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ah, the dares think we dare to ask me. ah, this is our fee headlining right now. let me pose in, and joe biden shake hands in geneva. the start of a highly awaited russia us some it, will it bring the nations closer together or will it drive and even deeper, where between them off the team is lives, keep you up to date on that from switzerland in less than one minute. the world's media comes out at the villa where the us russia stomach is taking place with some reports suggesting that patience is wearing thin. and among the reporters. with us, russia relations close to rock bottom man resembling a personal grudge match. we are people in new york and moscow when, if things go scrappy between polluted and biden, which of course,
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what happens in a fight might in this call or even by the for when use hello. it's 3 pm here in moscow. it's wednesday, the 16th of june, a big day for diplomacy, not just between russia and the us, but also for global diplomacy. joe biden am for the me, a potent of right now, holding this summit in switzerland. it's the 1st meeting since biden took office, and they'll be able to reverse sharp down to an relations between russia and the united states with plenty of long running grievances between the 2 major powers. all will become clear as events unfold in geneva. that's where we go live now, sc aaron peter, are there the who's
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with my head and it's funny. geneva, on a rooftop terrace that is making calling. i know very, very charlotte. we are here alongside 800 members of the us. russia delegation, thousands of military hundreds of police, and that's all because 2 very important men already this with 50, that is a course president biden on president who said, not just off, there are 3000 john a less and don't a sing number. it's getting heated. well, it's certainly a warm day here in geneva, but things have got a little bit swell. they've boiled over really, between journalists to with their way. think for the 2 president to arrive. we're going to have a look at the images of the puzzles between journalists trying to force their way for the best view of the 2. well leaders. yes, the door over, over. there you go away,
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please move on to go away. please hold. it's a brutal business. john and i actually i'm just hoping that all correspondent, more i got steve has not been injured. let's catch up with him. find out how it's going on, mariah you ok yes, yes, quite quite safe. i mean, it all, it all began in the very civil manner. both president survived the med trademark vehicles. glad to be putin in his doris limousine. joe barton and the beast, and that is where we saw perhaps the 1st awkward movement of today's jo button. he drove up to the red carpet who sat there for more than a minute, as the sweet president stood barely a few meters away, looking at him through a plain window. that may have been reasons for security, scurrying round,
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but it was certainly an awkward moment. however, when he got out and they shook hands the time as he floated, whether he does. busy let me jo button, the president gathered together for a photo shoot and here, you know, there had been speculation that business speculation that they wouldn't shake each other's hands. they did, they shed each other. they, they, you know, shed handshake. so they sped each other the the school to see of refusing to shake each other's, and then went inside. and that is where the press, well you see yourself what was pundits riding up hoping to be included in a group that was taken inside for a quick photo shoot. they began and screaming, question screaming, shopping as well. security eventually, as you saw in the images that shoving them out physically telling them to go away, do away. i'm telling it was certainly a little bit embarrassed to you. you have to wonder what the journalists were
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hoping to achieve, but, but as they were being shop the way, we saw a job button and vladimir putin sharing jokes during jokes. because i was certainly, i would say unexpected because earlier people, these 2 men had been engaged in things like name, cooling, thread saber, rattling, i'm going to tell vladimir of what i wanted to know about the thing. so suddenly on, on a positive note, this is start that nevertheless, a booth delegations have said don't get your hopes up. this is not going to be a historic sub. this is, you know, i had, sorry, a breakthrough. some it might be when the american president goes to saudi arabia and sell hundreds of billions of dollars worth weapons, their friends, when the bell russian president comes to russia to kill themselves, a credit line, you can expect the breakthrough in these kinds of submits between, between power between allied here, however, these 2 countries and no no loves last year, were years scandals and disputes and disagreements of tested on attendance. and
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that these point, those countries have realized that we've got to do something about this and they're here to stop doing something about that. there really isn't going to be a huge breakthrough. i mean that it's highlighted by the fact that they hold it separate press conference, hardee to friendly behavior. nevertheless, what they're doing now is building a foundation foundation on which they will eventually may eventually build trust and learn to, you know, finally re learn to understand each other or more. right. you're an old hand at these type of high levels. summit few, you've been to more than your fair share job buying a spoken a lot and it's been a lot made in this campaign. it's really gone on for brand usa and usa being back. has there been a difference in the way it's being conducted from the us side as far as you can see on the job biden's administration? perhaps we saw under donald trump the
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summit as high profile as these pe. steve is absolutely, this is joe biden. first, international trip, as he chose to meet with black may not mean that should tell you with united states also have a vested interest in the summit. let me approve, by the way. also. thank jo john barton for the initiative as he said, for the summit. this was applied to a proposal from the united states, but it was to show you that the spot rule, the trouble that both countries good leaders have at home pressing issues they choose to come near because they recognize that the russian american relationship is often isn't the got it, and then it could get worse and neither side has anything to gain from this. we what to expect, joe biden beings, very tough before he came the he has to go back to the united states and he has that he can't say not. now, when, when so many americans,
