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tv   News  RT  June 4, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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the, the ah, this hours headline stories, russia is high level economic forum, infant petersburg hits top gear with president putin announcing the country, setting off the infrastructure for a vaccine tourism industry. when you do that, we'll just covering our own needs. we can also provide foreign citizens with the chance to come to russia and get vaccinated here. i would like to ask the government to analyze all aspects of this issue by the end of the month. well, there's consensus out the forum that widespread vaccination is the only way to get the global economy back on its feet. with austria as chancellor showing his support for the russian show came. it doesn't matter where of axiom comes from,
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from russia, from the us, or from china. every bit of success in the fight against corona. barbara is a shared success of the entire world for the good of all people know economy with energy, the north stream to gas pipeline returns to the headline, touch rushes, president analyst is a key section of the project, is now complete ah, across the globe, around the clock, this is our team to national pleasure to have your company. my name's you know, russia is high profile. economic for him in st. petersburg is nearing its close on day to a full to the rafters schedule this friday up north, including a speech by vladimir putin where the russian president offered his thoughts on the fast approaching inaugural summit with his american counterpart artillio trying to take us through the main talking points here in russia, northern capital,
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during the st. petersburg, international economic form, the biggest offline business gathering since the peak of the pandemic. for the 1st time we heard the russian president vladimir, talk about what he expected of his upcoming summit with the u. s. president. joe biden, the 1st one since joe biden came to power steering machine. we planned to discuss the relations and we need to find ways to regulate them because they are a very low point. at the moment. we'll be talking about strategic stability, regulating conflicts in the world. hotspots disarmament, the pandemic, and the environment. this is our preliminary agenda. it will soon be a year since russia's 1st vaccine. sputnik v was registered for use in this country . and the experience in the use of russian jobs has allowed watermark to talk about
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rushes. great success in this aspect, according to mister poop, not a single loss of life has been recorded as a result of the use of the vaccine. specifically, in russia, as you know, makes his own contribution to the fight against corona virus. we have, for vaccines develop domestically and the accomplishments of our scientists have got wide recognition across the world. sputnik v has already been registered in 66 countries homes, more than 3200000000 people. and i would like to highlight that we haven't just used all unique technologies, not just created capabilities from manufacturing vaccines in russia rule. so helping other countries to develop their own production capacities. if you're not a citizen of russia, and for some reason you don't have access to the jobs in your country, soon, you will be able to come to this country, pay money, and get the job. this is something that's been announced by a lot of our approved as well, who pretty much gave the green line to vac seen tourism. so to say, when you do,
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we are just covering our own needs. we can also provide foreign citizens with the chance to come to russia and get vaccinated here. i know that given the efficiency of our vaccines, that high demand for that you moreover, that the widespread practice of people from other countries coming specifically to russia to get the job against corona virus. in this regard, i would like to off the government to analyze all aspects of this issue by the end of the month in compliance. of course, with all safety measures and sanitary requirements to organize the conditions for phone citizens to get a chance to have the vaccine on a commercial basis. another leader who was taking part in the discussion was the austrian chancellor, sebastian kurtz during the recession. he thanked the russian president for russia's efforts in fighting the coven pandemic, and also for the proposals for the exports of the russian vaccine and production
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abroad. besides this, mister kurtz said that he regretted the fact that the european medical agencies being too slow in approving the use of sporting to be the best orders, came in orders. it doesn't matter where of axiom comes from, from russia, from the us or from china. every bit of success in the fight against corona virus is a shared success of the entire world for the good of all people. and therefore, your politics should not stand in the ways of those developments. i'm very happy that sputnik vi has been registered by more than 60 countries around the world. i'm supplied there. which means that this vaccine will be available for all of us very soon. the nord stream to pipeline project intended for direct natural gas delivery from russia to germany and other european partners has a lot of enemies, the u. s. in particular. but as we heard from sebastian kurtz, austria is one. and actually, the austrian government is highly in favor of the project. one of the big headlines
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that came out of this form was latimer announcement that the 1st string of the pipeline was actually fully completed, only several hours ago. new for it was germany green policy is in favor of taking american liquefied gas. but if they're really green, they should know that 70 percent of us gas is produced by hydraulic fracturing. what is that for the environment and the conclusions are as follows. most and gas is more environmentally friendly, cleaner, cheaper, more reliable. our partners have made a choice towards the north string to the project you watch. the president also gave a lot of attention to the issues of climate. mr. proven said that the claims that russia is not interested in addressing global climate problems is an absolute myth . and also invited international business and investors to take part in the green
