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tv   News  RT  June 16, 2021 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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you got 2 eyes and 2 airs and one mouth. so you should be seeing and hear and a whole lot more than you're saying. if you don't take that advice, usually going to dig yourself a whole break can use this. so the moscow, merced said van into nuns, mandatory covert vaccinations for service sector workers here in the russian capital, emit a huge surge in cases. the other big story of the day came to the super power summit. the russia president's plane is due to arrive in geneva, very soon bringing him for the 1st meeting with biden, since the usb to took office. it's also going to bring the nations closer together . all will let drive and even deeper wedge between them while the day will show us by the end of it. and all this going on under the roof for the place you're looking at. now exhibitor is 18th century villa in geneva will take you round dimensions library. we got access there, where the president said to me this week,
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we were kind enough to offer this access to this room. and these villa went to extraordinary lengths to provide the 2 men sitting in these chairs, vladimir putin and giovanni with all the comfort while waiting for all that hard news to come through. we thought we'd have a bit of fun with us. russia relations at rock bottom and maybe looking like a bit of a personal grudge much we asked people in new york, moscow who's when it thing is going to be scrappy between fruits and, and by which caused in real life that was bad. but in a fight was late in the solar wind. ah hello, busy on tuesday, then wednesday, the 16th of june geneva summit de to international with me kevin. oh and that is
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the big story. don't know, coverage this, we're going to be heading there to switzerland shortly. but 1st, the other big story that came in within the last we had the breaking news that the mayor of moscow's and i was compulsory covert shots for service sector work is along with transport and education stuff after a recent surgeon daily case number. so i got across this when responding, if a trend is done by the kremlin and i suppose it was to be expected, it was heading this way, wasn't it? tell us more detail about what the methodist se, kevin, hello there. well, the situation with the daily rise in covert cases in moscow, it was changing so quickly in mid june. it had been rather stable, plus 2000 plus $3000.00 cases daily. and that's been like it throughout spring. so it was very stable. but then all of a sudden that curb to started going up in the mid june. and we finally saw the
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peaks that were to be compared with the ones at the end of last year, during the so called 2nd wave as it was seen in russia. so it was clear that the moscow government and the medical authorities will come up with some kind of measures for it. and so they did only a few days ago, it was announced in moscow that for instance, restaurants, bars and nightclubs will be closed during the night. and food courts in malls, for example, will stop their service. but at the latest, and the most important announcement from the city authorities is that 60 percent of the work force form and the customer service workers will now be obliged to be vaccinated. and here we're talking about professions like catering workers, workers or trade employees of beauty. sounds, fitness,
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club spas and massage parlors, client structures of bags, transport workers, employees of theaters, museums, and libraries. now, besides this, we also understand that if for some reason for you it's dangerous to be vaccinated, then in this case of course that won't be mandatory. also, it will be up to the employers to provide access to see these are the main, these are the key points of the decisions that have been announced by the moscow city authorities. we also heard from the mayor of moscow, the mayor doors and capital searcy. so beyond, in the who said that, of course, if you're sitting home, if you're not directly in touch with the people, then it's up to you whether to get vaccinated or not. but if you are working with people face to face, then under the current circumstances, clearly that's a different story. it's up to each person whether to vaccinate or not. it's their
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decision, as long as they're sitting at home. but when you go out to public places and get into contact with other people consciously or unconsciously, you become complicit in the spread of the disease. in view of the di epidemic situation, moscow's chief medical officer today approved regulation of mandatory vaccination of service sector workers. now, mandatory vaccination may sound scary for some viewers, but we do have to understand that when it comes to the profession in which the staff face to face again when they directly deal with the customers with other people. there is also a list of heavy diseases for which the vaccines had already been in place for years or decades. so now we just have to understand that there's a plus one for when it comes to cove. it now, when i began talking to kevin,
