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tv   News  RT  August 4, 2021 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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all my good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are together in the beds on this wednesday morning for moscow. the e u. now accept digital. cobit 19 certificates from san marino's populations almost fully vaccinated with the splitting vaccine every same russian job, still awaiting approval from the flocks. medical agency. the time the covered pandemic tribes. a deadly search in drug poisoning, deaths as people have got hooked on legal and illegal drugs to get them through. tough times. washington says it's concerned this morning about hijacks of an oil tanker. reports of hijacked all tank rather up the coast of united arab emirates, while some british me dear, already pointing the finger it ran over. it comes just days after
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a deadly drone attack on another time in that region. ah not well, most co tom. good morning for me, kevin, over the whole team. it is wednesday, the 4th of august to watching out international. so 1st, the european commissions recognize covered health policies issued in san marino with the vast majority of those vaccinated have received rushes. footnote v: a job, those not been approved by the official regulator, but some re, no in theory, could legally import it because the country is not a member of the european union. ortiz tunnel courts joins tusky taylor to explain these latest developments. well, what it does mean basically, is that the european union has split a significant demographic of its citizens into 2 groups. those people who have been vaccinated with subordinate v and can travel freely. and those people who have been vaccinated with subordinate b and cannot travel freely. i mean,
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it all comes down to these cobit certificates that allow for unrestricted movement between you states. now, sam, marino certificates are valid in the e. u and that's a, that's a country that has 90 percent of its population vaccinated with student v. we have have these certificates for several weeks now. europe has had them since yesterday . the signature of the commission chairman ursula fonder lion under the document is dated july 30th. thus, they recognize that the technical characteristics of our certificate correspond to european once this decision is of a technical nature. it does not imply recognition of specific v. it is about a digital signature are green past where the q r code is now readable in european apps. so basically, anyone who got the student, the shot in san marino is now considered vaccinated in the wild. those who got it anywhere else in the world literally are considered unvaccinated or potentially ill . why has that? does that mean? is it because russia sending higher quality student v shots to send marino or
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something obviously not in there, but also does that. i mean, why does that you still refuse to, to approve the russian shot? it seems like the you want to get the protection offered by the student, the vaccine where it can, while at the same time, curbing its larger acceptance throughout the continent. i mean, the european medicines agency has been dragging its feet on, like, you know, validating dispute take the shot or not validating it for months now. and in the meantime, over $65.00 countries around the world have already given the russian shot the green light, including some european countries that just didn't want to wait for brussels approval. that includes hungry and slovakia, including san marino. and people for you know, hungry in slovakia now can't travel freely between you countries while others from submarine can at the same time. it seems like there's potentially a bureaucratic problem on the horizon. i mean, we just also saw reports that the italian authorities are refusing these cove at
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1900 certificates, 2 people from san marino, who got the student be shot. so it's not clear how this is going to be implemented . it seems like there's just a lot of confusion and that this is a contradiction in the law right now. yeah. terror revolt or an international relations expert. i'm a former m p. s his own here on the commission's decision, and it's not favorable. he's not a member of your office. i'm afraid that mainly in brussel is a measure of politics. because you see equally cannot that rover e n a is not a robot. but the fact that the m a is a dealer paying approval for release on that, that nobody knows. maybe you know what you need to be. nobody knows why e n a is not a rule being. there may be intelligent people that went to san marino for gaining
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the sport niga already months ago. i know talked to right now to receive the green bus. it is really ridiculous because it is a no one that spoke to me. at least the valley, the as the other side, it was at least if not more charities in the u. k. a sounding the alarm of what they claim as a public health emergency with locked down the loss of loved ones, homes and jobs is pushed. a lot of people to the edge. and many have been turning to drugs according to data them from the office, the national statistics, the number of deaths related to no call takes in england. and wales in 2020 is almost 4 percent higher than it was in 2019. that's the highest since records began in $9093.00 chief executive of one that u. k. diction center told us he's not surprised because it's easy to get your hands on. some drugs were living in the parallel, pandemic, drug alcohol,
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and mental health pandemic. that is only worse and due to the virus. enough is enough. we need to come together as a society and take reelection. similar situations been registered in other countries too. while scotland has more drug deaths per capita than any european country, the u. s. is dealing with a 30 percent increase compared to previous years experts we heard from point to that the aggravating factors that play them. if you stop interaction between people, if you limit the possibility to meet and to hang out in a pop and meet friends, it is obvious that this will have some effect on the psyche of people. so i think it was just a prioritization of the fighting of the virus problem. and government simply forgot that people are not machine which you can separate, you will have an effect and this. busy effect is now being seen in terms of
