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tv   News  RT  August 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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me the stories of the week here on our team, italy temporarily exempt citizens of neighboring san marino from needing cove and passports if indeed they've had russia that's put in the vaccine, which still has not been recognized by the you. on the program we speak to san marino, it's helped me we have some day, some guarantee of the at the cmc, we are closer to a 100 percent off a few cmc last few ations homes raised to the ground apocalyptic scenes. as devastating wildfires raged throughout the world from turkey and greece to russia and america also in the program i jailed hacker who exposed abusive
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conditions of the prison he's in is denied telephone access to his lawyers. his wife runs the move and active retaliation. bureau presence, lawyer county says that she can only like to speak to them if they have upcoming court deadline, whereas she's not applying that requirement to any of the other. ah, certainly no shortage apart. you think news this week went out to the national. we've got the highlights right now with the weekly welcome to the program. so easily has temporarily exempted residents of sun marina from needing coven passports to travel that the tiny countries sits entirely inside italy's borders and has almost completely immune eyes, its adult population using russia. sputnik v vaccine, which still is not on the
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e used approval list. brussels recently agreed to accept covert job certificates issued by san marino and vatican city. but only the ones. it's given the green light to the passes, allow free movement between those 2 non you states and the block. however, with a splitting the vaccine, still not give an approval, we took a moment to chat with the nation's health minister. our green boss recognized this from you, but it's only for 2 people in summary. know about you, naked by pfizer. so the people and it is 94 percent of our population that will be seen as a problem to move into the service or italy bar or restaurant or c m. ok and the order closed space close space.
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so we are now working with the italian government to, to find a solution to this problem here. self. sputnik v and san marino has shown it does have an efficacy rate of more than 91 percent. 2 percent of those who got the job did suffer some side effects, less than half and people over 60, the health minister added that all those jobs with sputnik in san marino have now developed antibodies against cove. it will have some strategies about the ccsp of the sporting boxing. we have some day, some data guarantee of the cmc. we are closer to a 100 percent off a few cmc and so all our people different lot antibodies and which is splitting
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be much the nation after one week from the start of the 2nd. those will be we started to, to, to free our, our article in our accounts and, and now we have people in, in, in the river because some are called some unreal and shocking pictures to show you from turkey to america, from russia to italy, devastating wildfire as a raging throughout the world in greece this week at least 2 people were killed in searching. blazes me the
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many people were just forced to leave their homes just outside degree. capital of massive accusations are being carried out also on the nearby island of every hundreds of people fleeing the phone over a mix of well, any votes that are available on friday, the nation said it was struggling to contain more than $150.00 wildfires. the prime minister has warned that a heat wave is trying to all of grease into powder, but it's not just greece are described as the worst in decades. enormous plays is
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causing havoc and turkey as well. at least 8 people have been killed and around. $10000.00 evacuated emetic stream, wildfires, boating all up and down the coastline. a popular tourist destinations like both room and mulatto, have been hit one local describe the scene. there was raining ash on saturday. the heavy rains brought at least some relief to some parts of the country. but it's not just in greece or turkey. it's also in california, some surreal scenes there on the west coast of america. one town in plumas county like an apocalyptic hollywood movie set a tend to drive vegetation strong winds. dixie fire has been named ripped through greenville the remains of homes and cars, totally burnt out. are a common sight of buildings dating from the gold rush era will completely destroyed as was a hotel, the museum, a church and a petrol station. and then bring in our attention now to russia, russia, siberia area. it's been hit hard by enormous wildfires to they were large scale
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evacuations of villages where firefighters are on the front line baffling the info knows while in the russian beautiful republic of your fires blanketed large areas in thick acrid smoke. a computer engineer is currently serving a prison sentence in america for hacking a hospital. martin got, his feld says he did that to draw attention to a custody battle between the hospital and the parents of a child being kept without their consent. go to sales recently turned to us here at r t, after he was denied telephone access to his lawyers. me go to shells. wife claims communication with his lawyer was cut off shortly after he wrote an article that we published in the piece. he describes cases of mistreatment at the prison. he's being held on the authorities. those say his lack
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of phone access or miss treatment that he calls it was simply down to changes in the covert policy with the activists wife dana. she's not buying it. they read all his mail. so they had a heads up on what was coming. they should in its legal privilege mail, but i guess i guess they were aware he has multiple attorneys who are trying to get in touch with him for meetings about strategic matters. he answered an appeal and their legit and other stuff in court and they just can't reach him. they're telling him that they, catherine fear, vault is that bureau of prisons lawyer. and it's telling them that she can only let him speak to them if they have upcoming court deadlines. where she's not applying that requirement to any of the other. in the we contacted the officials on leading rights organizations for that take on got his feld's case. i think
