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and take yourself all the ah, the headlines is russia wound the, to the consequences. it is territorial was, is violated again, or through k warship bridge. if it's black see borders both have to come as far as software financial, mcafee spam, dead in spanish prison cell. and what the authority say was suicide. cut off today, he tweet, he didn't, wouldn't take the tone life. and the pandemic see the number of super rich joining the millionaires club. shoot up as a report finds that firms profiting through the crisis days spread the well to ordinary. ah,
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good evening, just gone 8 o'clock in moscow. you're watching arthur the international. now ask permission. russia has made clear to enter its territory after moscow summoned britain's ambassador over a warship that encroached on its waters in the black sea constantine ross cove. as more now on the reaction, russia sees the incident in the black sea is a deliberate provocation from the british navy. russian officials have taken it quite serious and for instance, you're wrapped off rushes deputy foreign minister, a diplomat didn't measure his words. what can we do? we can only appeal to common sense and demand respect for international law. if this does not work, we can bomb not only in the direction, but also in target. if our colleagues do not understand, i will in any one violating the state borders of the russian federation under the slogan of free navigation from such provocative steps. because the security of our
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country comes 1st and just to bring everyone up to speed a u. k. worship the h m, as the veterans that it through what russia says or it's territorial waters. the vessel sailed within 12 nautical miles off the coast of crimea close to a russian naval base in the black seats of after all. this resulted in russia sending its own naval vessel along with aircraft of fire warning shots. russian. diplomats also said that those trying to pass rushes limits are on a delivery slope. and according to the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman, by firing those warning shots moscow let everyone know that you need to ask rushes permission before entering its territory. the british ambassador to russia has already arrived to the foreign ministry in moscow and expected to receive a tough warning. so let's have a listen to what the russian diplomats insisted during this meeting. particular attention was drawn to the fact that should similar provocations be repeated. the british side will bear full responsibility for possible consequences. moscow
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maintains that crimea embassy around peninsula is russia's sovereign territory, while the u. k continues to recognize crimea as a belonging to ukraine and therefore rejects moscow claims of control over the area with holy appropriate to use international waters. and, and by the way, the important point is that we don't recognize the russian annexation of trying. this is part of a sovereign ukrainian territory, it was entirely right that we should be indicate the law and freedom of navigation in the way that we take the, the shortest route between 2 points. and that's what we did last and keep saying it didn't mean to provoke russia in any way and its intentions were harmless. but that contradicts what a b, b. c correspondent, he was on board, the british ship reported he said h hm. as the federal deliberately the course to send the message to moscow,
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he also sat in his report that our crew, the crew of this ship, heard the shots fired by the rushing line. if you don't change the course, i'll divide trucking roy altitude low. now interestingly, british officials insist that the worship wasn't fired at and that it was just a coincidence that the russian navy were conducting a gunnery exercise in that area. at that time, at the time the british vessel entered the zone. now, russia, diplomat say that this is an outright lie. those warning shots were men for the h m as defender to scare it off. so clearly, this is the heated topic that will likely affect british russian relations. in the long run. we're form a british emvoy, craig murray does say that h m s defend knew exactly what it was doing, easy for these things to escalate and get out of hand further than any body
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actually. mean, this is, this is ghostly, is responsible to evocative behavior bitten has no business having a war ship sailing this close to crime in this land is disputed as well as johnson says. but claim me is at the very least the occupying power with affective control of a tentative it is a markedly provocative kinds of belligerent war mongering, which is taking pious 5 thousands of miles from the u. k. co split. well, forget this can lead to, to all sorts of difficulties in the context of the british government, which seeks to make tropical devalue out of continual compensation with joshua, which need an enemy in order to justify the massive defense spending guide on by this country. so it's part of a, of a general topic to pull on which point it's worth stating that they deliberately built a warship for journalists into the senatorial water. and actually a top,
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a gander, aimed at the coastal state is specifically excluded in the un convention on the war of on the law of the c anti virus software pioneer joe mcafee has been found dead in his barcelona prison. so just i was after spain's national court ruled in favor of extradited him to the united states senior correspondent woodard gas to discuss the case with my colleague calling bry mike, if his life was you know, equally steeped in eccentricity and unfortunately, scandals too. but in this case, he argued that he's prosecution was politically motivated. the charge is coming from the united states about about tax evasion, that you'd have millions of dollars, and he appealed to spanish authorities to reject the tradition request. however,
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a cord found his arguments are convincing. they decide to expedite him to the united states that was pending approval from the spanish government, which hadn't yet been given. but obviously he, he chose another route rather than be thrusted to the mercy of the us justice system. however, because of a tweet he made in october 2020, there is now a lot of speculation. a lot of room is some of them crazy, but nevertheless, that perhaps sees death wasn't as seemingly obvious as it seems. i'm content and here i have friends, the food is goods all as well know that if i hang myself, epstein, it will be no fault of mine, and people have caught onto that now then spreading again. all sorts of well sorts of rumors, especially given his activities during his life after he left technology. there was a lot of activism regard regarding crypto cards. he wanted crypto cards is which is
