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tv   Documentary  RT  August 8, 2021 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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the matter in the country, it has once it gets me and we don't have any fighting here, we don't make we don't know how to manage to even have the mineral silver plan to make it a big white glove. the with we were dealing with the the the, with the
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the the place we get that money can you tell me for the tone when come? yes. then you don't even talk to something i can even so feed a place. you have to be cool and when you maybe
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when you have time to come and then you go to the i get here. last see me. my 1st one is here who i see here? i need big money. the one thing one is
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the money to get to one is for me i will be out of the office to do more but i'm not on my own that way to mingle west and bring the money on top to i'll get to it. you'll be
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good to go now. yo, but just so good. it's money. i knew when susan knew, well, i'm with go. when we got it, we got a little over got over them at the house.
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oh, i got it. and i was sitting here. look at it, look as good luck. i don't care about this dilemma pallet. the problem with my medical i don't need to do it to you. it took to totally wound, i guess,
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got, i got to do a lot of the level line in the work you know, like in the land that will didn't you know, you can only go to work. i would, i would like
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to london. do you know what was, what if i look at the the job in my job a very difficult and very challenging look in that i meant the
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i'm a food officer with african down together and i think it's intention to ensure that children are kept away from mining, our mission here today is to form a child rise, clap, so that you educate us, as well as i this on the didn't just of child labor. the made, it's not easy to get these children to school on me,
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most of their families outside the city. i basically a huge in farming. i really need music on my family to meet you been that 3 square meals and so called about 20 years ago. my name came to this fact of the country the it has brought about a lot in child labor the the about $100000.00 children, all county who has engaged in mind
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the fact that goes in the year and they go mccree. that's why they used to godaddy road way down to mid 3. nick, i'm not trying to renew it is dangerous, and these plays in order to get to take advantage of their children because employ them to come. i where is very cheap a lot of people have died including children. being a native of this particular area. i feel very sad. and very bad. no child should be made to go fetch kind of risk.
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ah, food brain is gold. if you are able to develop the brain with educating me food and then once it will fall, i and to find children who had to stop school and then engage in minding the plan is to say 6 months with one of their children who has been in a very difficult situation.
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moxley is? yes. s one. again to begin to we are you your home or? you know i did talk to, can you hear me when i went down when you get your thinking here? my whole now i got your point now, but i'm i like if i was african me if i'm going young still feeling bad and the idea as my dad to now my to meet him meeting lot so good. and that will depend your time what i want to see about getting the bucket, thomas off at dallas to you and hope to hear from you know, women that it only need got on the bus. and i am not quite young
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man can be at madison c. a y n a one level now her catalyst. so my last time the, the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk me you know, believe it doesn't look like this is off the field puzzles
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took you through that actually used them she, she says at the bill, me o'clock. your budget that, ah, will continue to tell you because it was in the sky famous caught up my to buy choose other stuff and then you need to talk to someone like you
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can be able to pay more than that even when i'm in a position where you may need to go on it for me, which mobile phone bill, and it isn't about what it was which day join me, but it was easy. i got to know how to choose. it could put an office, me going to be as long food. i want to tell you the other hand that you would need because that quote, should the
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the what the what the, what i want to wide down will probably be
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gone this the lead to the saddle in cash one the cash when one did got away the got smarty, got the money to go through and taos and i filled it out but i'm not like out before i go to and
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i've been doing my job, but i have to leave school to how long before it was done. i view my name. i am what i was and i am the only one to can you go tell my father the phone that's made my father. i don't want to work for anybody. not because the i was the reason for
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the no one seems to be like the people who lie in the street. i know if i make, if i can change up and come bringing my son back, i can see by making the today a big be present and i tend to our new beneficiaries were able to get children to put in their program. sometimes it's difficult to prove them because they need their children to wish and
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we are unable to meet every needs, such as food and loss income. we understand this particular you may look in depth package for them to receive. we hope to convince them to stay out of my the gentleman about our communities. are you big you, you one, you know, it's better than they're going to see. so the lady to do the any that much the are going to do the last
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month don't in this so let's go look at the kids go uncle moment did the what to do about it, but i didn't about bobby about. it didn't get back to me. we were going well. hey mike. yes or you can you me but i'm you about will he would i free casey and a small organization and then resources to add very limited. i was not there. what am i doing? yeah, my live oh, that asked bicycles made the marks for those who are
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a long distance to school. and so essentially some of these decisions on who and who to treat because i'm on my own when it will not let me and i will go back and look at it. i'm not going to be locked in for a living room. 2 0 that isn't enough. you
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know got so i got you know, what? you got the i'll give them the the me i will, i will. what is it, whether i get what and what the me
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the more the the the the in the this those who leave them in the most the a way for the mining company. they can the ventilation need, but it be the
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bill that bit of the media, the government in the mining companies will not give us long to work on. so we up to walk really go and the mining companies it has really been because when the media both actually even putting because they have enough money to do whatever they like for you. they came here to take the good and the time. and they, we did in the money and the
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the phone with me is in love with that bus will not let me see it, but i thought him to come in from the
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get there on the one of the elements on the line and will not move on the walk in the the the that i live i will send them over to me that i have been going to be about
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me i mentioned that i spent more than a month up in the last artic. and when i got back, i had just totally refrained how great we now have it in modern life. so before i go up there, it's like i use hot running water everyday. i never thought about that as dr car, but they never saw great. that was, i don't have to go out and walk 5 miles downhill the stream and bring it back up to get my water right. but after alaska like i had to do all those things. and so when i get back into my water, my modern world and i turn on the faucet and hot running water comes out and hits my hand was like, oh my god, this is unbelievable. this is the most amazing thing that i've ever that happen to me, my life. ah,
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join me every 1st day on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except when the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck, rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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the the stories that shape the weak jail, a hacker who expose the abusive conditions of the prison he being held in is denied telephone access to his lawyers and his wife. from the move and act of retaliation, 0 credit lawyer tells them that he can only speak to them if they have upcoming court deadline where she's not applying the requirement to any of the others in the also ahead, it's lee temporarily exam citizens of neighboring some marino has been given russia sputnik vaccine from leading kobe pounds. boards chavez, still up recognized by the youth.


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