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absolutely, keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing. this is a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. the unprofessional, ineffective, and dangerous. that's how the us of special rep on torture describes a new swiss anti terror law that allows the police to spy on and question people is youngest and 12 without a court order it's. it's really was not very sure. but i did the vote for the vote in favor to protect that were population voted against because of civil liberties restrictions. moscow sets a grim record as the daily number of cobra 19 cases stores to an old time high. cities man has announced a raft of new measures,
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migrant crime rates of us southern border saw i made an influx of new company with a person in texas being cleared out now to make room for the offenders. ah, your friday worldwide use headlines like from moscow. this is art international from all of us here with every will welcome to an era of suspicion. that's what human rights activists say has begun in response to a new swiss anti terror law. this allows the police to keep tabs on people as young as 12, without any court decision. and that it was approved and a national referendum as what i've got be of now examines. the 3 are jews for violence, but the tax and stabbings in recent years have rattled society while the thing led
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to another and switzerland is now home to the most draconian counted terror laws in europe. it was the will of the people. that's the thing with suisse direct democracy, new middle met. i, people want to give police the state, uncheck powers, they can, and they did 57 percent voted in referendum for these. the question is that people fully understand what they were voting for. thank you. no, no, i think a lot of people are not aware how dangerous this law is, as it is cutting into the freedom of all activists in this country. and now you can be in prison when they put under house arrest or put under suspicion of terrorism without a court order. and i think that people were not sufficiently aware before the referendum. police can now monitor those as young as 12 years old, limit their movements for them to take part in interviews which means interrogate the for any reason that they deem good enough and will be able to put suspects as
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young as 15. and that house arrest for months and months and rights groups have been ringing, alarm bells about this. let me sit do. i'm the senior national lease law is extremely problematic. because winter, and all the generalized suspicion with any person can be targeted by this definition of terrorist activity. a definition does not correspond to that providers and the criminal code and does not correspond to international standards, which always includes an element of violence. and that's the thing making all, all of us become suspect. so wide and vague is the definition of terrorist activity . if you google something that someone might construe as dangerous view cracked, or a bad joke. if your friends fall in the law enforcement raider, you can become suspect. i'm a freedom loving us with. for me, i mean it's a, it's
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a shame. it's an absolute shame that we have that we have to vote for such a law. and it's even the big shame is that the people, except that everyone that is, that don't agrees with you know, the strategy from our federal county for example. but what is coming that the basic can lock away everyone. so i mean, it's even hard. it under the factory that i think it will be use most likely going to define activists. but i think the much bigger problem that i see because this waste, except that, that kind of actually a back is that a lot of other countries might take it over and say, you know, switzerland period as well. so we can do it also over here in saudi arabia, wherever this is, this is a terrible sign for the rest of the world. and so i'm very, very much shame to be with the crux of the matter is that these new laws, apart from the ethical complications of getting off the 12 year olds, that preventative by design. and preventative is
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a very controversial thing. he ordinarily, if you commit the crime, for example, you get punished right? while preventative means you're stopped before you can commit the crop before it it's, it's a hobb before you do something you might regret. and the sweets are still very much divided over this. i voted against it, of course what dis me give authority is it gives them ground to take measures against citizens before. busy a judge has ordered those measures a voltage in favor to protect our population. exactly. i think it's necessary unfortunately, because some people in the class don't tell me exactly the same manner of thinking . respectfully, i'm so one. so terrorist and can be everywhere it's it's really the terrorists come from government to never, never terrors come from every but nobody. no, no,
