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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  August 5, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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of course we'll give you those details as soon as we get them. that's all for this hour. i'll be back with more in with your world news headlines and just about 30 minutes. so stay tuned. ah ah ah ah, i
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use my finance or through i'm john good, a little about money laundering person to see to see that this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas and cayman islands. you never know. the banks are complicit in their club piper, so we just have to be mccall. hey, i'm ready to do some serious laundry. okay, let's see how we did. well, we got, oh, we got a nice luxury watch for max in for safety. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about luxury automobile? again for mag, you know what? money laundering is highly regal copier correct spot, because hey, folks, next up. nice young man. a baby any more, but he still looks so young,
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played already abrams on glee. that's where i 1st became aware of him. and now he's back doing ryan murphy stuff. you know that american horror stories thing usually i think they do it through line for an entire season. but this year they're going more anthology, he's an episode coming up called embargoed. and he's going to tell us about that to the extent that he can, i think they've got an n d a over there that is like, i don't know, like mickey rooney is pre hops, it is locked down. we'll talk to kevin, raquel right after this, and dennis miller plus one for hooks. welcome to dennis relo plus one and our plus one. today's an intrepid sol. yeah, kevin kelly in the studio. everybody else is in the bunker with cheney at this point, but covers gay various burson over plague. already
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a rooms on the foxes show, gleick and for ryan murphy, it's what murphy has its figures that everywhere. glee, probably the one show that would not freak you out. to be in because all the rest are scary so much. he also has appearances on the office want to pick his brain about that one of my favorites. and so we want to, one is now has a role in an episode, i guess they're doing american horror stories differently, the shirts and, and policy and follow g series. i think there used to be a through line. and the american horror story series is currently streaming exclusively on fx on hulu, around the cape, good hope to introduce our friend covers kevin mchale. how are you? i'm well, how are you doing? i'm just a young kid with a j fits. it's interesting that your episode called embargoed done so with all the information about it. but i will tell you
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before on i cannot even watch this american horror story from the artwork. and indeed, today i was trying to watch the trailer for the new season and somebody, somebody called rubber woman. yeah. she's scared to head. i watch read 30 saying this gets in my head. i can't get out. are you easily creep, audible, shareable? yeah, i don't watch the shows either. i tried to watch the 1st american horror story, and that was, i was just telling you how the 1st season that they shot it. they shared a stage with glee and i made ryan take us over there. so maybe i be able to be able to get through it, like show me the rubber man creative names showing me the house and the blood, but it didn't help know these things terrify me on their versus. they're almost stylized to the point of russia. yeah, maybe i'm mispronouncing fetish. i think you're right. that sounds right, but you know what i mean that they do it so well, yes, the are work on the one sheet for god's sakes. i want to ref x one day for some piece of business. as i walked down the hall is getting anxiety just looking at
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their lobby board for each of those seasons. they've got that down over there right now. i think brian called me earlier this year and he's like, what are you doing? it's 11 pm and i just put my kids to bed and now i have to write about murders. so how, how do you do this and then go to sleep at night. i don't know. he's a vampire. i don't think he sleeps. i think that's healthy in a way to be a listen. a lot of people watch these things. i don't think can demarcate them. but i think i guy like murphy can truly balkanized these thing. yeah, i do have borders. i remember talking to clive, whatever, barker, whatever his name pinhead, that he and i should. she's just that image is so disturbing when that 1st came into your head that you freak out and he could see it meant nothing to him in that way. right. and that's why he's probably able to write it. so yeah, you're right. the rest of us are, is terrified. yeah. but they can just say, ok, i got a good idea here. i think when i 1st some murphy's work and what
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a prolific guy when i think he's done the betty davis, joan crawford thing. the 1st time i see it. i remember thinking on nip tuck thing. oh, this is tv tv. change so much. yeah. yeah. that was the 1st breakthrough for me when he, when you're sitting with him, just chatting, cras service and amiable blow crazy firing on all cylinders at all times. really just a regular joe and away not regular. he's firing. and also you can literally see the cylinders moving, the wheels turning in his head. the way he would use or like sometimes come in now like the scene or about to shoot and rewrite it on the spot and he would make it 10 times better. it was originally written and that's how he is all the time. i don't know how he as that, but i guess that's how you build the empire. he has or you can have 80 shows on a at once. yeah. but i think that sort of mind firing when you're 18 to 20, to probably scares the living you. right. and i think at some point you got to see a shrink or figure out some trick in your head. i'm not saying ryan murphy at all,