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projects that are being or will be launched in this country. the pandemic and how it's altered the business environment was the early focus of many of the forum. a consensus is emerging of the health of the global economy depends on a swift return to normality through an occupation programs. meanwhile, the review of russia. sputnik v vaccine by the world health organization and european medicines agency. it's still in limbo despite scores of countries worldwide. already authorizing the job, the head of the russian direct investment fund that produces the sharp, said the bowl is not firmly in the m a port. we just had a very professional review by him, a technical team and they're very professionals and they have not really raised any be critical issues. and i think they're doing their work in a very professional, you know, positive manner. i think there are some bureaucrats in you who was saying, we don't need support nuclear vaccine. we don't need trash and seen. and we believe
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it's fundamentally wrong to make, since political in, well, the italian russian trade chamber sees politics interfering in the use co response . take a listen. it's a shame. the politics is limited, the distribution of europe. and it's not even a shame from russian business on the fund behind the java. it's a shame for us because we lost pace and leaving the conduct behind. but the major thing is that you don't have to lie in accepting the russian vaccine has affected people's lives some dying because they didn't receive a job in time. and i see that some states like hungry, for example, if you're able to make their own decisions in this regard, bypassing you policy. among the other major issues touched on today, there was the north stream to gas pipeline project on the sidelines of the forum. rushes energy ministers said it was just 100 kilometers from the finish line, and expressed hope it would be completed by the end of the year. thus,
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despite years of us sanctions aimed at scattering the project, which president biden has not lifted, the pipeline goes under the baltic sea and we'll deliver it gas from russia directly to the e. u via germany. we spoke with the tour of the german economic and energy committee. he sees a purely business enterprise, has been dragged into geo politics for analysis, i believe, nor stream to as a necessity. because in europe, we're in dire need of gas for the foreseeable future. we know that the existing gas pipeline no stream certainly doesn't have the same capacity as no stream too. and therefore, i am very pleased with this new pipeline is ready. i hope will soon be in operation . the u. s. is in the lead those against the gas pipeline, 50 years ago, they opposed gas supplies and the soviet union because they thought we will become dependent on moscow. but in fact, they only care about selling the liquefied gas. this arguments about dependence on
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russia is just nonsense, because this dependence is not one sided and it's 2 sided. russia also depends on revenues from the gas supplies, and exactly the same way as we depend on their gas. and by the way, you know, peons combined gas from other suppliers, tony, it is more expensive and more harmful for the environment like this very liquefied gas in the us. what the u. s. one is on the one hand to promote economic interests in an unfair way. and i think sanctions against other states absolutely unacceptable. on the other hand, it's still trying to keep europe in germany, in particular, from forming a reasonable relationship with russia. and this is an argument that i do not accept . we recently discuss this and the fun, the spikes, economic committee and the majority spoke in favor of a partnership with russia. that's a cornerstone for a strong euro. so i am for creating conditions for cooperation with russia and continuing peaceful coexistence, and that will help build
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a solid foundation for this cooperation. after the upcoming general federal election compound may go to those who are more alienated towards russian interests than the interest of nations. and this is not the best ground for cooperation in this regard. i hope that the election will lead to pearl and being able to improve relations with moscow and develop mutual understanding. just going back to the speech by volume or putting one of the questions raised by him centered on double standards in the west. over there. assessment of the treatment of bella. ruth protestors latimer putting called nato statements on moscow's alleged involvement in forcing. donna ryan are playing by minsk dangerous, meanwhile, and a heightened move the you know, band baller russian courtiers from its earth space and reports rushes representative to the block question to decision in speaking to r t or in your bella via the the official airline of villers has nothing to do
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with that particular incident. so why should it should it be banned? there is no logic in that. and closing the airspace of villa rose, not before any conclusions have come from eco or the international asian organization. but even before the investigation really started, that is also void of logic. it reflects oh, i would say a very what is that end of it is ation of the whole situation and who will suffer? it will be of course, citizens of bella rose, whose faith. so dear to the western governments, and it will be ireland travellers from western europe who will have to
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fly on a different route. i long, longer root, and that will make the air a big it's of course, more expensive. what it is, of course, the era of cova and so the health industry was a nother big talking issue of the forum. we got the thoughts of ricardo martin ricardo is director of medical products and equipment for russia. the commonwealth of independent states are johnson and johnson. oh, i think you're working in health care. there's no space for politics. the patient is at the center of everything we do. and this is very faith. and in the same way that the collaboration is at the center of every family, one of the silver lining of the funding has been the awareness and all of us that