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no. only government id vote for that. i know i was not very sure that i did the vote for voted against because of civil liberties restrictions which go pretty far under that low. oh, some people are planning to fight that, but chances are great at the end of the day. so week authorities and monsters lay care for their people. the question is the future, how future rule as well we'll this lot and that's what worries people the inmates of a texas prison, they're being relocated to make room. it's all in that a spike of crimes committed by illegal migrants amassing at the u. s. southern border. the texas governor has justified the decision by saying that the state has to uphold the rule of law by its own means. unclaiming that the biden administration is constantly ignoring the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the border
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. correspondent, caleb mach reports branches destroyed threats to resonance. lots of chaos, texas borders sheriffs say, in the 30 years they've been guarding the border. they have not seen anything like it. crimes related to illegal border crossings by undocumented workers are now on the rise. i've never seen it quite like this. we have always had a fence. got here. fence got there because they're hauling dope or small kids or something. but we've never seen the intentional big 4 by 4 holes in the fans or now and 10 foot section just kept completely out. that's really starting to bother me. it's a mess. that's what it is. nobody seems to care about is down here. we're 6065 miles away from the border and they say that everything's okay. no, it's not. ok. conservatives are voicing outrage that amid the situation. restrictions are being loosened and not tightened. trump era. 2 restrictions on
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asylum seekers intended to curb gangs and domestic violence have just been left in the numbers are big in may 180000 people were apprehended at the border. the biggest monthly total since april of 2000 border states are now pleading for help. florida is sending officers to arizona and texas to help out texas is now putting $250000000.00 of their own state budget into building a border wall. busy of their own and the texas governor blames joe biden for dropping the ball. texas is going to do with the by the ministration is refusing to do. we will be using every tool available to us under the law. and we will ensure that we build a wall, arrest people, and make texas safe. many border state residents feel like the white house just doesn't care. it's been over 85 days, but vice president common harris has still not visited the border. i write to invite you to the u. s. southern border to observe the ongoing humanitarian crisis
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and show the perspective of americans who live the i encourage you to join me and other members of congress. while we visits with the people on the ground who deal with these issues every day house democrats were able to block a bill, but forward by republicans that would have actually prevented comma le harris from taking any international trips until she visited the border. pri of border state residency is one of the outrage at government mismanagement. what i believe is that the democrats are playing a long game of obscure and confuse while they try to get as many illegal immigrants . i'm still going to call them back into the country as possible. well, the democrats haven't taken any action that will actually solve problems on the border. those are actions that trump took during his administration that solved problems at the border. wonderfully well, the combination of the fence and the working with the mexican president to get the immigrants to stop before they get to the border. all that was taken care of and working very well during the trump era. harris was put in charge of the border by
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jo vitamin but she hasn't gone to visit because she doesn't want to tow a group of reporters around taking pictures and asking questions about the chaos she doesn't want to draw attention to it. she'd rather embarrass herself by talking in circles and flying off to europe and doing other things and saying that she must do those instead of going to the board. she doesn't want to go to the order because it will draw attention to how much of a failure it is in normal viewing term. now the biden white house has certainly offered up a change in rhetoric and policy is when it comes to the us mexico border. but so far things have not really gotten better. in fact, they've gotten quite a bit worse. many are wondering when the white house will step up and offer some real solutions. caleb martin, r. t new york. tampa here in moscow. the impartiality of the british police is endangered to who woke trends. now that's according to the chief of manchester police who says the public's fed up with officers virtue signaling
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instead of fighting serious crime. i do not thing that things slide taking the, the demonstrating that you have a commonality of the with the protest us that you, a policing is compatible with the standards of service that people require. the police, i think we're bus, the high watermark, the public gets a little bit fed up of virtue signaling police officers when they drill. rather we just locked up burglars last summer. so or a wave of b l m protests across the u. k. following the movements rise in america during the rallies, pictures of emerged of u. k. police officers taking the knee in solidarity with demonstrated back in spring. this year, the countries independent police authority over the force to quote, think very carefully before making such gestures. meanwhile, the u. k, it's been hit by a spike in burglaries in recent years, with many cases going unsolved mattresses, police chief is valid to change the situation and even investigate minor crimes.
