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the, the ah, the israeli air force has struck a ground targets in southern lebanon, a dramatic breakdown. and the situation that has been simmering for the last few days. and to cover up or not debate rages over how effective wearing a medical math is in controlling the spread of credit virus. sweden dropped with a requirement before recording 0 new covert cases, while the us says it is crucial to wear one. now, our panel discussed the conflict advisors. they told us to wear the mask, and then we will have locked downs and now we're doing lockdown. it's one of the risk reduction measures. we need to several helpful thank you for the
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broadcasting live direct from our studios and moscow. this is our to international . i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. now we're going to start with breaking news. this. our israeli air force has struck ground targets in southern lebanon. it is the 4th round of strikes in response to the idea of calls it terrorist attacks from its neighbors territory or policy or report. it really depends also has confirmed that it is conducted sykes in southern lebanon. it is a strikes or targeting area some way walker will fight it as role during the day on wednesday. and that it's also targeting a nother area from welcome. we're fighting israel previously in a tweet to be is way the defense forces said that it is targeting what a cause, infrastructure for terrorism. now this is the 4th round of israeli strikes in the past 24 hours. the initial 3 strikes were off to those 3 rockets were fired
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from lebanon into northern israel, around in the day on wednesday. now, one of those walk, it's landed in lebanon while to landed in the territory one with imitated by the way, the anti defamation. that's all the same system. the i and, and another one landed in an empty field. there are no reports of damage or injury on these wally. all have a nice side except to know that if he's one person in his role has been treated for hysteria. now it did get an early warning that the town of korea more know which of home to some 20 felton residents would be targeted and they were silent sounding to the town. the buckets fell not far from the town, and the town remains in a state of high alert. from the lebanese side, they have confirmed that in those 1st 3 rounds, so that is prior to the latest round up is really stripe 90. 2 shells were fired at 11 on. it also says that it has opened an investigation into who was behind the
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filing of the initial walk. that is role. however, the idea of a goldfish with a statement saying that it holds the lebanese government responsible for what if it emanates from liberties territory. it all does believe that it is palestinian groups that are affiliated with her mother who are responsible for the firing of rocket. at the same time, uni for the united nations into 411 on that one. the situation between the 2 countries says that it is investigating the incident and following it closely. it has urged both sides to show with strain. and at the same time as yet, the seas via, of course, will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates as they develop or let's cross alive now to david brown, who is the former executive director for christians, united for israel, thanks for being with us here on the international to say that it's an interesting time in that region right now is the biggest understatement that i could come up
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with the latest, airstrikes are israel's, forth in just 2 days against lebanon. we're not even gonna talk about the other stuff is happening in the region, but what does israel hope to achieve? israel hope to achieve what every country hopes to achieve and deserves. he's quite . is there a learn the hard way that in this neighborhood, this tough neighborhood surrounded by terrorist enemies? you can't just let people fire at she fire missiles that you fire to blow up. your restaurants blow up your buses without tele. because unfortunately in the terrorist cultures these, these people operate within, these are popular things when i'm asked blows up a bus and murders is really doing this. it's actually a popular thing in their circles. and so if they can do it and get away with it, if there's no price to pay, is really likes more tax weakness invite to taxed. so israel did, when any country would do when missiles are being fired at from a neighbor. it responded, it responded at the source of the fire in effort to convince its enemies. it's not
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worth while to attack israel. there will be a price to pay and that they should maintain peace on the border. now, i alluded to this a little bit earlier with tensions in the area. they've been building over the last few days, 1st between israel and iran, and now with lebanon. it seems that timing is a bit chaotic. is this the beginning of a new war? what are we seeing here? well, i hope not, and i, my best guess is it is not as best as we can tell his bullet is the 808000 pound, gorilla in lebanon, in southern. they are armed to the teeth with, with, with hundreds of thousands of missiles that can reach every city in the state of israel. as best as we can tell has fallen, did not order this rock and fire and did not even greenlight this rocket fire, which means his ball at least for the time being, understands that they don't want to attack israel. they don't want
