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the, the, the, the, the well shelton up and then with funds to brought this agreement with the group behind the original. let's see, you know, it's that did pull code, but certificate from marino's, when most of the population is not related, would be the same. russian job didn't waiting approval from the medicine thing to cover off all, no debate rages about how effective wearing a medical law is in controlling the threat of corona virus. we didn't drop the requirement before recording 0 new kind of cases. while the us says it's crucial to
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why one out panel discuss the conflicting advice they told us to wear the mask and then we will have locked down to now we're doing lock downs. it's one of the risk reduction measures. we need several helpful behaviors. ah, bring your your news around the clock. this is our international for myself in the whole team here in moscow. a welcome jumping righten. israel has opened artillery fire against neighboring a lebanon in retaliation for a rocket attack, which occurred to mid escalate intentions in the region. in recent days, sirens had been glaring along israel's northern border with lebanon. his all middle east correspondent point. these really ami wife now is firing shells at the area of the labor. no. now this follows an earlier attack from the liberty side into is
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all. there was 3 rocket that was fired at israel. one was intercepted by the israeli. i'm done. system one landed in an open area, and one landed in lebanon itself. there are no immediate supports of damage or injuries on the way side. earlier there was an indication that they could possibly be such an attack, particularly focused on the mortgage is weighing town up to be a morning, which is home to some 20000 people and they are awesome. i went sounding in the area and the situation there isn't. i live in what's happening on the neighbor nice little military. you can think it is not giving us anymore information at this time, but it has said that he's lady shells landed between 2 nice villages. now they have been similar incidents in recent months from the lady side. they say that they don't believe kids, but that was possible for us, but that they bought it believe that it is palestinian group operating inside
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lebanon. having said that, it's highly unlikely that palestinian booth would fire rocket as well without the permission of his sophie. this is a situation that we will continue to monitor throughout the course of the day. while the shutting comes on a grim of us 3 for 11, and it's been exactly one year since the devastating explosion at the port of a root plane, the lives of more than $200.00 people. thousands of people have gathered in the capital on the tragic and vast 3, holding up pictures of the dead and demanding justice. he smiled. take asset demonstrators during a heated exchange outside a government building. people are angry with a government failure to specify what triggered the loft and who was responsible for it is believed to have been one of the largest non nuclear explosions in history wanting. you may find the following videos. the ash
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or human rights groups on the amnesty international has condemned lebanese officials for quite shamelessly, obstructing an investigation into the blast. one of lebanon's oldest hospital was devastated by the explosion as well as you can see that one not such died while a baby was born, the very minute of the blast. now we here on the child is reported to be doing while we spoke to us on the maternity unit bad that fateful day. she told us that panic was not an option because that was too much to do. and then i was calling my mother to tell her about my day and i do remember my cleaning alone feeling very bad that i did not know if i was okay to be able to be kid and didn't have an idea what has what has happened. so i,
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when i take my hands and i was able to, i supposed to be to see what the be where, where are they are? they are okay. this is what's a good up and see where they would. and then inside there we just went to bed. i had gone because i had to leave in some way. i could, i could not go into panic mode. i had to be able be babies were giving me breathing and they would, they had to keep going. and they fun to be able to be. i happened to babies in the go, they doing very well. they go away and i went to the bed and every day they send me pictures and they send me everything. how they, how they feed the drain. so are they doing? they went and everything or power work is still ongoing in the port city. however,
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lebanon's economy is facing huge challenges from plummeting currency to power outages, as well as medicine and fuel shortages. because of this, most of the reconstruction work has been funded privately all by non governmental organizations. the owner of one damaged historic property told us they've been let down by 2 sides to the last 3. and my house is a heritage building, but we didn't get any help from unesco or anyone else. the only people who've been helping a one kind strange that god sent to us and recently won n g o no one else. the government didn't help her to have given us nothing but faked promises. i've witness many was i was born in 1944, but i've never seen the situation so bad. everyone keeps saying we've never seen such a crime in so much damage. if there was a war, it would've been easier. at least we could have had the option to escape. at times of war, we were always notified to leave our homes. but this time we were left to die.