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you'd have genuine questions you do to the gods afford to do, let me put in with the elections coming up. he can't afford to look week. and that, that isn't especially good consideration, but this relationship that russian, the united states are trying to, trying to build it. we'll have to involve compromise. but certain year the people in that the, i'm like fab, donald trump, who lives me approval described as impulsive the people in there are experts, their career diplomat say they knew what they're doing. they knew what diplomacy is and how it is carried up. so, so you know what, what they say on camera, on talk shows who the journalist by who it can be wildly different from what they're telling each other inside. well thought talk need. sure, we're going to try and figure out what's happening inside over the coming. i was want to wait and see where i stay faith from those pesky journalists can trust them . civility left in the morning. well to tell you that that was more. i got things
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very good to go there. you have to go to the reports that the, the sam b this caused by what schools are schools but america press that isn't true. there were, there were many russian among those gender. that was the, you know, who the shopping and pushing. it just may, may be perhaps the americans were a little louder, but the russians will be there as well. but hope you don't need to take some wrestling lessons during you include that. thank you very much. maria will be back to you throughout the day for any more information you get coming out of the summit, but welcoming joe biden, and replied to me into the summit was the swift president d panell. and he had 2 messages to a for, to the press before that, listen to what he had to say right now. mr. to present that i see mister president of the russian federation of mister president of the united states of
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america on behalf of the swiss government. i would like to welcome you to geneva visited peace. it is a known and pleasant switzerland to host you here for the sum in an accordance with the tradition of good mediation, promot dialogue, mutual understanding, i was both friends and full dialogue and the interest of your 2 countries and the world best wishes and goodbye. well until the semester is done, we're not going to know exactly what's going on inside the villa. but what we have is a lot of expectation about what they're going to do get out over. in fact, we gauge some of the opinion about what happens when these 2 men go head to head, to toe, to toe, and what it would be like if they went out in a boxing ring. we are suppose on the streets of new york in moscow who would win, but bout about it in a fi, probably vibe. i'm glad american appeal and unfortunately he would win because his
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model been divided. i think probably because he a little more and shape they both wouldn't make it after the 1st couple of runs of give him if they thought nobody wins, because the war biden is going to do is very best to represent but probably got a lot more homework about how to get around this man. yeah. look pretty big side of your of course the russian president when, well, and when here a lot of hobby thing, his pictures on hard back but might in the solar even for when you to do most when he by doing work out, we don't know. so i think they're both very different, have lovely so, so they will notify they will end in peace, would have had enough war so we've been getting speculation from
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people both stateside and russia. we've been speculating here with the day we've been asked not to speculate. i want exactly now to bring in john laughlin. he is in international affairs unless we want to get his expert opinion, john with the top you on the program. the 1st thing i want to ask you is obviously the u. s. keep talking about we want the escalation, but the real, the kind of the catch was that keep coming out of stable unreliable. but in your opinion, how does the us even understand those was what does it mean to washington? well, the right to ask that question because i'm sure you know, and those are expect your view is know as well. one of the big differences between moscow and washington over recent years and decades has been precisely that the russians who develop the on predictability that those are what taken more from a lab rocks mouth than from anyone else. russia has been arguing now for at least
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10 years for such predictability and stability. so when washington went on the job biden, the ministration started to use those very words. i must say that i did think of it as a concession to russia because russia has worked for nothing else for the last few decade. when you say, what does washington understand by that? i agree. it's a pretty difficult question to answer. the problem with the americans is that they are deeply convinced and i'm talking about the political talk, but also the media that they have rights on their side, that whatever they do is virtuous and whatever russia does the evil. and it's very difficult to see that those 2nd how they can bring themselves to stuff, behaving in the predictable and stable. but of course, they having all right, that that will, i'm sure will be off of the discussions with the russians that the russians will
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say to them in the meeting today. we both want stability. how do you understand it? john pizza here in geneva. you said stability that one of the areas that both sides disagree completely over how it should be dealt with his ukraine. now we heard from president vilicki talking after the nathan meeting that joe bike, not in brussels on monday, saying we're on the truck to join the nato club. jo, button, rain back a little bit at the press conference, but when it comes to ukraine, what can they talk about the summit and what results would come from them talking about ukraine today? i'm going to, you also speculation. so here we go. i my view is that they have dropped the landscape. they've dropped the ukrainian, they've dropped their opposition to stream to which of course,