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a round of war with israel, and so my great hope is this is just a temporary missile fire from, from, from a group affiliate with the monster and other health immensity. and we'll end with israel's retaliation. now that is shown, it's not gonna supply and take we have to work and i and i find it a bit. it's not funny. it's the opposite. the funny, but i find it a bit ironic unit still is calling for peace on both sides unit. feel this you and body and so they're living on one of their missions at the end of the last war between his ball and israel was to was to maintain the peace and prevent his bullet from arming itself with mrs. since that time, his, his arms itself is hundreds of thousands of missiles while uniform. look the other way, you know loud the situation to be created. where if and when his bullet decides to attack these missiles, there will be a terrible war and a terrible price to be paid by civilian david. i wish they had done their job rather than now to send these, these worthless warnings to people on both sides to observe the piece. one of the
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things i have a question is, nothing happens in a vacuum. absolutely nothing. how do you think lebanon's allies will react to the later strikes? not just about the has blog but or hm. os or what have you. but full on countries who have the back of lebanon? well i think countries have the backup portions of love, for example has bala is, is backed by irene. irene is a regional power whose goal is to destroy israel. and so i don't look at this and see some cycle we're in ran only responds to provocations from israel. i look at this, my see a country that it's very clear and i take people at their word, i respect other cultures enough to respect them when they say they have something that is essential to them, a core value to that a whole the mission for their and they really leadership is made clear repeatedly off and that the whole, the mission in their eyes is destroying the state of israel. and they try to what cheapest way possible the cheapest buy arming this terrorist organization in southern. lemme is paula. they do this by supporting a sod siri,
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while he watches his own people so that they can build anti israel installations in syria. and the only thing i see stopping. ready this, this shield crescent from toronto, the mediterranean, then on israel's destruction, no matter how many innocent arabs billings have to be killed in the process i ran and brocks is the only thing standing in their way. isn't the israel with one strategic goal? not destruction of iran, the defense of israel, or israel, that's lebanon's allies. let's take a look at the other side. nato, the united states. the brits. what role are they gonna play if this escalates any further, or are they going to try and keep it from escalating further? you know? sure. i sure hope that the united states will do what it did in israel recent skirmish with hamas in the south. and president bite, and i did president biden credit for this. he stood up and said, israel has a right like any other country to defend itself. israel, not a banana republic is res. really not some inferior breed of human that must live
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under missile flyer. if you do it every other country in the region does, the minute missiles are fired at their civilian territory at their cities, dismissal style very close to the city church. mona. there's a fire raging tonight that may well part of church mon. and because of this missile, so i hope the support israel's right to self defense. i'll just say one thing. we're celebrating the one year anniversary of a of an explosion in the root. that webinar has not recovered from was an explosion of ramona nitrate that is used the preferred eliza or for bombs knowing yet understands what the simonian nitrate was doing in the room. we don't know if it was his bullet or not. but if i worry about the future of lebanon, i would, i would worry most about his bullet a terrorist organization. it's really taken over the state. they may well have stored tragically dangerous levels of explosives in the heart of a route which once was a beautiful, thriving, multicultural multiracial city. and i pray one day will return to that indeed,
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something that we all need to think about something that we've been covering here on our t as well. david, broad, former executive director of christians, united for israel. thanks for your thoughts on this. i hope we can talk you about in the future. thank you. i now this is shelling comes on a grim anniversary for lebanon. as you just heard, david, delude to there. it's exactly one year since a devastating blast at the port of beirut, claiming more than $200.00 lives. thousands have gathered in the capital on the tragic anniversary, brandishing pictures of the dead and demanding justice. please fired tear gas during a heated exchange outside the government building as demonstrators voiced anger at its failure to specify exactly what triggered the blast and who was responsible. it is believed to have been one of the largest non nuclear explosions in history and a bit of warning. you may find the following videos upsetting the ash human rights group. amnesty international have condemned lebanese officials were
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shamelessly obstructing a probe into the blast. one of lebanon's oldest hospitals was devastated in the explosion as well. as you can see there a nurse died and a baby was born. the very minute of the blast, one year on the child is reported to be doing well. we spoke to a nurse on the maternity unit that fateful day who told us panic was not an option because there was simply too much to do. and then i was funding my mother who said about my day and i remember my cleaning alone feeling very bad that i did not know if i was okay to be able to be kid and didn't have an idea what had happened. so i, when i take my hands and i was able to, to cite actually i thought of to be, you want to be where, where are they?