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fair to the people to replace traditional money as well as traditional banking systems. with all the fees and all the commissions and the millions brought for the bank is make there are however, already alarm bells ringing regarding the faith of another person who is being rather prosecuted, persecuted by the united states. europe should not extradite those accused of non violent crimes to a court system so unfair in prison system so cruel, that native born defendants withdraw the them become subject to julian, his sons could be next until the system is reformed. a moratorium should remain. maggie was born in the u. k. how that he was us citizen julian assange isn't gone to the presence of the prosecuting him because of the suspected sexual assault delegation. now they're, they, they've come out and they said it's because of his work investigative work. his
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journalism, exposing war crimes that killed many, many people as well as corruption and scandal that the highest levels of power, the things we've seen published and weakening. so the fear is now the julian assad under pressure for so long that he may choose a similar option. and of course, a few people are going to be joining adults here on the day that it adds to mcafee's that adds to higher number of people who died either in prison on the juris because they're facing legal action. aaron was sworn aside from mike if he also a web pioneer and it's partly in his twenties. he may be in today hall of fame residence . he was an early employee, help get that off the ground. he was facing threatened with 30 years behind bars by united states, prosecutors. so what he did is he downloaded many, many i, c demick journals. he believed that the internet should be free, access to knowledge should be free. later after he was found, hanged in his apartment, we found out that the,
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the secret service presidential security there that they had $1400.00 pages of documents on him, a huge amount. the secret service was involved. then for example, we have abstract jeffrey epstein, who could have brought down the system the establishment. i mean, he's friends included president celebrities, superstar sickness, all manner of people well known and many of them frequented movies parties, parties where there was the legend, the abuse of children, sexual abuse of that he was found also hadn't in his, in his jail. so many people do by that story except cool says there's no proof. there's no evidence that there was foul play. nevertheless, it is, it is starting because all these debts happen in areas in the country where the united states and europe, which are 1st in the front room when they hear about human rights abuses or
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prosecution of activists in china. russia, for example, a son has been harass, tortured, and we have no idea what is happening to him right now. then the anglo saxons will issue immediate release saying no longer could his free soul suffer. the vulgar world's slow infamy. and that's it. the rest can do this kind of thing. the card there to sonnet. the point is that there is now the least of high profile figures. figures that be given a lot of publicity all choosing to commit suicide rather than be had to do over to the united states to adjust the system that is seen as unfair and cruel by many well accurate. always. former council in the u. k, who helped arrange asylum for june. the songs in the m. c. also see similarities between the mcafee case and that of the whistleblower. this is not much of a perception, this is a very,
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very and expect dockins made why they hired, especially in this country in the u. k. the junior suffix from depression he has on that increase significantly. there is all suicide, even on the shows that he's killed now, in a maximum security policeman in the u. k. known as the panel. i'm not even talking about of conditions in the united states, which is the reason why many people prefer to commit suicide rather than being extradited to that system. teaching kids how to hate each other, not i one parent has described the study of critical race theory in us schools. the
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whole set looks at society from the perspective of systemic racism. but many do question. the approach you talk about critical race theory, which is pretty much going to be teaching kids how to hate each other, how to dislike pretty much all camera is pretty much all come down to, you know, deliberately pc is watching right here. got it better you because he why you go partly. so why did oh, the black people are all down and how do i have to medical degree the senior open. it was pretty much show people that anything that they want to achieve in america can be done. they just have to want to do it. so i want to have to actually encourage them and tell them that they can do it. but the current state right now that a lot of schools are want to implement into the education system is to simply have kids get discouraged that they can't do anything because their skin color won't allow them, especially when it comes to black american. they want to push this system in america to tell kids yes,
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the white people are better than the black people because they have white privilege and the blank people. the reason why you guys are not good is because you guys are still feeling the effects of what the why people did to the black people during slavery. what a recent poll the suggest that most people now disapprove of critical race theory. sy smith again, things the theories narrative is actually about winning the black vote. as a kid, i was in a 3rd grade and i noticed that the teacher would tell children about sack lunches from home. she would tell them to get in the line 1st and then she would say, and everyone has a lunch car. you guys, i'll go to the back as the days went by every day we had lunch, i started becoming very, very upset and sad and angry. so i began to get mad at my friends because i felt like they were better to me. i felt like that they thought that they were better to me. they couldn't figure out why i was mad at them. and as a 3rd grader, i couldn't articulate the words to say to them why i felt the way that i did. so my
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friends, they didn't look down on me. my friends, they didn't this like me, my friends, they didn't think they were better to me. so when you teach things to children, they pick it in as if it's truth. and if they believe that they will go out and actually start to implement these behaviors in society. the politicians that's pushing this narrative. they are the ones that actually are though they are creating it. they want this to happen, so they want to vote. it all comes down to wanting the black boat from the democratic party. they want the black people's vote for many upon demick has brought hardship and suffering for others. it's meant reco and profit. the number of global dollar millionaires is jumped by $5000000.00 interests in the past year. and in the u. s. alone, just 50 bidding that dennis these now hold as much wealth as half the entire population. americans, diagnostic families, both old and new, deploying a range of wealth preservation strategies to further concentrate wealth and power.
