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in the ah, israeli airport has struck the ground targets in southern lebanon and a dramatic breakdown in relations that have been simmering for the last few days. and the to cover up or not debate rages over how effective wearing a medical mask is in controlling the spread of virus. sweden dropped the requirement before recording the 0 new kobuck cases, while the u. s. says it is crucial to where one now are panel discuss the conflicting advice they told us to wear the mask and then we will have locked downs and now we're doing locked down. it's one of the risk reduction measures. we need to several held the think the behaviors, the
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are broadcast, my direct studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm shawn time is certainly glad to have you with us. really start with some breaking news. this our, the israeli air force has struck ground targets in southern lebanon as the situation in the middle east continues to deteriorate earlier. israel launched artillery fire against its neighbour in retaliation to a rocket attack. why this all occurred amid the escalating tensions of the past few days? silence have been blaring along israel's northern border with more. here is our middle east correspondent policy, or these really ami right now is finding shells at the area of the label. now, now this follows an earlier attack from the liberty side into is all there was 3 walker that was fired at israel. one was intercepted by the radio system, one landed in an open area, and one landed in lebanon itself. there are no immediate supports of damage or
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injuries on the waiting side. earlier there was an indication that they could possibly be such an attack, particularly focused on the northern is rainy town up to be a morning, which is home to some 20000 people. and they also were in sounding in the area and the situation. there isn't a higher live in what's happening on the neighbor. nice little military. you can think it is not giving us any more information at this time. but it had said that he's lady shells landed between 2 nice villages. now they have been similar incidents in recent months from the lady side. they say that they don't believe kids is responsible for this, but that they bought it believe that it is palestinian groups operating inside lebanon. having said that, it's highly unlikely that palestinian good wood fire rocket is well without the permission of his beloved sophie. this is a situation that we will continue to monitor throughout the course of the day. showing comes on a grim anniversary for levied on it is exactly one year since
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a devastating explosion at the port of a root claimed more than $200.00 people's lives. thousands have gathered in the capital on the tragic anniversary, holding up pictures of the dead and demanding justice. police fire tear gas demonstrators during a heated exchange outside a government building. after people voiced anger at its failure to specify exactly what triggered the blast and who was responsible, it is believed to have been one of the largest non nuclear explosions in history and a bit of a warning. you may find the following videos upsetting the, the yes, human rights group, amnesty international have condemned lebanese officials for quote, shamelessly, obstructing a probe into the blast. one of lebanon's oldest hospitals was devastated in the explosion as well. as you can see there, a nurse died and a baby was born. the very minute of the blast,
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one year on child is reported to be doing well. we spoke to a nurse on the maternity unit there. it's that fateful day. she told us panic was no option because there was simply too much to do. and then i was funding my mother to tell her about my day. and i do remember my cleaning alone feeling very bad that i did not know if i was okay to be able to be kid and didn't have an idea what had what has happened. so i, when i take my hands and i was able to, i thought to be what the be where, where are they are? they are okay. this is good up and see where they were. and then we just went to bed. i had gone because
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i had to leave in some way. i could, i could not go into panic mode. i had to be able to be giving me breathing and they with that. and they had to keep going and things to be able to i happened to babies in the go, they doing very well. they go away and i went to the bed and every day they send me pictures and they send me everything they, how they, how they feed the things are they doing? they went and everything repair work is still ongoing in the port city. however, lebanon's the economy is facing huge challenges from a plumbing currency and powerful outages to shortages of medicine and fuel. because of this most reconstruction work has been funded privately by non governmental organizations. the owner of one damaged, historic property told us that they have been let down by all sides. mastery and my