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we must collaborate. we must cooperate whether it states, whether it's government with industry. this is key and this collaboration is that it's really key and important to success. we can see that this is actually just been developed extremely good safety precautions approved by the f d, a profiler, number of elemental agency. so i think one lesson from the, from the funding in front of us is that we need to trust the science. it's the science that really saves us and gets us to look at some homes, which is a place where we can be in an open world talking to each other, close distances. and this is one of the lessons of the pending a lot of different speakers. there are just a recap of all that we saw today this afternoon. love the mirror, spoke at the plenary session of the forum. he covered a wide range of topics from getting the global economy back on track to climate change on his upcoming meeting with joe biden as well. so plenty going on, indeed,
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and rushes northern capital, there's still a full weekend of debates deals. discussions ahead, we'll make sure you hear about them 1st. me the join me every thursday on the alex salmon show. when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. in the, i don't know. i mean there's some steps in there were rescuing the food that they were not scabbing or were rescuing resources that are still good. this is best buy march 21st, which is in 2 days. all these potatoes, holla, daniels,
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onions. all of these came from waste brown sources. this is great for me because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people and our society. so that makes sense for them to throw it out right off, rather than give it to somebody who could use it. and then that person is not going to buy it. financial to i'm john did a little about money laundering 1st to see this and this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas, in the cayman islands, you never know all these banks are complicit in their pocket. we just have to be mccall. hey, i'm ready to do some series my laundry. okay,
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let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for safety. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about luxury automobile? again for mag, hey, no money laundering is highly legal spots. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk when i would show the wrong. why don't just don't rule out the thing becomes the after kid and engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves well, the part we choose to look for common ground in this welcome back to the program. passengers returning to the u. k. are describing chaos surrounding countries, cobra testing rules with people paying hundreds of pounds for tests that arrive late or don't come at all. arthur nutty via has such a tale. he paid almost 400 pounds for tests when he returned to the u. k. from american, according to the restrictions, people will know this. he needed to test on the 2nd and a day after arrival. however, while he was waiting for the results, the testing company was removed from the list of government approved providers and
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he was forced to repeat the entire process. his wife has started a campaign to attract attention to the growing problem. the government haven't yet actually, you know, said anything about whether that dealing with this that's been nothing from grant shops on a. and i just think that something does need to be done to make sure that these private testing providers are held accounts actually do what the people are paying them to do it. small companies that have been able to set up as, as contractors, they don't have the capacity to deal with the amount of customer since the huge amount of influx that they had. they also don't have the capacity in terms of the laps getting the results back to the one time. obviously that is a big problem where people having massive issues with pci tests as more people are now traveling since may, the 17th is just getting worse and worse. there's
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a lot of radio silence on, on this whole issue. and it really does need to be brought to the governance tension more because that they're not really answering to why things have gone so roman and this has been ongoing. now, since, while i've been dealing with this since the sort of may from the middle of may, the u. k. open borders for foreign travel, but imposed tough restrictions on people's return, including a test before you fly. then to more on possible quarantine as well when you're back in the country. plus there is also the option of a 3rd test which releases you from self isolation on day 5. much of this depends on where you fly from onto to the confusion. there are different rules for england wheels, northern ireland and scotland. the managing director of one testing clinic sees a system is on enormous pressure. no traveler started to take off more and more people are having tests to fly more and more cases of people not getting bad
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results back on time or not getting that becket delivered on time people self swapping home using the postal services that there is a chance it will have major issues or cause major issues around again are capacity in logistics processing. if both of our tree and private providers don't work together to make sure that they're promising it deliverable. i think one of the challenges here is the providers are coming out of the woodwork to make money, which i guess not in business, but i don't think that's necessarily the best thing for the consumer intended to building a equitable, efficient private sector testing infrastructure that can meet the needs of customers, particularly when it comes to travel, moving the program all. now denmark has passed a law that would allow it to send migrants to countries outside the u. wilder.
