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tv   Documentary  RT  August 5, 2021 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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the, let me know when you 55123455, no. one of the the the, the the, the the
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the, the, the the, the the, the the the the what i've got going on modify it little bit less than one me say that goes
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out if i come back up again i saw it on a 5 minute it's good to know what i'm sorry, i thought but i did as a little we're going to move. i'm going to do it and then and might have been i find this number and so could be heard by now. i don't know what i know, but basically like i don't understand like i'm in get back to him and logical and difficult to do as well. i want to go back a bicycle, look a little element of his water, where one is as it goes back on monday morning and i want to pick that up.
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but nobody been in the month it was last name 11 of those 2 guys in graduate. but yeah, i remember them was they will give it to me that new. that's all new. the been a lot of to a new vehicle. thank ah our to new. finally i saw me like most i didn't know what i was. so the
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the job that way nobody i i don't know why i didn't know if you got, i don't know, you know, when i 1st number, i'm right in or 3. now go back to try to get in. i will, if you for the job did pay you a lot of money, worked very hard for them without thinking of your future. i wish i could do i had done. i'm
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done with your mother and them, but i wanted to admit either i didn't get that i the i'm with you're growing when i'm looking for love where you got some guys they were live felony or like i was calling mo and i live on the other day and well, oh god bless you, mommy and me going back. yes,
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our final minute 1. 111 moment the when when the gun the numbers you're doing on on the news the idea. but if your banner i b, b as in dog or your metaphor, i mean the action no manner wilka or put the info and what ended on 519 and it may not be meant for your dad. me as well. yeah.
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cause i'm laugh. laugh and i will see you is i'm going to be with you about what you can see your battle. put your mind. yes. may you come back in the interview or the 14 or you exam? i want you that one. right? yeah, yeah, yeah. i found you and you can as we can do i
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i personally, i know what their family is going to do now because i also used to do gal m c. i was young. a student my family was very poor. i did a phone. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school and i sent to my scuse me, i was working for about a month about 5 or 5 voice where inside the pit then we had some little drops off. so and orlan from so you just hear that sound like an explosive. they both
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started caving were just fine. they came and trying to see if we could find our way out to escape the case. i was very afraid that i missed a step. made me that is over. finally, i followed my way out. ah, i think it was to them that i could go and that i and my friend we were able to escape that give in bed today. everything just collapsed on going the boys just died on
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their sport. i can just picture those today, boys the fees and i guess as may serve as it happened to the ada carlise. if it had be me, i don't want to see somebody who was at my age, die in a pit. i school today. and i had to do it when i me and a major one month paying the general intimacy of
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a bid on a month and a bit on the why my life more comfortable and question with that we get to i don't know if it any yes we are going to who i go with
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a lot of me it doesn't look like this is of all what you actually puzzled when you told me that actually use common sheet which is a bit me put your budget that i would continue to tell you. because if i didn't get famous from a credit issued by both of us in
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the the i don't like me here, didn't make my morale good to me and really bud last week and using the plan a good job. i was told gambling with kills and you guys down for advice. i don't want to make that. i'm going to was an order
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or do you get the money to do that? we don't have to get bank to get an optimized by i know on my mobile side the things like that, the program, my, my put them in the hall, it's all in the house. strengthen working in giving money thought out why you don't tool and in his life when he main focus on my life.
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i got you. i went to give you a way of getting what i what i didn't have to do, you know, we don't want to put me down to allow numerous school any moment and
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i mean what we'll go over the the okay, what we're going to. 6 do i know that like with regular deploy? so what, what the, what do
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i the need to do so it doesn't and the way that the kids out on the line and someone will border if i walk about what do i give you any of that? i'll get it when you come
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back to us, we don't want you to go with them. i don't think we didn't write anything that goes on kimmy. it's jamie i never knew why they couldn't find them somewhere. you know why the way i'll be doing on the minute i stopped doing the local ways and i joined
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the pump not working in port. i'm not aware because when i'm on the web, when all gone there was like i was taking school and making big like those in visiting or something. when i for my to me, some of them are waking the big companies. i'm out the thing i'm, i think that's all, that's why i thought about getting, say know, there are a lot of people with having being screwed, but they have made it the media. mimic family and i mean for them, muscle or more coach may not be better for them with me.
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i want to put something in the counselor that will be what i am come up. oh, good morning everyone. wanted to show the briefing and see what is next door maxwell. i interact with their father, their family is on board. maxwell gave an application for it. have to be i said their problem i am face in now. i have no bicycle to go to school. i hope and pray that you will come to my aid again. thank you. i mean, it all goes down to the fact that we are, we now fund, again by a school for old school. and their distance to school is actually for. yeah,
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well you seem to be sure. yeah. and the reason is trying to finish with dedication what, what does he see? what we can do the i don't know what is that why, why was the one that was not with
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the moon in i curve and my life will be better if i was going to school. i knew i me something i've seen this me then it doesn't interest me was going to go and feel
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a little bit different in too much when the normal why do i mean i may hold monday to friday. it's on and i feel like i wasn't surprised at. yeah.
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oh yeah, lucky the land in the boss who could yes, the man in the home deal, a c o our back event practically plan the level to me when i was so we're not getting so much data mom. ok. let
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me mean to give me believe me, to look for willing to to and i, missouri and the the what the future also for many to will be depends on their children the a long way to go. when i try to make headway, ah, there was no way out the land you the
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news ah wouldn't already and i would when i said one or bins and wait and walk up to my car. my main you my camera the form of perfect. but one way to move our country forward, i don't work the way so in that you can train and do the right property with the money, how can i become but with the value for me
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for my name you had your family so oh, i don't have it, it is what it is i i use
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driven by jan shaped by person. those in me who dares thing we dare to ask me. ah no. what would you love you to log
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and you can measure can hard while we're on by now. i know i should know moment of age and illegal mon use on my phone and then it will that'll allow you to go for have an initiation national before you get all the so would it be in the news or no, no, no, i mean, i mean i saw it and the one on my in my name is join me every thursday. i'm alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the
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world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the accusations of excessive force level that berlin police after a viral video shows an opposite throwing an elderly woman to the ground during a protest, a police union says the demonstrators themselves saw from peaceful i am sure that my colleagues got through the nicole, the law, in addition, more than 60 police officers were injured, they clearly did not stumble at the stuff that during the protest. by the ministration faces a backlash from a coalition of human rights groups. the united states harsh immigration policy. while the media that stay silent on the very issues, they heavily criticized donald trump and disney world employ.


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