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tv   News  RT  June 16, 2021 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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ah, the dares thing. we dare to ask me. ah, headlining right now, the eyes of the world are on a villa in geneva. well, joe biden ability may put in a holding the 1st summit at his camera crews scramble to get close to the action. tempers stopped to flash. okay. do you go away, please. move on. handshake between the russian and american presidents begins a highly anticipated encounter with everything from nuclear arms control to cyber warfare. on that agenda will keep bringing you all the action live from the venue in switzerland, in just a moment. and is russia us relations are rock ball so, but insults fly, the media painting the talks of a personal grudge match. so we've been asking people in new york and moscow who'd
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win if things actually golf scrappy between potent invite and which of course wouldn't happen. would she bad, but in a fight might. and the reason why we're, when ah, how i was good to have you with us wherever you're watching around the world. welcome. this is asi international. it's wednesday, the 16th of june, a big day for diplomacy, not just between russia in the united states. the ramification of today's unique compensation could be felt far and wide. joe biden of redeem put in right now, holding this summit in switzerland. it's their 1st meeting since biden took office . and they'll be hoping to reverse a shop down to an relations between russia and the united states. has plenty of long running grievances between those 2 major powers. all will become clear as events unfold in geneva. that's where we had live now to the switch, rooftop,
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terrorist and stuff. taylor and peter oliver were not missing a beat. the who's not missing a beat is right. we have seen one of the action from playing the landing in the guide to helicopters, checking the road to the president, or to cade's merch cade's driving past off more out of course, based right by the gate. we let you got this city covered the hottest ticket in town. it is the hottest place to be quite literally here in the city of geneva, looking resplendent, bathed in sunshine, where we are at his ferociously warm and things have been heating up and it will be just over to our left, which is where the the villa which is where the summit is taking place,
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is journalist scrambling to get back shop to get the question bob's asked to was joe biden. and vladimir things got a little bit heated there and boiling over a little bit between journalist pushing and shoving, trying to get where they needed to be in order to get that crucial shot. crucial question. they were eventually told by security, help it go away, please move on to the play. so half an hour. i'm looking at my watch. they look like they've been and talk the talk might be stretching for over 5 hours. the past who might be hearing some things already on the ground as opposed to the closest to them not is more. i gotcha. if he's joining us from like about $800.00 century historic chateau just across from off of, on the, on the lake side marana. can you hear us all you burying up? what's the atmosphere?
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what's the vibe? what are you hearing? well, i can, i can certainly vouch for the. he intends to say the least, but it's quite our. he has the, the leaders and the delegations gauged and talks and everything else inside on the business end of the day. but as you said, there was something of a stand beat at the, at the entrance to the village journalist they pushed, they shoved, they should scream, some of their lungs out, some of them to get inside. because obviously the band should isn't huge. the holes in the rooms, they are relatively small, unused to what usually subsequent places usually the to summit. so people who are obviously, you know, the profession is everybody wants here. what susan wants a shot, ask questions, and perhaps, you know, we want to give you an idea of how important these events that visit the people close to stab piece with an army of security agents around trying to get in that
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they did. some of them got inside the protocol room where joe body vladimir putin, their foreign secretary, sorry, secretary of state and foreign ministers where they need to get a narrow group. they've got inside and we've had complaints if they couldn't hear what the, what the leaders will say. which perhaps could be explained by some of the gender. again, screaming and screaming, the lungs where we also have some complaining that they will, they will shove, that wouldn't listen. if you, if you look at the footage, you know, they were told repeated, go away, get out move. they simply wouldn't do it. they were complaining that they couldn't, he had job buttons comment, but let me approve is was 1st and he was much clearer. the fact the american side for coming up with this initiative and getting the some off the ground by me. mister president, i'd like to thank you for your initiative to meet. i know that you've had a long trip and the heavy workload. there are many issues that have accumulated in
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us russian relations that require the top level discussion. i hope our meeting will be productive. as i said outside the look, i can tell you that the day so far has beats the more pessimistic predictions people had speculated that they wouldn't even shake hands. they did multiple times and then we saw joe barton, vladimir prudent, even sharing jokes, laughing at each other's comments inside. so this is obviously the talk so underway . nevertheless, it must be said again, not to expect too much booth delegations have said as much as little there was have an awkward movement when the job, but often led to me approved. my convoy drove up to the entrance. he sat inside his car for a few minutes more than a minute. the 2 meters away looking heaven through through