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european court of human rights and human rights watch both said they can't comment . so just for a moment here on the program, let's take a look back and see how this entire situation unfolded in the 1st place. i please let me know right now i needed all my family in. she has been totally medically abuse . finally, common sense prevails. who's
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i just don't know how this really happened. it doesn't feel like it's, it's real good to me. home in dues and we talked about this with geo political analyst, patrick senningson, and mr. baron brown. he himself, a journalist who was also imprisoned in connection with a data league, marty himself over throughout the entire he was imprisonment, has been retaliated against 4 other particles. he's written or lawsuits. he has
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filed against the system. we're going to the visual warden's and so forth having done for years and said myself, the prison, the u. s. for my activism and having written, calling from prison. i've been in prisons where there wasn't a lot. i've been in prisons where, you know, i was, i was pulled off the phone what the course of doing an interview with the interview and been put in the shoe for doing that review and then release after investigation . you know, 2 weeks later, i was re arrested the orders in 2017 for getting interview device after i got out of prison. no one has been involved in activism. should be tried in the us, nor gosh, where there is it. just the record of the u. s, saw it on this is just a mentally vile. the harm should be proportionate to the sentence, not the potential harm. and increasingly, what we see, certainly in the us justice system, is this kind of trend of symbolic convictions and symbolic sentences,
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whereby the politicization of the justice system and the what used to be due process is become increasingly clear sized. and i think we can see that in so many different cases, especially with the area of cyber crime or hacking, it seems that i think maybe this just really speaks to the ability of hackers or hacked of ists to threaten the power structure which has become increasingly dependent on digital networks, we only have to look really at the julian hassan case as, as the sort of top level. sort of case in this area that he is absolutely and political prisoner. and it's not so much about what he did. it's about what he represents and the ability of an organization to get around the powers of the state. me
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you can call it a star warning from the united nations. if you like. it's a special envoy for us on the country is descending into a situation of catastrophe, so serious that it would have few parallels this century. and meanwhile, the u. s. and the u. k. a telling all of us citizens, anyone in afghanistan just to get out. and as late as taliban offensive grips the country, it seeing the terror group making sweeping territorial gains. in fact, after a series of rapid advances in rural areas in the last weeks, the insurgents and now targeting big cities for exam, couldn't do it right here. the north, northeast part of ghana on the 3rd provincial capital seized in just the last 3 days. the taliban has taken the governor's office and the police headquarters battle is still ongoing in some parts of that city. according to reports, at least 14 people killed, including women and children, more than 30 others injured. there are scenes of total destruction and condos with
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buildings in ruin or ablaze. in the meantime, at least $700.00 former taliban fighters have basically been released off the group captured another regional capital. this one right here, ship it a gun in the northern central part of the border here, northern afghanistan. this happened all on saturday. and it's despite us, foremost, i should say, heavy bombers that have been sent now to strike targets all along the northern afghanistan border with a bombing. but it's also heavy fighting between the security forces and the taliban in another northern afghan province of the coon, our province here. ne, in here. just close along the border with pakistan. it's left around 50000 people in the region displaced in about 60 women and children making due and pretty tough conditions. and we had a chance to speak to someone about that because, you know, wasn't, we had a good life in our village. we had everything but due to the fighting between security forces and the taliban,
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everything has been destroyed by the bottom. that all says and the county been detect our area and we had to flee a village. we saved only ourselves without any belongings or clothes. now we are living in this school building in the jungle, actually the taliban block, texas all village around 2 months and was heavy fighting with leather homes due to the fight in and out of hunger. after walking for 2 nights we arrived here. we spent the 1st night in the park, then we came to the school. here we are facing problems. get well in the meantime though, the capital cobble is also in the taliban side. so the number of attacks targeting key government figures. a couple interesting, the funeral of the country is government media chief. he was just gun down on friday as folks posted for the group. so it had punished him for his quote, deeds claiming it had sent a special unit to carry out the assassination. his killing came days off to another target at taliban a. sold on the afghan defense ministers home in the capital. and
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a short time ago, we got the latest on the spiraling situation from local reporter below, wanting the fall of going to the city where the taliban have been able to take control of most of the city as well as government buildings come in, a quick succession the city of tile upon which is the capital of our province just next door, also fell to the taliban. and what we are also hearing from one officials in a place like condos in the hot. there are also strikes by the americans, as well as by the african government. the cause of this war for ordinary ones for businesses, is simply too much. we also heard from the tall about issuing a statement in the city of telephone, instructing its fighters not to take revenge, not to torture anyone, and not to go to people's homes. dot com is a city which was the home or former normalized leaders and commanders who fought against the taliban in the 1990 s. these are also provinces that have provided