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but i'm just said get it out. if your mind's working like that you go, i got a good company with us in some way and figure this out. and then you can go on and build a king. right? but at 1st you probably why yeah, that probably tracks. yeah. i think that sounds right. well, he certainly has an eye for dallas to look at that glee room. i know there's travail scott, anytime young people are presented with quite frankly, of the lives of pharaohs using young people nowadays. it just, it gets weird, but he also switch and i, i for who's good at. what was your initial thing like, did you go in where you're daunted? what did he read you? what was getting the gig? i mean one of the test was the 1st time actually spoke to him, but he came into testing for a tv show. anyways, my nerve wracking, horrible thing, but he came in and was very calm. is like, you guys are nervous dumping over,
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we're more nervous than you are, which was nice. didn't really help. but yeah, he and hindsight would, you know, would tell us like, i knew immediately that it was you and you and you. and so he can just or yeah, now you've got to cool completely imagine the character was like, well, you could have told me that a couple weeks earlier. so i wasn't stressing, but i don't think they know how to be. there's a couple status. i haven't read from many things, but i look back a couple of more sadistic couple who are probably so insecure that they've seen being power mad. yeah, a lot of them were nice though. i think they could sense how unnatural it was. because is there a you talk about being frightened by these shows, folks, when they open that room and you go in and there's 6 people to say, well, know, look it up. it's terrible for that. it was the 2nd edition was about 15 people. let's take the last supper on the other side of the table. why? it went from being just a cast and director in the 1st edition to about 15 and the 2nd one. and i was just out of high school like i would like a job please. i am broke and then you go into test and you go to the network and
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it's fox had this big fancy room and they had different levels of people. everybody in a suit and they're all like not giving you anything. and so it was nice that ryan and brad and, and who had created the show were being overly friendly. the sort of offset the, the suits. yeah. but yeah, it's not a normally welcoming environment. i remember i used to always, they obviously think people in the crowd is nude when you're public speaking. i just always look at the if there were 15 people that i had assumed that 11 of them were associate producers barely hanging on. almost there's yes men writing right off the shoulder of players gone. yeah. yeah. yeah. waiting literally waiting for them to hatch their innermost opinion before they even can see. that's exactly correct. and now i know that at the time i didn't god, i remember was still that now. oh really the just start you look so alpha. now what do you 30, i'm 33. rather. you know,
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you can still 8 pounds and make it a young young face when you 1st start and i my sister going, my sister was an agent in dallas. and so i convince her to let me go on an audition . she was very against it for commercial. yeah. commercials. and then i liked it. she's like, ok, fine. and i just started doing commercials around texas and then start coming out here. and when i moved out here, i went to high school and i had a life out here and then made a lot easier to do the whole acting music stuff. if i, if i find anything out, i think you have to be nerveless. when you're done, they smell sweat, you know, in a weird way, the thing that you're most, you're most nervous, but you have to quell that in some way. and they, i think they give you credit for being ingenious enough to qual, yeah. and then you have to be indefatigable. yeah, you're literally it's, it's in dignity. he done you every day. so hard to get
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a job because thing find that correct balance of those things that you just said is near dam impossible. but every night and i have terrible nerves. so every now and then you break through and do something, right. did you ever me a moment where you got more on your side? i remember i was doing letterman the 1st time, standing back behind the curtain scare nash every thought my head was, you know, i will do this right like this, back to square one. and for the 1st time in my life, the mental cavalry showed up where i had another voice. so you know, i am so sick of you, my whole life getting in the middle of these moments you can wine after and if i don't get it. so be it you are right. yeah. shut up. i'm going to go kill it. i thought, wow, where did that come from? did you ever have your champion come to the for high? yeah, i have a couple of times for glee. we went on tore, and there was a couple times before, like our 1st show where i was just, what are we doing? we, we put the show together in 2 days. none of us know what we're doing. it's not just
