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me ah the headlines and he's not in the page and as cautious optimism, as he wraps up his landmark geneva stomach. joe, by you. but when you get mister, there was no hospitality from the country meeting was very constructive. i have no illusions following the meeting. the news that old nor knew the any illusions at all. however, by the thing rather, less off the summer, even appearing to compute with trouble. i caught part of prejudice truck to the press conference and at the end of his news conference after the summit, joe biden questions report. his claim that the us president would change planned
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imitating behavior. why are you taking behavior, mister president? the ah hello, good evening, just gonna 11 o'clock in moscow. you watch, naughty international and constructive without any hostility that it's not me to, to view on his talks, joe biden, who praise the personal interaction is both spoke in post summit. so news conferences. so that's get the latest now from switzerland or more from our team engineer. the, who's me welcome back to geneva. what
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a long take for city has been a really long couple of weeks i'll hold on. hi, i'll hold up a round. of course, the big russia us summit was building. now it's over and done, the president biden, president putin, they sat down, they talked and really the bottom line is, looks like ties between the 2 countries are better today than they watch tomorrow. and really looks like the best you can hope for. we could have hopeful they were never going to leave. this is the best of mates. they were never going to move mountains in terms of the problems that exist. but what we have seen at them say that they'll read ignite diplomatic relations, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not to say that, but at some point it's going to happen. we'll see a russian, i'm in washington, us, some of that back in moscow. the very basics of diplomacy is going to be existing again when it comes to just how they viewed one another. we heard from both
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president saying that yeah, with a positive attitude, we heard from joe biden saying that it wasn't ever going to be friendly, really. it but it was, it was positive, it was certainly positive. and we heard from me a person saying that it wasn't again, it wasn't context wilson, somebody school remote point that i didn't know when a profi the job wasn't to get one off from someone else. it was sent pete to become interesting communication, able to have an open frank dialogue to dissolve to in the future and to do that without any hostility. and that's what we heard from the you. but when you go, mr. and there was no hospitality on the country meeting was very constructive. our views differ on many issues, but i believe both sides have shown a willingness to understand each other and to bring out different positions close together. there wasn't any, any strident action taken, or we disagreed. i disagreed state where it was where he disagreed, he stated,
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but it was not done in a hyperbolic you atmosphere. i have no illusions following the meeting, neither old nor new. there can't be any illusions at all by set in vain. russia, by the way, that was a joke. both presidents have now left. we watched both airplanes fly away. we've actually got a pretty good view and it comes to plain spot. i mean, i know the geneva runway, like no one else travel controls gotten sing on may the lucian 96 is and boeing. busy 747, air force will now i can see them from about 10 kilometers away out of new stream. but actually the security has been something so know to something that we noticed q days ago. when we sold the soldiers, we sold the police, we saw the boat going mad on the lake today we will say, so helicopters flying overhead. it's actually been quite exciting. we've got a perfect view of the sunset over the lake just behind to see your engine,
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even looking resplendent. it has been roasting but i want to say it's pathetic fantasy absolutely perfect for the heated tubes. and i think they probably walk heated bite and himself gave him and that there were some things that he was not willing to negotiate. please moist also, you know what, we have different views on this. we don't have to look i to i but we still have to protect our own people and protect global security. they both said that as need a power obviously shut that responsibility. stephanie, that was an i see that it was almost like a business deal, but they had to think very programatically about the relationship moving forward. now course, the best part, some place to tell us everything about especially president putin's press conference, was more at god who himself was literally in the hall. i believe he's got a chance to off president putin. a question himself, among the difficult questions that vladimir putin faced, that which joe barton had the good fortune to escape with questions about the