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however, a former police officer we spoke to has little confidence that will take place. you can police service does not have sufficient resources to do everything properly. it doesn't even have sufficient resources to do most things. reasonably, something is criticized to place service react, so that by moving resources from elsewhere into it, it gets better for something else and starts to 5 criticised. we will just go round and round and round in circles because nobody's actually diagnosing the fundamental problem. and doing anything to trade back is essential that the police are seen to be biased. that is a concern about taking the ne, happened a couple of times with a few officers the particular place. i think the place service has been affected. like virtually everything, every other institution in this country. by changing attitudes, particularly deciding and then towards the signaling sort of things and wildness, and whatever, something that's happening and why does society in fact,
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across the world, we seem to be getting more and more of this. i don't know why he thought the national on this friday. thanks for joining us. so far. moscow has now registered its highest ever daily cove. it infection rate with more than $9000.00 people, catching the virus in the last 24 hours. the city's mayor says a host of new restrictions are being brought in. for example, you now have to be vaccinated to receive non essential hospital treatment. let's learn more on this now. are these elliott patricia joining us live on the program ilia. it's a beautiful, sunny day here at moscow, and now we'll be hearing about of restrictions due to a surge in cove. it numbers what restrictions and what is happening in moscow right now, rory, hey, there indeed, a beautiful day, but unfortunately, bad news when it comes to cove, it. now just to put this into perspective, i can tell you that on june more than 9000 new cases in a single day, and that is impressive. this is more like 2 times worse than the
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day. the rise in such country as mexico, for example. so this explains why new measures are being announced, and we have a number of updates from moscow mer surrogate. so been in, for instance, he's saying that almost 90 percent of the new coven infections in moscow are the delta variant. that it's vitally important to roll out to boost to jabs. now that's why we will work with the government to enable them to reach a decision on the timing and technology fast. the 1st components of the vaccine will be used for the boost shells. if you had both sputnik v components, you should get another 1st component. this is currently the only option. now besides this, moscow. busy is also said to become the pioneer in a different initiative that is going to become an experiment so called coal bid,
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free restaurants and bars in approximately 20 location. this experiment begins this weekend. all the staff members will be vaccinated. and in order to get inside, the customers will have to show a q r code proving that they've either been vaccinated or that they have and now anti bodies, and these kind of restaurant, there will be no cobit restrictions, and they will be allowed to work during the night and i can remind you that again, only a few days ago night clubs, bars and restaurants were forced to be shut down for the night. we also heard from latimer potent spokesperson, when he was asked what the kremlin thinks about the new restrictions, then about the spike in new coven cases. dmitri past golf said that this was due to mass negligence by the population. that's how he called the refusal of most
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citizens to follow the restrictions. also the slow pace of the vaccination, and besides is dimitri pass golf mentioned something that what he called the flying nature of the virus itself. so it all looks like we're heading towards a massive campaign for the whole population to be vaccinated. new measures are being introduced in one of the senior medical officials here in russia said that possibly mandatory vaccination is something that we should be waiting for in various regions. of rush only a couple of days ago. sorry. so bad in the mayor of the russian capital announced that in the service sector, 60 percent of the staff members will have to get the 1st component of the vaccine by july, the 15th. all right, i'll leave her trying her. thank you. well,
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you are watching aussie international. it's good to have you with us today is still a last to come on the program. a new poll revealing that a majority of american c, so called a critical race theory in a rather unfavorable light. the numerous states moving to find it in schools. that story and many more global headlines in just a moment. i when i would show the same wrong, why don't just don't the yes to join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business and show business. i'll see you then me
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talk a lot about law k, no energy and also use volcanoes as a metaphor to elucidate so many of the big trends happening in geo politics and finance the the, the, the, ah, your friday stories are naughty. thank you for joining us. a new pole in front. so it's found that almost half of the countries young people don't trust the police with a significant number of them actually regarding the police force as racist. and like many french politicians, including the president, the police have taken to the social media up to talk in a bit to redeem their image. sharla do, whisky looked at the kind of content that posting the latest on the band wagon is
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from seas. national police school sit hoping to spread a positive message about the work that they do with the videos like face the show of ways w had the the idea also seems to be to fully par the media. we want young people to discover world and share message, then what used to seen on social networks this account will serve. as a reminder, follow moto to protect is the most beautiful of professions, which is often obscured by the image convey to the media, and they're all perhaps good refills to do. the recent polls have shown that very significant mistrust over the police here in front, particularly amongst those in young age groups. nearly 50 percent of those age. 18 to 30 said that they don't trust the police was 79 percent. believe police violence