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house is a heritage building, but we didn't get any help from unesco or anyone else. the only people who've been helping a one kind strange that god sent to us and recently won n g o. no one else. the government didn't help her to have given us nothing but faith promises them all. i've witness many was i was born in 1944, but i've never seen the situation so bad. everyone keeps saying we've never seen such a crime in so much damage. if there was a war, it would've been easier. at least we could have had the option to escape at times of war, we were always notified to leave our homes. but this time we were left to die. sweden has marked the last few days with 0 new covey to cases, and no more than one death per day of the last 3 weeks. despite the country dropping the mandatory wearing of masks since july. the 1st and while fears grow about the new, highly contagious delta variant of sweden's chief epidemiologist argues more data
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is needed before they move against new strains. it is difficult to say how contagious delta is as when it comes to chicken pox. we have been able to follow that disease for several years. the effectively of delta seems to be very uneven. in some cases, one person effects a 100 people. then we have other occasions where an effective person does not affect anyone at all. while other european countries and the u. s. r. however, skeptical about that approach and our maintaining restrictions due to the surge, the delta strain last week, america's centers for disease control and prevention warned that there is an urgent need for both those unvaccinated and vaccinated to wear masks. our guests debated the conflicting global going guidelines tweeted didn't do any mask band dates and there's a lot of literature out there that shows that mass don't work. so if the w h wants to let us believe in mass that i would like to see the data that shows that makes a big difference. wearing a mouse,
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reduce the risk of transmitting by 20 percent century and even a one find for point 2. interesting fact. yes, we should overall reduce the transmission of the virus on my prevent. part of the other risk addiction measures that they told us get the vaccine and you get off the mass. well, we ever got vaccinated and we're still wearing a mass. so i'm not really sure with respect to that because they told us to wear the mask and then we won't have locked down to now we're doing lock downs, meaning no school or things like that. a lot of countries now are, you know, protesting germany had tremendous protests, australia had to protest, france and tremendous protests. so, you know, we got to bring the people on because it's all about public health. it's selfish not to enter mosque when you should be wearing a mask when there's a chance to actually in, in fact somebody else. we need to present powerful images and 2 voices of doors. we need to protect the law, one, the bone,
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they're both. and the message should be focusing on protect others. what has happened with the buyers is it's already gone to the community. and those people who survived, which is the majority, now have antibodies and have heard immunity. it's one of the risk reduction measures. we need to several help protect the behaviors, wash our hands, where mosque gives social distancing, and the over to do the percentage risk question is, how could be persuaded people who now see mosque wearing as a belief choice. the single biggest influence across all reasons for wearing a face mask abused to be the long and active social life is to become a major challenge for unvaccinated new yorkers. as the city's mer introduces new roles, banning them from public activities endorse in an effort to boost inoculations, submit a surgeon cases or to kill them up and went out onto the streets of new york to hear opinions on the move. new york city mayor build diblasio as announcing
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a new strategy for getting people vaccinated for cove at 19. starting in mid august indoor dining and restaurants and working out in gems will be exclusively for those who been inoculated. this is going to be a requirement. the only way to patronize these establishment indoors will be if you're vaccinate at least one dose. i want you to imagine the notion that because someone's actually they can do all the amazing things that are available in the city starting in mid august in order to go work out at the gym or in doors in a restaurant. you'll have to show that you've been vaccinated now, and you'll do that either with an app on your phone or by showing your vaccination card. and beyond that, the new york city mayor didn't go into specifics about how this will be enforced at this point. infection rates in new york city are rising and 59 percent of the population has been vaccinated already. here's what people on the streets of new york had to say about the new restriction. what the mayor and the governor doing is
