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tv   News  RT  August 9, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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the ah, the anti vax activists lay siege to the bbc's offices in london. as police are trying to stop the crowds from getting inside the terror behind bars start. he investigates how convicts identifying as transgender allegedly work the system to get placed in women's jails, where they go on to carry out sex attacks on female inmate. they get to a full erection to locked him this room 247 with the man. and there is nothing you can do about it. she may have been on her phone. lawyers revealed that a u. s. intelligence worker implicated in the death of a british motorcyclist named how redone may have been distracted when her car plowed into him. adding that all the relevant phone data has mysteriously
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disappeared. the relentless spread of wildfires flames wreak more destruction in eastern russia and cloak cities in dense smoke. our correspondence is in the disaster zone with a fire fighting units and brings us a 1st hand account of the devastation. in order to fully extinguish them, you would need to go out because they're not just learning on the surface burning underground. ah, broadcasting live from moscow to the world. this is our international. i'm your host donald quarter. welcome to the program. now anti vaccination protesters in london have tried to storm the offices of the b. b. c. police stood in their way pushing the crowd back. the demonstrators are furious about government plans to start a knock elating teenage. here's something it says is necessary in the face of the
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highly contagious delta stream. ortiz shot edwards dusty reports from the streets of london. well, protest is all on a mission to david taking the streets of london going from one media outlet to another today. job. right? the b b. c. you met with about police even trying to out of the entrance. so really days. protest really started say the nearby pause. i hadn't got this mission in their mind at that point, but i decided my point to take to the babysitter to try and see why the baby really often. so what they're all doing is clue they've 19, they really oppose also what the b, b, c and all the mainstream media outlets are proposing as well. they all misrepresent
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many schools. but what they would say is the main to media for really a huge role in the handling. also not all of the babies. the upgraded security protocol is a way for freedom day. many people all rushed in, but really the 5. 7 today the point in time play all of that major out that place that really are trying to come out in full day. they all due to be totally ridiculous. why we know that the back road out program is not going to see the make infringement of a freedom. of course civil liberties as well. so today it's just wants to come in
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the future today, r t launches a special project. we're looking at the issue of transgender convicts abusing female prisoners southgate taylor has been investigating a rising number of such cases, which have been dubbed by women's rights activists. a horror show. oh, the with me and fans over where to house sex change prisoners are particularly high in california without being numerous complaints from inmates there being a number of recent cases that might explain that worries me ah, ah, they're getting a full erection,
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su, locked in this room, 247 with the man. and there is nothing you can do about it. the nobody cares about just we in danger here. there were never love males with full mail and that to me, sharon showers with us in a group shower room yet now men can share our showers. me the proven sexual probably haven't committed multiple crimes against women yet the state of washington had no problem moving him into women's facility. ah, we asked us prison authorities to comment on the allegations on what exactly the policies are when it comes to transgender inmates. when of course, let you know when they get back to us earlier,
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i had the chance to speak to penny nance who is the ceo and president of the concerned women for america activist group. now she's worried to some male inmates might change the gender identity, sympathy, so as to take advantage of incarcerated women. the issue before us right now is whether or not women who are incarcerated women who have no choice for being in prison and how long they're there. have no rights are being protected against biological men. we can say the biological disparities, the size, the strength of men versus women. this is changing in our country and which now men who simply identifies women. they don't have to take any surgical measures in the state of california and other states when someone simply identifies as a woman in that predators are willing to say anything to get access to women and to
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hurt them further. i recently read a statistic that said in the united states, about 84 percent of women who incarcerated, say that at some point in their life they've already been sexually assaulted. these are women who are already very troubles. there's no excuse in which a person who is the biological male or about logically female, should be victimized imprisoned. if the prison system would take the issue of safety more seriously than that, then that concern would be met. again, there's no use for allowing someone to be victimized in prison. there must be common sense met and used in dealing with people who are they're locked away. they cannot leave and we must take measures to keep them say cases of the legit abuse of women by transgender people in jail have left some incense in light of a controversial bill passed in california at the start of the year. the law that's
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trans inmate's request to transfer to facilities, but align with that gender identity effectively allowing male prisoners to move to female jails. since the law was passed around $300.00 such requests have already been submitted. and as of june this year, non have been rejected by your forty's, california is the latest us state of adopted such legislation, similar and may housing policies also exist in connecticut, new york city, massachusetts, and new jersey and women's rights groups are alarmed that all the parts of the country might follow suit. the definition of trans janda is dangerously inclusive and california department of corrections and rehabilitation. these are basically heterosexual men, ruining the superintendency for the trans community to be safe. and now they have a big pool of potential victims. males cannot solve declaring themselves out of maleness, the yes, shouldn't fall, kelly for you here into this horror. how do you hear?