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power that is deployed to influence democratic institutions, the press, civic imagination, and rig of the rules, the further entrench inequality. the wish dawn of now explains how companies thriving through that her own of respond to america, happy to reward only some of that he for tens of millions. the pain pandemic could just as well stand for poverty such as being the devastating effect . but for a select few, it's turned out to mean prosperity, profits, profligacy. the lockdown doesn't sound too bad when you get to self isolate on a 1000000 dollar your like this. altogether the wealthy spend so much on these yours. it would have been enough to fully vaccinate a small nation like new pool. for instance, ritzy mentions have also been snapped off the market amid the raging health crisis, along with lumber guineas rorys and rolls royces. 5000000 more during the
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1000000 as club last year, mostly in the us and europe. the rise and wealth and the quote, he was likely not caused by the pandemic itself, nor is direct economic impacts. but it was instead a consequence affections undertaken to mitigate its impact primarily lower interest rates. and his a key reason why low interest rates means you can borrow money on the very cheap investors use that to get funds, which they then throw into the stock market. shares skyrocket, this is what's happening right now. and that translates directly into massive wealth boose for major shareholders. those who are already rich become richer, and that's not all they have going for them. the altar wealthy, especially diagnostically, wealthy families have in fact created the 2 t a tax system, one set of rules for themselves, another for everyone else. as
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a result, we end up with absurd situations where a senior government official is able to say that only more on the pay the estate tax openly acknowledging that the u. s. a state tax system is optional for the wealthiest. a recent league from the us revenue service has revealed that america's 1000000000 as i used to paying almost no income tax. and it hardly even bothers the tax man in washington. well, if we glance on the bottom end of the wealth pyramid, almost $3000000000.00 worldwide report less than $10000.00 in their bank accounts. and more than a 100000000 have been plunged into extreme poverty by the pandemic in a bid to keep up the economies vital signs. the u. s. federal reserve has pumped an additional $3.00 trillion dollars of liquidity in since february last year. that's and 88 percent increase of the national balance sheet. while
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a lot of that went into the coffers of the rich. it also set off economists alarms, as it's a bubble. and sooner or later, such bubbles tend to bust the economy shipping to one in which a very small percentage of the population has an enormous proportion of the wealth . all that the leak from the internal revenue service did was to expose yet again, how bad the situation is, how successful the very richest people in america, the 650 billionaires, especially how successful they have been in writing the tax laws so that they can legally evade their fair share of the taxes and it produces more bitterness, more division. as i said, it's a society that is exploding itself and it doesn't seem to be able
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to recognize and change to stop to this deterioration. prisons have been hitting back off for authorities granted temporary permission from drug users to meet near a park. simple mid day walk for one month and a 2 year old ended in misery when the child was assaulted by an addict. charlotte davinsky has more than the story plagued by a drug addict, many of them using crack cocaine, this talk empower is, is just stuff of a nightmare for residence once a place that families could come to. now they crash by, in fear or any to risk factor residence and told us that this entire neighborhood is run. but yeah, yeah, yes, we've had enough. and this problem concerns, not only the garden reveal, but the entire area. there are drug addicts, migrants dealers, all at the same time that are really a lot of them here. we have
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a park, but it is absolutely impossible to go here. in just such a situation simply should not be happening in a children's park or any other such normal place. these are real drug addicts. they mean medical and social help and they were just moved to the park in the hope that the problem will solve itself to get you is you know, how this problem exists in our entire district as well as in several other districts. moreover, this problem with greg smokers has existed for a long time. but now everything has become worse. we feel isolated, we feel abandoned will come here every wednesday for approaches. we post tweets, we do a lot of things. we have created an association to try and find a solution, but it feels like we're hitting a wall to the go already overflowing, here is a disturbing development, a child amongst these images. sure. the 2 year old battered and
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bruised, terrific injury sustained during an attack against the child by an attic. when locals, who have pleaded and go with the authorities, this is the law school. and can you feel secure after something like that happens on the little child? you know, it's extremely shocking. it's devastating. i'm shocked in the place that the so lucian they offered is just to put 500 the drug. it's in a children's park, we needed the park to be secured that day and night by human presence, as well as the whole neighborhood of your police presence today. there are some policemen for the people here in the protest, but on the daily basis, i hardly see them. the drug i take to attack and child was late to apprehended by the police, but the prosecutor's office is concluded that she was responsible for. she's fully