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they are okay. so this is what they would up and maybe see where they would. and then the inside defense, really bad. i had gone because i had the way i could. i could not go into panic mode. i had to take the baby baby were giving me breathing and they did that. and they had to keep going. and i happened to babies that can put it in the go, they doing very well. they go away and i'm in contact with the parents. every day they send me pictures and they send me everything they how they, how they feed, they are they doing, they wet and repair work is still ongoing in the port city. however, lebanon's economy is facing huge challenges from a plumbing currency and power outages, to shortages of medicine and fuel,
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leading to most reconstruction work being funded privately or by non governmental organizations. the owner of one damaged, historic property told us that they have been let down by all 5 to the left. my house is a heritage building, but we didn't get any help from unesco or anyone that was the only people who've been helping a one kind strange that god sent to us and recently won n g o. no one else. the government didn't help her to have given us nothing but faith promises the model. i've witness many was i was born in 1944, but i've never seen the situation so bad. everyone keeps saying we've never seen such a crime in so much damage. if there was a war, it would have been easier. at least we could have had the option to escape. at times of war, we were always notified to leave our homes. but this time we were left to die. sweden has marked the last few days with 0 new coven cases, and no more than one death per day over the last 3 weeks. despite the country
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dropping the mandatory wearing of masks since july the 1st. and while fears grow about the new, highly contagious delta variant, sweden's chief epidemiologist argues more data is needed before they move against new strength. it is difficult to say how contagious delta is asked when it comes to chicken pox. we have been able to follow that disease for several years. the activity of delta seems to be very uneven. in some cases, one person in fact, 100 people. then we have other occasions we're an infected person does not affect anyone at all. other european countries and the u. s. r. however, skeptical about that approach and our maintaining restrictions due to the surge of the delta strain. last week, america's centers for disease control and prevention warranty. there is an urgent need for both those unvaccinated and vaccinated to wear masks. our guests debated the conflicting global guidelines tweeted didn't do any mask band dates and there's a lot of literature out there that shows that mass don't work. so if the w h wants
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to let us believe in mass that i would like to see the data that shows that makes a big difference. wearing a mask, reduce the risk of transmitting colby by 20 percent, essentially. and even a one find for point to industry. in fact, yes, we should overall reduce the transmission of the virus. on my prevent, part of the other risk addiction measures that they told us get back soon as we get off the mass. well, we ever got vaccinated and we're still we're in a mass. so i'm not really sure it with respect to that because they told us to wear the mask and then we will have locked downs. and now we're doing locked downs, meaning no school or things like that. a lot of countries now are, you know, protesting. germany had tremendous protests, australia had protests, france, and tremendous protests. so, you know, we gotta bring the people on because it's all about public health. it's healthy, sure not to enter mosque when you should be wearing a mask and when there's a chance to actually infect somebody else,
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we need to present powerful images and 2 voices of doors. we need to protect the loved ones, the bone, they're both on the message should be boxing and protect others. what has happened with the virus? it's already gone to the community. and those people who survived, which is the majority, now have antibodies and have heard immunity. it's one of the risk reduction measures we need to several help protect the behaviors, wash our hands, where mosque gives social distancing, and the old to do the percentage risk question is, how could be persuaded people who now see mosque wearing as a belief choice. the single biggest influence across all reasons for wearing a face mask abused to be long days after the new york governor was accused of multiple accounts of sexual harassment, democratic party colleagues have started preparing a case against him. should he not voluntarily resign during the report into his
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behavior? even joe biden raised the possibility that governor andrew cuomo could go back in march. he said that if the investigation confirms the allegations against governor former than he should resign standby, they said, are you now calling on him to resign? yes. and if he doesn't resign, you believe you should be impeached and removed from office? mistake went through time. if he should resign on tuesday, the new york state attorney general published evidence that cromwell had committed assaults against 11 women in his office, including cases of touching, kissing and inappropriate comments. those actions are considered to be violation of both state and federal laws. but there are currently no criminal investigations plant. as for cuomo himself, he denies the allegations, nevertheless irreversible reputational damage has clearly been done with a recent poll showing that almost 2 thirds of new yorkers think that the governor should step down. what's more,
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a significant number or democrats one this we're crossing live to terra read, a former joe biden staffer who has claimed he sexually assaulted her, and allegation, biden has always denied thanks for being with us here on our team to national thank you for having me so what do you make of jo buttons calls for cuomo to resign right now? in your estimation? does it feel a bit hypocritical, given your allegations against the current president? yes, it is. it's screens of hypocrisy. and i think his press secretary comments today were also equally hypocritical about the matter taking party completely out of it, whether it's republican or democrat, because we have joe biden accused by you and others. and also donald trump accused by others as well. how big problem is sexual harassment in politics? in general? i think it's a huge problem and unfortunately my case came forward in 1093. i went through
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office protocol and filed the sexual harassment complaint and i was threatened into silence basically. and i lost my career and i hadn't even just closed the sexual assault at that point in 2019, i came forward with 7 other women. came forward about joe biden. and, you know, there's what i've been told before, by other news outlets is that it's a known secret about joe, by the same thing with comma. so we have this sort of ramping thing happening in america, where race culture is being held up, as you know, in predators are being encouraged and you're allowed and given more power. so if you look at the stats and you know whether it be trump, cuomo biding gates, none of them are facing any kind of consequences for their behavior. what do you think about your situation now? do you think, given this new interest, so to speak, in allegations of this kind? do you think that there's any hope that your story will be taken any more seriously?
