fight against corona virus is a shared success of the entire world for the good of all people. and therefore your politics should not stand in the ways of those developments. i'm very happy that sputnik b has been regis,
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by more than 60 countries around the world. i'm supplied there. which means that the spec seem it will be available for all of us very soon. from the north stream to the pipeline project, which has many enemies in the us in particular, is also something that was discussed during that plan or recession. well, i can tell you that austria is one of the countries that is highly in favor of the project. we heard that from sebastian kurtz, who said that it's very beneficial not only for austria, but for the you as a whole, because is this makes way for cheaper gas deliveries to europe. and one of the biggest announcements of the day from waterproofing, was that the 1st string of the pipeline has been fully completed. only a few hours ago. it was too many green policy is in favor of taking american liquefied gas. but if they are really green,
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they should know that 70 percent of us gas is produced by hydraulic fracturing. and what is not for the environment. and the conclusions are as follows. russian gas is more environmentally friendly, cleaner, cheaper, more reliable. our partners have made a choice to the north stream to project besides this, lot of our poll said that the claim that russia pretty much isn't involved in the green projects and doesn't care about environmental protection, is an absolute myth. and he invited western businesses in international businesses as a whole, to take part in the new green projects that are being launched in russia. yeah, i did go through an awful lot. didn't plenty to talk about things that alien, that was a trying care. he's been reporting one afternoon for us from that forum, taking in saint petersburg. now no surprised at the pandemic and how it has altered
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the business environment was the early focus. the event with many believing that a comprehensive inoculation program is the only way to get the global economy back on its feet quickly. meanwhile, the review of russia spending vaccine by the world health organization and the european medicines agency we heard earlier is still in limbo. even though dozens of countries worldwide have already authorized the job at the head of the russian direct investment fund that produces the vaccine says the ball is in europe's court . we just had a very professional review by m a technical team and the very top professionals and they cannot really replace any be critical issues. and i think they're doing their work in a very professional positive manner. i think there are some bureaucrats in you who was saying we don't need support nuclear vaccine. we don't need traction like seen . and we believe it's fundamentally wrong to make like since political. meanwhile,
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the world health organization is wrapping up their review of russia, burdening the vaccine to the w h. i. direct for europe is that the forum and says their report is imminent. as the regional director in charge of the w choice for europe in region. my always had been very, very clear that approver should not depend on the concrete of origin and particularly not of direction figuration which has a very rich history in vaccines production. so. ready health is beyond politics. that's very, but again, i also would like to think there's a for the international solidarity because we need countries like russia to help other countries only show that if we are going to get out upon them because no one is safe until everyone who thinks of intense a turning from the italian russian trade chamber sees politics interfering in the use coby, the response. it's
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a shame the politics has limited the distribution of europe. and it's not even a shame for russian business on the phone behind the job. it's a shame for us because we lost pace and leaving them behind. but the major thing is that you will have delay and accepting the russian vaccine has affected people's lives. some died because they didn't receive a job in time. i see that some states like hungry, for example, able to make their own decisions in this regard, bypassing you policy will be heard about hungary there and it's another nation. unhappy with brussels approach to the russian job. the country's foreign minister was also very critical to of the ease, intense scrutiny of sputnik v. look, you know, can commission made a big mistake at the very beginning by considering vaccines as if they were issues of ideology or geo politics. and they made, made
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a mistake regarding the contract as well. because if you look at the united states, united kingdom, israel days been using best vaccines as well. but they received much more at the beginning, they were able to, to star their vaccination campaign. watch was much more quickly compared to the european union. so there was a big mistake because timing, timing was very bad. now among the other major issues being discussed, as we heard is no stream to gas pipeline project. and on the sidelines of the forum crushes energy minister did say it was just a 100 kilometers from the finish line, unexpressed hope that it would be completed by the end of the year. now that is despite us sanctions and discovering the project, which president biden has nav lifted while the pipeline goes under the baltic sea, and we're deliver gas from russia directly to the fi germany. we spoke with the chairman of the german economic affairs and energy committee, and he says, a purely business enterprise has been dragged into geo politics. for now,