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me like this is all going to fall apart. and then that voice comes like stop talking. you know how to do this? you're doing the same stuff you've been doing for the past 3 years, like, you're fine. don't think you know how to do it, just go like stop talking and think it worked. who would tell me about some of the other people housing, the girl who blew me out with their performance when she finally say, listen, i'm 67. i don't get a lot of it, you know, just because chasm. i shouldn't get it up. i'm getting all the screwed for the people men for she finally signed the me one of my blanking on her name. she finally sang. it grammy's was she on the show? glee. oh demi about yeah. she was, she came on and she's in 3 or 4. she went to bells in real life. but then i saw her at the grammy. yeah. 2 years ago. yeah. you were there and i was just sitting. i go wow, i yeah there texas you bet. yeah. and then my friend who works in the riders off of
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glee was like your friends here. like ryan, what are you doing? get her out of the office. does your sister upper know none or no, but we always like the same singing coach out small, small world. but she obviously has like the greatest voice on the face of the man and killed it just bears her soul. she's incredibly talented. well, when i watched the night, i thought, oh my god, i've got her encapsulated in my head, in this same group of mosque of tears, all that thing. you know, where every 2nd kid. and she's saying, who said that, steven tyler, i read a couple people who just said, well, you're kidding. yeah, it was glad to get up there, especially after everything she had been through and in front of that room of people. and to do that, it was that takes that voice in your had been, i can, you can, you can do this, you know, when i read some of your notes, but are some quotes from you and i was struck by your pragmatism. it seems to me that when you're in the middle of these things in glee, like for kids and
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a taco of that, all of a sudden it's the biggest thing and the culture all the sermon, drang, all the surfaces in between. you seem pretty pragmatic. you just, you dug, being on the shelf at right now. yeah. yeah. it was pretty much it. i had a great time. i, i think having sort of the family i have and i started more so in the music business in the music because this is really rough and crazy and i think anything comparatively was rougher and crazier than the tv. yeah. because listen, like if you're an actor, you have a union to protect you and things like that. music is just like good luck. i was in high school. ready and i be going to the recording studio until today and then coming back to do finals and things. so it was a different, different world. but i, at some point especially like my friends are big. you realize what's happening right now. and so i had people around me to remind me to be, hey, this is not normal, this is absolutely insane. this will never happen again. you need to be in the
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moment. so i think after the 1st couple of years of all the wildness, everything being new and shiny, i was able to step back and drive to the gates at paramount studios. like this is not normal and it's really damn cool that i want to give. parents can give their kansas say, yeah, not only do they equip them with new shoes, they make sure that they're fitted on feet of clay. they keep, i mean, i guess i hope, you know, as a parent, i imagine you hope to do your best and hope the kids don't disappoint you. i tried and tried to do my best. they're all, they're very level headed and they my whole family, it's mapping around if i ever got to it. well, that's a great best thing that can happen in this business because you're getting over praised in those 15 times. you kind of get sheepish yes or blush on whether i saw you in your room. thank you, but yeah, it's the easiest. i think the sooner you can recognize or like compartmentalize
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those things, the better you will be mentally doing that you have people who are doing their jobs, who are taking care of you all. they don't have to lift a finger. i know, and i don't know under people go crazy when they're unemployed or out you see actors to the media like oh, they lost their mind. like well, you spent 15 hours a day being catered on and being told the are the greatest thing on the face. so how could, how could you not, if you don't have a support system to make it back around there? i think self in an odd way. like for instance, my test cases always sean penn. i know sometimes sometime drives me crazy, but i realized i went into the bubble when he's probably 13. i saw him in a film called bad voice for martin, and we'll do the way back with the sign morales but kids in prison. and it was great. you know, you're looking at them and you're saying, oh my god, he's got a he is just post you bearing and he's already got chops like gene hackman. and then you realize when i read his essays today,
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they're almost childlike. and they exactly replicate when he went into the bubble, but they're so well intention that i'm now a narrative and i'm thinking what down in the mud pit and haiti different food p. yeah. why and yeah, it's are plenty how the, the long run levins your rough edges and takes you back to kind of who you are and what you got parents there are setting up. it's like, what's that old joke about? my parents know how to hit my button because they installed, when your parents are hitting the right, but yeah, you at least got a nice default. all right, well, i'm taking my time with kevin mchale. we're going to come back and talk a little more about this, the spooky show. we can't tell us much, but we'll, we'll pick his brain about why we won't talk about it. we'll come back and not talk about his new show to this, and that is really was one ah,
