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but he came out that i mean, the cause been waiting for around probably 20 minutes. 50 minutes before putting off. we recognize the american flags. and then of course the security detail, they were waiting. that was the fast action that we've seen all pay. otherwise we are waiting for any glimmer someone to look through the car and someone to open the window, any sign that something's going on and try to determine anything from the gates of the us president from the, from the body language expert. you are but literally the seconds from the door opening to him getting and he wasn't holding around there for anything. comes up there was a big thumbs up generally, like me just saying sums up like goods, things on either side with joe biden or not. i got films up myself we those will certainly hear the know the noise this cause and receive calls will be coming over from our left over to all right. the way it's where you'll be giving that press conference, know if everything's on schedule, as we said, wrapped up a little sooner than we were expecting joe biden,
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around 2 hours time. we're going to hear from him around half an hour expecting to hear from vladimir fruits. and so we'll probably be keeping my eyes on the gates of thought pallor. villa and of course on the doors because i think probably president putin will follow quite quickly. or you imagine there will be a quick change around the no security details. it was set up for quite a while, as you can hear. maybe some of the sirens heading in the direction of where the us president will be coming from those security details. we'll switch out and it will be the, the russian president, security and the russian president vehicle that will eventually take him. but you'll be looking to see where that person is going to be given those. but let me give that press comments from inside the villa. well, he could well be staying in there for a little while yet. so what we do, you know, at the moment joe biden has left the building. he's to fell day and we're going to have to wait to see what they say. what we do know is one person was not left. the building is more on god's did a wonderful correspondent who has been to so when he saw matt said,
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i think he could do the stuff with his eyes shots, but lucky not this time. he's going to have his eyes open, his is open. not press conference, cutting off. absolutely everything. we will also be here when all going anyway, and we hope you join us. we'll be back very soon with all the latest. ah, ah. hello, welcome back to the moscow news room. i'm calling bray with just one of the story that we're keeping watch on this wednesday, the mayor of moscow. and i'm to mandatory cobit shots for 60 percent of service sector workers along with transport and education staff. it's after recent surge in daily case number's area per try and it has the story. all the mayor is pretty much making it clear that the russian capital has unleashed
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a real war against covert. so what are these places and organizations where more than half of staff members 60 percent, to be precise will now be subject to mandatory vaccination that is, cafes restaurants, bars. so pretty much the entire food industry, beauty salons, jim's spas. besides this theaters, museums, libraries, also transport facilities and the department of banks where the staff members directly deal with the clients and the mayor even set the deadlines for these organizations that will have to provide their workers with the vaccine. now for the 1st component, that will be july 15th and it will be august the 15th for the 2nd component. now you might want to ask, what about the medical exemptions? well, if for this or that reason you are exempt, if you have allergies,
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if you're pregnant, if you have the chronic diseases that isn't something to be matched with the vaccine, no matter where you work, an exemption means no job and also have to tell you that for now, as this is only a rule that will be applied to the russian capital, so it's not yet happening on a federal level in russia. now we heard from the head of the moscow government sit gay, so bad, and here's how he just defied his decision. it's up to each person, whether it's a vaccinate or not, is their decision, as long as they're sitting at home. but when you go out to public places and get in contact with other people consciously or unconsciously, you become complicit in the spread of the disease. if you work in an organization that serves an unrestricted range of people, then during an epidemic, it's definitely not just your business. no matter what personal sects of equipment you use. well, i can tell you that for, for 5, possibly even 6 months,
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the situation with the new corona virus cases in moscow has been a rather stable. i remember looking at the numbers almost every day. it was plus 2000 roughly. they plus $3000.00. but again, i think of moscow, the massively huge city perhaps sounds like just a drop in the ocean. however, in mid june, the curve really started going up rapid the on sunday. that was more than plus $7000.00 cases in one single day in moscow. these are the numbers that we haven't seen since the end of last year. now it got down to a bit under $6000.00, but still this is an impressive spike compared to what we had in spring. so the moscow city authority said that they had to take action only a few days ago, new measures were announced. in fact, these are old measures. these are just the ones that have been lifted. now the word mandatory may sound scary to some and clearly some of the critical voices will be
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getting louder now. but i can tell you that in that statement from the moscow mayor office, the officials are reminding that the workers from some of these sectors such as teachers and doctors, they have been used to obligatory vaccine from other highly infectious diseases such as measles, for example. and this is something that's been there for decades, if not centuries. so the anti cobit vaccine will only be an addition to that list. we have asked the people in the streets of moscow what they make of the slated decision. some people are happy about it, some are not welcoming that at all. so there's a whole variety of opinions still deserve somebody. just if it's obligatory, then i have to get vaccinated. but if it's voluntary, then i'd rather refuse. i'm scared and vaccinated already. the main thing is for less people to get if that helps, then i'm all for it. many people don't understand that this could be necessary,