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a plain window. just perhaps awkward no reason given for that. but eventually he did get out and then added inside the suite president also had the message of support and not, not safe inside the switzerland has done an outstanding job, provide the movie safety and security and the privacy that the to need to go about their business and, you know, try to at least restore relation to mister president of the russian federation. it's the president of the united states of america on behalf of the government. i would like to welcome you to geneva if it is known as pleasure for switzerland to hosting here for the summit and accordance with the tradition of good mediation, promot dialogue and mutual understanding for both presidents, fruitful dialogue and the interest on your 2 countries. and the world best wishes for and goodbye because you don't look,
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there are as many opinions about what's happening and what will happen inside that . there are cameras here and there are a lot, but, but most people agree on is that we shouldn't expect too much of temper you expectations of both delegations have said as much the russians. i'd say this isn't going to be a historic summit that you know, lower your expectations. this is, this is only the start. and here's hoping that it continues look, that they can be breakthroughs into focus. some it's between alice fred, when the american president gives his audio re be adult, hundreds of $1000000000.00 worth of weapons on the bell rushing to the comes the, comes to moscow to cues absorbed the credit. here we have 2 such that until recently, well, hard, you and i'm speaking to the deferred disagree on almost almost every major international theme international topic. so certainly this is, this is a starting place. this is a foundation on which they hope to be able to build trust to build, perhaps even respect for each other and to learn to talk about the issues that both
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sides care about trust, of course being the foundation of any strong partnership. trust of course, needs a bit of compromise as well. that was more, i got to have reporting for us right in the thick of hit by the looks of it. so it's more to saying a hand shake down. that's a good stop. still many hours to go there going to be 2 groups as we understand that. about 5 people i think from each side and the 2nd large group hashing out all the problems. and hopefully we'll see that image or we may see we may not see the image, but hopefully we hear about the 2 latest sit down together and they have one on one talk that's going on. but wow, that's all happening. we really don't know what's going on inside. we won't find out until it's all done, but joe biden and vladimir putin both political heavy weights. we gauge the opinions on the streets of new york, moscow. what would happen if they went in
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a boxing ring? who would shake bags but in a fight? probably vowed i'm glad to hear it. and unfortunately he would win because his model be divided. i think probably he a little more in shape, but they're both wouldn't make it after the 1st couple of under the above give him if they thought nobody wins. because the more a war biden is going to do is very best to represent but probably got a lot more homework about how to get around this man. food. yeah, look pretty big side. so of course the russian president will when and when i hear a lot of hobby thing, his pictures on hard back but might in his solar even he might as well when i go home to, to, to the, to do most when he, by doing work hours we don't know yet,
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so i think they're both very different and have lovely so so they will do no fights . they will end in peace. i've had enough wars with the bit of phone there before we get really into the serious business, but it is serious. business relationship is as low as it's been. it is a close and not quite getting so much attention. you look at the headlines, i've been checking them out. it's all about a face off that's about to happen. definitely people aren't dissipating. that this will be a difficult fight. at the same time. there's been some positive things. i was reading a very nice story about a local bay create in geneva, run by i think ukrainian russian couple and they big cake, but it was called a piece of cake, but p spell as in piece, not war. and they did a mix of russian flags, us flag, some of our coca cola. so there are some people who are still hoping that similar color scheme you see the foundations of but of course it is not as be said,
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a piece of cake. it hasn't been for a long time. we tried to take a look what exactly the things that have been said over the past decade. how it is that us russian relations got to what present moment saying the lowest point, the cold war the station rush have made great progress in building a new relationship. today, our relationship is broad and neither strong. i don't expect russia to look like the united states. number 2 is we will have the same type of democracy in iraq to tell you the truth. ah me 200 years have not been able to establish a stable, confident relationship with the west. why not? 1000000 years q in russia has not been able to establish stable relationships with
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the west. well, let me ask you, why is the west not established? they will relations with russia. both sides should make the efforts. god forbid, you enter into any contradictions with our american partners on the american continent. this is considered the holy of holies, and yet allocating ships with missile munitions 10 kilometers from where we are, it's considered ok. it's an equal approach. the want to reset it says goosgo, which means what would the russia aggression against ukraine threatens our vision of a europe that is whole. busy free and at peace. i would say i'm with,
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with the prison prudent event occasion to spend some significant amount of time with is that at his core he is a, he's practical. ah. when you might, if you will, when the, when do you have any idea what you've done now, but i'm afraid this question will hang in because the policy which is based on the confidence and the assurance of one's own exclusivity and impunity have not been abandon. ah, russia hacked into a lot of things, the criminal and clan, there they are in the u. k. and in france, and in spain, and in the middle east, and then the united states and all these other different places. ah, you know, let me put, you think he's a killer. i do not show you relations of degraded to the lowest level. ah, weekend interview,