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anybody resistance is a real problem because we can go back to what they call the pre antibody theora. we affectively become post antibody any, you know, a lot of countries, particularly countries like india, china developing countries or low income countries that have particularly poor water supply, the resistance level. there are astronomical, you know, the common bacteria like a lot of tactical purposes. untreatable the who's
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the folks. welcome back to dennis miller plus one, having a blast with kevin mchale, and he is best known for playing our d. abrams pd parker and spidey r d. abrams on fox is his show. glee also made appearances on the office, so he won a one and he now has a role in an episode called the the embargo or f american horror stories anthology series and the horror stories series is currently streaming exclusively on l. hyphen x l. hyphen x on hulu. how long is the gig when you go in to do an episode and they should knock them off in a week or 2 weeks? that's too stressful for day weeks. i mean, it was not a fun game, especially with horror stories. i think unlike the regular horror story as it feels
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like cantier and bigger, they're leaning into sort of the yeah, this, this horror camp of at all. yeah. i did. it tells from the crypt moving once and i got on it and i put why we get it. this isn't this seems to be scarier, but that, that tells the crypt thing eventually became their own form of entertainment like ghoulish camp or something. yeah, i remember they were, they were almost encourage you, you in subtle ways to the script to not take it all the way and to let people in on that you knew it was quite reach that point there. i don't think so. i think the episode i'm and in particular is like that because of the nature of the characters are playing and you talk too much, don't do much. i mean, i'll tell you anything you want to know. i know they don't like you to talk, you know, or like you want our characters to die basically. so when you have, when you need to play awful people. yeah, it makes it, i think more fun to just i'm going to be as do she and as unlikable as possible.
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and then the audience will really feel rewarded when we get murder. hopefully, you're at, your demise will do their devise and others, whatever it takes. now listen, you've obviously got the pipes because you're in a boy bad. and i'm wondering, tell me about this boy band experience. i look at it and you talk about going into bubble. it seems like paramilitary, there's always a guru guy you got to. your parents got to bed is not a whack job. yeah. but how was the experience for you? glee was fun for you. how was the ban? i feel like the band was really great training for glee and anything else afterwards. what age were training wheels like 15 through 19, basically during the whole high school room and learning to you know, we go in front of record labels or management. so you're dealing with adults you
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doing with powerful people. you're going to recording studios, dan rehearsals, all the things that we end up having to do on glee. but glee was like the successful version of the boy was not successful, but it was an incredible learning experience. did they even care if you all get along or is that not part of it? way down on the list of reasons the bands put together. i don't know. we cared if we got along or not. so like we made an effort, we were just kids. we would hang out all the time because we had the same shared goal. well, that's cool. yeah. so that was good and i'm still friends of them minutes. well, that's why it isn't a lot of adults are sometimes happy accident. you can't plan that, but it ended up being a really good experience. you know, it's funny and i'm not, i don't mean to make a blush or anything, but you get into that room where the guys are in the you're in the bumper together . yeah, i always read those great old beetle stories where they'd get to new york and they wouldn't even they would just sit up in the placid smoke because the whole world
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react to that was the ultimate catalytic factor. and they said we just sort of needed to be normal. and yeah, i mean we, i mean, the boy band was not any sort of glamorous experience. like we were in a 1800 cruise america van. following the pussycat dolls on toward opening for them and we had no heat in the middle of winter and like pittsburgh. so that wasn't, that was nature was taking the out of us. but for glee, it was sort of like that were we couldn't leave our hotels on tour and things like that and we would somehow, you know, keep each other had it. i always love that aspect. the show business i messed but might be a glutton for punishment. but i oh, i always thought this can be such an intoxicant. i love the fact that i have to enter through this hallway that has all the food carts in it. oh yeah. and smell so much garbage. yeah. the amount of places you entered the kitchen in the back and you're walking through piles of garbage. yep. yeah, i love, i thought it was
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a good karma and a way to be humbled by the road. and i remember being a niagara falls lunch, doing a gig. and i probably, if i told the short story of the show before, i apologize. but it's my quit essential roadster is playing. the agger falls by window open in my motel room. and i was taking a shower and i could hear the falls. i mean, we were that close to it outside as thunderous. and i had no water pressure on the shower. i can hear the water. i can't get anyone to come out of the shower. the road isn't fumbling, humbling the stress. yeah, we call home like it's character building. thanks. mom and dad doesn't feel like that. all right, so you got boy, then dallas and then you get to make the, the step out here and who helps you? somebody in the family come along or do i'm the youngest of for kids and my siblings are a lot older than me. they were off, some of them married the youngest one, it was in college. and so my parents are like,