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opposition that we have pointed out to the protest, the rest of following the events and capitol hill. they taste as much as 25 years in jail for you 5 years in jail for a political program. the, the do budget said that there's new comparison to use the criminal but a leg saying the bully, who was convicted in serving in a 2 year sentence for the violation of his early release. so he was convicted by russian court. and let me, putin here says that, you know, americans are comparing what happened on capitol hill to the treatment of election yvonne and saying there's nothing in common. but for the nation, you just, you know, you could regarding on non systemic opposition. and the citizen you've mentioned, this person knew full well that he was violating russian law. and he knew full well that there was a warrant for his arrest. nevertheless,
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he came back to russia and he deliberately wanted to be arrested. so he did what he wanted to do. what else can we say hill? my initial, one of the things both leaders agreed on is to barge of buttons was they need to be rules of the road. so that as a rule to how booth countries should behave in case they come into this agreement over something, it's a dispute outside conflict. how to resolve them as civilized partners. i wouldn't say friends it's, it's far too early, but they need a framework of how to behave. and for that to happen, those countries need to be held equally accountable. it wouldn't do a fun country gets away with doing something and the other doesn't feel bad. and said, phrase that caused quite a stir both on live and he said, how would the united states feel if it was she by the rest of the world as meddling in for an election? which much of the world sees the united states as do it. but in this rate, that may put us russia is accused of being predictable. by the way,
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how is russia planning to change? and here vladimir answered smartly, so it was good to know that when you shoot don't strike, he's given your name. you said the west leave, the russian foreign policy is unpredictable. well, let me send the park back to you. the u. s. leaving the abm treaty in 2002 with absolutely unpredictable. what were they doing it for that undermine the basis of international stability in the area of strategic security. then withdrew from the i n f treaty in 20. 19. there's nothing stable about that. the open sky treaty withdrawal, there's nothing stable about it and almost nothing left. thank god, in the field of strategic stability. mr biden has taken a completely adequate decision to prolong the new start treaty for 5 years. if you take the situation with ukraine with crimea, that's where this all stands right? what stable about endorsing the qu, they talk when the ex president, the coven,
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agreed with all the demands of the opposition. he was basically ready to abandon power and declare new elections in about 3 months. note the blood filled qu with needed that lead to known consequences, the southeast of the country than crimea. and you think it's us who predictably, no, i don't think so. how do we get the president also lost and revealed somewhat personal things like food and say, and joe biden confirming that they talked about barton's mother. joe biden bowed up his child with something you wouldn't do. you know, if you was sitting next to somebody you disliked, or even the tests that so it's sort of a measure of trust developed. and i do, i understand that it is developed between the 2 lead a job. i was asked for the lab, miss someone that you can try to know, which is you know. busy a question that he evasive he wouldn't answer yes or no,
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but that was similar questions body. she's when he looks at joe buttons, eyes can you go can you know, several years ago when you met the vice president vida and he said, you look into your eyes and didn't see a soul there. when you looked into his eyes, they just said person, you could work with them. you know, the 1st time i've heard this story, i do not remember it at all, but i admit it might actually have happened. it seems to me that president biden and i spoke the same language and that does not necessarily mean we have to look into each other's souls or rise or swear our eternal friendship. we protect the interests of our countries. and these relations are always pragmatic. at the end of the day, what happened here in geneva, the entire summit was basically a trust building exercise. very few specifics with agreed upon if any. they agreed to talk about many things to work on many things, but ultimately it is a trust exercise. it is about laying
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a foundation on which russia the united states can rebuild relations. i wouldn't say build on relations because there aren't much left speak off there, there in taxes. whether it works, your body says we'll find out within the year whether let's see results from the, from all the top from all the agreement for the criticism the both sides had for each other. but the message is the preliminary. it was successful. almera garcia, spend the day in the villa where those talks were taking place. not everybody in the gym missed call was, is nicely behaved as it was the hottest ticket in town for john to get as close as he could to get your tamar in there for the shots and perhaps get a question and asked about the cost to either food and old biden, it actually go out of hand, it will be so was pushing and shelving and ultimately security saying get out.
