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tv   News  RT  June 16, 2021 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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spring wash, the me the the news joe biden is, and the russian delegation is ready in geneva for the 1st us russia summit of his presidency, may comfort him, a potent too. there are a little later too. and his top diplomat has already set the tub. the autumn in the 18th century venue for the summit of the city of geneva, a rule on high security this morning for the occasion. meantime on the sidelines, a whole lot going on. we as people in new york and moscow who they thought would win a bite and improved had met in some kind of make believe fight, which caused what happened to little survey just to make you smile. this wednesday
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would shake the bad in a fight, but white and the reason for when use a so we're most good time. wednesday the 16th june. this is art internationally. with me, kevin, though for good morning, she will, as you had one story dominating coverage today, the world is poised for the 1st us russia summit of the pied presidency. the much anticipated geopolitical fear to couldn't set the path to a cause for future relations between 2 global super pose and will become clear as well as events unfold in the next few hours in geneva. today the who's
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so as you'd expect, the russian delegation is already in geneva, head of president potent who will be there just a bit later today there played in fact, the circle for a little at the airport for nearly an hour on tuesday waiting permission to land among those borders for ministers love rove weather delay though he remains in an optimistic mood depending on what she got. her report suggest, the russian delegation was delayed over geneva because of the arrival of the us president. tim also seemed in good spirits the right. thank you. thank you so much. thank you. next is satellite image of the venue hosting this historic summit. you can see the 18th century villa, la garage, where they'll meet, is surrounded by a 2 parks and of course is on the high security today. indeed,
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a bit more about the tree lined classical mansion is no stranger to historic events, but history away back in 18. 64. indeed, it hosted the signing of the 1st geneva convention that rings a bell. it's the thing that said, the framework, the humane treatment of wounded and sick military personnel in conflicts. and here's what it's like on the inside. no expense, bad fear. they hear precedence set to meet in the village library for a potentially heated conversation though, the talks are expect to the last around 5 hours when they get underway, where the sides will lay down this so called red lines. so what's on the agenda than well, cyber attacks, sanctions, nato, and human rights that are all the key topics. a no surprise, russia america got different views on it to next. he says kid taylor in geneva, but looking at how both nations approach these issues behind this son, the tenant, by to and will meet face to face. and if you're lost in the sea of what to expect,
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i made it easy because there are a few of that favorite thing. just weeks before the summit, americans were in crisis. no gas, no groth fed beef, ransomware tox, left people queueing for hours to refuel. that tanks anything. beacon vargas fuentes. and you'd never guess who's to blame. i'm going to be meeting with president. and so far, there is no evidence based on from our intelligence people that russia is involved . although there is evidence that of actors ransomware is in russia, but the president potent looked a little like someone starting the pre summit pot. he is a veteran of russia gate off to rule the r yes, america. c his favorite foreign policy tool just perfect will be mega, solo and pack, not all who did it, but let's just function a few russians,
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a few russian tech, but i'm throw in a few russian fine up. so group q, the applause joe biden is sending a truly message to russia, theories of tough news, sanctioned new tough sanctions on moscow. president biden is signaling that a new sheriff is in town on the campaign trail. president biden said, whom were common for you. and now he is sanction so much more fun than dealing with one's own domestic problems. i'm all right, joe. most good and expelled some americans and blacklisted some us groups apparently up to meddling, the stabilizing. no good. the a slippery topic over which the u. s. has been sanctioning everyone something at feet and even pulling its allies. but then, you know, it's got tired in what way, where we were going to be able to stop project in another country that had been or bill to 955. and of course, was praised for being reasonable,
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so much more reasonable than you know. the one for nato has been waiting, rouses 1949. but i pacific union or russia to thought a war and you will really, it doesn't mind and want to be waiting. it's been building miss all bases. i'm doing massive wardrobe, but not aggressively. you know, nato is there to defend all our allies. and this exercise sends a message about our ability to transport a large number of troops, equipment across the atlantic, across europe, and also to protect maritime power. a perry, total coincidental. but it's all just happening, you know, near ross's board. and while the criminal does believe in coincidence, it's an so not a fool. so knowing that there is now a need to rocket just 15 minutes away from moscow. it's formed a few new military units, but not aggressively. you know,
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america's take on that. that's why i keep people in painters at the border and dozens of indefinitely entertained. i've gotten kind of bay with hundreds of others, having been tortured. i'll be meeting with president putin in a couple weeks in geneva. megan, declare that we will not. we will not stand by, let him abuse those rights, which some could say has a distinct width of double standards since you flew him up. but we are following with interest. the persecution of those who are accused of the rises on january the 6th this year when the lot of really interesting things are happening there from the point of view of the rights of the opposition of protecting those rights. washington shopped at its own reflection. the mirror replied that it doesn't need any tips from russia, from international law. thank you very much. the will it be smooth, the lint chocolate? will they be reaching those famous swiss army knife?