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california fell $13.00, to many claim that it sets a heretic precedent for the country. do you agree? i agree in the sense that the person in the law is so actually broad and generic, you're not looking for any sort of justification or behind this. you can really put other people in danger, while also insulting people who truly do struggle with it by using something that they really do have something that they truly do identify and have identified with a young age in order to fulfill something that's going to bring harm to others, we're putting these women at risk and it's unsafe if you're responsible in california, certainly owes the women of that state better and they are failing miserably right now. do you think that there is a concern that heretic stories like the ones that are merging, that they can do pretty irreparable damage to an entire transgender community, doing ripley, the damage not only to the transgender community, to, to people who have, have been going through their transgender, their,
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their change of your de la, jeremiah them, and you're actually going to start to demonize them by using them as a class. where do you think that is a good commit? violence against women are not only harming it's the real transgender community. people are kicking, you're the big, you're harming women, you're harming everybody else. provide long time. women obviously felt on hud. they felt forgotten about they felt use. they felt vulnerable that they became empowered . and now suddenly it feels like a trend is going in the opposite direction. is that how it looks to you? there has been of drive to be the most possible inclusive in california, specifically. and here's where we're running into issues. we're not protecting women, we're not protecting those who were born women. and we have to understand that there is a distinction between those who identify as women and those who are genetically women. and that, that the harm can exist between those who are just attempting to present themselves
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as women, so that they can escape being housed with other men and been being a rooster in the henhouse. and basically whether they want to escape other harm from other men or just come into the female prison and be a predator. we open the door to that and that's problematic. and, and because we're so, you know, in the effort of being so inclusive, we're not realizing the harm on the back in that is being, cause this is katie, such a complicated issue. so what's the solution here? is that single sex prisons because, you know, when you read a lot, a lot of trans inmate say i don't feel safe anywhere. so how do we make sure that everyone does feel safe? yes, we have male person, we have female person. that's how it's been because we know that that works better, but maybe having other facilities or individuals that identify it's trans, making sure there is better security for some of these people. i don't know, maybe even looking into their medical records, not just taking somebody from california. i'm going to said basically you can get a piece of paper and check
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a box and then be have the bunch of women that you can victim i. that's not ok. but there are ways that you can look into somebody's medical history in psychological record. that's what the prison system is supposed to do, is verify what they think about their, their identity or their gender. that's what we need to do. i mean, what do we met with everything else just to look into what somebody says, not just taking them at their word and make sure that there is some kind of verification for the all t as keeping close tabs on developments in the spare. and you can be sure that will be returning to this topic in future broadcasts. ah, me and a new development in the case of british teenager harry dunn who was killed 2 years ago in the u. k. in a road accident involving a u. s. intelligence worker, the done families, lawyers say, and so coolness may have been on the phone while her car plowed into his motorcycle, adding that the relevant phone data had disappeared. and that she's being evasive
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about whether she was using it at all at the time of the collision collision with the decision to make a right turn. were you supposed to make a left turn the roads or out the feet? you tell your story, you'll get an adjusted when you play in the done family resorted to civil action stateside as the u. s. refuses to extradite the coolness. she in turn, tried to get the case dismissed, but the judge shot that down in july, boris johnson raised the issue when the meeting and his meeting with joe biden. later this month, harry duns parents will come face to face with the coolest for the 1st time in a court house in virginia. the u. s. government refuses tax or extra dates the
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coolest says she is under diplomatic immunity. it also refuses to reveal the true nature of her job on national security grounds, and the coolest has never denied her guilt. though her lawyer claims the crash would not be per prosecuted criminally in the us. adding that she is ready to do community service. earlier the done family spokes person told my colleague neil harvey, that she should face british justice. the g 7 conference at the beginning of june, doris johnson announced that he had agreed with president biden attached to justice for harry's family had been cleared. so we are very confident that there is going to be a criminal trial here in the u. k. with mrs. security as participating at so that has been 2 years of fighting, but we feel that we're nearly there in terms of the criminal sense. our position has always been, you don't get to kill somebody or walk away with our request to mrs. or kudos on
