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to bring back to the dream ridge, they were just diamond yields rector mark the judge in green. a vision, shoot me ah, headlining right now. global stability, cyber attacks, regional conflicts and nights are all on the table for an international security conference in moscow. is that the us block dozens of web sites of iranian linked news media, citing this information campaign, but it's fox, a furious backlash, censorship, killer or victim. a french woman who says she lived the terror entire for decades is on trial for murdering her abusive husband. but campaign, a se, there's no protection for domestic violence victims in france. and a report reveal suicide among us military veterans is 4 times higher than those who
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actually died in combat in the war on terror. we hear from one former soldier. ah, another good, happy with us. it's 3 in the afternoon on wednesday. most. my name is connie bray with the world news 1st for you. then there's a top level international security conference underway right now and moscow covering everything from cybersecurity to regional conflicts and nato. the annual event brings together defense ministers, heads of international organizations, and also experts from around the globe of a $600.00 are expected this year to discuss the most urgent security and stability problems that we face right now. the russian president lead off by saying that there are still many global challenges, and one of them is that some countries are trying to change the world order that has been established since the end of the 2nd world war latimer food and also with
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stress that russia is going to keep strengthening in its military potential and improve military capabilities, but he's going to do this carefully, not to disrupt the global strategic stability. so let's have a listener, where would you deal with? sure, so, but we will do everything to guarantee the peace and security of the russian people to improve around forces. and of course, by means of diplomacy to lead a meaningful dialogue with all interested partners. but clearly, we are concerned by the continued build up of nato military potential and infrastructure near russia's borders. as well as the fact that the airlines decline to constructively consider our proposals to de escalate tensions and reduce the risk of unpredictable incident us. and we hope that common sense and the desire to develop construct relations with us will eventually prevail, that russian defense minister, shortly who is also one of the key participants of this conference,
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said that there is a great chance that of gannett, stan will descend into civil war once again after us troops pulled out and he lamented the fact that washington has no desire to work with russia to prevent this from happening. but he attributed much of that to the rest of phobia that unfortunately has prevailed among vast and military and political leads in the west . i guess it speaks volumes that none of the native representatives have decided to come to moscow for this conference despite being invited to the united states as blocked at $36.00 iranian news websites for what it calls violating us sanctions. it comes amid rising tensions between the 2 countries. we've reached out to the international federation of journalists, which criticize the move, noting it's not how this information should before the blocking by the us. so websites run by groups affiliated with the run is the wrong way to deal with so cold disinformation. while real journalism requires the respect of solid ethical
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principles until independence from governments, we cannot accept the government's unilateral, decide which websites they don't like to shut down. thus challenging freedom of speech, the ban on our website reveals once again the falsehoods of the slogan, so freedom of expression and all the other headlines promoted by the united states of america, including its inability to confront the truth. one of the websites that was seized is run by the who's easy that is fighting against saudi arabia, and has long been accused by the united states being iranian proxies. the other website that was seized is of iranian origin, and the other website press tv is that is that iran's official english language news outlet, the primary voice of iran to the english speaking world, important to take the context into account. now we have joe biden and his ministration that have been in office since earlier this year that have talked about reopening the iran nuclear deal. i criticize the trump administrations
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handling of us relations with iran, but we've just had an election in iran itself in which we have a new president who had quite critical of his predecessor ronnie and his negotiations with the united states. so we have a new administration sent to come into office in iran, we have a new administration united states and the contacts. and the moment of this is quite interesting. talking to us a bit earlier, political analyst, patrick headings and says there's much more to this than simple censorship to really a public relations war. this is a propaganda war. the u. s. is executing their propaganda war on a global scale. and so the u. s. intel community will create these accusations the other bit here saying that this has to do with the traffic gang of nuclear or chemical, biological and radiological weapons and technology. you believe that there are more than 2 factions within washington. ones that want to try to re implement the j c p
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o, a. if you believe this, and other factions clearly and they're well known who they are, they want to basically submerge disagreement and never see, and never let it see the light of day. again, any move against iran, which we saw, you know, the either the assassination of a nuclear scientist or anything like that coming right before any serious negotiations or any multilateral negotiations. visa b, the j, b. c, p. o. you have to read that as a provocation to try to subvert any sort of negotiations after 25 years of alleged abuse. the french woman went on trial on monday for murdering her husband, valerie buck who faces a possible life sentence. but she and says she did it to protect herself and her 4 children of a half 1000000 people have signed a petition to support her child do bench game. paris picks up the story. it's a trial that his grip from 202000 signing