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you have to watson feet. yep. well, smooth on all the talks are expensive to touch upon the issue of child russian positionally the legs in the valley, which the west fuses unjust, while also keeping silent on the plates of june. the sons, of course, he's got an underground sho compared the 2 very divisive cases. i suppose. so sanchez case really exposes the hypocrisy all the european union and see us and constantly lecturing russia about human rights under belgium journal or whatever. and then here we have a probably the biggest french press freedom case of a generation of springs and freedom for 10 years for exposing us for crime. he has been with liberty for 10 years. his health is really jeopardize and it was in 10 days when the open motion wasn't even arrested 10 days of your
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emergency motion to monitoring his release. i mean, the 2 don't, don't clearly it's not very fraser. my mentor writes that game playing. i'm using these issues, so when i say should when right, it's just costing and prevail fear all the time. us russia ties have always been shaky. and the only thing post presidents have recently agreed on is that relations are at the lowest level and he is experts to that the geneva talks could either bring a reset or if it goes the other way may spoil things for years to come. is a quick look at how the 2 superpowers reached this moment today. the station russia made great progress in building a new relationship. today, our relationship is broad and strong. i don't expect russia to look like the united states. number 2, we will have the same type of democracy in iraq to tell you the truth.
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ah, me 200 years have not been able to establish a stable and confident relationship with the way. why not? you're asking when russia has not been able to establish stable relationships with the west? well, let me ask you, why is the west not established labor relations with russia? both such should make the effort. when we talk about equitable relations, it means respecting each other and respect means recognizing each other as equal partners. god forbid you enter into any contradictions with our american partners on the american continent that is considered the holy of holies. and yet allocating ships with missile munitions of 10 kilometers from where we are considered. okay, it doesn't equal approach. the
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want to reset it says big meals for which i rush as aggression against ukraine threatens our vision of a europe that is whole. busy free and at peace. one thing i'm counting with, with the prison proven event occasion is benjamin significant amount of time with is dan at his core. he is, he's practical. ah. when you might, she will. when do you have any idea what you don't know, but i'm afraid this question will hang. because the policy on that which is based on the competence of the a sure, the one zone exclusivity and impunity has been
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a balance of the russia hacked into a lot of thing. the kremlin klan that was bought by this russian troll farm on facebook was a black live matter. and there they are in the u. k. and in france and in spain, and in the middle east, and in the united states. and in all of these other just replace, ah no bread and killer me. i do not show you how to relations of degraded to the lowest level. ah, the weekend interview, vladimir prudent laughed at the suggestion that you had called him killer. is that still your beliefs or that he is a killer expansion?