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actually illegal because it violates the federal rule. people who get the vaccine they're showing that they can transmit anyway. a lot of people don't like it because the new will, but i think it will, it will, it will help us. i think it's a difficult decision that he has to make. but i do think that you're starting to create a divide and separation within, within the community. if you actually do it to protect a new york is of course it's a good idea. obviously it's a good idea. say horrible for the economy. i would say, i don't think it's more seats available. what exactly that policy? american pharmaceutical giants, pfizer and madana, who's vaccines are approved by the european commission, are reportedly taking a controversial step by hiking their prices for coven vaccines in the, you know, the case. financial times that newspaper reports that a shot of madonna's vaccine is to rise to about $21.00 arrows,
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a 12 percent increase while pfizer is planned to go up to about 19 year us a height of 25 percent over the current price. and now pfizer is raising its faxing earnings forecast for the year up to $8000000000.00 to from a $1000000000.00 to $33500000000.00. that company also planned to supply 500000000 doses to the u. s. government. so it can dispense them to some of the world's poorest countries, pfizer and the commission, or yet to comment on the jumping price. beyond the redacted contracts published by the european commission, the content remains confidential. and so we won't be commenting. political analysts to nicholas markovich says the price high has left him, baffled because in his opinion it goes against all usual business practices. how bizarre is this? we're in a situation today. we're countries like france, germany, italy are thinking about making vaccination mandatory. so we should be ordering even more vaccines than just at that moment. major companies like madonna and
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pfizer are increasing their prices were normally, if you respect supply and demand, the prices should go lower. so this is something there's something fishy behind to say here to make a profit. i don't believe that at all. i think that they have to be cautious now because everybody's looking going to be making 3rd over 30000000000 dollars this year alone. why are the increasing the price? i'm not even speaking about the fact that the whole contract between the european union and these companies is secret. the fact that they're rising the prices by more than 20 percent, it's something which is definitely not normal. i don't know why countries today are imposing the vaccine with such a price, increase the profit for is it for the people getting the vaccine? was it for these companies? that's the right question. and the go savior for getting a balance or a menace to citizen pedestrians. electric scooters are dividing opinion for not only being convenient and fast, but also potentially dangerous. we hop on board to find out among our stories up for break. this is our international
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ah the growing indications, donald trump will indeed make a 3rd run for the presidency in 2024. the former president remains the most favored potential primary candidate within the g o p. but what about the republican party leadership? are they on board and does trump have a message that would return him to 1600 pennsylvania? i'm in the the, the okay, let's go to nigeria. here's a country that is suffering from inflation. they have a huge population of 200000000 or more very young people that are already online
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already on their phones. and the government is not really able to crack down, let's say, as you could see in china safe and all those things together. and you have a breakout, you have a breakthrough, you have the big point, standard emerging. and that's so exciting because it means that the world will be born again. it looks like it's going to happen in nigeria. ah, welcome back to his rti international. no social media users are reeling at what vague claim is police brutality against protesters committed at last, sunday's unauthorized berlin demonstration against a tightening of koby restrictions. astounding videos from the protest are now making the rounds on the internet, including this one. the me,
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the video also caught the eye of the un special repertoire on torture, who has asked eye witnesses to contact him directly. mills, meltzer has declined to comment on the issue saying he will 1st place an official query with authorities german lawyer andre michael told us the use of force in the video seems grossly disproportionate. that's what we've seen in this video is quite shocking, at least to me. that if you assess it from a legal perspective, you'd ask yourself if there was a threat, but from what it looks, it's just an elderly lady trying to pass by the policeman. i don't think it was an extremely tense situation with just before the police of the throwing the lady to the ground like that. if you look at the standard legal definition of a threat, it just didn't look like one of the policemen wasn't being attacked. and there was no gross disturbance of the peace and public security that lady just wanted to pass by. from a legal perspective, the officer conduct, quote, disproportionate freedom of assembly. the constitutional rights can be restricted.