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well, let's hope that joe biden would release the university of delaware archives where i filed the complaint and that's being sealed. hopefully that will come forward. it would take one that member of congress to open a hearing against joe biden and investigate his behavior. and there are other women who would come forward, i would assume, and of course i would, and i said many times i would go under oath and talk about what happened to me in 1093. today, gen saki said that the issue is heavily litigated. the word litigated is, you know, legal term of our there's been no investigation at this point, nor has there been any kind of legal cases for any of the accusations against joe biden. and so i would welcome a real investigation congressional one into his behavior. we need to not give predators more power and he has the most power in the land. she also said that it
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was safe for survivors to come forward. and i'm a poster child of how that is not true. i have been docked, i've been harassed, i've been threatened with my life. i was even threatened with prison. and then that fell apart and ryan grim did an investigative report. and you know, my name was cleared and i was never even, you know, brought forth in court or anything, but other survivors have been smeared lindsey boylen. homo staff has now been, it's been made clear that they released illegally her personnel file and tried to smear her when she came forward about fomo. so it is ramp and how the powerful men are using their resources to silence and suppress and use them. corporate media to do that further in america. what about the bigger picture? is this a me to moment or is this more inter party politics kimmy,
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this isn't me too. is is a kind of a hash tag. it doesn't have any meaning. rose mcgowan and i have talked about that and she has made it very clear. it seems like we're in a culture right now almost in america where we're holding up politicians or celebrities, they're not celebrities, they work for us. our tax tax dollars paid for them to do their jobs and they should be held to a higher standard. and part of that higher standard is to not sexually assault and sexually harass their own staff and women's career should not. and because they come forward about a powerful man. so the bigger issue is beyond me to meet you, was used to critically by democrats as a shield ignored by republicans. what we need is a real systemic change in our culture in america, in a very interesting move and in an attempt to defend himself, comma has taken to releasing pictures of other democrats,
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cuddling. women. do you think this will help him to refocus the attention of the public and avoid retirement for himself? no, i think that's a really laughable move on his part. although i did notice he released some pictures of bite and hugging people and it could have been a shot over the bow saying, you know, you have a reputation as well to biden. i think what you're seeing, the big power struggle between the leads. i think it was decided long ago that promo is going to be thrown under the bus. what i don't understand is why the g o j dropped the case about the nursing homes when he killed several 100000 people during the co bed. and his own staff admitted that they altered numbers. and yet that investigation was dropped. i am glad for the, you know, coma survivors that this one is gone forward. doesn't seem to be any criminal charges, but it's obvious he will have to resign or be impeached. and i wonder if joe biden
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is going to have to answer as well. and i hope there will be a reckoning for both of them. what about the damage to the party in general? is it irreparable? and also do you think this report reflects accurately the number of victims that are out there? well as far as cuomo goes, there may be more, i think there was only 11 mentioned that there may be more that come forward. i don't know the details of that in regards to buy. and i know that leads to people that have not come forward yet. maybe more and then of course there was the other southern women that already came forward about the unwanted touching. so i think, you know, as far as that goes and to answer your question about the democratic party, i think it's clear that it's in shambles. and i think right now you have almost a joining of the republican and democratic party. and the democratic party is made the mistake of ignoring, you know, 40 percent of its base. and you kind of see that playing out with a high housing crisis right now. the more tauriel was lifted in the middle of