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soldiers to the african national security forces. but the worry of ordinary ones, even in a place like cobble, is quite clear. john of the americans made a bad decision because they left abruptly and paved the way for the taliban to launch in immediate attack. the taliban don't differentiate between the government and public property and infrastructure. they burned down below. in the current situation, the withdrawal of americans is pretty very costly for us guns. the fighting has gained the ferocity. it spread with high intensity across all of the afghan. i'm going to go from when the americans came to the dentist on, they came to defeat terrorism for 20 years, have passed and the americans haven't defeat the terrorism. instead, terrorism has strengthened and regional and global terrorism has turned of can. it's down into a hub of terror. the people of afghanistan are being looted and mercilessly kills,
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and public infrastructure is being destroyed. now you're seeing people standing up to the taliban is some area. these are former normalized leaders in come on. there's not necessarily only nor in other parts as well, that gets mile hahn is fighting against them. now, 4 weeks actually in the city, hit odd. as well as the african government and then the americans are carrying these strikes. but it is important to point out that urban attacks are becoming more and more regular for the taliban. we also assess the situation with anti war activist kennestone. the americans are continuing their bombing in order to try and hold the taliban in advance. but it's not working and they're trying to prop up their government in kabul, such that the taliban might find it useful and important to make a coalition. ready government with them, the important thing to remember is that for the, from the point of view of the entire world is that the reach of the u. s. empire is
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shrinking. so now the u. s. empire has failed in trying to subdue afghanistan, and they couldn't, couldn't continue. it's illegal occupations because it was unpopular from the very start with the afghan. he's and it was a violation of international law for about half way through the weekly program here . what are you still to come occupations of german police brutality and anti lockdown protests to seeing the un special rapids on georgia saying there are grounds for an intervention that story on the rest of your highlights in just a minute. i join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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. i mentioned that i saw that you know more than a month up in the last arctic. and when i got back i had just totally refrained how great we now have it in modern life. so before i go up there, it's like i use hot running water every day. never thought about how great that is driving carver day. never saw great. that was don't have to go out and walk 5 miles down hill the stream and bring it back up to get my water right. but after alaska, like i had to do all those things. and so when i get back into my water, my modern world and i turn on the faucet and hot running water comes out and hits my hand was like, oh my god, this is unbelievable. this is the most amazing thing that i've ever that happen to me, my life. ah ah,
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that's good to be with us for the weekly here on the us recently hit its self imposed debt ceiling. but that's certainly not stopping the democrats from pushing ahead with an infrastructure package with a trillion dollars. the senate has even silenced debate on this legislation. on top of that democrats appealing bullish enough to even ask for another spending package totaling 3 and a half trillion. it will all ultimately require having to increase that, that ceiling and republicans having none of it, if they don't get more of a say as to how that money is being spent. if they don't need on our input, we had our help with the debt limit increase that recklessly. as he is reckless plans, you will require the debt ceiling limits, the amount the u. s. government can oh it was reinstated last week after a 2 year suspension. it was automatically recalibrated to equal the current debt
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level, forcing the treasury to cough up for government bills. earlier in the program, i spoke with max kaiser, the host of the kaiser report. he told me, washington has no choice. it has to keep on borrowing b u. s. economy and conjunction with most of the west is one enormous ponzi scheme that need fresh money to keep a ponzi scheme going if you take the contact from, you understand that 0 percent interest rate and global debt to g. d, p is over 300 percent and the ability to pay back any of these loans is virtually darrow. you can understand why. now the debt in the u. s. is going to start to become hyperbolic. and this is having an interesting corollary. and that is causing a real inflation because all that money printing attempting to tamp down the debt, which is causing people at the shops of the gas station. and notice that the price of living is going up precipitously. and this is causing a real, causing
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a real damage in america right now. i think they're going to get to the point where they've got to eliminate the idea of a stealing. and they're just simply going to say that we're going to engage and unlimited on encumbered money, print thing, and debt creation. you can't stop upon the game. there's only one way to this ends, and that is through a massive default. and because the us doesn't want to experience that there are simply going to print to infinity. so the us, the us dollar becomes like that, that as well and all of our, our other hyper inflationary currencies. and that's what we're looking at right now in the u. s and other countries, do you think any other countries around the world are starting to scale by from the usage of the dollar? we just have to look at the usage of the dollar global. and you notice that in the last 20 years has come down every year, every 2 years has come down. russia has completely out of the us dollar and assess
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them up to be in an interesting situation. as you see more of cooperation with china, russia, iraq, they don't want to be involved in the dollar because the us weaponized the dollar by sanctioning by interfering and swift, the global money transfer mechanism. and by playing politics and by getting in the way. so these countries have study, you know, what, we need our own system. so they're creating their own system. the un special rafter on torture says there are grounds for an official intervention against police in by men and follows numerous accusations or brutality against those recently protesting the tightening of coping restrictions at a serving photo chose emerged from last sunday. demonstration. have a look at the these images of an office, i just throwing a woman to the ground went viral. the police can find an investigation has been opened for the head of the german police union, told us criticism and pressure exerted on the officers might actually be unfair.