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i mentioned the spike in daily cases that russia currently witnessing. it hasn't been like that for at least 4 or 5 months. but now the situation is changing. and one of my colleagues spoke to the chief doctor of moscow's top coven hospital. about this. with this, the changes about how the situation is getting much worse with cove. it not only in the russian capital, but also in other different big cities of russia. stephanie is actually what's really happened. why do we see such a spike in covered cases when the states another? well, we have loosened up too much as a careless attitude to personal protection. face masks, for instance, of social distancing deal all the rules. we've been closely following over the last year. i think people just got really tired of it. so all these factors together resulted in a search and covert cases of the call it a 3rd wave if you will. it happened. it's
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a fact. a mask is not only your protection, your safety, it's also your responsibility toward society. to some extent, it's the same story with the vaccine. it's a sense of responsibility for reducing the pressure on the health care system and reducing the number of severe cases. i'm deeply convinced this situation could be solved only by mass vaccinations. this could bring our normal life back again. no, it still is land. what do we know about this new indian strain yet? it moves no. i know what i see on an everyday basis. over 200 patients admitted to hospital every day. yes, every day. it's like the big days. it's even more with the peak of the 1st 2 waves . you go up, they say it's his theory, everybody's panic. it's a big pharma conspiracy. so they could make profit out of that. so and a bunch of junk, more shuttle, if it was hysteria with the old, a temporary covert hospitals and additional re animation services in the city would
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have been empty. and all we know for a fact is that over 1500 severely ill patients are an intensive care over 500 our own ventilators. we don't see this picture with the flu. my message to everyone is that only vaccination can prevent the situation. now the world's poise across the big new story. today for the 1st us russia, the summit of the biden presidency, the much anticipated geopolitical fear. that could set the path for a future relations between 2 global superpowers. all can become clear as events unfold for the day in geneva, and that's where our special news team awaiting for us next ah ah
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me with in the city of geneva. whether to match the very whole until the fate of the very keep the discussions are going to take place in the american and russian president. yes, it is the 16th of june. so yes, it is, the russia us summit together, the country hold 90 percent of the wilds kill off. no, they cannot afford not to sit down. they have to watch gather if they didn't like a child up to you and me. pizza. wow. i didn't expect that coming, but i think 90 percent of the world diplomats within how many have the russian delegation has already arrived. we even thought by co taj will be cars. driving along the lake side, i was reading together. the u. s. and russian delegation have 800 people. i mean, if that is not assigned, but this is a pretty high stakes on that. i don't know what it's talk about security as well
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though. i mean, you were saying when you run this morning, well you don't d spool. i mean, that's right the all of the across the river side on the, the front of the lake here, completely blocked off. if you're wanting to get around geneva the day, forget about if you want to arrive in geneva today, forget about the space is closed. there's only one plane where keeping an eye out for that will be arriving probably in the next 20 minutes. so slow in the playing, carrying russian president vladimir period and joe biden arrived yesterday. we had a front re think we had a 4th one flying at. i'm not sure many of the people good, but just for all shoulders are just of our shows. seeing air force, wall and job, i've been met with the president very briefly. didn't miss an opportunity that tried to sound some fight. the jets got to appreciate the whole soul really, but they also took the swiss all hosting mason guy, not in the this was president say he hopes for some good results from they said this meeting, he will be part of the welcoming committee when vladimir does arrive but as you
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said, we're delegation already here. we've heard a lot for all we have spoke to press yesterday. he did so 1st off they of course went and did mandatory cobra testing. they talked to the monitoring hotel, he made a joke and someone said, oh, how did a go? you said you're going to waste the autopsy. so thought is just his dog sense of humor that many people appreciate him full. actually he is very beat about it cuz one john not taught him how you feeding ahead of 2 more. his talks he said, i'm actually feeling splendid. now. course we're not expecting too much, but we are hoping for many thing, many normalization. actually, what's interesting is part of the delegations, we've obviously going to have the 2 liters. we've also got foreign ministers. we're going to have to stay on to blink. and so caleb ross, he's already here, but we've also got a course for 2 of those who aren't in place who aren't in place so that really they was both recalled by the capitals the 1st time that's happened into when t. yes. so that really shows that this summer, even just coming and meeting in