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polar. instead she turned in the order for the matter of the area issues of mental health, drug of the big these are the gazes to the heaviest ones in which secretary pathologists and crept, conception feet of each other, which create the most problems for the residents. there is an urgent need to act. these people must be taken care of in special. those disability means nothing is worse than leaving them on the streets. late this process, all i know cause isn't the time to continue to cool. focus on the severe issues hit on to take back talk from drug addicts such as they can. he knew that there was a real sense of they have been abandoned by the authorities. charlotte devens, b r. c, a. talk in paris, president. post in russia's defense minister,
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voice concerns over nato, inching ever close to russia's borders and said that the whole purpose of the alliance is to contain russia and china. the statement came, the 9th moscow global security conference, which wrapped up earlier today. but among keynote speakers, there was the presence of the international committee of the red cross. and he told us too many resources the funding war instead of those innate. if we look at the numbers, we are still in a world where 80 percent of all people displaced are displaced by violence. billions are invested into fuel in violence, while only at a percentage low percentages of face. the equation is here to relieve the suffering . if i look at the increasing gap between you many tarion and for failure to need at large and the willingness and the,
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and the ability of the international community to pay for basic social services for humanitarian aid for developing societies, for maintaining critical infrastructure in difficult times this is by far not enough, and we will need to have more donors in the future. more countries stepping up to the plate. a lot of countries within a capacity to pay don't pay enough and don't do enough. and they don't necessarily to wait in a way which would ease tensions and sometimes rather accentuate attention. so there is a lot to say with regard to the necessity of the international community to step up to the plate, to contribute in a much more meaningful way to the stabilize ation of society. and i'm sorry to say this is more, this will be more expensive than the couple of millions which or billions even
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which go into a human in development climate reputation and a couple of more important global issues. so more will have to be done not germany. his fuming, asked european footballs, governing body wafer refused requests to light up munich stadium and l g b t colors ahead of a match at the euro championships. some people have interpreted us as decision to turn down the city of munich request to eliminate the meaning stadium in rainbow colors for a year or 2020, much as political on the country. the request itself was political linked to the hungarian football teams presence in the stadium for this evening, much with germany. i find shameful that you wafer forbids us from setting an example for diversity tolerance, respect, and solidarity. while other german cities railed against the ban, illuminating public spaces in rainbow colors, while football clubs printed their own, multicolored,
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lo goes to reign by flags were also distributed by right script, amnesty international head of the germany, hungary game one campaigner even took analogy. bt flag on the page is hungry and some was being played now last week, hungry hungarian lawmakers found the promotion of homosexuality or gender change to under eighteens. pastors law has nothing to do with discrimination and is aimed at protecting children. sports rise from broadcast, the hello more believe that you a for though, should have taken a thermos dance much earlier to ation because the allows the whole black matter go clustered in. so then everything can come in afterwards. and they said very dangerous press the weights initially allowing the, for lack of protests. so basically people can do what they want. they're not trying to protect money to protect it. they realize that by allowing dr. matter in that
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they created a monster can't control. yes. the l g b t sigma is we, we know that it is evident shopping gas when re weight said us, but they don't really believe that. and also they're now very, very cautious speaking with people to day. very, very, very start jerseys are symbols or posturing to say no, this is the basis for the cells into the mess, movies in brief, now in a beach front apartment block in miami, in florida, has partially collapsed. one person is confirmed dead and is hurt. he's not known how many people are in the building at the time. especially search and rescue team has been deployed to find anyone still trapped in the complex. a bus crash in northern iran has reported he left 2 dead and 21 injured on board, were 25 iranian journalists heading from toronto to report on the renovation of
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a provincial damn. when the bus overturned, there's no immediate information about what caused this crash or radium rates. are considered among the most dangerous in the world with some 17 times and death a year. and a bomb blast in the east, in pakistani city. the whole flat 3 dead and dozens injured. explosion report that happened near the highest of the jailed founder of an islamic terri group is still and he was behind the attack just coming up to harper state an evening here in moscow. thanks for watching. we'll have morning see about 13 the so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally,
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i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time time to sit down and talk i use welcome to the alex, i'm in sure where we are to be one of the great campaigners of the last half century. someone who has graduated from tablets target as the most hated man in britain to a new find national treasure with his he's nobody to lead means team. alex introduce peace or talk to about his career and.


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