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i believe no extreme to as a necessity. because in europe, we're in dire need of gas for the foreseeable future. we know that the existing gas pipeline no st. one certainly doesn't have the same capacity as no extreme to and therefore i am very pleased this new pipeline is ready and i hope will soon be in operation. the u. s. is in the lead those against the gas pipelines 50 years ago. they opposed gas applies miss soviet union because they thought we will become dependent on moscow. but in fact, they only care about selling the liquefied gas. this arguments about dependence on russia is just nonsense, because this dependence is not one sided and it's 2 sided. russia also depends on revenues from the gas supplies, and exactly the same way as we depend on their gas. and by the way, you know, peons combined gas from other suppliers only it is more expensive, more harmful for the environment like this very liquefied gas from the us. what the
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u. s. one is on the one hand to promote economic interests in an unfair way. and i think sanctions against other states absolutely unacceptable. on the other hand, it's still trying to keep europe in germany, in particular, from forming a reasonable relationship with russia. and this is an argument that i do not accept . we recently discussed this in the fund, the spikes economic committee, and the majority spoken favor of a partnership with russia. that's a cornerstone for a strong euro. so i am for creating conditions for cooperation with russia and continuing peaceful coexistence that will help build a solid foundation for this cooperation. after the upcoming general federal election compound may go to those who are more alienated towards russian interests than the interest of nations. and this is not the best ground for cooperation in this regard. i hope that the election will lead to fall and being able to improve relations with moscow and develop mutual understanding. just
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a quick recap then on the headlines that have come out of st. petersburg today this afternoon. grandma tootin has been speaking the plenary session of the form, which is still on the way he did cover a wide range of topics to from the global economy, to climate change, and even his upcoming meeting with joe biden. so plenty going on then in russia is northern campus and of course we will continue to keep you updated here on our t international. mm. the passengers returning to the u. k. are describing kale surrounding the countries co testing rules with people paying hundreds of pounds for tess that a late who don't arrive for tool. now a case in point is offer that t v dot he paid, he says almost $400.00 pounds for tests. when he returned to the u. k. from america and according to the rules he needed to test on the 2nd and 10th day after arrival
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. however, while he was waiting for the results, the testing company was removed from the list of government approved providers. so he was forced repeat the whole process, his wife is now started to campaign to attract attention to the growing problem. the government having yeah, actually, you know, said anything about whether that dealing with this, there's been nothing from grant shops on it. and i just think that something does need to be done to make sure that these private testing providers are held accounts actually do what the people are paying them to do it. small companies that have been able to set up as, as contractors, they don't have the capacity to deal with the amount of customers. it's the huge amount of influx that they had. they also don't have the capacity in terms of the laps getting the results back to the one time. obviously that is a big problem where people having massive issues with pci tests as more people are
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now traveling since may, the 17th is just getting worse and worse. there's a lot of radio silence on, on this whole issue. and it really does need to be brought to the governments tension more because that they're not really answering to why things have gone so roman and this has been ongoing. now, since while i've been dealing with this since the sort of may or from the middle of may, the u. k. did cautiously opened his boldest for, for foreign travel, but impose tough restrictions on people's return, including a test before you fly. and then 2 more and possible quarantine when you're back in the country, plus the results of the option of a 3rd test which releases you from cell 5, elation on day 5. and i'm not sure this does depend of course on where you fly in from and to add to the confusion to there are slightly different rules for england, wales and scotland and paglia. the managing director of one testing clinic agrees
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that the system is under enormous pressure travel is starting to take off more and more people are having tests to fly more and more cases of people. not getting bad results back on time or not getting that that gets delivered on time. people self swapping home using the postal services. there is a chance it will have major issues or cause major issues around again, around capacity in logistics processing. if both from the power tree and the private providers don't work together to make sure that they're promising it deliverable. i think one of the challenges here is that providers are coming out of the woodwork to make money, which i get not in business, but i don't think that's necessarily the best thing for the consumer intended to building a suitable efficient private sector testing infrastructure that can meet the needs