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but for now this is a very questionable story and i'm concerned, i think everyone should make their own decision. it's their personal house. after all, i will not get vaccinated. we'll work with masks and gloves. we get tested constantly . yes, we do, and so far. thank god, then negative love our i talked to micro biology, professor simon called. he believes we could see similar measures happening elsewhere. well, i figure find the number, the number is growing and they will bump along and we'll see them go up and down in the coming weeks and months. i think that some people will really begin to start to demand this from me, from municipal workers, from people who are essentially by the state. and we are already seeing it. you're seeing it in, in moscow, but we're seeing other parts of the world as well. so i think we're moscow leads others will follow. you could argue that it is a small plot price to pay compared to letting that covey spread through the
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population and check that would be an even bigger drag of the global stories. this wednesday is rainy war plains had struck garza for the 1st time since last month's devastating conflict. the israeli military says it destroyed several militant targets in response to austin balloon sent over the border, 5 fighters. se those devices caused around 20 fires in open areas in southern israel. although no injuries have been reported. the latest flare up his cost down over fragile truce between israel and hammers. the ations in theresa and where more than a 1000 ultra nationalist bearing israel flags poured into the old city. there was not a breaking the postpone to jerusalem de mocking the captured of the city at $967.00 . this latest flare of the 1st since that new coalition government took over on sunday night. i was to benjamin netanyahu after 12 years in power, as prime minister, corresponding politically reports next from jerusalem. the what you see happening
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right here is the annual jerusalem day celebration is a repeat of what happened 5 weeks ago. but at that time, just moment off to the day, march started, my side walk has gone triggering and you live and day conflict and the march was disbanded. it is now happening 5 weeks later. but as you can see, there are hundreds of thousands of young to have one quick break. it's role capture all the way to more during the 6 day war of 1967. however, i will be graded. some patents finance, according this application, must have wars that you know, on appropriate you have more than 2000 police and security officers on stand by the entire area has been told. i'm channing here in front of damascus game, which is, and this is in an effort 5,
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it's critical to to try and prevent any kind of conflict from taking place in other cases. yeah, i'm a way to the gate which would be jewish to be all. and then from there they'll make the way to the weights and wall. this is my country. i'm not going out and i'm not training anyone. i'm just walking with aflac and singing and dancing. why, why is it important for you to do this? because this is jerusalem, jerusalem, and we lost a chance on your musician. i am with bon falling all over the show. this is our place. we are here to raise our flag, it's our capital city. we are proud to raise our flag in front of all of the arabs in the world. now the police have arrived to push the shop owners gathering on the side of the boat further away to try and tell him the tension, but the mock protests, but they certainly anger and frustration. it's beyond publication. it's a dictation patient in order to didn't. athenian:
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that we are so good. if you are under our to get anything this, we do not, we do not accept it. and there are here to hear that when we pray here, they have no respect for us all the time. they come here, these races, they make problems for us. it's not the country of israel, this is the country of palestine. why am i angry? because his broken look at these dogs, i don't, no way in the world, they come from to seek my home on my mother's life. no. today has gone off with any kind of passion which might be a wedding. so the new government up not been it. but the reality on the ground is that you had to, we should re lease on one side of the road behind me. and then if we move that across the road, you have, i would be great leave those that are out in the area just standing and watching the 2 side separated and
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corruption ran rampant across europe during the pandemic, according to a survey by global corruption, watchdog transparency international and 3 quarters of the 40000 respondents said the situation is getting worse for charlotte to bend. ski reports new report by transparency international has found the view of national authorities and institutions is 44 with more than 60 percent of those who took part thing corruption in the government was a major problem. but of all the issues faced by you citizens, one of the focus elements was access to health care during the 19 pandemic. the report describes that as being a hot spot for corruption. wherever you go, you must pay up. and if you can't pay, you died before your time to join me and me because it happened to me several years,
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but i had to pay money just to be seen by doctors. they would not touch me, otherwise you pay, you move forward. you don't pay, you are left behind. cost of people said they paying bry perfect health care, but sales at the for and in some countries it appears that bribery was rife, and money wasn't the only leverage for getting treatment. almost a 3rd said that they used a personal connection to receive medical attention. so please, i'm not surprised. medical attention is reserved for the lease, which is absolutely unacceptable, especially in have been damaged. we can't have this hierarchy of who has access to health care. no, that's good. well, this finding is not a surprise, but it disturbs me, you repeat stays, shouldn't even be charging money for health care. i do not saying that fruit ever gets rid of corruption, a startling and concerning trend during
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a health fun demik during health crisis using personal connections to access public services can be as damaging as paying bribes. lives can be lost when connected. people get a covered 19 vaccine or medical treatment before those with more urgent needs. it's crucial that governments across the e u redouble the to ensure a fair and equitable recovery from the ongoing pandemic. all of this highlights just how fragile the use mechanisms can be and could be one of the reasons why confidence in the block ability to handle crises like proven 19, has taken such a hit recent polls of indicated how much of a problem this is with staggering numbers saying that their confidence in the european union was low or has deteriorated with corruption, according to transparency international be seen is so widespread,