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sweet and has marked the last few days with 0 and new covert cases and no more than one death a day for the last 3 weeks. despite the country dropping the mandatory wearing of mosques on july, the fast and welfare grow about the new, highly contagious delta varian sweden's chief epidemiologists argues that more data is needed before they move against new strains. it is difficult to say how contagious delta is asked when it comes to chicken pox. we have been able to follow that disease for several years. the effectiveness of delta seems to be very uneven . in some cases, one person effects a 100 people. then we have other occasions where an effective person does not affect anyone at all of the european countries on the us saw however, skeptical about that approach and maintaining restrictions due to the such off the delta stream. last week, america centers for disease control and prevention warned, there is an urgent need for both those unvaccinated unvaccinated to wear masks.
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while guests debated the conflict in global guidelines, tweeted didn't do any mask ban dates, and there's a lot of literature out there that shows that mass don't work. so if the w h wants to let us believe in mass that i would like to see the data that shows that makes a big difference. wearing a mask, reduce the risk of transmitting by 20 percent century and even a $15.00 report to industry. in fact, yes, we should overall reduce the transmission of the virus. on my prevent, part of the other risk addiction measures that they told us get the vaccine and get off the mask while we ever got vaccinated, and we're still wearing a mass. so i'm not really sure with respect to that because they told us to wear the mask, then we won't have locked down. so now we're doing lock downs, meaning no school or things like that. a lot of countries now are, you know, protesting germany had tremendous protests, australia had from protest, france, a tremendous protest. so, you know,
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we got to bring the people on because it's all about public health. it's selfish not to air mosque when you should be whatever i'm asking when there's a chance to actually in, in fact somebody else. we need to present powerful images and 2 voices of doors. we need to protect the loved ones, the bone, their bowls, and the message should be focusing on protect others. what has happened with the buyers? it's already gone to the community. and those people who survives, which is the majority, now have antibodies and have heard immunity. it's one of the risk reduction measures. we need to several help protective behaviors, wash our hands, wear mask, key social distancing, and they all would use the percentage risk question is, how could be persuade people who now see mosque wearing as a belief choice. the single biggest influence across all reasons for wearing a face mask abused to be the long. now an active social life is to become
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a major challenge for unvaccinated new yorkers. out of the cities may introduces new rules, binding them from public activities and doors. in an effort to boost and conditions of medicine and cases, what is kenneth open went out on the streets of new york to hear opinions on the move. new york city mayor build diblasio as announcing a new strategy for getting people vaccinated for coven 19. starting in mid august indoor dining and restaurants and working out in gems will be exclusively for those who been inoculated. this is going to be a requirement. the only way to patronize these establishment indoors will be if you're vaccinate at least one dose. i want you to imagine the notion that because someone's actually they can do all the amazing things that are available in the city starting in mid august in order to go work out at the gym or in doors in a restaurant. you'll have to show that you've been vaccinated now,
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and you'll do that either with an app on your phone or by showing your vaccination card. and beyond that, the new york city mayor didn't go into specifics about how this will be enforced at this point. infection rates in new york city are rising and 59 percent of the population has been vaccinated already. here's what people on the streets of new york had to say about the new restriction. what the mayor and the governor doing is actually the legal because it violates the federal rules. people who get the vaccine they're showing that they can transmit anyway. a lot of people don't like the nubile but i think it would, it would better us, it would help us. i think it's a difficult decision that he has to make. but i do think that you're starting to create a divide and separation within, within the community. if he has to do it to protect a new york is of course it's a good idea. obviously it's a good idea. say horrible for the economy. i would say, i don't think it's more seats available. what exactly that policy while continuing