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the dog does little job and raised voices like i wasn't just before the summer. we also did see a bit of drama as president biden was actually leaving his press conference. these were some, well, this was a rather sharp exchange that he had with a cnn journalist. why are you saying behavior, mister president, the the rest of the company just also posts one topic that bite and did raise during the summer that he'd been
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really was threatening to raise for weeks. that was something that really grabbed the headlines was the issue of human rights. he did talk a lot about how poor democracy is an american dna. he said, how could i be the president without raising it? and he did, of course, reiterate his promise very unto trump and promise about being america was back to, to full. he didn't raise that. it was rates in the press conference to and this is exactly what he had to say about human rights on free speech. how could i be the president of the united states of america, and not speak out against the violation human rights? i told him that, unlike other countries, including russia, were uniquely a product of an idea. i also raised the ability of radio free europe, radio, liberty to operate and the importance of a free press and freedom of speech. well, when it comes to the relationship between the 2, this was as a heavy weight clash of the titans. perhaps we weren't expecting any major results, but certainly flocking much between 2 political, big guns. what they did say,
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both of them was that they talk to not just the president biden, the president, but joe biden to mon, vladimir burton demand. both saying that there was, i said know how still it is we heard earlier on when they agreed one things that they could cooperate on. they talked about those when they disagree. they made sure that both of their points were made as forcefully as they could. jo, by the us president saying though, while it was over record, it's unlikely that they're going to be embracing one another and swaying side to side anytime soon. i don't think he's looking for a cold war with united states. i don't think it's about, as i said to him, i said your generation of mine are about 10 years apart. this is not a couldn't buy a moment is used to say back in the sixty's and united states like less huggy love each other. but it's clearly not in anybody's interest. your countries are mine for
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us to be in a situation where we're in a new cold war. of course it wouldn't be a terabyte and a parents live out a couple of gas. what would fill the youtube channel if you didn't do that, he was caught early on with some notes on his lap, what people are cooling sheet sheets, as he was sitting in the protocol room with president putin. you've also got caught reading off a prompt just before the press conference before we started taking questions from the john. this one point. he also seemed to get confused about who he'd been sitting across from the table with all those 3 hours. it was his thoughts on it as since taking office so. so maybe got a bit overwhelmed. i caught part of the president trump press conference. the tone of the entire meetings i guess was total 4 hours was was what was was good positive. and i'm wondering if there was anything that emerged from the discussion that made you think it would take. my son is our defense,
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our intelligence and our foreign well our from my foreign minister was in for a minister and my secretary state was with me the whole time that was one person who partner in this world is also very interested in russian. us ties a very small person, a little 9 year old, can a go, she featured and a question to president putin on the conference. let's listen quickly. it's great that you will, 9 year old daughter is interested in this issue. and the answer is very simple. you have to look around and say, you see how beautiful this world is and adults, the leaders of the 2 countries, the largest nuclear power, is a meeting in order to make this world a safe, reliable, prosperous home for all inhabitants of our planet. wow. that's it. from us it has a wild ride for the last few days. i'll tell you that we came, we were given such a beautiful view. we will give an unbelievable guess. i got to work with pizza.