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vladimir putin laughed at the suggestion that you had called him a killer. is that still your beliefs are that he is a killer? specially the 1st question. i'm laughing to ah. well, to talk more about this meeting, we're now joined by a form, a to time italian foreign minister franco for t n. e from rome. franco, can you hear us? yes, i do. yes. excellent, right. what we wanted to ask you is we currently have no am buses between moscow and washington. how but through international relations have to get when you don't even have an order in the all the nations capital? well, it is a problem because the basis of international relations is to have contacts,
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even during the war's period time. because friction on normal. no communication is the norm of a tool. so the promo, the problem itself is making deteriorating and it's kelly and the bad situation existed between their west as a whole and the russian federation. i want to also ask you, hi, frankly, but not long ago, the iranian foreign minister said, the more you corner a cat, the more it will want to be free. do you think that a lot of what i say is that a russian aggression are not living according to what the west expects from? you know, partners is precisely in reaction to the fact that america is sort of demanding and putting it's the rule based order on others. well,
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i think united states under president biden and europe and the west as a whole have in my view now a golden opportunity to restore normal for defend relations with the russian federation for a number of reasons. but mainly for the reason that after the names after the global crisis, either you relaunch mug you laterally is and most july tour relations. or you create more and more con, pro, and reactions worldwide. so i think you should be in the interest of the west of the whole you thought they give you the president who ought to rush to to restore the service relation, didn't our money and of. busy course russia had to do something more, in terms of,
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i would say for messages in terms of sign. but i think that again, it will be a common interest to drive you read approximate, respective positions when it comes to diplomacy at these levels. there's no, there's never a winner and lose a, it's not set up to be that way. both sides have to come away with something. we are expecting any type of breakthroughs in any way. at this summit, it's been made abundantly clear from both delegations before they arrived there. don't expect fireworks from this was perhaps a chrome or at least a step towards making a big stride and in establishing relationships. what would represent a when to put it in plain and simple terms for both washington and moscow from they saw? well,
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the simple fact that both parties have agreed on having a very rich agenda where the 2 leaders will be talking about the most urgent issues in the water today. these in itself is a win because i think president biden wouldn't acceptance. you meet was president. if you wouldn't have told you, i would say lone jeanette from gregory been thinking a far as i know him. i think the people who think president accepting to say our why not to go to the new president of united states without having in mind that need to be a result much of a message to the rest of the war. that's russia and unite that they are trying
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you get better the coverage ratio. this is a matter of met the sign or symbol. but in diplomacy it matters last. the final thing i did want to ask you is one point of co operation that a lot of people say will be quite easy for them is obviously the corona virus. now course we both know that we know that both countries have successful vaccines, but nick, of course, is now registered. i think more than 67 countries in countries, you know, so a total 1000000000. i think 3 and a half 1000000000 population have access to it. but it's still being held up in the european medical agency. i wonder, do you think, i know those hope that it will be a point of cooperation, but do you think even that politics gets in the way? oh, well, well, i think corporation on how to faith governance iris and how to face the
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consequences of been damaged even should be one y g z. feel the corporation and natural corporations. but i think if you have in mind protection of environment, d, berry, and vicious goal of reducing pollution and saving the planet here. also, russia and united states can be in agreement quite easily because the, both president, by the end of the russian federation have shown so far, great attachment judy gold of the united nation to save the planet. so i don't see only government virus off and that makes policy, but also for example, environment and better perfection all awards up to date. mister for to me, if i may have one very short question, it's more to take my own curiosity. we've just seen the protocol footage of joe
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biden flooded me up alongside them as the russian foreign minister said gala rovan secretary of state onto the blanket as a foreign minister for before administer yourself. you've been in that role. what is the role of the foreign minister when your, your boss is there to do the big talking? what the foreign ministers do? what they've made? well, very much depends on who is the boss on who is the president? because frankly speaking, i think both are great leaders, president by them and president dugeon. but the role of foreign minister is to try to make easier complicate things. because if the leaders come to an agreement or at least to try to find that common way for reciprocals dido that made much more easier the job. but the far, i mean is so, so they are,
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will they own interest? and for the interest of that comes in the same time. oh no, thank you. thank you very much. that answers that question for me. thank you very much, franco, for the former, 2 time italian foreign minister, pleasure talking to that's about it. friday. we are starting here just a couple of come to the way those 2 presidents off standing by in a library filled. i think it's on like 15000, let the books, no time to read them, no time to read. but we'll course, we'll be back hoping that something comes out, little cur, the we can try and dissect. but yes, certainly have more knowledge based on what would be being discussed in those rooms to see if anything comes out of that villa. we'll bring it right to you. i me