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that topic, american pharmaceutical giants, pfizer and madonna, whose boxes are approved by the european commission, reportedly taking a controversial step by hiking that prices for coven vaccines in the u. the u. k. financial times, newspaper reports in a short, ultimate on his faxing is to rise about $21.00 euro. that's a 12 percent increase while pfizer is planned to go up about 19 years. that's a height of 25 percent of the current price. and now pfizer is raising its vaccine earnings full cost for the yet $8000000000.00 to $33.00 and a half. that company also plans to supply 500000000 doses to the u. s. government. so that can then dispense some to some of the world's poorest countries, pfizer and the u commission, yet to comment on the jumping price beyond the redacted contracts published by the european commission. the content remains confidential, and so we won't be commenting. but it's cool unless nicola mccovie says the price
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height has left and baffled because in his opinion it goes against the usual business practices. how bizarre is this word and situation today with countries like france, germany, italy, are thinking about making vaccination mandatory. so we should be ordering even more vaccines and just at that moment, major companies like medina and pfizer are increasing their prices were normally, if you respect supply and demand, the prices should go lower. so this is something there's something fishy behind the say here to make a profit. i don't believe that at all. i think that they have to be cautious now because everybody's looking, we're going to be making 3rd over 30000000000 dollars this year alone. why are they increasing the price? i'm not even speaking about the fact that the whole contract between the european union and the company is secret. the fact that they're raising the prices by more than 20 percent, it's something which is definitely not normal. i don't know why countries today are imposing the vaccine with such a price, increase the profit for is it for the people getting the vaccine or is it for these
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companies? that's the right question. we've got plenty more towards coming off this short break. so going way out the ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the in the world transformed. what will make you feel safer? tyson lation, whole community. you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? direct. what is truth? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to defend the so join us in the depths
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will remain in the shallows. ah, join me every 1st day on the alec salmon show. and i'll be speaking to guests in the world, the politic sport business and show business. i'll see you then in the moon. ah, hello guns. now a top consultative says that everyone should be disturbed. often. muppet babies, disney cartoon for toddlers as young 3 and 4 made a leading male cart to our address and become a princess. but critics think that tiny guns into guns rella is a step too far. the princess you came to your ball to night. was me
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the 9 guns around? i can't believe i'm tweeting this, but they're pushing the trans agenda on children. why muppet babies? this is sick and perverted. everyone's should be disturbed by predatory cartoons, meant to also children into gender dysphoria, bring back metal muppets, anyone with all that's happening in the world today, we cannot take eye of the drug shondra agenda. that's going to kids just because too many parents aren't paying attention doesn't mean our kids aren't. but mom, babies, executive producer, tom warburton, defend the move, no king, they've long wanted to put the popular hair of them up at theories and movies in the scott. he called it no big deal saying no one can question their plans well, but not that they are trying to inspire children to be themselves. why adding a twist to the classic cinderella story. let's discuss this now with the child
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conservative think tank, the power group, ben harris, quine and commentator lloyd, i'm trans done, dr. stephanie hate and both feel very welcome to program with talk to you stephanie, i want to talk to you fast. do you understand the anger that we've just seen from prominent critics who see this as, quote indoctrination of children? no, absolutely not. i'm trying to not laugh actually. i mean, i've had some nonsense concern. i received berries about the so called transgender lobby in my time. but this one takes the biscuit. so now apparently it's a comparison with princess gonzales. something from the look at babies to train all the children into trends. girls or trump voice. it's nonsense, it's rubbish. it's a bit of phone. and i think the producer of the most baby said no one really cares bad. i want to ask you, do you think it's a bit of fun to you can no. yes. i mean,
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anyone who thinks there hasn't been a concerted attempt to push the l g b, t lobby, gender across the media company watching the media because the car clearly has. and i think when you look at the figures in the u. k, for example, where range of the children wishing to change the agenda, wishing to transition our bible was 4000 percent over the last 10 years. you got to question why shoes? and i think a big part of the explanation for that is frankly propaganda. and which is what we see across forms of media. now not just to the children, but some general media, you know, you have a price at football games for example, nowadays, but i think particularly it is a concern when it comes to what is being put in front of children. because because children don't have the context and the understanding to really i think, qualify exactly what he's, what he's getting older,