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depression and rising track, drug abuse. drugs has become a lot more accessible by the advance of the incident and more specifically by the ability to pay anonymously on the, in some extra things. so we have seen that as has become easier to purchase things on the internet and pay for them in a non traceable manner. people's confidence in, in purchasing illegal substances on the internet has increased. so we are, we are aware that there is a change in, in the access routes of, of illegal substances that our service uses participates in. and certainly the internet plays a very large role in that. ok. other headlines were tracking this, wanted to brief you on the u. s. as a deeply concerned that reports of an oil tanker being hijacked off the coast of the united arab emirates with little clarity so far on the case. some in the west
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of already been blaming ran over it and to run for its parts already denied any involvement, condemning such accusations as propaganda. policy has got the latest. what we doing from the u. k. maritime authority that a potential hijack has occurred on a based off the coast of the united arab emirates. now they saying that the information they had suggest that between 8 to 9 people boarded the tanka, we are hearing from me, which is foreign office that they are investigating this matter. but this has no stopped push media from already pointing fingers at iran. the same time, if so in the same area, there are 4 other tanks that have been reporting that they are not under command. in other words, they are not in control of themselves. they can't maneuver. now it's not clear exactly what's happening in the incident, and it's also not clear whether the 2 are connected. all of this comes just days after and he's really managed tanka was hit by
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a drone off the coast of oman. now in that particular incident, she crew men were killed and the u. k. office has been very quick to blame. you read. we have heard from the british prime minister barak johnson saying that there will be consequences for iran because of that attack. i think that the iran should face up to the consequences of what they've done except that the attribution that the foreign secretary has made, not israel and the united states backing the united kingdom in blaming iran. but the thing is that nobody has any conscious of proof as to whether one office has happened. what we are hearing is that these countries will work together on ways to respond to, to ran. we've also heard in the last few hours on these really side that tomorrow at a meeting of the united nations security general, they will be providing what they say is evidence. the united nations secretary
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general spokesperson, however, has said that there is no conclusive evidence. and they said no definitive information in terms of who was responsible for best. iran has also said that it is not involved. it has a piece of several times. and it is also warned that if it's any kind of waste to attack, it will retaliate. so all of the searching making the region more chance than it was just a full time ago. something it could to but 100 massage the professor of political science at the university of to run. he told us that his ations about evidence could lead to an escalation, as he put it between iran and the west. inches are very high right now. so throwing his ations without any evidence might actually lead to an escalation on. nevertheless, it's an open secret that you on in israel have been engaged in a sort of like a shadow war in the past few years. and lately in the past few months, the 2 sides have been attacking each other's ships. but they don't think any sides
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at the moment want war. nevertheless, the future will really depend on whether you're on will be able to reach a nuclear deal with the united states. the history has shown us that the re, these are actually very clever in sabotaging uranian negotiations with the americans. so. busy if, if in fact these re, these are behind these red flag operations, then i think that will sour the situation and it might lead to a breakdown of the negotiations. now if the negotiations actually break down that i think that would really escalate the tension between iran in israel in the region. president biden told the governor to quote, to resign, but not for covering up the number of covey related deaths in state nursing homes, rather because of renew delegations that he sexually assaulted his colleagues back in march. he said that if the investigation confirms the allegations against the
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governor former than he should resign standby, they said, are you now calling on him to resign? yes. and if he doesn't resign, you believe you should be impeached and removed from office? mistake went through the time i think you should reside. on tuesday, the new york state attorney general published evidence that cuomo committed assaults against 11 women in his office, including cases of touching, kissing and inappropriate comments. those actions are considered to be a violation of both state and federal laws, but there are currently no criminal investigations in the case as quote, he denies the allegations i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. my attorney, who is a non political former federal prosecutor, has done a response to each allegation. and the facts are much different than what has been portrayed. early this year the teddy general found the cuomo administration had
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attempted to hide the covert mortality rate in nursing homes. they under reported thousands of deaths which led to a public outcry, but there are no legal consequences for the governor back then. major and political endless line now says this time though, the evidence is overwhelming. when you have the multiplicity of witnesses and victims, but somebody who was a state trooper, not that one woman's victimization is different than another. but you have people who are assigned to a particular detail who know the law. now what's happening right now is, what is he going to say up till now? he's been very glib with he's italian. he thinks he can talk his way out of it. or what he's going to be saying right now with this is political. now a couple of this teacher, james, the attorney general, who has been their site of against trump and everybody certainly has political