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the 1st question i'm laughing to, ah, so he'll be up to today's day with that kind of chemistry, just so in us russia relations the agenda of the summit could simply be too big as well. as what independent jenna's look were, they told us in our studio in geneva earlier for the 1st state, they must meet again in 2011. they met and it was not enough. they don't know each other very well. and it's very good that they meet now that mister bison. ben will avoid future b expressions that he used to speak about president, and i'm sure he will, but the agenda is a sub to big. it's there is 2 notch if you look, for example, at the meeting between now i got about tristan reagan and $86.00. they had one thing in mind, nuclear disarmament and they worked on it. they worked on a thing here in geneva and another fella. and right, give it a few months later,
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dave organized new sessions in the afternoon to go deeper into the matter and it was only one issue. so i hope that the nuclear issue start negotiations and things are decided upon that they fix an agenda that would be already fantastic. on a lighter note show, a mainstream major in the u. s. has been pushing the data biden's heading to the meeting to show who the new sheriff in town is that he needs to be tough with poacher. we asked people in the us, russia, who, when they thought, if the met in the wild, wild west stay with the c badges, but in a fight, probably that i'm glad to mail to you and unfortunately he would win because his mother been divided. i think probably because he a little more in shape both would make it after the 1st couple bunch of involved, give him a thought nobody wins because the more wor biden is going to do is the very best to
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represent but probably got a lot more homework about how to get around this man. yeah. look pretty big sides. i bought it. of course the russian president who can win here a lot of hobby thing. his pictures on hard back, but bite in his toller, even when i'm at home to tell you to do most or maybe by doing work out, we don't know yet. so i think they're both very different and have lovely so so they will do no fights. they will end in peace, had enough war so 6 or 7 i was to go yet, but will be the cross all the build up to it and go in low to us 2 years later, an amount of hours. the 2 presidents are to meet to the leader, switzerland to then they're going to head off for the highly anticipated face to face toward our teams,
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to bring you all the details of our studio already in geneva. stay with us. ah ah ah ah ah to be with me ah
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ah, i use join me every 1st day on the alec salmon show when i was speaking to guests in the world of politics, sport, business, and show business. i'll see you then. mm. the. the news. ah. some of these this morning now the fragile sea slow between israel and palestine is being tested for exchange of fire. explosions, wrote gaz are off to israel mounted air strikes for the 1st time since the end of
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last month's fighting strike in response to arson. balloons sent from the gaza strip over the border firefighters say the balloons calls around $25.00 in southern israel alice city now. and it was sparked by israeli demonstrations in jerusalem, where more than a 1000 ultra nationalists bearing is really flags poured into the old city. they were celebrating for smoke and jerusalem de marking the capture of the city back in 967. this latest flare up is the 1st and since the new coalition government took over on sunday night ousting prime minister benjamin yo. after 12 years in correspondence, polish clay has got the latest from jerusalem on it. what you see happening right is the annual jerusalem day celebrations is a repeat of what happened 5 weeks ago. but at that time, just moment off to the day march thought my sidewalk had some gaza triggering and you live and they conflict and the march was disbanded. it is now happening 5 weeks
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later. but as you can see, there are hundreds of thousands of young, mostly white celebrate israel capture all the way to moore during the 6 day war of 1967. however, i will be great and finance, according this application, must have wars that move on appropriate. so you have more than 2000 police and security officers on stand by the entire area has been co thought. i'm standing here which is shut. and this is in an effort by these people to try and prevent any time or come pick from taking place. and not cases, yet on their way to the gate, which would be likely to be all. and then from there they'll make their way to the waste and all this is my country. i'm not going out and i'm not training anyone. i'm just walking with aflac and singing and dancing. why,
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why is it important for you to do that? because it's just your reselling, this is jerusalem and we lost a chance on your musician. i am with bon falling all over the show. and this is our place. we're here to raise our flag. it's our capital city. we are proud to raise our flag in front of all of the arabs in the world. now the police have arrived to push the shop owners keeping gathering on this side of the boat further away to try and tell him the tension that called me in the protest. but they certainly go in frustration. it's beyond location. it's a dictation patient in order to think that we are good if you are under our so good, anything that we do not, we do not accept it and he took him to the when we pray here, they have no respect for us all the time. they come here, these races,