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does not raise concerns given that the eve is about to allocate and billions of euros. supposed pandemic recovery problem of the car auction east long time. problem your own is nor to own a in line. we to fund and make it is very hard to change the way of thinking. the majority of the can accept bry, buddy debt attitude is hardly to change your whole itself up as a model of integrity. the results of transparency international for romance as challenges renewed and shows across the block that there is widespread content. so let's see. i'll see paris. ok, so we'll put in biden talks just about done. it's not the detail but we're waiting for the press conferences from the 2 liters. let's go live to geneva,
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saskia taylor and peter oliver. the who's me. hello and a very warm welcome back to geneva, where it appears the talking between the leaders is done for the day. what we're waiting for is for those leaders to talk to the press, then we'll find out exactly what was discuss. more importantly, how, what was discussed went over between the 2. we are expecting great shakes from this particular summit. we are expecting them to leave as best friends. what we are hopeful for is that there could be some form of rejuvenation in a re establishment of any kind of diplomatic links. we've seen joe biden, the us president leave the villa lucon, which just over to our left,
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he's headed off to where he'll be giving his press conference a little later in the evening. geneva time we understand. well, what we know is that all of the journalist, including our very own, but i guess they have inside the press room in the villa grant. and they're waiting for letting me know. so gala, from the russian foreign minister just entered the room. you would think if the 4 minutes does that, the press, the role that i think they're just waiting for them to turn out of calls. of course, with his security detail looks like he's looking for where to go. clearly. i think he has heading probably towards what he will be giving a press conference and i think in times of the things now i'm going to pay my final . but what i think will the main things i think control would be, obviously a trump out of the i n f treaty. but i, they obviously bytes. and putin resigned. the new thought they extended up front of a 5 years. there are lots of missiles that aren't included in those provisions. maybe they said, let's got all experts together. let's try and have
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a new treaty out. i think regional on collect will be that they ran off on a stone. primarily coven, i think it has to be the topic of $22021.00. i was about to me were in the root. we're in the center of some of the finest casinos in the world in switzerland. no more bits please, and what was going, but i'm glad you got code in there because that is one of those areas they could do it deal very easily. if they go on and that's it's a big if, if they've been able to do business, they don't have to like one another. not clearly they were, they were some lapse, some jokes miles from 0 by not 40 language acts, but it was quite clear that both of them found us a bit of the woods tense meeting. i think also, oh, i think futon as a human being young and the conflict, the regional conflict with the trades really. we have also talked about the
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confirmation in the arctic silver family to topics. so pleased with laura, yours but religion. curtis curtis, your move up for the in the boiler room over jasmine, switching to the 3rd, grants. get your marty program going 600 level issue. you have the ability to enjoy the premium for the talks. there were expectations about the returns for the countries, the goal, so that it was possible to see what's new about that has for the return, the best interest to their workplaces. so to say to moscow and he got scope of an american ambassador and with washington of the russian investor. and we and he was, i agreed to resolve this matter. they will return to their location of sources
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when exactly to morrow happened. to me, it's our old technicalities, and we have all the foreign ministry of the russian ration. and this goes with that for the department of the and asked and they're going to hardy and need along the whole range of the automatic madness issues. are a lot of things to discuss. a lot of work to be done, i guess, can go to our new us and then our party to the intended to solution all there's issues as for ukraine gas, we talked about these. i can see we talked about it in detail, but from what andrea stood talking to president fine and he agrees bad at the heart of resolving the matters regulating the matters in the use of ukraine regarding the it was my school, this specially initiative. i think there is nothing to discounts here and so we
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just talk about it in general, the terms. so let's go on mike to task agency. was it was, it was mr. president and you said that one of the topic was strategic. stability, strategic security. could you just tell us in more detail, what's decisions that will continue russia in the us make regarding that? will you restart on strategic disability on disarmament? will probably you must be pretty small, but i am until 11 will parameters to be reviewed. it may be a new treaty will be assigned a whole, but i did st with american russia to have responsibility for the strategic stability in the world. even the view,
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think about that. we are the 2 largest nuclear super power with it. and now, until the ne corner warheads and the delivery systems and the level and the quality of corrosion on the ard nuclear weapons. and we understand this responsibility in which the things that it's obvious to everyone that the fact that president biden's good made a responsible and timely decision about extending the treaty for 5 years, which means killed in 2024. can you talk or is it now that the jury is questioned by going to happen next? we agreed on the starting consultations only to departmental level on the just on the safety part of the us in foreign ministry, all russia and colleagues, vivo, talking details about how these consultations will go on and how often these
