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the good news the place we get the money we can we are coming up. oh, stone lane. come yeah. then you know you didn't, doug goes to something i can even see the place. you have to be cool and when you maybe when you have time to come in, then you go to the
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i get here. last see my 1st one you who i should come here. i need big money. the one thing one is one is the money to get to and is what
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was the what do you know about well my, my, my mom that when the big west bring the money on top to get to me. oh you'll be good.
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so good money i was, susan knew well, i'm with, oh well we got it. we got we got a little over got over them at the house.
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oh, i got it. this isn't i was there it is. love about it. look as good luck. i'd come by this 11 pallet, the model needed it to move. it took it off and i guess that bug got a got it with the de alotted line. and i think with the mac in
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the middle of all that i will deal with you on that bypass when when, when i would like to add to london do not
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hear what was like the the job in my job a very difficult and very challenging look in that, i meant the i'm a food officer with african down together in the
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african intentions to ensure that children are kept away from mining. i'm mission here today is to form a child right. clap so that you educate us as well as i this on the didn't just of child labor the. it's not easy to get these children to school. me. ah, me most of their families outside the city, basically in farming. i really easy for the family
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to meet. you've been that 3 square meals about 20 years ago. my name came to this fact of the country the it has brought about a lot in child labor the the about $100000.00 children. all right, that's going to be who has engaged in mind. the fact that goes in the year, look at the gold mercury that's required to be used to godaddy
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world without mystery lake. i know we knew it is dangerous and nice ways in order to get to take advantage of their children because employ in them to come and where is where they keep a lot of people have died, including children being a native of this particular area. i feel very sad and very bad. no child should be made to go fetch kind of risk. ah, food brain is gold. if you are able to develop the brain with educating
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me food and when it's possible for and to find children who have to stop school and then engage in my name. the plan is to say 6 months with one of their children who has been in a very difficult situation. moxley re appointed. yes. as
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against now again we are you your home or you know, i think it will talk to can you hear me when i went down when you get your 2nd here? my whole, my catch report and i bought in my 95 was the african me tongue and young did not a bad idea as my dad to now my to meeting nathan lot so good enough to pena ment. okay. you got time. what do i do? see it, my practice about bucket tablets, off a tablet. is it to you in a human? how can you know when that it only need got on the box? yeah. now you're not going to be at madison c a y n a one level now who got
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a list of my year let me ah ah ah ah use driven by shaped by those in
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the me there's thing we dare to ask in the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques, these to state devising message to end essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime, means this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and the victim say they still
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live with the consequences today. ok, let's go to an area. here's a country that is suffering from inflation. they have a huge population of 200000000 or more very young people that are already online already on their phones. and the government is not really able to crack down, let's say is you could see in china, they ban all those things together. and you have a breakout, you have a breakthrough, you have the big point, standard emerging. and that's so exciting because it means that the world will be born again. it looks like it's going to happen in nigeria. the
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i want to why, why? why, why was, what was, what do you think what was going on this the minus the
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cost me caution when when did got away the got you got more in the morning to go through and i filled it out but i'm not going to be talking me i've been doing my job, but i have to leave school to how long to do for you
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on what would be done. i view my name, i'm what i was and i'm the only one. can you tell my father the focus on the new made my foot. i don't want to work for anybody. not because the i was raise money for the no one seems to be like the old people line industry.
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i know if i make i can change up and come with my funding, but i can see if i'm making the today a big the most we present in i tend to our new beneficiaries were able to children to put in their program sometimes in the records from the program because they need their children to wish and we are unable to meet every needs, such as food and loss income. we understand this particular you may look in that the package for them to receive. we hope to convince them to stay out
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of my the community you, you, you run by, you know, this is better than they go and see. so the lady to do the the are going to do the last month talked in earlier. so let's go look at the case load miss either go or come on the moon. if i could
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do about it. but i did about bobby about. it didn't get back to me when we were going to pay my yes. so you can. yeah, but i'm you about will he would the i freaky a very small organization and then resources to as a limited time to what am i doing? yeah. my living, oh, that asked on bicycles made the i mugs for those who a long distance to school. certainly some of these decisions on who and who to because i'm on my
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own when i left the emp with me and i will about the like, i mean i'm not going to be locked in the living room that i. 2 owe money in the loop but i so so that is past due and you dont know you got to you know what got you got i know you
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know the beginning the me i will, i will. what is it, whether i get what, what news, news it me the what the what the
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the the, the the, this are those who leave them in the away for the mining company. the can ventilation need, but it be the the build up bit of the pdf for
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the government in the mining companies will not give us long to work on. so we have to walk illegal and the mining company it is really been because when the major poke, i today even putting did because they have enough money to do whatever they like to came here to take. they both end with any time and they we did in the money and you gave me this
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number in my little and that will not let you look at it, but i thought you know what to do with it in the can get them on the one of them i mean the
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lie and we're not, we're not gonna move our kids on the lease as well and i send them over to me last what i have been going to be about the dollars oh, the join me every thursday and the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then
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me when i was the wrong. when all just don't the rules. yes. to fill out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well the part we choose to look for common ground, the know what was the good them and by that can mother can while we're on by now,
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i should of i know i should know moment the age in new york on mon tesla deals on males like the one that will allow you to go for have an initiation and the from the, from the community there are small the so give them and then i mean, i mean, i saw it and one on my in my name is still growing indications, donald trump will indeed make a 3rd run for the presidency in 2024. the former president remains the most favored potential primary candidate within the g o p. but what about the republican party
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leadership? are they on board? and does trump have a message that would return him to 1600 pennsylvania avenue? it doesn't look like this was off the field, but all that actually use the machine which it says to build milk. put your budget that ah, will continue to tell you. because if the guy with that in the sky famous from a credit issued by the book,
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i use the israel, the air force has start ground targets in southern lebanon as a week of simmering. tensions in the middle east results in the exchange of rocket fires. you now accept digital code 1900 certificates from san marino, where most of the population is not collected, which wouldn't be the same. and russian jobs still waiting approval from the blocks medicine agency and to cover up or not debate rages over how effective wearing a medical mask is in controlling the spread of virus suite and drop your requirement before recording 0 new cobra cases. while the us says it is crucial to wear one now those.


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