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of customers, particularly when it comes to travel not denmark has passed a controversial or that would allow it to send asylum seekers to countries outside the european union. while there applications are being processed. something that has sparked condemnation from the blog. we show the concern expressed by the un high commissioner for refugees, external processing of the fine print rate from the member questions about both the access to our procedures and effective access to protection. it is not possible under existing e rules. well, the new danish immigration bill is aimed at reducing the number of migrants in the country is now externalizing the asylum procedure to discourage new comers from ever setting foot in the country. the move was voted through parliament by 70 to 24 in favor. a spokesperson for the social democratic party in denmark said he wanted to move to send a message to asylum seekers. they are not welcome, fair microns coming from different places in africa. middle eastern countries,
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they will probably stop seeking our buying class item and then they know that they will be sent. ready out of your, of again. well, the new legislation comes amid rising pressure on copenhagen are fish trip to harmful of syrian refugees at their residency on the grounds at the syrian capital, damascus. and the surrounding region too. and i considered to be safe by denmark has become the 1st european country to take such provocative set the contradicts the use attempts to fix broken asylum rules. the decision immediately ignited. i rage among refugee and human rights groups which led to protest that the country in late may, for the minority rights consultant we spoke. she does say he's not surprised with the law as the current government has never hidden his. he's on immigration. this garment came to power on the when are you that through in the election? especially this go very much against people from the daily specially the machine
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background, you know, so they don't want them to come. when the syrians came, now they want to kick them out. also, they are trying to, to make laws where they can send people back to see the problem is that this government should democratic government knows that it is impractical and not a few. and they don't want to leave this way because if they did, they could you side by the far right parties. now there's almost a mean shortage in america because j. b s. factories were fully operational again on thursday after the f. b, i blamed a russian speaking hacker for a cyber attack, waylaid the world's largest meat packer has been sworn, says that the incident once again does illustrate the fake narrative that moscow is responsible for all cyber espionage. there definitely has to be some kind of
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clarity put here because the problem is, when you, whenever you have media talking about these issues and you have politicians talking about these issues, they love to conflate russia as, as a nation state with russian actors also with russians speakers, i mean that's the most recent one. this is so incredible about the situation is that j b s originally said that they had confirmed these were russian hackers who had done this well. now if you look at the terminology that's being used, they're actually saying russian speaking, that can mean a whole lot of things and then, but, but it conflicts, right? it comes back to this idea of, oh, is russia doing? this is not a mere prudent pulling the strings he actually hacking g. b s. or is it someone who is either russia nationality or even russian speaking? well, i mean there are ethnically chinese people who can speak absolutely. russian. i think a lot of people in ukraine who configuration as well. i think i know some are things that speak russia, so i'm just saying americans perhaps yes,
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maybe just perhaps now a question was posed to the president in connection to the j. b. s. ransomware attack about whether or not he believes that prudent himself was, was testing and testing president violence. what do you make of that theory? is there any, any there's, there's no gravity to that. there's no reason to think that that's the case at all, but it fits perfectly into a media narrative, right? because the questions kind of thrown out at the end. do you think putin is testing softball? you're saying? well, it's as he was walking out of the room, right. so he's walking out of the room and the reporter yells out, do you think testing you and, and president by turns back and kind of merchant says like he wouldn't test me. but the thing is just, it's all this, it's all the show right, show of, i'm tough and he's trying to get to me when there's been no evidence whatsoever that the colonial pipeline attack, it was done by a group called the dark side, right. which is people who aren't even in russia, that we know what they're just in former soviet countries and are russian speaking,