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is a reality. and 48 percent thought police were races with instances like based perhaps encouraging that the section the. c the can quirky or funny videos change the way that young people view the foresees. this is shawna. please hold on to it though. i think it's heartbreaking. if you need to use social networks to get an idea of the police and security in france, because by definition police represent the state, they represent us. i think i'm not on take talk as it doesn't interest me, but yes, it could chase the people's attitudes. but at the end of the day, if the actions of the police that will change the way the scene, you put the court that goes there to the budget that people feel not that home. so
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a night would be like a great great idea. i think they're doing this to try and salvage their image to improve it because there's so much regression, especially against black people. i'm not sure it's the question of image, but in any case it could make people more aware. i'm not sure it's the place to make jokes, but in any case, maybe it's a good thing. i think there are other ways to improve engagement with young people and adults to maybe increase their confidence. one reason from the national police may be looking to reach out to the next generation is because they to feel vulnerable to attacks early. the thousands came out to paris, calling for more to be done to protect them. officers say that they are paid to serve not to die, and that the job's routinely see them encounter hostile young people. the one of the
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ways that tick tock accounts to audiences in by the ability of the us defect challenges that could be to put a new spin on a soul or a time raising the question of whether offices will end up wasting time on the platform. rather than perhaps doing that job and actually tackling crime shows that even sky all the power and you survey has revealed that almost 60 percent of americans view so called critical race theory and a rather unfavorable light that has ever more american states oppose teaching it in schools, brian, to get as divisive so far, legislation to bind. the theory from classrooms has been tabled and over 20 states and 5 governors have already signed it into law. a parents on lawmakers opposed to c r t e say children should not be taught values based on somebody's skin color.
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critical race theory is teaching children the because of your skin color. you are inherently bad and racist or you can't succeed in life. and i don't think we should tell children that they are inherently bob based on the color of their skin. a quick reminder, what critical race theory is, although it seems different people have their own definition. but in essence, it's a theory developed in the us that suggests that racism is systemic and pretty much everything is racist. white people are inherently privileged and oppressors, minorities are inherently oppressed, most interactions between people of different ethnic groups revolve around racism, and political and social structures, especially in the west, are all founded and operate on racism. basically, almost everything is about skin color. so proponents of critical race theory say that teaching it is informative, a critical study of history and systemic racism meant to prevent repeating past mistakes. the outcome was not to shame or have someone feel guilty or few shame for
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our past and for our history. that's not even productive, but what we want to do is for people to understand it so that going forward, we will be aware of it. we can make sure that we don't pass laws or educate or do housing. that leaves groups of people, black people or brown people behind, but for the tractors that's nothing like how it's actually being taught and applied . after years of critical race theory being drilled in schools, many have come to see it is indoctrination of kids. and so radical ideology aimed at getting them to despise their own country and putting people against each other, based on the color of their skin, teaching kids to hate their country and to have each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money. naturally, supporters of the theory are outraged over attempts to ban these teachings with something that this is a ration of the issue and that there are more important problems to solve. but with
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how society is already divided, it may be no surprise that the most vocal opponents of the theory, for example, the parents of kids being taught this. don't see how this actually help he'll social device. does racism exist? yes. our identity, politics and fading, almost everything and everyone is racist. a solution to the problem? well, the jury is out on that, i guess. but for a growing number of states, it sounds like a resounding night. our country. i think that most people, bad practice this type of barian practice, these type of socialistic activities in america, they're only setting us backwards. they're not pushing us forward. i see some other headlines in brief for you right now to microsoft and firm to have died off the coast of the canary islands. it's after an inflatable dingey carrying women and children capsized on thursday. so he, 8 people were rescued by spanish with dorothy. meanwhile, greece is putting up
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a 5 meter tall fence along its border with turkey. the country is experiencing a lull and migrant arrivals in the pandemic. 875000 entered in 2019 with around 10000, currently living in greek, ivan, kansas. israel laurence asteroids on the gaza strip, opened eyes the 2nd time since last month, 11 day war television says it was responding to the balloons that cause fires. and iranians heading to the pole to day to vote for a new president. hundreds of candidates including 40 women apply to run. those we understand only 7 male candidates will ultimately that will be at the top of the hour. i lose
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the greetings and sell you take shuns, since donald trump's january 6th carnival of idiocy, death and half baked insurrection, the terms domestic terrorism and its kid, brother, domestic extremism, have been bouncing around the u. s. news rooms capitol hill, echo chamber on a pretty consistent basis. it almost feels like you can't go single day without seeing every talking head from jake tapper to nicole wallace, wrinkling their foreheads and clutching their very.


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