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use i welcome back to moscow newsroom, and may call him brightest one bit of extra news to bring you from all part of the world matter most goes, announced the mandatory cobit shots for service sector work is along with transport and education stuff. it's after recent search and daily case number's as a labor trunk explained to me earlier. of the mayor is pretty much making it clear that the russian capital has and least a real war against covert. so what are these places and organizations where more than half of staff members 60 percent, to be precise will now be subject to mandatory vaccination that is, cafes restaurants, bars. so pretty much the entire food industry, beauty salons,
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jim's spas. besides this theaters, museums, libraries, also transport facilities and the departments of banks where the staff members directly deal with the client. so wherever the worker is meeting the client face to face, now this falls under all these categories. and like i said, 60 percent of the staff will have to get the shot. and the mayor even said the deadline for these organizations that will have to provide their workers with the vaccine. now for the 1st component, that will be july 15th and it will be august the 15th for the 2nd component. now you might want to ask, what about the medical exemptions? well, the moscow city authorities are making it clear that nobody has forgotten about them. so if for this or that reason you are exempt, if you have allergies,
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if you're pregnant, if you have the chronic diseases, that isn't something to be matched with the vaccine, no matter where you work at exemption means no job and also have to tell you that for now, as this is only a rule that will be applied to the russian capital, so it's not yet happening on a federal level in russia. now we heard from the head of the moscow government city gate to ban, and here's how he just defied his decision. it's up to each person, whether it's vaccinate on is their decision, as long as they're sitting at home. but when you go out to public places and get into contact with other people consciously or unconsciously, you become complicit in the spread of the disease. if you work in an organization that says an unrestricted range of people, then during an epidemic, it's definitely not just your business, no matter what personal protective equipment you use. and there's a lot of reluctance in most places to do this kind of thing. this makes me oscar.
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one of the 1st regions where coven vaccinations a mandatory. but there are very serious reasons why the government is taking such a strong measure on that. well, i can tell you that for, for 5, possibly even 6 months, the situation with the new corona virus cases in moscow has been a rather stable. i remember looking at the numbers almost every day. it was was 2000 roughly. they plus $3000.00. but again, if you think of moscow to massively huge city, perhaps sounds like just a drop in the ocean. but then in mid july the curve started going up. 1 a got all the way to more than plus $7000.00 cases on sunday now would drop down to a little under $6000.00. clearly that is a very impressive spike. 3 these numbers are the ones that we haven't seen since the end of last year. so that's why moscow city authorities had to take action only
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a few days ago. the announced that the bars die clubs, restaurants won't be working during the night. plus, the russian capital authorities announced that moscow will be pretty much on a holiday till june the 20th so days off for most muscular eyes, but it seems that this wasn't enough. so now there announcing this partial mandatory vaccination, but the word mandatory may sound scary for some. what i have to tell you though, is that the moscow city authorities are reminding about the fact that work is in some of the sectors. for example, doctors in teachers, there are already used to obligatory vaccines from other highly infectious diseases like measles, for example. and such practices have existed for decades if not centuries. and this is just another addition to the list. now they will have to get the covert jab now. in the meantime,
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my colleague was talking to you had an opportunity to ask all the important questions. when he was speaking to the top doctor add to the most important colbert hospital in moscow. and he described the urgency, he described how bad the situation with colbert is right now. not only moscow, but in other big cities of russia as well. if stephanie is actually what really happens, why do we see such a spike in covered cases when the states another? well, we've loosened up too much as a careless attitude to personal protection, face masks, for instance, of social distancing deal all the rules. we've been closely following over the last year. i think people just got really tired of it. so all these factors together resulted in a search in covert cases of the call it a 3rd wave if you will. it happened. it's a fact. a mask is not only your protection and your safety. it's also your
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responsibility towards society. to some extent, it's the same story with the vaccine. it's a sense of responsibility for reducing the pressure on the health care system and reducing the number of severe cases. i'm deeply convinced this situation could be solved only by mass vaccinations. this could bring our normal life back again. no, it still was land. what do we know about this new india strain yet? it moves no. i know what i see on an everyday basis. over 200 patients admitted to hospital every day. yes, every day. it's like at the big days, it's even more than the peak of the 1st 2 waves. you go up, they say hysteria, everybody is panicking. it's a big pharma conspiracy. so they could make profit out of that. so and a bunch of junk shouldn't if it was hysteria, old it's empty. covert hospitals and additional re animation services in the city.


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