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meetings will take place and so on to move on joanna c. l. a foreign correspondent, cnn, please. matthew chance from santa and thank you very much for giving me this question. first of all, could you characterize the dynamic between yourself and president biden? was it hostile or was it friendly? and secondly, throughout these conversations, did you commit to ceasing carrying at cyber attacks on the united states? did you commit to stopping, threatening ukraine security and did you commit to stop cracking down on the opposition in russia? that should be the 1st channel evolution assessment. i think there was no village or the other way around our meeting was, well, of course was the principal in
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a lot of matters that we do not agree upon the difference. but i think those lines demonstrated their willingness to understand each other until before ways to bridge the gap between our position. so it was a constructive dial i asked for it was up by cyber security. we have agreed that we will consider that ard consultation was in this regard. i think it's of to build those vital importance and now for the obligations that someone should take upon themselves, i would like to inform you about the things that are well known. probably not to the general public, but from the american sources, and i'm afraid to mix up the names of the organizations me, for pasco, will inform you later from american sources. we know that the largest number of cyber attacks in the world are treated from the cyberspace of the united states and
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the 2nd play. it saves that held by canada and then to latin american, congress and band. the u. k. russia goes around the country from the territory of which from the cyber space to which are the cyber attacks are perpetrated. russia does not feature in it's not feature it in this way . so that's the 1st thing. secondly, when in 2020 we have sent you the we have received from the us can request regarding cyber attacks english the, to the facilities to the science in the us. as our counterparts say from the rush and cyberspace and to such requests. please hear you and to all of them last year and these here are our counterparts. the guy who will answer is full response and
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our turn russia has sent 5 year old requests and in these year 35 century wednesday. and we haven't got a single response to it again. so there is a lot of things to be done to get from you and what you see and in what's killed and what kind of obligations must be taken. so the application must be discounts during negotiations. we have a great start these consultations and we thing that you build up with the area of cyber security. it's a finally importance in the world, in general, and for the united states in particular. and i see. and for russia as well in the same volume, for example, we know that we know about cyber attacks on pipeline company in the us. we also know that the company has to pay 5 mill in
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a to bike may or may have been waiting for almost live according to mine information. some of the money of the word return from the e accounts and other money. the games just taking me grow, they're not return and we paid the same prance in particular with health care. if one of the largest regents in russia store is that with the new and these work is being coordinated for us from the cyberspace of the united, say you do, i don't think that the united said was to visual authority is, are interested in meddling with these kind of things we needed to throw away all kinds of insinuation that the collation, yes, and i'm the expert level. now we need to sit down in city of the art, the word for the interest of the united states and the russian federation. then we have agreed about they spend rushes ready to do they have to go to see
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how they can kind of give them that might get to sure. so summit questions were not answered. that's correct, and thank you very much for coming back to me so. so there were 2 other parts of the question. the 1st one is, did you commit in these meetings to stop threatening ukraine? remember, the reason the summit was cold in the 1st place, or the timing of it was when russia was building up lots of forces possible from jerry and the 2nd, 2nd part of the question, the 3rd part, the question was, did you commit to stopping your crank down against the opposition groups inside russia that by lexi nevada. mentioned no. yeah. usually sure. well, i didn't hear that part of the question. it wasn't translated or if you decided to ask the 2nd question now as for the obligations in regard to ukraine, we have only one application to facilitate the implementation of them in accord
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ukrainian parties ready to do these. that's the path and we're going to follow without any doubt. and by the way, i would like to draw your attention to the following back in november of the last year. ukrainian delegation, present and fair ideas about how they thing to implement. that means core to look at that, that's not some classified document that sent that 1st of all proposal and there should be some proposals regarding the political integration of don back to the korean legislative system into the constitution. to do that, there must be some time adjustments should be made to the constitution that was keep elated and there and secondly, the mortar between the russian federation and ukraine. and don bout and i forgot to mention the waste will be occupied by the ukrainian border authority and the next the operate the election stupid was, is held up. why did the cranes you propose they propose them as the 1st step crane
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missteps away? but then to bring the ukrainian troops back to their devices, a placement of them back to their bases, which means that the cranium roots are supposed to and are done bad. and secondly, they suggest that the close the border but it and 3rd labor, but the election that are to be held 3 months for these 2 stamps are implemented. not that you don't have to be a lawyer. you're not mistaken. you don't need a special education. allister, the needed to grieving and law by them, but you know that it contradicts the means good courts completely rush, you know, the wish that i think the answer is obvious. so she and cancel or the way you do military game. so we start that, but i would hold these exercises in our country.


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