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ukraine and poland and other countries bitterly oppose the gas pipeline. i mean, and they have chosen, if you like, germany rich and powerful germany and corrupt, you know, i think i'm, maybe i'm going to be completely prince road. but i do think that in spite of all the rhetoric actually, the united states is preparing to drop ukraine and to make a deal with russia over ukraine, said we all know the landscape. wanted to be invited to the white house before this meeting today. he didn't get the invitation and that itself is very symbolic. you see, i think what we have to understand is that in the last 4 years during trump's presidency, the whole rusher issue became completely inflamed. with all the paranoia about russia, gates, who course was of american internal domestic policy. yes, the democrats and trumps opponents accusing him of being a russian public control and not to lose completely on just and, and i of course,
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when time deployed, it regretted it. the fact is that, that he's now over this hysteria about russia and so we can do back now to a slightly more normal position and that's not to get the job. as everyone knows was obama's, vice president, no farmer in 28 called reset. so there is history here, you know, we identify as i say, did democrats and the anti trust with hysterical roster soviet because of what happened in the last 4 years. but actually, if you go back to that previous time in the office, the fact is that those people that same team, joe biden, vice president, they did want to reset with russia. they did want to put things back on the right. and so here we are now in 2021, several years later, but maybe that is indeed the policy that they are going to undertake. and then let's get that the reset earlier attempts to, to, to deal with russia and to have
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a better relation with russia. went over the head for example of countries like georgia. so i think they'll do the same thing again with ukraine. what i do want to ask. * you talk about america is dropping a bike and dropping ukraine. he's dropping maybe ukraine, but he's picking up china thought it's something he's made very, very clear. and i wonder if there is a sense he's sort of building on the momentum in the while. there's a lot of talk about the treatment of we got minority, we've got obviously, hong kong protests to fresh, a lot of people's minds. now the sort of lab leak theory is really gaining a lot of traction. the media, do you think biden is sort of using this moment to get western allies on his side against china? and how does russia feature in not equation? well, there's no doubt that he has taken this line. i'm so surprised that he has because some of his declarations lead could have led us to think that he was
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rather to understand to give china rather too favourable to try that. and again, let's forget that the american chinese alliance on globalization and so on has gone back and all 3 long way. so i was quite surprised personally when this new and teacher and these rhetoric emerge. but it has emerged, it was confirmed in the native from it the day before yesterday. but you are about russia. it's the america, i'm sure, of course the americans can satellites in western europe on the side of this. that's no problem. they just have to say, jump in the repeat and say, how high if the americans think that they are going to get russia on the side, then i think they're making a very, very major mistake. there's absolutely no way up to all the bad blood that has flowed as you, your corresponded morale said just now it's absolutely impossible in my view for
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the americans to imagine if they do or to it's impossible for them to achieve any kind of getting and somehow getting rusher on the side in their new anti chinese policy because as we all know, russia and china have been getting on very well now for a decade specifically on the issue of a multi polar well, in other words, we can see united states well, i have to say, i would not want to be a world leader if ever that was something that convinced me that politics is not my thing or the summit speaking to all of these gast people like huge on it, reminds me of what, not the business that can be how difficult it is to manage all these various interests of that, but we really appreciate you and your input on our program. that was john locked into a fast x, but we hope to see you soon. thanks very much for that, john, right? well, there in the started, if their own schedule, which it does seem that they are well the, well,
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that 1st meeting should be beginning right now will be keeping i firmly glued all not villa that's just over to all left. but i guys do have a colleague right outside. anything comes out of that. you'll hear it 1st here on our see international. i use me. ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? tyson, lation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows ah. toward the summit, the bite administration pushed for a summit, woodthrush moscow agreed. what dividing people hope to achieve remains unclear. we are told the white house wants to restore predictability and stability. what could
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possibly go wrong? me ah, hello again, i'm calling bryan l t h q in moscow with some of the other global stories that we're across for you this wednesday and some news closer to home. in fact, here in the russian capital, the man of moscow has announced mandatory cobit shots for service tech work is along with transport and education stuff. it's after a recent surgeon thing, the case numbers here, across developments for us, is correspondent alia to try and get high get alia. what exactly is the mervin saying? hi again, call and well, the mayor is pretty much making it clear that the russian capital has and least a real war against covered. so what are these places and organizations where more than half of staff members? 60 percent, to be precise, will now be subject to mandatory vaccination that is,
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cafes restaurants, bars. so pretty much the entire food industry, beauty salads, jim's spas, besides this theaters, museums, libraries, also transport facilities and the department of banks where the staff members directly deal with the client. so wherever the worker is meeting the client face to face, now this falls under all these categories and like i said, 60 percent of the staff will have to get the shot. and the mayor even set the deadlines for these organizations that will have to provide their workers with the vaccine. now for the 1st component, that will be july 15th and it will be august the 15th for the 2nd component. now you might want to ask, what about the medical exemptions? well, the moscow city authorities are making it clear that nobody has forgotten about
