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tv   Documentary  RT  August 4, 2021 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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to be cool and with the when you maybe when you are coming, then you go to the i get here. last. see my 1st so one who i should come here because i need big money. the out of the one with
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the money to get to $1.00 is for me. i'm a local boy. you know, i don't know what to do. i will tell you more about my mom. i love that when the big west will bring the money on top. so i'll get to it. you'll be
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the good. good. so good money. i was, susan knew, well, i'm going to go and we got we got a little over. got over them. we had a
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house that's got it. this is and i was sitting here looking at it looking grok. i'd come by this 11 pallet from my mother needed it to move. it took it to me and i got, i got it would be in the local
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alert line in that it was either mckinney or la la la. that doesn't know that i will didn't you know, you can only when i, what i would do is i'm in the middle to angela. i learned
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last year. what was when i look at the the job in my job a very difficult and very challenging looking at their vironment the
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i'm a food officer with african down the galen african intention to ensure that children are kept away from mining. our mission here today is to form a child right. clap so that you educate us, as well as i did on the dangers of child labor. the made is not easy to get these children to school on me, most of their families outside the city,
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basically. and i need music on family to meet. you've been that 3 square meals and so called about 20 years ago. my name came to this fact of the country it has brought about a lot in child labor the about 1000 children, all county who has engaged in my
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the fact that goes in the yield of the gold mercury that required to be used to godaddy without dement greece are not to renew it is dangerous, and these plays in order to get to take advantage of their children because employ them to come. i where is very cheap a lot of people have died including children being a native of this particular area. i feel very sad and very bad. no child should be made to go fetch kind of risk
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ah, hold. brain is gold. if you are able to develop the brain with educating me food and responsible for identifying children who have to stop school and then engage in mining the plan is to say fit marks with one of their children who has been in a very difficult situation to maxim yes
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s one again to look into my we are you doing the home or you know, i did talk to can you see when i went down when you get your 2nd here my home. i got your point now, but i'm not the path was african me. if i'm going young, i got a bad and via d as in my dad and then i might need to make a lot who couldn't pay your ment. okay. you got time. what do i do see about getting the box off? it is easy to use. how come you know when that it only need got on the balcony. yeah, no. yeah, no, not quite young man. cut it off at madison. c,
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a y n a one level. now hood catalyst. so my year lana finance go through i was that a little about money laundering person to see different. oh good. this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas, in the cayman islands, you never know all these banks are complicit in their club piper. so we just have to be mccall. hey, i'm ready to do some serious money laundering. okay, let's see how we did. well, we got, oh, we got a nice luxury watch for max and for safety. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about automobile again for mag? hey, no. money laundering is highly legal. dokie a cookie spots. the
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know what to what you love you by the mother cannot walk on by now i know i should know moment a little moan on the sofa, heels on labels like one of them. and it will, that will allow you to go for have an initiation of national with much i should be good or small lot of people but no, no, i mean, i mean i saw it and there was one on my in my name is c
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o one and i make no borders and the number is emerge. we don't have a therapy, we don't, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. not a joke. people judge, you know, come crisis, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenges response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we are together in
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the way why or why why why, why? why, why it was what was, what do you want to go
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show this the the goes with the history channel in cash. one, the cash when when did the got got the money in taos and i filled it out but i'm not like out before i go to be put in
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the the flames. i'm brought up to leave school to how long to do before he's done. i view my name, i'm with the roles and i'm the only one to can go tell my father the yes. so that's the name in my foot. i don't want to work for anybody. not because there was
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a reason for the no one seems to be like the old people line industry. i know if i make, if i can bring my back, i can see by making the today a big be present and i tend to our new beneficiaries were able to get children to put in their program sometimes in the recall from those to prove them because they need their children
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to wish and on able to meet every needs, such as food and loss income. we understand this particular you may look in depth package for them to receive. we hope to convince them to stay out of my the gentleman in our communities. are you big a, you one single and you know, this is better than they're going to see. so the play the, to do the any that much the the last month origins.
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so let's go look at the case load. mister omar did the one thing that i do about it, and i need to get out and get about bobby, about time to actually get to where we are going well. hey, mike. yes or you can yeah, but i'm you about will he would i freaky and a small organization and then resources to as a limited i was on to what am i doing? yeah. my live,
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oh that asked on bicycles made the marks for those who are a long distance to school. and so essentially some of these decisions on who and who becomes difficult. i'm on my own when i left the money and i will go back to work on it. i'm not going to be locked the living room. oh, much better than that isn't
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enough. you know, got you know, coming out with it. you gotta know if you don't give them the the me, i will, i will be on whether i get what, what the me the
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the the, the the, the everything and all of this those who leave the maintenance and the wait for the mining company can the information need, but it be the
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bill that bit of the the, the the government in the mining companies will not give us long to work on. so we have to walk really go and the mining company. so it is really been because when the media both actually have input because they have enough money to do whatever they like for you, they came here to take their good and the time and foot board and the outcome they, we did in the money and the
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the game is in the market when that bus will not let me see it, but i thought him to come with it in traveling so the can get him there on the
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one of the elements and when we were gonna move our kids on the the that i live, i will send them over to me. i have been going to be about going
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me the the me a lot of i believe it doesn't look like this is off the old
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puzzle. so can you to actually use the machine which is at the media put your budget ah, will continue to tell you because it came from a credit issued by both of us to choose their growing indications. donald trump will indeed make a 3rd run for the presidency in 2024. the former president remains the most favored potential primary candidate within the g o p. but what about the republican party leadership? are they on board? and does trump have a message that would return him to 1600 pennsylvania avenue and the
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british and american government sivilton being accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is to stay devising message to end essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years, to the victim say they still with the consequences today. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have is crazy. plantation.
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let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. a very critical time. time to sit down and talk the ah, me the,
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the me the headlining right now, israel 5, back up the 3 rockets were fired towards the territory from lebanon, with live, with our correspondent in the region in one minute. he, you know, accepts digital cobra, 1900 certificates from san marino where most of the population is fully vaccinated with the vaccine. the same rushing. jad, that still a waiting approval from the blocks med so i did say cover up or not debate rages of a how effective wearing a medical modification controlling the spread of corona virus. and sweden dropped the requirement for recording via revenue koby kate. while the united states says it's crucial to web one. now our panel discusses the conflicting advice they told us to wear the mask, then we won't have lockdown. so now we're doing lockdown.


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