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i've had wonderful company. we've had some last. we've taken care of some serious business and i don't have all the people yet. thank you so much. all of you who've joined us here on t and from geneva, goodbye. ah. okay, well, we'll place to see we can continue our analysis now. go to karen. nice where she's all, she's pull him up for a minute. enjoy this this evening and is that you are very welcome, a perfect person to talk to well versed in the rules and diplomacy. what did you make of this summit? both sides said there was no hostile, it's a different potential areas for further consultation. could it have gone any better? do you think good evening. well i, i think i joined the quite of all those who consider this meeting as a really good start. it could only be a start and it was sub minded, pragmatic,
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based on interest. so it's a good start. what was the one particular element that pleased you may still pleasantly surprised you? i think it, it was very authentic. the way both chantel men can wait to the public. there are that perception of each other and often meeting there was a lot of convergence. give him those little the fact that that was not the joint press conference, but a consecutive one. and still you could feel that there's a certain convergence in terms of perception. this is the most important thing. they, they both know what. so from where we will now move on. now, as you mentioned that they both had solo press conferences and from my perspective, i find it quite interesting, particularly hearing the questions that came from the western press and also from
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the russian press. and it's saying that the western press can move very fixated on election avowedly, let's just play you play. did you commit to stopping your crank down against the opposition groups inside russia led by election of ownership, electing, of owning the why are young people not allowed to protest in russia? can that was just a sample. i don't know how much you heard that, but when you consider all the other topics there were on the table, for example, syria around the tick afghanistan, ukraine. and yet the focus always seem to be in the main about electing the valley . why the fixation she thinks in the western press while that's the way it is, and i think it has a lot to do with this general. very emotional. i often college was a teenager mentality to have unfortunately in order among
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people, it's a very emotional approach is what they lack really just texting the big topic. that's what both presidents hold the interest based approach. yes, it's about politics. it is about this. i'm a man, it is about how will the will, the common to me move on. it is also, into alia. was mentioned in the press conference to my knowledge, the role of the us all as a resource currency in the long run and have been major decisions made in the russian federation recently. so these are the real topics and turning all the time around 7 figures. i think it's, it's, it's, it's assigned to certain people live more in the, in a, in a bubble and a parallel world. and really knowing what other real topics on the table. i sense
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tell you that joe 5 and was getting frustrated. we're going to play you a clip in a minute, but i'll just explain the background. june. it went up twins and said, look why you so optimistic when potent hasn't actually made any concessions. and this was his reply. makes no sense. you know, sense to me, to tell you what i'm about to do. not because i want to hide it. why would i again, i mean it's more about the tone, isn't it? he clearly sort of lost it towards the end. i think he was at the airport there. were you surprised or are you surprised when you see a president sort of having to react to journalists? i mean, i fully understand of president biden and today to the extent that there is what's called frustration and you can hear it in his wife because that other priorities and, and 5 and was very clear that we now know where we stand, where we have to move on and whether this dialogue on strategic stability,
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the teachers on for the summer man cooperation here and that cooperation in the aerial cyber crime, cyber attacks, etc. how that will move on by and say to within 6 months and 3 years we'll move on . i mean, nobody's going to predict or set residents, but that is unfortunate approach a certain drama this to, to have in them highly emotional when to set up and, and there were, this is different. i mean, it's really about big interest. it's not about the one or the other individual. so you mentioned that he gave a timeframe of i think he said 3 to 6 months to assess how everything has gone off to the summit. from your perspective, in your experience, is that really enough time considering the complex nature of many of the things the
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going to try and solve? no, actually i was little bit amused when he's that 6 months or 3 years because 6 months is really the usual reference in us academic world. think tanks, they always have to 6 months progress. that is. so when i was teaching it to you as a new recipes, the question always those 3 current, what would happen in 6 months from now? and that was not a which i don't that class both. we have scenarios how things can evolve. and given the uncertainty of, of car and stay the war the fast, nobody can travel will be in 6 months from now. really have to think in different scenarios and what would have happened and the 3rd assumptions under certain circumstances. and as you're right, it would take much longer than 6 months. these things have to evolve. and now we've been mutual exchange again on the normal ambassadorial level. this is