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a city meeting across a table, it's absolutely crucial that is even some sort of rumor that may be straight from geneva, that going to fly back to that respective citizen. even that would be a many success like that would be something to take away from another meeting. it's going to be taking place around a kilometer. so just over to our left, the man who is there for us right now is up. he's got madonna, hello. can you hear us any, any progress during this? so me here in geneva, when it comes to cyber attacks. again, they committed emanating from russia. don't expect any progress that the military threat of russia continue. i mean, this is what technology is. i mean, you can correct you down and running really need. when you are just teasing officer, he's got this in fight information is not letting us have the scoop exam telling you you must see some way he listening to something. i hear you somewhere. he is doing his watch. you find it? well, yes. we definitely know that he got an inside scoop of the palace
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a couple of the palace, the villa where they'll be meeting lot of the john. this will let or other a few. i should say, as he said, didn't meet well and, but that's just more opinion of himself. i'm checking on. he said he even got to touch the chaz on which they was sitting. i think that he even managed to have he did a little film. maybe we'll catch sight of that late and i hope so. in the meantime, it's a very, it's got a bit of history, this village. yeah, it's telling us yesterday it's the place where the original geneva convention was signed. and the 1900 century, i mean, really talked about historic. so it's, it comes with history. this is certainly a historic moment when it comes to relations between the us and the united russia. that said, we are expecting great shakespeare. there's a lot of places these 2 nations don't see eye to eye, certainly when it comes to the personalities. busy of the 2 leaders, they're not going to be leaving here. best made. going to be sitting down to watch
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the russia much in the european championships tonight together with the football for it brings the world together. well, it is interesting. see also what the people think, because obviously all we talk about is what putin thinks a bite and what they've said to each other about each other. so we decide just have a look what people both state side and russia think about that respective leaders. and of course we always tried to do things a bit differently. we decided to see who would win in a fight. but in a fight probably that i'm glad i'm able to appeal and unfortunately he would win because his model been i think probably has a little more in shape, but i wouldn't make it after the 1st couple of runs of give him a pause. nobody wins because the more wor biden is going to do is the very best to represent but probably got
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a lot more homework about how to get around. yeah. look pretty big. so i'd say, of course the russian president will win. wealth can win here a lot of hobby thing, his pictures on hard back, but white in the solar wind computing to the to do most or maybe by doing work out, we don't know yet. so i think they're both very different. have lovely so, so they will be notified. they will end in peace enough or what we can cross over to me that i finally who's up the villa where the bite and some it will take place. murat, you can hear us now. yes. yes, sorry for the technical issue. there are
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a lot of cameras here. a lot of signals crisscross in the air with we have actually been asked to move a little bit back because well, it wouldn't do to have so many correspondence doesn't here. screaming, varying things depending on where they're from, into the camera, but problem the latest about 1520 minutes ago, the 1st part of the delegation of russian delegation, we believe arrived at a me cheapest, got the president spokesperson. we see that he even offered a comment. he said, do not expect the summit to be historic. so expectations a lou, don't expect any, any breakthrough to come to come up this, which is, you know, something that we've heard for a while, but people, people tend to expect surprises that you recently report. that despite activity in geneva had gone through the roof that spies from all over the world had gathered. he had tried to figure out what to but what vladimir putin, what they, what, what they were willing to compromise on what they were going to insist on. so,
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you know, any, any knowledge of what your opponent once is, is tremendous, tremendous boon. and here we've been offered general themes that they're going to be taught. think about such as strategic stability. one of the things we hear often is that they have common god, they do have called them god, but the devil is in the details because take global stability says google strategic stability, arms control the russian federation. the united states specialize in very different warfare methods and very different weapons. the russians prefer hypersonic new south america, the very good and have moved and ed defend ms. i was very close to russia and they want the other side to reduce the number of the arguments they specialize. so you get, the devil is in the details and that affects everything. the arctic disagreements of the art, the climate change, which they both agree on, but the firm how to, how to combat the point is that they have gathered here despite the fact again that both leaders have plenty of trouble with whom that they have to deal with they have gathered here, they have both understood that the relationship,