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j b. s. in that situation, it's not necessarily coming out of russians by this group that they call revolt, against, like evil, with an are revolt. and they're apparently also, russian speaking that we have, we don't even have a geography for where they're located. so it, but it fits into that media narrative brush bed, and it's always trying to harm us. right. well, what do we know about who actually is committing these crimes? i mean, i mean, where are they actually from? if it's not specifically russian, people are russian state actor, i mean, are they, are they in asia, do we have any idea or do you have an idea? if you go back to 2017, there was a company that did a basic look at cybersecurity hacks and what countries are most responsible for these people within those countries, i should say not to mention dates, but people within those countries where do they originate from china? is number one mind by far, far above everyone else. second, boys, the united states about 17 percent come from the united states and then turkey and
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then brazil, and then russia. so wow, back in 2017, only about 4 percent of all of these attacks were originating in russia. far more originate in the united states in the vast majority. i wouldn't you never know that based on the mainstream media real quickly in light of these latest revelations about the danish f. e. working with the n. s a here to spy on the u. l. i don't the u. s. do you make any distinction between that kind of spying and cyber hacking? well, listen, that kind of spine which we referred to as espionage, right? is actually far more dangerous. so there is a case of the solar winds case in which us agencies fly. agency said that russian state actors had gotten into us software and were able to spy on us. okay, that's not ransomware, that's fine. that is much more destructive. the u. s. does this all over the world . we know they've done it in the e. we know that they've the, in a say, is tap the phones of world leaders. right. it's much more serious than some hacker
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getting into the ferry that takes you back and forth to martha's vineyard and saying, i want them bitcoin to turn it back on. these are, those are much more serious instances, but there is a distinction between ransomware and cyber warfare. the u. s. again is heavily as a government in cyber warfare, not in ransomware. auto merrick has been sworn there. so what that brings you up to date with, when you say fall this afternoon, i should say this evening just coming up to half past 6 months. give it back again at the top. me the the quoted mechanics work so well people don't like to use the word inconsistent. they like to say, oh it's, it's amazing. in comprehensible mysterious i say
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it can't be quite right. and this is what direct says, this is what i just was reading this in an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country threaten to wipe out an american, we do everything in our part a project in what they escaping climate change poses the same threat right now. alaska has seen some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world. we lost about 35 feet, 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring it is bad and that means the river is $35.00 pounds. then learning was year before, i think we're a part of america, the 3rd from or america for worse.
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the me me, me. ah, me. so when raised the following question was, if we could get every kid to follow 3 simple rules,
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graduate from high school, get a job and continue work and don't have children until you're 21. and right now we looked out at the entire country and we classified people according to whether they broke all those rules or they follow one or 2 are all 3 of the rules. the results are astounding. to me and i'm trying to select what you think the little round you know, the can win. now with my grandma told me you could go to and i didn't know what that mean and that didn't come in the so i started talking to judges and lawyers and doctors involved providers and interviewing people and literally thousands of people. how many of you've had the course history of poverty, united states in america?
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i see a hand from her go to america, i social class. and he to think about it. who did the people hang out with low still fast. people don't know someone in poverty by 1st name, sitting down to dinner together today, millions of american family and circumstances beyond their control. their children will be compelled to live lives of poverty unless the cycle is broken. president johnson's war on poverty has this one goal. to provide everyone a chance to grow and make his own way. i think everything in life that's important, really live in the gray. there's no black and white. this is great. how do we make it more clear of what the problem is? there are so many different life experiences to poverty, and we don't have a real clear definition of it. federal government. they say if you're
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a family or you need write about 24000 to take care of your family for a year. and does that mean that if you're making more, you're not in read and that's not the case. i think the most difficult challenge with the way your way out of your current predicament in your property of course, people cannot contribute to the nation if they are never taught to read or write. if their bodies are stunted from hunger, if their sickness goes untended, if their life is spent and hopeless poverty, yes, drawing a welfare check. so we want to open the gate to opportunity. we're also going to give all our people the help that they need to walk.


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