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let's get out of texas. they weren't huge fans in texas. and so they, we moved out here. i went to high school and then once i turned 18 and was making enough money to support myself in the music stuff, they're like, it's too expensive. we're going back to that mom, dad, as i all right, i have to live in my own now. i guess i should learn how to drive. now listening when you do something like that, the boy that it's steady work for a while and there's a shirt horizon lied, but you're working hard and you're emerged and above them. then you're in something like glee, and it's the best of both worlds. you get a steady gig to show up and it's the biggest hit in the culture at some point. now is, are you more into a peace male thing? are you looking for another regular gig or do you like the free agent thing where you show up and do an episode of american horror stories where yeah, right now, what would you like to do? i get all, you know, i think that like growing up i always did music and acting and mean people were
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like, we had to choose one and i never did and i won't ever. and so i think whatever opportunity presents itself, i like having a regular gig, having the familial aspect of the crew and the cast and everything that is really great. and i think special experience and this sort of weird business that we do. but showing up, especially for horror stories were and that particular case there, a lot of the crew were glee crew. and so it was nice, homely pop in and say hi to everyone. and it's fun because you can just sort of go gung ho for 2 weeks. and that's it. you leave it and hope it works. i don't know enough of your history of you've done broadway with, i haven't, i've this broadway seems terrifying to me. you know, but what a great thing to shoot for. yeah, 33. yeah. if hit the ball out of the park and a couple things in your thing and work and i go for a kid with music and i'm and acting what a great next act. yeah, the, you know, the people who knew broadway specials, special super talented community and i envy them. i think
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it's, i'm a friends with a lot of broadway actors and what they can do is astonish. i'm just always sort of an odd of how you can do 8 shows a week, especially if you're singing every i don't understand it. maybe i will do some point. i don't think you can intellectual eyes from the outside. i can't think of more intoxicating sanctum sank torme. somebody was musical chops and some acting chops than to get in that world where they have those luncheons even on, even on your day off. you want to be in that scene. i've had friends do it and i could see how alive they were. look at tom x, tom hanks, one of the biggest stars we have and when he did that broadway play about the newspaper border could just see he was like the rookie there, but yeah. show into it. it was such a healing world. so you're saying i should go tomorrow and i think you'll be drawn their point inexplicably, my family wants me to do it. they've been like,
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jabbing me to go and do it, but we'll see. yeah, well listen, you don't have to go in cold now and i understand if your kid they give you the, you know, you watch a great opening scene from all that jazz where they're all up on stage loosen. oh yeah, there's just like, right, let's read. you think what a hard route all the saran get a plane reps like seinfeld said. you exhibit a limp. they feed on you. it's sure that your test in your game against the versus us. you're a convivial can. i can tell you, go in there, knock it out of the park. yeah, i'll call you before i. you can give me a pep talk. i'll go go in with your fly. let me tell you about perfect. well, let's, we appreciate you coming in and once again, the show folks is the anthology series, american horror stories, they're doing singular episodes this year. and i know in the past that seems they've had an inner connective story like throughout the season. maybe i'm wrong
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or but i think that's the way it work. and now american horror story series is currently streaming exclusively on f. x on hullo, who you throw a dart, some sagging away as the gal good to reach your brother? you too. all right, good luck. that is really close was the oh, i know when i would chose the wrong one. i'll just don't rule out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves world apart,
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we choose to look for common ground in the view and announces an official intervention over claims of excessive force and brutality by the police in berlin. against anti lockdown protest, but a police union says the demonstrators themselves were far from people. i am sure that my colleagues are then accordance with the law. in addition, more than 60 police officers were injured. they clearly did not stumble but sorted during the protest. you permission for covert vaccinated citizens of san marino to enter the block, leave most stock behind and they've received russia sputnik v vaccine, which is not yet approved in the european union. and the biden administration faces backlash from a coalition of human rights.


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