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[000:00:00;00] the ah, headline story this, our s thing investigation reveals that a host of america has riches 1000000000 ers, are avoiding taxes, but the u. s. revenue service seems more concerned with finding out who leave the information you a for back track. so it's a previous full approval of ukraine's controversial care for the european football championship thing a slogan on the players. shirts must not be removed. on the eve of the delayed euro 2020 tournament, the world health organization warns the 11 host nations to stay vigilant. some prevent
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a repeat of the coven ups or theme last ah, lie from the russian capital. this is our t. my name's unit on 30 minutes of news and views start. now. it's been revealed that a host of 1000000000 ers on america is rich list. i've been avoiding taxes, despite a search in their wealth. during the pandemic, the expos, a comes from a u. s. independent journalist organization which received a link from a whistleblower at the revenue service that federal body has not launched an investigation. there was eager shutdown off reports, perhaps not the kind you might expect. there is been generations of american politicians repeating one mantra about how they should tax the rich. we will demand that the wealthy and large cooperation thought paying their fair share of taxes.
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it's time for a well in america, america's tax code is a total dysfunctional mess. it is riddled with loopholes that lead some special interests, including myself in all fairness is going to cost a fortune this they believe me, i think, is you able to become a billionaire in a millionaire? pay your fair share, repeated over and over again. it's almost like every bit here was taken out of some secret tax spell book and like any spell these failed to conjure a real world result. take heal and mosque between 20142018. his wealth balloon by almost $14000000000.00. guess how much he paid in taxes, a whooping 3.27 percent. and if you think that slow, no, that's actually pretty average. that's how much america is. 25 fatis cats gave up
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to the i r. s. and if you want low look no further than jeff basis, and warren buffett, who's true tax rate bally hovered above 0, i continue to believe that the tax code should be changed substantially. huge dynastic wealth is not desirable for our society. yeah, that moment when your taxes are so low, even you can't help, but feel like a bit of a crock. and all of this was lead to journalists at pro public, and the rest is investigating spoiler alert, not the billionaires. there is an investigation with respect to the allegations that the source of the information in the article came from the internal revenue service. and remember this dude, he founded so concerned about the upper crust of american society, not paying their fair share. well, that was before the league, he is what his office is concerned with. now. any unauthorized disclosure of confidential government information by
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a person with access is illegal. and we take this very seriously. and the i r. s. are referring the matter to the office of the inspector general, the treasury inspector general for tax administration, the f b. i and the us attorney's office for the district of columbia, all of whom have independent authority to investigate all the talk about is how the persecution machine is in full bounty hand mode off to whoever league the figures and completely ignoring the substance. i think there's a few reasons why authorities you're focusing on the data relation, not the concepts. what explanation is that, you know, they're concerned about the possibility that their complete tax return is of politicians will be released next to many members of congress or very rich land, or i don't know the possibilities. they're not saying anything is because there's nothing to say. i mean, there's numerous tax advantages for the super wealthy. they're intentionally within the tax code. they're perfectly legal and yeah, some of them are known by and used by the political leads as well, successful business. and yes,
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most of those hundreds of billions in equity. it's not like jeff basis has a scrooge mcduck style dungeon with mountains of dollars. but with an average us household paying sometimes 10 times more than they do in taxes, the system just doesn't look so good. european football is governing body has been truck on the previous full approval of ukraine's controversial kit for the euro. 2020 finals in the statement to warranty you. f. a said the slogan, glory to the heroes must not be removed from the clear shirts. are t constantine ross cough explains why 1st of all, this is quite unexpected. move from your way for the band, the use of this particular slogan on a newly unveiled kid of team ukraine for year 2020. because at 1st they approved it and they changed their mind only after public outcry and rti sans request. the way it's asking for clarification,
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why the main ruling body of european football let this happen and here their response, you a for then carefully considered the recently added slogan on the inside of the color glory to our heroes. following further analysis, this specific combination of the 2 slogans is deemed to be clearly political in nature, having historic and militaristic significance. this specific slogan on the inside of the shirt must therefore be removed for use in you. a for competition matches. currently ukraine in football shirts have to captions on them glory to ukraine and glory to the heroes. the problem is that these phrases have dark history, dating back to world war 2, when it was used by ukrainian nazi collaborators to greet each other. the slogan on the inside, the one that now has to be removed is glory to the heroes. because as they explain, the combination of that with the other phrase can be deemed to be politically loaded forward to ukraine, which is seen on the outside of the shirt. can state the whole story around the