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what is being presented before him and you know, best it is confusing. and i think it attempts to influence children to change their behaviors, which is, which is very dark. it's part of the worst kind of propaganda that i think you can, you can produce is that which attempts to influence the minds of children. and i think the notion that nobody cares about that is, well, is quite simply the most wrong stuff, not picking up in the was that been used confusing, couldn't indeed be confused. shouldn't be a common reaction for children on some simply too young to understand what this is going on in front of them. probably. 0 not even thinking about was the case just watching the program, but i enjoy, i think something that says a few goes very interesting. he says the l g b t agenda and that's what this is all about. it's also questioned. i'm l. g. be prejudiced in this case,
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focusing as i have been for 2 years now on transgender issues. now, i didn't want to bend along. if you're going to need to be what i said was the gpc lobby. so there's a very, i mean you've got great, like struggle that operate in the united kingdom. they have full access to every government department. they receive money from, from the taxpayer. the idea that these groups don't exist or implements is liter chris, i'm very proud. gotta do with baby problem, occupation wrong without utilizing which is not true and we have this occupational time is the same with the stuff. yeah, and you're going to be like if we get back to the moment,
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you know that you might actually should because it is not true what we define it. all right, so if we could, i know that this is obviously a tough guy. got a lot of people straight stephanie, can i come by to just talking about the model? specifically? do you see any potential damage here to maybe to less informed, move vulnerable children who are already a bit confused? maybe i'm not sure what's going on. let me give you an example from my general generation i have many years ago. they used to be a program called sesame street, and they used to be 2 characters in a cold. i believe it was to 90 and they shared that it was a joke amongst the adults. but you think many of the children of my generation in the 97980 s really knew what was going on for really 1st. we just wanted to watch the street. now the address and the more babies you know more i remember all the
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old. so i must confess it babies to be old, but it was the campus christmas she had came at the frog. you had miss again. you you had done so. you know, we watched out to enjoy the show, just want to watch the program. there's no agenda the alright. well, the need to suggest that this is all paul to proper dumbed to come the children. it's the rubbish that we had before bending on the planet in the 1980. it's just been taught adults again, i right, we do this to disagree with anything called to be thing. but also about the aspect, you know, there was an argument here to be made, but it's not children who are turning on that tv and saying, i'm going to watch them up at baby's parent food. so how the degree of control. so isn't it parents' responsibility? do you know to decide what they let that kid see? yes, of course it is. you know, i think, but absolutely. parents should be checking when the children are watching the sort
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of media or inviting, but unfortunately that doesn't always happen. and i think often parents, you know, where are some of the content programming this that's being attached and, but i think what we're saying here is, is a classic example of this debate. there are many people that are very concerned about this sort of thing about this sort of agenda being pushed to can young people's television. we are told that no one is concerned. well clearly that's not true. and we are told that anyone that don't have concerns about this is some way l g, b, t, people. that's not true. what is true is that there is a very strong opposition to an algae, p t lobby, which again, you can call the conspiracy that these people publish their activities. they publish campaigns, they're in bolton, you know, putting that in football matches, influencing government departments. so now that in order to receive funding from back to, for example, you, you received funding. if you include a story lines and things like this, and i don't know what other one there is for it than, than propaganda. as i say,
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if you turn on the media, then you watch across the breadth of program, you can clearly see that a gender is being pushed. and i think that agenda is behind the reason why you're seeing thousands of percent increases in, in children becoming confused about the agenda and wanting to transition. now you can call the accusations conspiratorial. you can say that no one is concerned about it, but unfortunately the facts prove otherwise. now stephanie, of course, the ultimate, that i seem to be hearing probably from bad, but also from lot of research i've been doing around this issue. if people don't have an issue with trans john tourism, they have an issue with what they see is this a political indoctrination of children that this is a sort of social movement? is a way to think that it would be more natural for children to go out in the world to meet a variety of diverse range of people and kind of get used to them. and that way, rather than, for example, having a cartoon always forcing it down the throats. i certainly agree with you that there