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applications are pending. the moves got big support at home, but has bar condemnation within the block. we shall be concern expressed by the un high commissioner for refugees. the whole thing that we find rated under member questions about both the access to our procedures and effective access to protection. it is not possible under existing rules. then you danish immigration bill is aimed out reducing the number of migrants in the country. it's now externalizing the asylum procedure to discourage newcomers from attempting to gain entry in the 1st place. the law got overwhelming barking in the parliamentary vote, a spokesperson for the social democratic party to list. despite that, you criticize in copenhagen for the move. something how to be done to deal with the issue microns coming from different places in africa, middle eastern countries in they will probably start seeking our flying class item
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and the markets they know that they will be sent out of europe again. the new legislation comes amid rising pressure on denmark after its strength, a handful of syrian refugees of their residency on the price of the serene capital, the mask is on the surrounding region, are now considered safe. denmark is the 1st european country to take such a step. the decision medically ignited outrage among refugee and human rights groups which lead to protest not hit the country in late. may. copenhagen defended the decision. seeing many parts of the syrian capital and outlying region had been se for months, years the view of a minority rights consultant on the new laws. all this garment came to power on and the minority that 3 in the election, especially this is very much against people from italy, specially the muslim background. you know, so they don't want them to come when the syrians came and now they want to kick them out. so they are trying to,
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to make laws where they can send people back to see the problem is that this government, 1st democratic government knows that it is impractical and not to see you believe you have. and they don't want to leave this away because if they did, they will because you side by the far right parties, a cyber attack, waylaid the world's largest meet pucker in america. this week. g b, s plans are not operating again, but not before the f b. i had blamed a russian speaking hacker or she's been sworn unsafe. the incident once again illustrates the normative that moscow must be responsible. there definitely has to be some kind of clarity put here because the problem is when, whenever you have media talking about these issues and you have politicians talking about these issues, they love to conflate russia as, as a nation state with russian actors also with russian speakers i mean,
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that's the most recent one. this is so incredible about the j b a situation isn't j b s originally said that they have confirmed, these were russian hackers who had done this well. now if you look at the terminology that's being used, they're actually saying russian speaking, that can mean a whole lot of things and body, but it conflicts, right? it comes back to this idea of, oh, is russia doing this? is rodney prudent pulling the strings. he actually hacking g b. s. or is it someone who is either russian nationality or even russian speaking? well, i mean there are ethnically chinese people who can speak absolutely. russian. i think a lot of people in ukraine who can speak russian as well. i think i know some of these that speak russia. i'm just saying americans perhaps yes, maybe just perhaps. now a question was posed to the president in connection to the g. b, a ransomware attack about whether or not he believes that putin himself was,
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was testing. i'm testing president violence. what do you make of that theory? is there any inquiry there's, there's no gravity to that. there's no reason to think that that's the case at all, but it fits perfectly into a median narrative, right? because the question is kind of thrown out of the new thing. putin is testing softball. you're saying, well, it's as he is walking out of the room, right. so he's walking out of the room and the reporter. yes, i do think it's testing you and, and president by turns back and kinda smirks and says like he wouldn't test me. but the thing is, it's all this, it's all the show right. show of, i'm tough and he's trying to get to me when there's been no evidence whatsoever that the, the colonial pipeline attack, it was done by a group called the dark side. right. which is people who aren't even in russia, that we know what they're just in former soviet countries and a russian speaking j b. s. in that situation, it's not necessarily coming out of russians by this group that they call reversal. i guess it's like evil with an are reborn and they're apparently also russian speaking that we, we don't even have a geography for where they're located. so it,
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but it fits into that media narrative brush bed. and it's always trying to harm us . right. what. what do we know about who actually is committing these crimes? i mean, i mean, where are they actually from? if it's not specifically russian, people are russian state actor. i mean, are they, are they in asia? do we have any idea where you have an idea? if you go back to 2017, there was a company that did a basic look at cybersecurity hacks and what countries are most responsible for these people within those countries, i should say not to mention it states, but people within those countries where do they originate from china's number one might by far, far and above everyone else. second blaze, the united states about 17 percent come from the united states and then turkey and then on brazil, and then russia. so wow, i can 2017, only about 4 percent of all of these attacks were originating in russia far more originate in the united states and the vast majority. you know,
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you never know that based on the mainstream media real quickly in light of these latest revelations about the danish effie working with the n. s a here to spy on the u. l. i don't the u. s. do you make any distinction between that kind of spying and cyber hacking? well, listen, that kind of spine which we refer to as espionage, right? is actually far more dangerous. so there is a case of the solar winds case in which us agencies fi agencies said that russian state actors had gotten into us software and were able to spy on us. okay, that's not ransomware, that's fine. that is much more destructive. the u. s. does this all over the world? we know they've done it in the e. we know that they've the in a say is tap the phones of world leaders, right? it's much or serious. then some hacker are getting into the ferry that takes you back and forth to martha's vineyard and say, and i want them bitcoin to turn it back on. these are, those are much more serious instances. but there is a distinction between ransomware and cyber warfare. the u. s, again is heavily as
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a government in cyber warfare, not in ransomware, small town life and america. extend report next from tex, stay coast for that, and i'll be back off the top with all the big headlines as we enter the weekend. do hope to catch me ah ah ah ah, i will.
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i i think one of the worst things i asked a kid is, what do you want to do? it's not what you want to do. it's why do you do the things you do? you could design a life that is focused on your why being aware of work as a way of expression. people asked me what motivates me every day, and i will just be in me. i started my company because it was an expression of myself. i am just painting on canvas, but i think if we can teach them that think of their work in their life as a place to express themselves and then dream of what they see themselves becoming, having that strategic nest that makes you think more long term rather than short term what athlete are told to picture making the shots before they take the shot. and i think that the same thing is true for.


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