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ukranian football uniform has kicked up some controversy with the russian football union along with the russian foreign ministry among those outraged by the design. this is another, it's hand by cave state propaganda to consolidate in the public consciousness. a slogan that many korean brought associate with the ukranian insurgent army lead based upon bundy era. and there are crimes during the 2nd world war. there is another thing about this. sure. it worth mentioning there is a map of ukraine on it would show its crimea as part of the country. creating football authorities defended their decision, saying this will strengthen the players. they will quote unquote, wide for the whole of ukraine. now the thing is that the but in solar became a part of russia back in 2014 after referendum, which saw over 95 percent of the population voting in favor of the reunion. but the russia, ukraine as well as western countries, said that they don't recognize, developed, but given the context, putting an image of a contest to region on
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a football jersey can be also seen as to have some political message to it. that's according to several russian football officials and even russian president spokesman. dimitri passed off, who insisted that sports must stay out of politics. by the way, for said that they have nothing against the map. well, indeed, euro 2020 kicks off in room on friday night. and a football fan flocked to stadiums across europe all be at limited capacity arenas the world health organization is urging people to remain vigilant. it's launched and information campaign alongside unicef, highlighting ways to reduce the risk of cobra. 1000 infection. they're wanting not despite the tourism sector, no, slowly reopening. people still need to exercise caution when traveling and avoid confined or crowded spaces. my colleague reshay spoke with rob butler, director of the w. h o regional office for europe. he said people need to bear in
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mind the optic in cases last summer. last year we were in exactly the same place and we saw a phenomenal resurgence covered following the summer. so this time we want to really take lessons. there are only 400000000. i say only but 400000000 practicing dosage administered in the european region that basically represented about 28 percent of the european population that a vaccination with one dose of faxing. so with, from safe we've just got to be so sensitive to be able to change our restrictions and our responses in the course of the, of the epidemiology. as we see this academia emerged. and in the past, i think it's hard to say many member states have been slow to respond to that as early signals because some a sentence campaign is essentially all about people saying size. it's clear that we're all very excited. someone come, we want to be together. we want to celebrate. we want to celebrate around certain tournaments, gatherings,
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even festivals that are taking place. but it's important that we do so in a safe way. people have already sacrificed so much over the past year and more. you know, kids missing out on schooling, millions of jobs lost. if the restrictions continue, do you think it's possible that could be some sort of fatigue, fatigue is happening. it is natural. we can't do anything about it in the sense that it's going to happen in any prolonged situation. crisis situation such as we find ourselves at the moment. we've understood a w, h r with our member states with the countries in europe. this is all about how best we understand people engage them in the solutions that we're creating, allow them to live life, but reduced risk and also knowledge, the hardships because boy that's been hardships the u. k. 's education secretary, her slum, the behavior of some oxford university students as simply absurd. they have done
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a portrait of queen elizabeth the 2nd from their ecologist common room, claiming they funded offensive. since that quote represents the country's colonial past. the president of the college sees the picture was removed after a votes, which itself was the initiative of the students. he added it should be up to the student body to decide on such issues. however, one committee member who argued against the motions that effectively counseling the queen, sent out a dire message. the removal comes of the british head of state proposed to mark 7 decades on the throne next year. we put the incident up for debate. the queen is the figurehead of our country. so i think it's a great, really, really great shames, come to this about the queen and also wherever the stuff that he speaks of not everybody feel that the queen, but that it's something that they don't believe in their colonialism. inherited well,
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system lack of memory. talk to say so if they don't want to that they haven't being disrespectful to the queen. i think there's another of this kind of talk of disrespect. and even though you respect that, that's not a 2nd piece. the comment that isn't what has caused a prince was not the but they making to make them feel welcome. it is the fact that it was the slides from the queen. the saying that she represents a colonial pass and that's why they remove the portrait. there was no reason for them to cause this fuss. they could just remove portrait, but instead of going public and making this new pretty vile insult to up to the queen, they made their vote. they took the portrait down. i think that people need to just respect that and if it hadn't been blown up in the way it was, there wouldn't be the great thing about it. i don't believe so much. so any comments about a portrait, whereas the outrage being about the queen,
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who am please charles, you've looked over 1000 laws before that the past and been able to to change some of them. i think we're going to talk about democracy. let's start with that. i don't think the music stream culture extreme is in, in, in the universities, but they should be freedom of speech and respect for different views. that's important. they shouldn't be in my, in my humble opinion, sent to ship, imposed by, by stopping some speakers just because they don't like they're not liked with some of their views. as long as they're not extremist views, that never encourage a man in south west front. so it's been sentenced to 4 months in jail for sloughing, a manual micron in the face. the incidents happened earlier this week when the french leader was trying to drum up support for his pre election campaign.