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consider affordable, talked us money. i am sure that my colleagues acted and accordance with the law. in addition, more than 60 police officers were injured, they clearly did not stumble but suffered during the protests. which by the way, were far from peaceful because they violated public orders. since they were banned, the police are the center of criticism and such deployments. that's something we're used to society is becoming ever more polarized politics that cultivate anything but peaceful conversation have contributed to the us and the police on right between irreconcilable fronts that are no longer ready to engage in dialogue. i know that doesn't make up police work any easier. i don't have any other opinions about this colleague say they have been under pressure and these events a lot of colleagues have been injured and that doesn't make the situation easier. we'd like to see politics being used to calm people down on all sides. around 5000 people took part in anti cove at an anti lockdown protest in berlin. last
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weekend, we understand more than 600 of them were arrested. officers use batons and pepper spray against the people there and one german lawyer we told to believe the use of force was grossly disproportionate. just like the doors we've seen in this video is quite shocking, at least to me, that if you assess it from a legal perspective, you'd ask yourself if there was a threat. but from what it looked, it's just an elderly lady trying to pass by the policeman. i don't think it was an extremely tempt situation which justify the police of the throwing the lady to the ground like that. if you look at the standard legal definition of a threat, it just didn't look like one of the policemen wasn't being attacked and there was no gross disturbance of the peace and public security that lady just wanted to pass by. and from a legal perspective, the officer conduct, quote, disproportionate freedom of assembly, the constitutional rights can be restricted. for instance, in a pandemic like the one we're seeing there may be restrictions, but there shouldn't be a difference with the people have notified of their rally beforehand or not. they
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should be able together spontaneously to that pietro and don owned in the open. it citizens shouldn't be in fear of being subjected to this kind of treatment. when going to protest, as you can see, it's been a busy week for your worldwide headlines here on asi international. thanks for joining us for the sunday weekly program, but it for me and the news team for now. but my colleague don court here at the desk and a half an hour's time with another edition of your weekly program. thank you for joining us. oh, me make no certainly no borders and the blind is emerged. we don't have authority. we go to the back seat world needs to take action and be ready. people are judge. 2 governors
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crisis we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in our own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are together in so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have crazy plantation. let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk
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the me the me ah, hello and welcome join the part from the early days of culture. humans have known that too much of anything is good for nothing. every major religion once again gluck to me and all sorts of accesses which poisoned the soul and enfeebled the body. pushing before our ancestors scarcity used to take care of that. but what are we supposed to do in this era of ever increasing abundance? well, to discuss that i am now joined by michael easter, a. visiting lecturing journalism at the university of me by the las vegas and
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author all of the conference crisis. michael, it's great to talk to congratulations on the grade book. hey, thanks so much for having me. on i'm excited to chat. now let's start with it's a subtitle which tells people to quote, embrace discomfort to reclaim your wild, happy and how faith self. why does it need to be reclaim? well, i think you hit it in the beginning and the intro there, it's that we evolved in these environments of scarcity. and so we developed these drives to always do that, which was most comfortable. for example, we avoid movement. we are wired to be lazy. when we have access to food, we have incentives to over eat it on and on and on. we avoid risk, but in our past environments, they are actually kind of dangerous. they no longer are. and so now that we've tipped into this world of comfort and a lot of ways we think about things.


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