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the part that the relationship between russia, the united states has gone down. it isn't good for anyone. and they've gathered, he had to sort of set the rules for the game. again, that has been ugly in recent years, and everybody here obviously, hoops, hoops that they will establish at least a framework for dialogue, a foundation from which to build trust. but for now we have, you know, we're waiting and in fact, yesterday we were let in for a tour of the village. and here's what we saw the swiss, who were kind enough to offer this access to this room. and these villa went to extra ordinary length to provide the 2 men sitting in these chairs vladimir putin and jo button with all the comfort, the security, and the privacy that they need to perform these difficult task that they're here for. there is a vested interest understanding here in geneva, switzerland,
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in europe and in the world. so russia and the united states, the 2 greatest nuclear power in the world for them to get along, to learn, to talk to each other an ability that in recent years they have unfortunately lost success. here isn't the resolution of the myriad of conflicts and disagreements and scandals and disputes between the 2 countries. success here is them learning to talk to each other and agreeing to address those concerns that have fisted, unattended for years. aside from the luxurious library, there are many other rooms in the villa, this meeting room as well for a wider format meeting where both joe biden and vladimir putin. we'll meet with all the aides. there's also telling that both men would come here and such high profile delegations at a time when booth have enough to deal with at home. it gives to show that that
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equally interested in repairing relations. the arrival of both leaders will be a very formal affair. gordon, the cameras vladimir putin arrives weights inside barton, arrives, is inside then the 3 presidents, the president, switzerland, russia, and the united states come out here for a family photo that it's off inside for business. well thought was more odd with his inside knowledge. she would of course, be the following, everything that the 2 of them say when they arrived, we are literally what looks like minutes, probably within the next 101015 minutes of the russian president arriving. we can see that the apple is looking for tea busy already a lot of boots on the ground arriving for that. this was president has also arrived . i can see, the hype is growing. we are staying here. we are going to have so much analysis inside information. so i'm going to get my binoculars out. see if i can see that
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playing coming in d l in the swiss president, just arriving at the villa right now. or waiting on blood may have to drop in and then we can get started with what has been one of the most hotly anticipated summits in a long time, long time that i can think of, let's see what comes of it back. as soon as we see that russian play ah ah ah i ah, with
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me ah ah, i use join me every 1st aid on the alex summon show, and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the the news
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aah! again is kevin over here at our t h q. going back to geneva ross when the russian presidents plane arise will break into what we're doing to bring it up. but let me bring him on news happening now this wednesday, 1st the fragile scenes far between israel and palestine. it's been really tested after an exchange of fire explosions. the rocking guards are off to israel mounted strikes for the 1st time since the end of last month. fighting though, strikes in response to austin balloons being sent over from the gaza strip of the border fire fighter saying those blues, they think cause at least 20 fires in southern israel as for palestinian. and it will, that was spot by really demonstrations in jerusalem year. but seeing a screen where more than a 1000 ultra nationalists bearing is railey flags poured into the old city. you haven't got those pictures yet. oh, here we are. yeah, that was celebrating the postpone jerusalem de marking the capture of the city back in 1967. this latest clear up now is the 1st since new coalition government took
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over sunday night. i still prime minister benjamin netanyahu after 12 years in power with the latest, a middle east correspondence from jerusalem for you. what you see happening right here is the annual jerusalem day celebration is a repeat of what happened 5 weeks ago. but at that time, just moment off to the day, march started, my sidewalk, has some gaza, triggering and 11 day conflict, and the march was disbanded. it is now happening 5 weeks later. but as you can see, there are hundreds of thousands of young to the one who celebrate israel capture all the way to moore during the 6 day war of 1960 however, i would be great ease and finance. calling the patient had not had wars that it was on appropriate, so you have more than 2000 and security officers on stand by the entire area has