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aspiration. we also have the city, the bad new york city mayor build a blasio who also did test scores will remember this. new york had one new governor eliot spitzer, client 9 who was involved in basically cash cash transfers with with prostitutes and brothels. now this, this is absolutely catastrophic. up till now. nobody really thought this might be the end of him. but this is it. while we're on the subject of new york, check this anger of the cobra, 1900 bucks, nation pass and ends by may. bill diblasio in the city, as critics say, the implementing, it would disproportionately hurt the african american community, led more about that row and the stories were cross today. r t dot combs the place to be for us police officers who defended the capital building in washington on
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january the 6 of committed suicide through them in recent weeks. jo biden's called them american heroes. they were on duty when hundreds of trump support a storm. the capital in an attempt to try to stop congress from certifying to biden's election victory. however, one retired us police officer we spoke to sees no link between those events and the suicides. but a go and a very, very unpopular opinion, not taking away from the tragic deaths of men who served and their choice and take their lives. it doesn't add up. in my opinion. i don't see any attribution from what happened on january 6, the, the mostly peaceful pro, jobs to taking it, being so precious for them to take their lives, something i'll try to be going on in their lives. i'm going to go a conspiracy theory route. let's just see for arguments sake, right, that these officers were in somehow not doing their job. maybe they were standing in the doorway, letting people come in and not preventing them from coming in. and again, i have no idea what happened on that day. yes, if there's
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a problem going to be coming on and those officers were going to be held responsible or accountable for actions that would have made them look unfavorably. yeah. that would 100 percent, in my opinion, lead them doing something that trust them. contrary to what we are, the families of the officers please. they couldn't overcome the mental strain of the capital storming when my husband left for work that day. he was the jeff that i knew when he returned after experiencing the event being hit in the head. he was a completely different person. i do believe if he didn't go to work that day, he would be here. what must not be lost and all of this is that my beloved husband died as a result of his dedication to the us capital police. and the sacrifices he made to his well being on the 6th of january and the ensuing days. just as surely as if he had been slain on the capitol steps, recognition of the cause of his death. much like the critical examination of the
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right itself will remain central to how we make right those tragedies and help avoid their repetition. we didn't receive a riots like we saw in canal shot ferguson. what we see in chicago were, officers are, are pitted against the civilians and black lives matter, an antique on the destruction they cause to being put in such a stress. the only thing, and this is what i will say, that makes the most sense of anybody who serves in law enforcement to understand when you are pressured by those who are supposed to protect your meaning, your command staff, your government, the ones you actually go out there and do the job, you have your back when you're pressured by them and your family is put at risk. that's where you going to make some unreasonable decisions. i don't see the events you happening on january 6 leading again. so unpopular it may gain massive on favor by police supporters. it does not make any sense that will happen on january 6 would leave these men to take their lives and all sad story. those men coming up sweden stopped commanded treatments where a month ago now. but america's health agency says we should still be wearing one
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because of big worries over the new delta street and how it could be passed on. a panel of experts crushed out the conflicting recommendations coming up after the break. ah, when i would show the wrong one, i'll just don't rule out the thing because the after kid and engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground in the me
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the the, the the the the the ah, these 2 next and sweden's march to the last few days with 0 new covey cases, a no more than one death today, over the last 3 weeks. and while the world panics about the new holly contagious delta strain, the sweden and the less is dropped the mandatory wearing of mass on july. the 1st,
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the swedish chief epidemiologist, arguing more data is needed. he said before they move against new straits, it is difficult to say how contagious delta is asked when it comes to chicken pox. we have been able to follow that disease for several years. the activity of delta seems to be very uneven. in some cases, one person, in fact 100 people. then we have other occasions where an infected person does not affect anyone at all. randall, i worry here last week, america's centers for disease control and prevention revealed new details about that pesky delta strayed revealing it is as transmissible they set as chicken parks and they also go on to say that both vaccinated i don't vaccinated, people can transmit the virus and so there's an urgent need for everyone to wear masks. guest debated the conflicting guidelines tweeted, didn't do any mask band dates, and there's a lot of literature out there that shows that mass don't work. so if the w h wants to let us believe in mass that i would like to see the data that shows that makes
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a big difference. wearing a mouth reduce the risk of transmitting coping by 20 percent since she and even a one find for point to industry. in fact, yes, we should overall reduce the transmission of the virus on my prevent. part of the other risk addiction measures that they told us get the vaccine any, get off the mass. well, we ever got vaccinated and we're still, we're in a mass. so i'm not really sure it with respect to that because they told us to wear the mask, then we won't have lock down to now we're doing lock downs. meaning no school or things like that. a lot of countries now are, you know, protesting germany had tremendous protests, australia had to protest, france and tremendous protests. so, you know, we gotta bring the people on because it's all about public health. it's selfish or not where mosque when you should be, whatever i'm asking when there's a chance to actually infect somebody else. we need to present powerful images and 2