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for instance, in a pandemic like the one we're seeing there may be restrictions, but there shouldn't be a difference where the people have notified of their rally beforehand or not. they should be able together spontaneously to those that pietro and on own, in the open, in citizens shouldn't be in fear of being subjected to this kind of treatment. when going to protest berlin, please to asked to comment on the incident by r t said they are aware of the video and are looking into a suspected case of bodily injury by the officer. they refused to give any further details, citing an ongoing inquiry. rayner went, the chair of the german police union told us political debate in the country is becoming ever more radicalized adding that police officers are themselves often at the receiving end of violence. the pull its own state in the police or at the center of criticism in such deployments. that's something we're used to society is becoming ever more polarized politics to cultivate anything but peaceful
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conversation have contributed to that. and the police stand right between irreconcilable fronts that are no longer ready to engage in dialogue and all that doesn't make our police work any easier. i don't hear any other opinions about this colleagues say they have been under pressure in these events. a lot of colleagues have been injured and that doesn't make the situation easier. we'd like to see politics being used to calm people down on all sides. a spade of wildfires has left behind a trail of devastation in turkey with vast swaths of forest land. turning into ashes, thousands of people have been evacuated to safety and of the you. russia and other nations have sent additional firefighting forces as well to help the number of deaths rose to 8 on sunday as the bodies of a couple were found in there. burnt out home. the fires have been said by strong winds and high temperatures. more than 100 blazes have erupted in about 30 provinces across turkey and estimated 100000 heck. tears of land have been burned
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elsewhere around the world. 3 people have been killed in a morning rush hour train crash in the czech republic, around 150 kilometers west of the capitol. more than 50 have been injured. 8 critically check railways says one of the trains was an international high speed service to germany. and the other was a local commuter train, it was thought one of the drivers missed it, read signal and didn't care if an, an identified man has threatened to detonate a hand grenade at the entrance of the building that houses the ukrainian cabinet facility was evacuated as special forces moved in, suspect was eventually detained, but his motives are not yet. no. let's go back to our breaking news story. this, our, the israeli air force has struck ground targets in southern lebanon. it is the 2nd round of strikes in response to what the idea called terrorist attacks from its
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neighbors territory. we're now crossing live to our corresponded in television policy. we're paula. tell us more about the present situation where we are receiving confirmation from the israeli defense forces that they are striking targets in lebanon, according to the id. if twitter feed, they are hitting places, said they say are the infra for terrorism. in other words, places where earlier rockets were fired at israel. earlier, there were 3 walker fired from lebanon. one landed in northern israel in an open field. there were no reports of damage or injuries. one was intercepted by these, really, i don't, and he miss all defense system. and one actually landed in northern israel itself. now, following that incident, israel did strike inside lebanon. we heard from the lebanese side that the israeli capes were between 2 villages in lebanon. and we haven't received in reports of
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damages on that side either. it alters it did receive a warning. this is already a few hours ago that the more than is ready town of curiosity, small net, which is home to some $20000.00 people, was going to be the target. the they were silent, sounding throughout the town. the town was put on a state of high alert, and it's difficult to say whether be later is rocket saw that as the target as well . not incidents like this. i'm not infrequent, we have seen similar kind of eruption between israel and living on over the past few months from these weighty side. we have heard that they don't believe his beloved is responsible for the rocket attacks. they say that they think it's palestinian militant groups, but it would be necessary for these groups get permission from his bless to indeed fire into his role. so the situation as it sounds, israel responding and firing inside live and on an, as we receive more confirmation and updates will bring you more information to our
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team pulse. we are there in the region for us. we know that as the situation develops, you're the person to go to as you have your finger on their thanks. thing with a similar story there. modern and popular and eco friendly. not similar at all. sorry about that. we are talking of those electric scooters getting even more popular and faster. they are a great way to get around, but in the wrong hands are faced with a big enough pothole. they might not be safe for the writer or anyone in their way . more and more accents are being reported. we took a test drive through 2 very busy cities. fast convenient and environmentally friendly. e scooters massively growing in popularity here in the u. k. over the last few years, the relatively cheap to run and use electricity. so that perfectly invoke with the current focus on renewable energy.