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they make problems for us. it's not the country of israel, this is the country of palestine. where am i angry? because his broken look at these dogs. i didn't no way in the world. they come from to take my home on my mother's life. no, today has gone off with any kind of passion which might be a winning. so the new government up not been it. but the reality on the ground is that he had 2 issues really on the one side of the road behind me. and then we moved across the road. here you have and i will be great leave those that are out in here. we are just standing and watching the 2 side separated t corruption ran rampant across europe during the pandemic, according to a survey by global corruption, watchdog transparency international and free quarters of the 40000 respond. and so the situation is getting worse. shallow. reuben ski reports
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a new report by transparency international has found the view of national authorities and institutions is 44 with more than 60 percent of those who took part thing corruption in the government was a major problem. but of all the issues faced by you citizens, one of the sole cust elements was access to health care during the 19 pandemic. the report describes that as being a hot spot for corruption. wherever you go, you must pay up. and if you can't pay, you died before your time. he told me something happened to me several years, but i had to pay money just to be seen by doctors. they would not touch me, otherwise. you pay, you move forward. you don't pay. you are left behind, cross the things that people said they paid a bry perfect health care, but sales at the, for the, in some countries it appears that bribery was rife,
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and money wasn't the only leverage for getting treatment. almost a 3rd said that they used a personal connection to receive medical attention. so please, i'm not surprised. medical attention results for the lease, which is absolutely and acceptable, especially in have been damaged. we can't have this hierarchy of who has access to health care. no, that's good about this finding is not a surprise, but it disturbs me, you repeat stays, shouldn't even be charging money for health care. i do not saying that route ever get rid of corruption, a startling and concerning trend during a health fun demik during health crisis, using personal connections to access public services can be as damaging as paying bribes. lives can be lost when connected. people get a corporate 19 vaccine or medical treatment before those with more urgent needs. it's crucial that governments across the e u. re double the efforts to ensure
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a fair and equitable recovery from the ongoing pandemic. all of face highlights just how fragile the use mechanisms can be and could be one of the reasons why confidence in the block ability to handle crises like cooper 19 has taken such a hit. recent polls have indicated how much of a problem this is with staggering numbers, saying that their confidence in the european union was low or has deteriorated. with corruption, according to transparency international be seen, is so widespread, does not raise concerns. given that the e u is about to allocate billions of euros supposed pandemic recovery problem of the current auction east long time problem. euro is nor to own a in line we to fund and make it is very hard to change the way of thinking. measure it or the can accept the bry, buddy debt,
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etc. chewed is hardly for change of thing. hold itself up as a model of integrity. the results of transparency international for romance as challenges renewed and shows across the block, the fairies. why fresh content? so let's see. all see paris was the way things are looking so far from oscar to leave us some pretty pictures or just spotted coming to the new center from geneva . suddenly a great start. the day that is the 18th century village in geneva, where the big biden put in some, it's going to take place late for the main focus of unused today. suddenly table co surveys to receive little clouds on the rise and for those talks are over, will be across it. you can to hear and don't come the the
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driven by shaped by those with the in me dares thing. we dare to ask me ah, towards the summit, the by did ministration push for a summit with russia. moscow agreed what the bike people hope to achieve remains unclear. we are told, the white house wants to restore predictability and stability. what could possibly go wrong?
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these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger, survive something on survival. one of the hardest things that i had to face was not having a face at a low patient life. accepted, accept the fact that i made that appointment. we had no fears. del change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. this is your media. a reflection of reality. in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation, whole community. you going the right way for you being the direct? what is true? what is faith?
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me in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths all remained in the shallows. ah ah! they gave us the letter and was just finished. one of the has actually got the one i me ah, ah, ah me
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ah! go changes who put the deposit. got it i call should the because of much other than was really good on the inside. i city of austin southeast in afghanistan, close to the border with pakistan. society here is extremely patriarchal, even by africa standards. standards as harsh is the local terrain. the local tribe, the passion, or people of was that's why i want to
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pedestrian, the little target. number 2 of them, though, in an abortion, isn't cripples. i'm going to walk to school was about i said i need to be chosen to be the one or group i live in, or one of the one they got did not really, george just came up because i want to say it's not a whole party, but i'm a month plus a library. i know that a lot of leave disaster searching another little job ah look good afternoon just the the way of the.


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