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the keys being given a formal sentence behind forth. but in fact, the truthful sentence was for 1814, most of that will be suspended for the next few years. now, this offence, so a so committed against somebody in the public authority could have seen him behind bars for 3 years. and find that 45000 years, some people may think that this is potentially lenient. however, thought the sentence comes with other conditions. for the next 5 years, tara will not be allowed to hold any weapons here in france. he will be deprived of his civic right. so things such as voting for the next 3 years. and he will be banned from exercising or being in the public office as well as that. the judge ordered that he had to undergo work over the next 2 years and also needed
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psychological care. now taro spoke at length to the court on thursday, answering many questions that the judge posed. he described himself as a patriot and he talked about what was going through his head at the time when he slept president mccord in the car. when we were waiting, we planned to do something striking to challenge him on political matters to take a yellow vest or french flag. but we changed our minds. well, no point in the court hearing, did he dispute that he had just sorted the president of the french republic, the even described that the soldiers being a roll, them violent laugh and he said, but the point where he did it was filled with disgust that seeing president black calling, when i saw his sympathetic and lying gaze, which wanted to make a voter of me, i was filled with disgust. i think my reaction was a little bit impulsive, but my words had an impact. my crohn and all the yellow vests and the patriots. he had quite
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a lot to say if our president michael saying that he represented the fall of the country. he talked about people feeling injustices under president michael's mandate. so what do we know about this 28 year old book, quite a lot from that court hearing today, much of what he said confirmed of what we've been hearing in the french press for the last few days, including the fact that pitches at his home were found as him dressed up as well because i asked him why that was. he said it was for showing his girlfriends, his friends, he described it as being a bad joke. he admitted to the court that he had given a copy of his men was mine, come to a friend as a gift. he talked about the fact that he accessed illegal world war 2 sites. these are the sorts of sites which deny you the whole. of course, and he said it wasn't because he was a revisionist history, but he didn't approve of censorship. and because they were censored,
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he wanted to go and see them. and she talked about his links with the yellow vector . quite a myriad of information coming out in the court today. meanwhile, president michael has spoken for the 1st time about this assault. he said it was important to put this in perspective in a pinch of salt, but he did describe it as being violent and foolish. we must not pretend this incident was anything more than an isolated act. there are people in society to day who can be violent at one time or another. now there was a 2nd individual arrested pulling back a thought on president michael not to let you be assaulting president michael, but for allegedly filming the incidents and putting it on twitter off the see, he's not due to come to court until next year. and he faces all the charges supplementary following a range on his home, where there have been allegations that he held illegal fire owns. but for the
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moment, damian taro, who is the man who slapped president moscow and assaulted him while michael was on his tutor? frantically this week will now be off to jail. to spend the 1st of the next month behind boss still ahead. europe a lawmakers push for sanctions against fella roost over the diversion of a ryan or a plane. there also pointing the finger a thrush more in that office. i joined me every 1st day on the alex summon show when i was speaking to get from the world, the politics, sport, business, and show business. i'll see you then. me.
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driven by drink shaped by those with me in the me there's thing we dare to ask. we're here in saint petersburg at the international economic form. and the topic of our program is the global economy. how is it changed since coven, for the winter, for the loses? what are the challenges? and what are the opportunities the welcome back. the european parliament has passed
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a resolution calling for further sanctions on beller bruce over the recent diversion of a civilian aircraft from your space. the document also calls for measures against russia for supporting minced the european parliament reminds president putin of the consequences of further supporting the regime of alexander lucas shanker, highlights in this context, the importance of introducing further sanctions against the russian federation for its role in supporting the by the russian regime, the european parliament calls for an urgent investigation into this unprecedented act of state terrorism against some e. u. registered civilian aircraft. such an investigation should explore the possibility that russian nationals played a part in the terrorist acts perpetrated by the bell of our son regime. less recap what happened on may 23rd. a reiner a flight from greece to lift you india was forced to make an emergency landing in bella. ruth's over a bomb threat, the turned out to be
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a hoax. 2 people were then taken off the plane on arrested the editor of a ballad. russian pro opposition telegram channel and his russian girlfriend. european countries responded by bombing flights to and from bella roofs and ordering plains to avoid the countries or a space. claims of a russian role in the day version of the aircraft have not so far being backed up by any evidence on the kremlin house tonight and the involvement. we got reaction on the resolution from martin doors are a member of the humber parliament through playing russia, something red. so in this way you can go forward. this will not lead to the dialogue. all this will not lead to strengthen one for you all shall claim to be sure thing to international law and resort thing to human rights that are that different economically tied them to the union. so it will not out the civilians so much. but i think it will even strain to look at and it