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been coastal. i'm canning point, which is, and this is in an effort by these people to, to try and prevent any kind of company from taking place. and as mentioned, we're breaking reports. we go straight back to geneva, we got the president, putin plain. the official plane is about to let us go back to the cause that peter, what do you got for us? the who's well, what we have for you in the lucian 96. let me approve the presidential plane just over my right shoulder in between. you may be able to see their camera months down as a title shot on left. that's the russian president playing the russian equivalent of air force war and of course, which we saw joe biden land on just yesterday. i can tell you we've got
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a screen in front of us where we can see on the ground at the airport. and people are scurrying ferociously getting in position for the arrival today. that all along the, the side of the route road in front of the hotel. here we're trying to see people arriving out the limit, solve the barricades in order to try and see us as the russian presidential motorcade that i think will it seems it will make its way this way just behind us on its way to the villa just said just tell you wrong about columbus over there. where is there is more so much security and preparation. i mean, we were here yesterday and the 5 from yesterday and today was so different yesterday people will still allowed to walk around the city quite pretty. that was sitting in the park, that's just on that. but then out for am until midnight, say the whole of the lake size on the promise around a screenshot off. we're seeing some military about a 1000 extra military, $900.00 me. and we literally keep saying people going on both often across
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the phone so soon as they would have known that that was the presence plain. and there is lot touch down here in geneva. it'll take him a little while off. stop playing caesar right on the right time. the meeting is supposed to take place between one and, but we're not going to meet around the entrance to the wrong. so going to meet with the, with president joe biden court shake. hands close to what happens afterwards remains to be seen. whether or not you actually to, to meet me thought a party has not been confirmed, are going to be to walk in group. so we don't know what format is going to take what on the table, but i imagine that everything is well with so much on the table. i think whether they have close and personal meeting signs on how that 1st session is supposed to get on the way around to how that goes. as we were talking about gala from russian
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foreign minister is anthony blink. and of course, the secretary state also here as well, they'll be meeting is that those level of the buses as of course, about level as well. so you're pretty much got the whole gamut off of diplomatic communication that you can have right. the way up to president, we hope you will see between joe biden and vladimir putin, that it will be a, they'll be able to put that across because as we said, they don't have to like one another, not just going to be able to do business with one another and it's gone for the while too long. now, those relations of being fond doesn't mean they don't really know when it comes to just about anything from north stream to the, the, the russian european infrastructure project. that's been a huge stepping off between russia and the united states has well. 3 the whole host of different situations. we have a look right now how we got to the situation where we were
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going to keep the patient go. let's look at the plane and then we're going to get some extra analysis. what about gas? he's going to join us right here on the top. for the moment you can see that the wheels on the ground, here's a rolling off runway. it is was much, it was not too late, which makes a difference to the questions that i gave you yesterday. apparently they were actually left stocks in around geneva, around an hour, possibly because they were clearing the face off to fight the rival. but nevertheless, they have all the right to say. now with president putin here, it looks like we are set to go. looks like we're running probably on time. geneva, sorry for the time it's going to take care of. i think for mike, for to get from that 20 minutes marks about it. it's not watson plains, but we've actually seen here. and when i was wanting on a couple of days ago, my actual 3 also government planes. they looked a bit different and they are cargo planes. they will bring in
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a consultation say the calls that present happening. and of course, here to tell the people who will be securing the area and protecting of course, the russian president. but it definitely looks like things are a go what the summer is going to happen. some it's going to be about. and more about that, we're going now by somebody far more we we just finished. thank you very much for the as good as center for american city senior lecturer. they're looking both times when it comes to both europe. and i did say russia and the united states how the, how to relations now compared to how relations have been in the past in terms of how poor they are. well, i think that's pretty much the low point in the, in the past 20 years. i'm old enough to remember a meeting here in 1985 between.


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