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a petition for her release. valerie, but cool, admit she shot dead her husband and buried his body in the woods. in her defense, she claims that he was abusive and she feared for the safety of their children. in a book she wrote about her relationship with daniel to let. she described the mistreatment. i did what he said. i didn't have much choice. what he thought i was doing something i shouldn't do. he was violent at 1st was slaps, then started kicking me and strangling me over time there came a threats with a firearm. but valerie bye cause you had been gone much earlier. paulette was originally in a relationship with her mother. he then started sexually abusing valerie becca when she was just 12, a crying he was late to sent to jail for on his release to return to the family home. and he abused resuming 17. she was pregnant with paulette child. she
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alleges that he later for her into prostitution watching a she had sex with client. when the client asked the price, daniel told me to repeat, it said that he could hear better. and he told me to answer yes or no. on the same valerie but co shot her husband. she told the court the paulette had asked about the 14 year old daughter and how she was sexually when prob, she said that she had been afraid that he would also sell her body for sex. and valerie buck, who is trial, which is currently under way, the lawyers will argue that she wasn't desperate women push to kill, to survive. these women who are victims of violence have no protection. the judiciary still too slow, not very active enough into lenient towards the perpetrators who could continue to exercise their violent power prosecution while a legit valerie buck or killed her husband in a pre meditated act which carries
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a maximum life sentence in france. this trial shines a light on domestic violence in a country with one of europe's highest weights of women who have been killed by a current or a former partner. 55, losing their lives already this year. that led to an our poor ring of anger, which campaign is demanding action. when did you was going to not to blame the police, prosecutors or, well fair services. this is a failure of the whole system. and acknowledging this helps to improve support from victims and to prevent domestic violence and fem asides, which are the most extreme form of violence. the last day, the french government did respond with new legislation, including for the emergency measures to keep the violent abuses from approaching the victim. critics say though,
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that the measures have been implemented too slowly. charlotte tv ski off the parrot. controversial brain chip technology makes sound like science fiction, but it's gained increasing attention over the years with countries developing programs to explore, implanting microchips into people's brains and recent reports in the russian media about the technology are running. adding fuel to the rumor mill with stories of people remotely controlling, for instance, nuclear power plants and vehicles is all trees. dmitri polk, it themes that whenever someone merely mentions micro chip implants, a lot of people freak out. everyone search rushing to doomsday prophecies and conspiracy theories suggesting that people will be forcibly implanted with micro chips by an overbearing government. while some russian media and now suspect that brain ship research might have existed or could even still exist in the russian
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government. and this all started when the education ministry unexpectedly released a statement saying that a brain ship research project was abandoned last year after being deemed impractical and everybody out because everyone was shocked and surprised to learn that such a thing existed in the 1st place. while r t reached out for comment to the ministry, and here's what they said. the ministry of education and science presently has new programs dedicated to brain implants, there is no financing plant. the research group working under the ministry, it's currently starting matters related to life. one job, it's in the process of aging. additionally, they weren't even able to find any specialist who could have potentially said something like this to the media, let alone a person even knowing anything about such a project. although the ministry did say that a proposal for this kind of research was introduced to the government, but it received no support and no funds and nobody's working on it. but that
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comment also raised quite a few eyebrows because for proposal to be introduced to the government, it has to overcome quite a few hurdles. and that requires quite a bit of support. but nobody at this point knows who was behind the initial proposal. so no project, no funds, not a single person who has heard or knows anything about this research. so how did this issue come up in the 1st place? well, a popular theory is that this is merely or common taken out of context by the pub cation that initially started this rumor, a rumor that at this point has taken on a life of its own, on the internet, with people freaking out, creating means horror stories and all this only further exacerbated by news like you on mosque developing is neural link technology, which is brain machine interface brain implants, and people constantly worrying about vaccines being used to secretly inject the
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population with micro chips all in all. it seems that as long as there's this much panic surrounding anything to do with brain ship research, this is an area in which science won't be making any progress anytime soon. or if it does, it'll probably have to be confined to some deep, dark underground research facility. until the time when a bit more, people are more open to it. and it's over 7000. the u. s. service members have died in combat in america as a post 911 was but 4 times more active duty personnel in veterans have died from suicide. according to a new study, just at this trend is deeply alarming. the increasing rates of suicide, veterans and active duty personal are out pacing those of the general population marking a significance shift of the research states. the some factors that contribute to the rise in suicide is true to all was including exposure to trauma,
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physical or mental problems, stress and burn out. other issues include access to guns and also a difficulty in integrating on returning home. however, some aspects appear to be specific to the war that america launched in the war to terror groups after the september 11th attacks in the united states. for instance, the wide use of improvised explosive devices against us troops calls that increase intro matic brain injuries. about a 3rd of wounded soldiers go for at least one more deployment after recovering, which contributes to their room is also social. indifference to the post $911.00. was it also a major factor with many saying that the united states didn't have a clear strategic objective in afghanistan? we talked to one veteran who's been sharing his thoughts with the american war on terror is a far, it's a scam as sadly butler, the marine corps mitchell major general would have said it's