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a pandemic. and now, 11000000 people are going to be out on the street evicted, and they put a band aid on a truck, toby, which is not going to solve the problem. and joe biden does have the power to write an executive order. he's not. so i think that there's even bigger stomach issues wrong with the democratic party. i think that they're not answering to their base. and the republican party is having its own struggles. so, you know, maybe in the future, what we're going to see is a 3rd party option. and that would be, i think, really healthy if we got out of the do awfully in america. speaking of a different, to awfully taking party politics completely out of it. men and women, the accusation that men in power molest women is becoming more and more widespread . asking you to go down a rabbit hole just a little bit here, but what allows them, in this case, me as well? i'm a man. what allows men to behave this way? in your estimation? well, i think it's about education. i think we need to educate our young men,
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how to treat, you know, women, you know, in a different way in a more respectful way. but also, we're in the patriarchy in america and, and that kind of behavior is applauded, encouraged and even rewarded with more power and more status. or it's looked at as a joke. and then of course, you know, people that come forward are smeared or. ringback ignored or, you know, set aside and marginalize, it's a case where there's many things that are true at once. there are, you know, many cases where women just feel silenced because it's so daunting to come forward . and i think only 2 percent of sexual assault cases actually in america are actually adjudicated all the way. and so that's statistical loan kind of tells you everything. but i think if we come from a place of compassion and understanding and really address this issue had on and then hold accountable, the powerful that are using, you know, people to their advantage. and you know,
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there are cases i've had men approach me with their cases that they've had been sexually assaulted. so it's men and women that are of been harassed and assaulted. but there's a lot of shame and stigma around it's still in our country. indeed, an uncomfortable situation and uncomfortable conversation, but one that definitely needs to be had in put it all out there on the table. thanks for having it with us here on our international terror read former joe biden staffer who claimed that he salted her as well. thanks for being with us. thank you for having me. switching gears now, american pharmaceutical giant, pfizer and madonna, it was vaccines, are approved by the european commission, are reportedly taking a controversial step by hiking their prices for covered vaccines in the e u. of u. k. financial times, newspaper reports that a shot of maderos vaccine is to rise to about 21 years. a 12 percent increase while pfizer is planned to go up to 19 euros height of 25 percent over the current price
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. and now pfizer is raising its vaccine earnings forecast for the year up a $1000000000.00 to $33500000000.00 company also plans to supply $500000000.00 doses to the u. s. government. so it can dispense them to some of the world's poorest countries. pfizer and the commission, or yet to comment on the jumping price. beyond the redacted contracts published by the european commission, the content remains confidential. and so we won't be commenting political analyst nicholas medical, which says that the price side has left him, baffled because in his opinion it goes against all usual business practices. how bizarre is this word in this situation today with countries like france, germany, italy, are thinking about making vaccination mandatory. so we should be ordering even more vaccines than just at that moment. major companies like medina and pfizer are increasing their prices were normally if you respect supply and demand, the prices should go lower. so this is something there's something fishy behind the say here to make
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a profit. i don't believe that at all. i think that they have to be cautious now because everybody's looking, we're going to be making 3rd over 30000000000 dollars this year alone. why are they increasing the price? i'm not even speaking about the fact that the whole contract between the european union and the company is secret. the fact that they're rising, the prices by more than 20 percent is something which is definitely not normal. i don't know why. countries today are imposing the vaccine with such a price, increase the profit for is it for the people getting the vaccine or is it for these companies? that's the right question or that does it for me this hour? i will be back with you in about 30 minutes and 30 seconds with another full and 1st look at your news. this is our international by that with us. the match guys or financial survival guide. liquid assets are those that you can
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convert into cash quite easily. but keep in mind, no out to me to replace that or watch guys reported me. i did the dime action or time see were going underground 10 years to the day since london police shot and killed my dog and catalyzing the biggest nationwide uprising across britain for a generation coming up in the show, a member of parliament inform a chair of scotland yards operation tried and advisory group truly a web on whether all it takes is a spark for underlying grievances to make the game. and the inter.


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