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voices of doors. we need to protect the board one on their balls, and the message should be boxing and protect others. what has happened with the buyer since it's already gone to the community? and those people who survived, which is the majority, now have antibodies and have heard immunity. it's one of the risk reduction measures. we need to several help protect the behaviors, wash our hands, where mosque keeps social decency and they all would use the percentage risk question is how could be persuade people who now see mosque wearing a belief choice? the single biggest influence across all reasons for wearing a face mask abuse to be low in water, enough canister news in full people have been killed in a powerful explosion on a gun attack as well in the capital. kabul 20 others have been wounded according security officials. check these pitches. big glass that was reported from
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a car bomb detonated near the radiate embassy. the interior ministry says the attack was successfully repelled as described it, and all the militants were killed by security forces. you can see dense, close the smoke at some points. they are bullying from the scene, a promo neighborhood, and home to many diplomatic missions and senior officials can shops word in the area in the immediate aftermath, with some reports claiming on militants and targeted the residents of the african defense minister. the fighting those now reported to stopped me, spoke to one local journalists about the situation in cub. by behind me, not very far, we could hear series of explosions and 1st of gunfire. according to multiple officials at the interior ministry, a suicide attacker did or needed his car packed with explosive, outside of the home, off the defense minister in the same street, many one parliament tear in officials and politicians also live according to one of
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on official. you know, he said that the attackers that breach of the home of the minister defense after they had attacked the home of the african parliamentary. and that comes at a time when we have seen large crowds of ones, even in cities like cobble roaring thing, a law bought in support of the african american security forces after crowds of people did the same in the city of iraq. that's under, you know, massive in large scale paula bon attacks, and we're seeing have an intense fighting alaska, the capital of hell mon province with very, very heavy strikes bought by the african air force, as well as by the american air force. a city of 1000000 people, children, women, and elderly stock people need food and water is no power in the middle of the heat of the summer, as well as the pandemic. at least one hospital was hit in the air strikes. one official said that there was an issue with coordinates, so the ones that got nowhere to escape to ive ones. i've gotten nowhere to fleet,
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especially after years of being displaced in districts, in many of these provinces, this odd refuge and in these provincial capitals that are now under attack. you know, we saw that explosion, just know, but it pales when we think about the next one. i'm about to talk about exactly a year now. since i devastated chemical blast and by root claimed the lives of more than 200, it's believed to have been one of the largest non nuclear explosions in history. my find this video coming up per upsetting the yes. human rights group, since a national has condemned no liberties, officials, for, as they put it shamelessly, obstructing an investigation into the blast. wonderful evidence, oldest hospitals. these pictures you're seeing here was devastated by the explosion as well. there one nurse died at the time, but one person was also born to that very minute and
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a year on the baby is reported to be thankfully doing well. we spoke to a nurse on the maternity unit. she told us at the time, panic was not an option that was just simply too much to deal with. and then i was calling my mother to tell her about my day and the last to happen. i do remember my cleaning alone feeling very bad at this moment. i did not know if i was okay to be able to go with the kid and didn't have an idea what had what has happened. so i, when i try to move my hands and i was able to, so i thought of to be what the baby had. where, where are they? they are okay. and this is what i would up and went to b. c. when they were it and take them to bring them inside, i really,
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really bad. i have to take on because i had to wait on, i could, i could not just go into panic mode. i had to be able to be in the base were giving me they were breathing and they, when they had to keep going and the fun to be able to baby. i happened to babies a couple of in the grow they doing very well. and i'm in contact with the parents almost every day they do. and they send me everything they do, how they play, how they feed the drink. so they doing, they went and oh, that's good to hear, a little snapshot of good news from all the misery the huge bloss wasn't shocking. now you'll find so much more about what we're talking about today on our site and see the calmer. and if the social's have you will say to it was good to hear from you, but for now, recording from moscow, kevin, and the team signing off and have a good day. me
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get off the solar stevens? i mean, i mean i saw it and they went out and my my name is doug. join me every thursday on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guests in the world. the politics, sport, business and show business. i'll see you then me the ok. ah
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ah, everybody. i'm john. 100 trillion for scotty. now you're welcome to the show. we have another busy run down with a lot of topics to get to among in germany in india sitting worships to the south trying to see really up in the pressure on china and raising more contention over china's territorial claims. there germany deployed one of its frigates, the baron on monday to sail through the south trying to see it really the 1st time actually since 2002. in a statement, germany's navy said, quote, together with its allies, germany wants to show more presence in the endo pacific. clearly berlin is sending
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a message to beijing. the united states, the u. k. j.


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