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a racket. and it shows now in the way that the american government failed american veterans and active duty proved in the area of mental health. i've known that this has been an ongoing tragedy since i was in a locked myself in 2004 and experience it firsthand. the main reason we are seeing up continuing veteran suicide epidemic in the united states and bio. we can talk about the suicide itself and the trauma of water. but the fact is that america is joe, you dont squeamish about the issue and we need it out to them. and when we do, we're going to see the here are the best treatments where they are available all along, just because we let government perpetuate this criminal on road to keep alternative therapies that we have open battle buddy working to make available for americans that are in there you tap them away from us. they told us that we are fighting for
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freedom and then we don't have it when we get home. without say, i had this wednesday from moscow almost 7 years into an ongoing investigation and the 17 plane crash over easter ukraine. is still frustration and some findings will tell you the latest among the stories after this i i want to get a little about money laundering 1st to see this and this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas, in the cayman islands, you never know all these banks are complicit in their club policy. we just have to give me a call. i am ready to do some serious money laundry. ok, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy,
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oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about like the automobile again for mag, you know, money laundering is highly illegal because we're witnessing a very disturbing media trend, serving an ideology and scoring political points. trump's informing citizens, we had the russia gate hoax, the impeachment hoax, and the suppression of any debate on the origin of coven now front and center is the capitol hill. ryan. what does the f b i know? ah, hello again. the netherlands says its dissatisfied with the results of an ongoing investigation into the m. a 17 plane crash in 2014 saying more external probes need to be done to establish why ukraine's ass space was open during
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a conflict in the country. please be aware that some images in the next report setting problems almost have to do so. so i find it's resolved disappointing. what is particularly disappointing is that there was no proper investigation of the evidence, which clearly indicated that some ukraine in authorities had processed the information and realize that there was a threat of the plane crash. on the yard is at the m. s a think it is good that the report is already there, but this is not enough. the investigation don't have an effect to establish whether the authorities of ukraine and the russian federation. you about the threat to civil aviation. so there is a question, what information can we extract from the support, the foreign minister of the netherlands, herself as acknowledged complaints about the report. but ultimately, she said, chances of a new investigation are slim. the issue that the dutch and not just the dutch have with this report is the they say it isn't very good. i did superficial relied
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almost entirely, an open source reports to perform this inquiry, the foundation analyzed information available primarily in online media where it was determined that certain articles or social media posts were duplicated or published by multiple outlets. efforts were made to access the article or post via the regional media in which they were published. information that was not available in english was translated using google translate. the conclusion that investigators arrived that the spice across regularly being shot down the issue grades at the don is that no one saw it coming. neither moscow, no, as they say here, kiev. this enquiry didn't find sufficient facts. the ukrainian stores is responsible for analyzing security risk levels in civil aviation airspace and those established restriction of airspace inexpensive zone could have had a broker awareness of the high altitude threat. they arrived at this conclusion by
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admittedly feeding google translate a lot of news articles and by cooling up ukranian authorities, asking them if they had any idea that mh 17 could be shot down. they said they didn't land vala, official report, done. great inside is satisfied with the report, the families of the victims, not so much, is important for the general public. and but even more important for my clients to be dependent on knowing what happened, what really happened to us than governments. they don't want to close the to shut down the relationship to. they are crammed, they want to keep the door for any further development. maybe to take you create as a member of the issue or include an into the rest and system, whatever that is. and of course, giving this face, it would be of course,
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not literally supporters. if the government would blame the new government that they had simply calling to declare the government could have closed fist. not knowing that there was a risk for international issue. and they took the risk, and this was a crime exempt, you know, as soon as they confess the illegally, they have to pay the compensation. neither is russia particularly happy about this report. it says, what it represents is the white washing of ukraine's role and the downing of an age, 17 ukraine. lack of responsibility, clearly convenient for the dutch government, and the matter the way the hague wanted it to. as it turns a blind eye to the wrong doings of its subordinates in key. if,
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instead of consistently studying ukraine's actions while considering i c a o standards, the experts limited themselves to a brief historic summary. and once again, analyzing political statements linked to social media. 3 days before the downing of m h, 17 ukrainian military and 20 transport aircraft was shot down at 6500 meters. which is one more reason why dutch m p 's. find it strange reading that ukraine didn't know that there was a danger to civilian aircraft. new in this, our russian sputnik v cobra vaccine is under the microscope of the world health organization inspections of manufacturing sites have discovered violations of the facility in the russian city of mover, which is about 1400 kilometers east of moscow. the w h. i was so far inspected for sites out of 7 and comes off,