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them. so if for this or that reason you are exempt, if you have allergies, if you're pregnant, if you have the chronic diseases, that isn't something to be matched with the vaccine at no matter where you work, an exemption means no job and also have to tell you that for now, as this is only a rule that will be applied to the russian capital. so it's not yet happening on a federal level in russia. now we heard from the head of the moscow government to the gate so bad, and here's how he just defied his decision. it's up to each person whether to vaccinate or not is their decision, as long as they're sitting at home. but when you go out to public places and get in contact with other people consciously or unconsciously, you become complicit in the spread the disease. if you work in an organization that says an unrestricted range of people, then during an epidemic, it's definitely not just your business, no matter what personal protective equipment you use. and there's
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a lot of reluctance in most places to do this kind of thing. this makes me oscar. one of the 1st regions where coven vaccinations a mandatory. but there are very serious reasons why the government is taking such a strong measure on that. well, i can tell you that for, for 5, possibly even 6 months, the situation with the new corona virus cases in moscow has been a rather stable. i remember looking at the numbers almost every day. it was was 2000 roughly. they plus $3000.00. but again, if you think of moscow to massively huge city, perhaps, sounds like just a drop in the ocean, but then in mid july, the curve started going up. a got all the way to more than plus $7000.00 cases on sunday now would drop down to a little under $6000.00. clearly that is a very impressive spike. 3 these numbers are the ones that we haven't seen since
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the end of last year. so that's why moscow city authorities had to take action only a few days ago the announced that the bars, nightclubs restaurants won't be working during the night. plus, the russian capital authorities announced that moscow will be pretty much on holidays till june the 20th so days off for most muscular lights, but it seems that this wasn't enough. so now there announcing this partial mandatory vaccination, but the word mandatory may sound scary for some. what i have to tell you though, is that the moscow city authorities are reminding about the fact that workers in some of the sectors, for example, doctors and teachers, there are already used to obligatory vaccines from other highly infectious diseases like measles, for example. and such practices have existed for decades, if not centuries, and this is just another addition to the list. now they will have to get the covert
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job. now in the meantime, my colleague was talking, he had an opportunity to ask all the important questions when he was speaking to the top doctor at the most important colbert hospital in moscow. and he described the urgency, he describe how bad the situation with colbert is right now. not only moscow, but in other big cities of russia as well. if stephanie is actually what's really happened, why do research is spike uncovered cases when the states and wellness we have loosened up too much. as a careless attitude to personal protection, face masks, for instance, of social distancing deal all the rules. we've been closely following over the last year. i think people just got really tired of it. so all these factors together resulted in a search and covert cases. the call it a 3rd wave if you will. it happened. it's a fact. see,
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a mask is not only your protection, your safety, it's also your responsibility towards society. to some extent, it's the same story with the vaccine. it's a sense of responsibility for reducing the pressure on the health care system and reducing the number of severe cases. i'm deeply convinced this situation could be solved only by mass vaccinations. this could bring our normal life back again. no, it still was land. what do we know about this new indian strain yet? it moves no. i know what i see on an everyday basis over 200 patients admitted to hospital every day. yes, every day. it's like the big days. it's even more than the peak of the 1st 2 waves . you go up, they said hysteria. everybody's panicking. it's a big pharma conspiracy, so they could make profit out of that 7 in bunch of junk. if it was hysteria, the old it's empty. covert hospitals and additional re animation services in the
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city would have been empty. and all we know for a fact is that over 1500, the severely ill patients are an intensive care over 500 our own ventilators. we don't see this picture with the flu. my message to everyone is that only vaccination can prevent this situation. i will urgent situations require a big solutions, i suppose. right? that's it. so now we got more great programs on the way that in about half an hour back live with our special coverage team in geneva. as those talks continue between president putin and bye, and they're expected to talk for many hours, but should anything else happen or can become a parents? in the meantime, you read about it at the bottom of the screen and i'll take care if there's anything to see will show you all in the corner of the screen as well. and course follow some of the socials as well. we'll flash up anything that we learned in the meantime. i'm calling bryan moscow. thanks for choosing artsy, international. ah
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. busy geopolitical game, as it's called, sometimes rests upon the foundation us dollars and privacy us dollar, a world reserve current. now you've got a major in russia outside of the dollar. that gives them a way to maneuver in a way that no other country can. all other countries and the late in the end of the ability to maneuver outside the tolerance and incredible freedom that they now have no extreme to being completed, bypassing ukraine, delivering energy directly from russia to germany, is just the 1st of many, many, many. when these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger after 5.


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