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a 1st step and then it's up to the diplomats. it's up to military experts and others to work on the details. okay, well karen, let's hope we do see progress, but not sure how long it will take, but let's hope it happens. we'll leave it that was kinda nice. so office format for a minute to thanks for coming on. you were like okay, well let's look at some other news of the day now, particularly from the russian capital, because moscow's man has a 9th mandatory charts for 60 percent of service sector workers along with transport, an education staff. this, after a recent surgeon day, the cases is, katrinka explains all the mayor is pretty much making it clear that the russian capital has an least a real war against covered. so what are these places and organizations where more than half of staff members 60 percent, to be precise will now be subject to mandatory vaccination that is,
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cafes restaurants, bars. so pretty much the entire food industry, beauty salons, jim's spas. besides this theaters, museums, libraries, also transport facilities and the department of banks where the staff members directly deal with the clients and the mayor even set the deadlines for these organizations that will have to provide their workers with the vaccine. now for the 1st component, that will be july 15th and it will be august the 15th for the 2nd component. now you might want to ask, what about the medical exemptions? well, if for this or that reason you are exempt, if you have allergies, if you're pregnant, if you have the chronic diseases that isn't something to be matched with the vaccine, no matter where you work, an exemption means no job and also have to tell you that for now, this is only
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a rule that will be applied to the russian capital, so it's not yet happening on a federal level in russia. now we heard from the head of the moscow government sit gay, so bad, and here's how he just defied his decision. it's up to each person, whether it's a vaccinate or not, is their decision, as long as they're sitting at home. but when you go out to public places and get into contact with other people consciously or unconsciously, you become complicit in the spread of the disease. if you work in an organization that says an unrestricted range of people, then during an epidemic, it's definitely not just your business, no matter what personal sets of equipment you use. well, i can tell you that for, for 5, possibly even 6 months, the situation with the new corona virus cases in moscow has been a rather stable. i remember looking at the numbers almost every day. it was plus 2000 roughly. they plus $3000.00. but again,
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if you think of moscow to massively huge city, perhaps, sounds like just a drop in the ocean. however, in mid june, the curve really started going up rapid the on sunday. that was more than plus $7000.00 cases in one single day in moscow. these are the numbers that we haven't seen since the end of last year. now it got down to a bit under $6000.00, but still this is an impressive spike compared to what we had in spring. so the moscow city authority said that they had to take action only a few days ago, new measures were announced. in fact, these are old measures. these are just the ones that have been lifted. now the word mandatory may sound scary to some and clearly some of the critical voices will be getting louder now. but i can tell you that in that statement from the moscow mayor office, the officials are reminding that the workers from some of these sectors such as teachers and doctors,
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they have been used to obligatory vaccine from other highly infectious diseases such as measles, for example. and this is something that's been there for decades, if not centuries. so the anti cobit vaccine will only be an addition to that list. we have asked the people in the streets of moscow, what they make of the slate is decision. some people are happy about it, some are not welcoming that at all. so there's a whole variety of opinions still dessert. if it's obligatory, then i have to get vaccinated. but if it's voluntary, then i'd rather refuse. i'm scared and vaccinated already. the main thing is for less people to get if that helps, then i'm all for it's many people don't understand that this could be necessary. but for now, this is a very questionable story and i'm concerned, i think everyone should make their own decision. it's their personal health. after all, i will not get vaccinated. work with masks and gloves. we get this constantly. yes,
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we do, and so far thing god than negative. probably it drank with that report. micro biology professors i'm in clar disbelieved. we could see similar measures happening elsewhere. well, i figure find the, the number, the number is growing and they will bump along and we'll see them go up and down in the coming weeks and months. i think that some people will really begin to start to demand this from me, from municipal workers, from people who are essentially by the state. and we are already seeing it. you're seeing it in moscow, but we're seeing other parts of the world as well. so i think we're moscow leads others will fall, or you could argue that it is a small plot price to pay compared to letting that covey spread through the population, and chat with you about that would drive lot snotty international that brings you up to date that type things looking so far more must be in house, me,
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ah, financially, when customers go buy, you reduce the price. now well, reduce a lower undercutting, but what's good for food market? it's not good to the global economy when i would show the same wrong when i was just don't the room yesterday out the same because after an engagement equals the trail, when so many fund themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground. this is your.


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