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will not lead to kind of regime change which is wanted by the union. we shall go deeper into another life when we see that the european union and the us try to do color revolution and ukraine and then georgia. now embed sanctions. and this is the contrary of a dialogue and as well the person who was put into prison from the era play was someone who was working with the rec, recommend you, which is the passion, recommend in the crying. you want the blog. so i think it's not the right way to bring down a plane to, to get to get access to a person like that. the united states is you to complete its paula to from afghanistan in 3 months time. but it's reportedly keeping open the option
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of earth strikes beyond that date if couples in danger of falling to the telephone and the secretary of state has even admitted its not a complete withdraw. i don't think that the fact that our forces are withdrawing one. we're not withdrawing, we're staying the embassy staying. our programs are staying. we're working to make sure that other partners stay. we're building all of that up and whatever happens in afghanistan, if there is a significant deterioration. insecurity, that could well happen. we discussed this before. i don't think it's going to be something that happens from a friday to monday. so i wouldn't necessarily equate the departure of our forces in july or august or by early september with some kind of immediate deterioration in the, in the situation. the u. s. military say it's taking more than half of its personnel
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out of afghanistan since april. the polite was supposed to be concluded on may 1st after 2 decade presence in the country. but joe biden push the deadline back to september 11th, which will mark exactly 20 years since the 911 terrorist attacks that led to the us war on terror. anti war activist brian becker thinks the latest warnings from the pentagon are essentially an admission of defeat. this report indicates that there is a fierce debate going on within the pentagon and within the administration. and one would expect it to be in debate because by exiting afghanistan finally, which the u. s. should do. and so also an acknowledgement that the u. s. has lost the war. if the u. s. has been bombing taliban positions while it was occupied with large numbers of military forces and u. s. military bases in afghanistan for 2 decades. and that did not defeat the
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taliban. why would the resumption of air strikes after the u. s. is gone? why would that be effective militarily? so what's happening is, the pentagon and the by the ministration are now pointing fingers and debating and trying to provide some semblance of a plan b when they leave. and should the country fall to the taliban? if in fact, the afghan military can't sustain itself, which is very likely, the fact of the matter is the u. s. has lost the war, and the u. s. is leaving, which they had to do eventually. but it's never easy for politicians or generals to take responsibility. thus, the proclamations by blinking and others that somehow the us present will still remain. i don't think so. the human rights watch is urging the grip of 7 countries to stop subsidizing the oil industry. the organization pointed out the rich nations continued financial support for fossil fuels. despite pleasures to the country. that message comes ahead of the g 7 summit,
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which gets under way in the u. k. on friday with climate change, high on the agenda and the nations in attendance of old pledge to drastically reduce the reliance on oil and gas. but together they have invested more than $189000000000.00 in fossil fuel projects. since the start of the panoramic, that's substantially more down there investments in green energy. nevertheless, us climate envoy john kerry remains update. he's claiming pollution can be cut without any drop in living standards. you don't have to give up a quality of life to achieve some of the things that we know we have to achieve. that's the brilliance of some of the things that we know how to do. and we'll do. or i discuss the continued reliance on oil and gas with a puddle of guest. we've got rich nations promising to slash emissions, but they're still investing billions in fossil fuels. why we're going to do with economics at the end of the day renewable energy has been coming down in price and
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quite substantially over the years. but you know, particularly in america, fossil fuels through what very well and of course, the 2nd biggest producer of carbon emissions in the world. and so a little bit to do with the comics. i don't think that we can achieve anywhere near the savings in carbon and, and change the trend of what's happening in global climate change that we need to without massive changes in the way that we consume. and that doesn't necessarily mean a negative change. but i think we need to adopt these technologies more quickly and some of those quite changed they putting in place more quickly. i just don't think it's happening fast. you know? i just don't think that we can keep our reliance on fossil fuel, tackle climate change, the 2 things. it's not compatible. but on the,
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on the gas and really going into the future care and transition out of renewable energy cannot shut. she and we, can you hear the is natural gas? is that about a mission? by 2015, even 200. the nation is illusion. it to never happen. so the will continue to mean as i say, well, in the 23rd century and far beyond that when you look at consumption in the western g 7 economies, it's vastly high, you know, of electricity and calls and,
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and the demands for, from fuel to that. and when we consider goods, you know, computers are left on lights a left on our over the place so much we could do better before we preach other countries. but the countries are getting richer themselves. a key pledge from the g 7, which takes off on friday, incidentally, is to limit the rising global temperatures to one and a half degrees celsius. but that goal is based heavily on technology that isn't available right now. will technology catch up in time to make these plans even possible only with a lot more investment than that we've seen half now. so things like carbon sequestration on not viable now and things that even give developments. we've seen hydrogen all very, very promising. and, and technology bought comes lot together so that the innovation is hidden. hydrogen, to some extent,
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tackle some of the storage issues that we see that we can capture from energy from renewables, more, more sustainably. and then we can store the energy distributing much more efficiently. unfortunately, that technology isn't, isn't where we need it to be. and it's going to cost a lot of money to get it to where it needs to be. well that brings us right to the break. more programs coming up in moments, stay close. aah . news in


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