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the russia replied to registers. sputnik v in europe. right across the forest is correspondent alia. it's frank haile. one of the findings here, calling hi. so out of the 7 existing sputnik, the factories for which is more than a half have been inspected by the officials of the world health organization. and there were only complaints about one single production facility. in far, there were a total of 6 which included issues with data and test results and also things like lab conditions. but now, according to the officials in moscow, all these concerns and issues have been addressed and dealt with jamie, as indeed there had been complaints from the inspection team. as far as we know, everything has already been taken into account and what needed to be changed has already been changed and use it. now, the reason why everything was fixed so quickly,
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according to the authorities in russia, is because the ministry of industry and trade in this country had been aware of the preliminary reports by the w h o. and so to see began doing their homework in advance and i can already tell you that the officials from the world health organization have already been invited back to far to check how their concerns have been addressed. besides this, officials and moscow are pointing out that the complaints about this one take a production facility in no way undermine that. the a positive conclusions about the effectiveness and the quality of the sputnik v vaccine. now, the recognition of the russian job, so to say, has been quite a tricky issue. and in this country, many times it's been claimed that sputnik be has fallen. busy victim to politics
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because we understand that in more than 60 countries but think we has already been given the green light while for example, the european medical agency and the w h. o. have not yet approved the use of sputnik we now with the russian government addressing the concerns of the world health organization. possibly this country is one step closer to the full international recognition of its jap, yet true. and hopefully it's reassuring that people can say that the, the checks and balances in place for this kind of thing. okay. even drank a thank you. actually use privacy watchdogs have seemed up to call to ban all heaps of facial recognition or other automated methods of distinguishing human features in public take into account the extremely high risk supposed by remote biometric identification of individuals and public leg sensible spaces. the european data protection board and the european data protection supervisor cold for
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a general burden and any use of a i for automated recognition of human features and public leg sensible spaces, such as recognition of faces, gate fingerprints, dna voice keystrokes, and other biometric or behavioral signals in any context where they tighten these technologies, violate fundamental rights and freedoms statement joins growing a you grass roots bids to block them, including a, reclaim your face. petition that already got more than $55000.00 signatures. and britain's information commissioner has recently voice her own warning. i'm deeply concerned about the potential for life facial recognition technology to be used inappropriately, excessively, or even recklessly when sensitive personnel data is collected on moscow without people's knowledge choice or control. the impacts could be significant, or andrew pharma discuss the pros and cons of facial recognition technologies with an internet law expert and also
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a former senior military intelligence officer. caption all because there's been a shoplifter has run out of a shop. you could argue is disproportionate. if you're capturing old for a period of time, because the terrorist that's running on that saying he's got a bomb and is going to blow it up and kill hundreds of people. then for that period of time it's, it could be proportionate for you to capture that information, run up through the databases that you've got. i'm trying to identify the individual because you're, you're saving lives. so it's a very careful balance that has to be looked at. and you have to how about flexibility in the way law enforcement uses it. the real concern, of course, is whether right me or only above the, the used by private companies of the, of the way to probably to companies will be using because ology rather than governments. and then the possible abuse of those of the data gathered. sometimes in real time to, to do to trace people to track them down to their ops,
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embarrass damage one point in the lives. so, so the, the, the proposals on list, sally, being introduced to protect us from government surveillance, but perhaps from, from, from having being intruded a by commercial organizations. but the definition of publicly accessible locations doesn't cover most private companies in the u. k. inside some of the big shopping center areas, it doesn't come to the publicly accessible space or inside shops amounts, where some of this enabled facial recognition technology is potentially being used . have artificial intelligence, assessing you all the time. you know, you'll get to because the machine says you will get a fake. the expression you look guilty is now starting to, to, to become real a because because each it is going to go by what people look like,
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you know, what their facial expressions are alike rather than even even the behavior or the directions. i disagree with that completely because the machine never makes a decision that always points a human being to whether that be a security professional or please professional. there are areas where it is real value. for example, looking at behavioral analysis, where the computers just monitoring the movement of people around it's been able to identify and a lot of railway stations, individuals who from examining how people commit suicide in front of trends. it's a alarm to people to say you need to have a look at this individual because they're exhibiting those traits. i'm up saving lives. so it's, it's looking about necessity and proportionality the whole way through in every single use case. and the rules, unfortunately haven't caught up with what the technology can do. and therefore it's making sure that those that make the decisions are applying. the ensuring that they're looking after people's freedoms as they're making the decisions as to whether something should be used. ok,
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your latest birthdays on the way. next. i'll be back in about half an hour with your next need update from moscow. this is our t thanks for watching. ah, he said you had to police 30 that can each news he better than the human russell. but if i go over the over the book or just one of the motion learning stories going on in the course of action just for orfa. gotcha. ah, good position we think you might be.


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