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is merit in children. go now to the wells. i mean, the divest range of people and i society progresses on these issues that are happening more and more to go back to what we discussed not see the use of tv programs. it seems to me that what we have here is just the good old fashioned children program adopted to the 21st century. it's a delight hall. it submit the form. it hasn't, it seems to make any agenda. and it's really social conservatives that see things which are simply not now just to take issue with one point most of gender critical thought. as i understand that focuses on the fact that they have no problem with say for example, boys restroom, the feminine side. girls at rest and they must go inside and then wonder why they suddenly want to change. change can do that to the issue that they have that the change of sex when in the wrong book at cetera. what we just had a few minutes ago is apparently a cartoon kind of at the moment,
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but wherein is dangerous propaganda? because the children got confused with respect to bed. and people who think like thank you calling for the ways. and it seems to me that this is just the same old anti l g b t agenda. all might be whichever band, which is why it's called press stop as reasonable concerns. you can quite simply let the kids watch the television enjoyed the program move on. i want to ask each of you very quickly as a final question, but stephanie was talking about adapting to the times. i mean, don't, didn't gums around a reflect changing time. 20 years ago course a gay card would have been a novelty, but it's quite rightly pullman now is, you know, we have to say this is what society is now. it needs to be increased if everyone. well, no, because you're talking about probably something around, no point one percent of the population that that is transgender, and perhaps not even, not even last. so this needs to be reflected across programming. and again,
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you can, you can look at one character and a tv show that we all know this is just about one tv show, one character. this is something that is going on across western media and it's very clear for, for everyone to see. and it's, and what it's doing is it is in placing a very, very small percentage of society and attempting to change society to fit the needs about very, very tiny percentage. and i think that is wrong. you know, when, when, when you talk about adapting to the most narrow, then almost no programming should be reflecting no point one percent of the population. so i simply think that's when you look at the figures and it becomes quite apparent that the level of diversity that is being talked about, or the amounts of people identify this way, very slim. and yet the base about it is, is very strong, and you would think that, you know, 1020 percent of people identify this when the, when many studies adult, it comes out the public massively over plate. the amount of people that identify
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this way. because the media, they've been fact that it's just not true. and i think it's concerning when these false messages are being cut to children. and that's the way the propaganda always works. it never comes on your screen and says, hello, this is what we can do. it is always done in a, in a software supportive way. and this is no different. stephanie, really quick can, can i get a final idea from you? are you worried that thoughts issues and hostile reactions cannot she damage the l g b to q, cause roth and helper? yes, i am just to say finally in the 1990 s when band was a small boy combination street at the time the most watched joe popper in the united kingdom, introduced a transgender character. and we didn't even begin to have this time to mine back then, not just the mid 19 ninety's. i suspect we've moved on now. we should just allow programs to reflect diverse. people are not necessarily taken to say, well, i appreciate, appreciate both. if you're coming on to the program,
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giving us your ideas that was power. group chat been harris quine uncommon. take stephanie hayden, kentucky on. thank you. i'm not fit from moscow, but remember all t dot coms pace to you. we hope to cease in the long when i will show the wrong one. i'll just don't need you to fill out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground in the new gold rushes underway,
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and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich children are torn between gold and education. my family was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still it will have the strongest appeal the who's time action or time see we're getting underground 10 years to the day since london police shot and killed doug and capitalizing the biggest nationwide uprising across
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britain for.


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