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although russia is a relatively low lead boomer in the market of shareable electric scooter, this service has spread rapidly across the country where the number of users doubling since the beginning of the pandemic. as more people are being encouraged to use, individual means to transfer it. it's also become an all time favorite among all kinds of delivery companies. these good or if i available for rand for a number of different smartphone apps and can be found pretty much on average 3 corner. yes, not everyone is so keen on the british government, his band excuses from public roads saying they can only be used on private land. it is not currently possible to get appropriate insurance for privately owned e scooters. meaning it is illegal to use them on the road or in public spaces. it is legal to use an excuse her, on private land with the permission of the landowner from specific companies on the
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road. the spart protective measures up 220-0000 accidents involving excuses are protected by the end of this year. there are also concerns around the impact that you're having on vulnerable people in society. especially the visually impaired leaving me to wonder exactly where london stand. the question of a, you know, people that have actually had to go to school because of so far as the driver myself, i think any dangerous, it depends on what it is clued up that didn't nothing. there was trouble fall to false and there's no oversight. there's no guidance for these people, they just buy them and, and they're just allowed to get onto the road in the foot play without any guidance, a few weeks back and we just going so fast. and then i think the handle at the top just came off in the middle of the road. the guy just fell off. but luckily there wasn't another call. it could've been a fatal accident. yeah. as a number of people whizzing around moscow park,
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so pavements growth. so does the number of accidents involving e scooters count. people have died within the past 2 years. many believe that the reason is that e scooters operate in a legal gray area. and it's true. according to the current legislation, a person on an e scooter is a pedestrian, but in reality, this is a person on a fast moving object. the city council has so far responded by introducing the so called slow zones, limiting the speed for rent it extra scooter is to 15 kilometers per hour down from 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. but clearly, that's not enough. you're good, i think either good or are fun, but most go is not will future to damage from other a few places you can right safely. fissions cycling and pretty narrow side walk the most i can see to the east. we do to be a mood of drones for that and it's quite dangerous. if so,
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the near the people who don't have driving license don't lie with the course which can result in atlanta. local infrastructure is not thought through. there are no special, but there are lots of inconsistency is okay to write on the side or should you cycling? they should be regulated. legislative level infrastructure should definitely be modified to suit the traffic lights, and special zones created the metropolitan police a concerned about the use of east goose's in crimes. with the forces figures saying that e scooters were involved in 574 recorded crimes in london, such as robberies or assaults between the 1st of july 2020, and the 30th of april 2021. perhaps the reason why rental services such as this one require you to provide your biometric data including facial recognition in order to hire one, i think was more important is the safety rather than face recognition. i'm let people use that bank cards like they use
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a bar 5 to 6. take them out. i think the 1st thing they need to think about is safety. i personally don't think it's necessary. i mean, it's obviously like you said that that's a crime. surely that has cctv and all the information that i think you got in your face to use, but otherwise the school applies. you do that with that, but maybe it's unnecessary to get a snapshot, i think will be better for public safety if the had some means of id like credit card, debit card, something like this with a place because if you've got someone's pitch on information about that person, it would be quite easy to, to, to get the people making a menace with regard to the schools. many believe it's the task of police to regulate and control how people use e scooters. but in fact, it's more complicated and all sides should be involved. the rental companies, the transport authorities and the users themselves. and while it can take months to
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work out a proper legislative base for the service, the scooters will continue to zoom along the streets of our big cities. well, at least until winter, for sure. does it for me about 32 minutes. i'll be back with another phil infested katrina. this is our international the i i use
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me or is your media a reflection of reality? ah ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way or are you being direct? what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows ah, in the
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moon the the this is been bus one visit show you can't afford to miss. i'm rachel robbins in washington. coming after we actually see is telling congress it needs more authority over the world of crypto currency. with the chair referring to g, centralized currencies as the wild west will discuss, watch amazon warehouse workers in alabama could be a 2nd shot at their union vote. as federal officials say, amazon didn't fight fair. the last time around. we break it all down, was an expert in the labor movement that american and spirit airlines had cancelled hundreds of flights.


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