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the united states government is that she simply. ready presents herself to the united kingdom justice system and goes through the process. we have never been concerned what the outcome is because we don't have any control over that. we. ready are simply victims of a very serious crime at this point. does it feel like this is a fight between one u. k. family and the might of the u. s. government, 100 percent. and that's really what it's a bit about from the beginning. frankly misses the coolest, has been free to come back on her own and she should have done that a long time ago and diminished one of their employees killed harry. their reaction was to not stop and think about this family and the consequences that they faced. but they thought about themselves, catastrophic miscalculation that they made was that nobody would find out about it . this is not how you behave as a, as a nation state. when you kill somebody abroad, you face the consequences of your actions, and you do the right thing. you know,
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this issue is never going to go away until the united states government realizes that there is a broken hearted arrest family here who need help and needs support. we've reached out and all the rest to them numerous times continually get slapped in the face. ready for doing. ready so they've lost their son and they want accountability and they want justice both in the criminal sense in the civil sense or news after the short break the with me
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i choose liberals today show their face the mouth and what you've seen the new car b as they are proud if there is a poker, carlson and his journey in coverage hungry about the liberal establish will probably never use ah, welcome back to the program. our regional emergency has just been declared in the
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far eastern part of russia as wildfires continue to rage creeping ever closer to populated areas. more than one and a half 1000000 hectares have been consumed by the flames over the past 3 months. and the fires have left nearby cities blanketed in choking smoke. our correspondent dmitri poke reports from the front line where some 3000 people are battling nature's fury. just arrived at the camp site where were supposed to be saying, but apparently we might actually have to evacuate right now because the fire is already near the count. the firefighters are trying to ballad right now, but as you can see behind me, its spreading really fast, like that tree just caught on fire and like less than a minute, me the fire spreading really quickly to wind and still really dry. there's still been no
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rain and the the reason for a while for over a month me the rules thing if you really need people here now the fires cover a very large area. it's hard to keep the track. it's almost impossible. i don't know how we can manage that. that was the water where the hand pump was like this. but this being very primitive is one of the most effective things they have. right now we're going through a fire that we are still battling. it's taking a while, it's been way present hours since we got here. we're still battling the fire me
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so they said they go round around, around the fire. we see some flame hit them. so ahead and with some water. but some of these are actually routes on fire. and in order to fully finish them, you would need to go up because they're not burning on the surface. they're burning underground. me just finish battling one fire and then literally like 2 minutes later there was another one just 20 meters to the left. and there is just not enough people right now in this camp to be dealing with all this effectively. thankfully this is a bottom fire, so they call it it's basically when the ground is burning, as opposed to a top fire where the top of the trees is burning, which is the most dangerous thing there is. because if we pick that up,
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it's pretty much unsolvable difficulties. these guys are having is basically there is not enough people and the equipment they have, or, i mean there's not that many ways to fight fire. basically what the use of the backpacks with 20 leaders in it, and they use that texting and a pump attach that backpack, and they use it to spray water on the fire. the other one is these shuttle where they, they got a trench so that the ground fire will sub basically they get rid of all them on the grass, the branches, the leaves, everything that could be set on fire instantly. that's pretty much how these people have been battling all these fires for the past 4 months. me the far left and far right groups clashed violently in the streets of portland, oregon on sunday i and t. f activists had
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stormed and disrupted a prayer service being led by a homophobic passer. they were confronted by members of the proud boys who were acting as security for the machines between the sides went on well in the night, including painful fire fireworks and pepper spray. c the united states, along with its allies, have imposed new sanctions on bela roofs, targeting its key industries. president joe biden does the eastern european nation an extraordinary threat to us national security and foreign policy, as ortiz caleb barb and explains. then about a year since that contested election in bella ruse, and at this point we have the biden administration flapping new sanctions on the country. the new sanctions will hit air travel fertilizer as well as the financial sector of bela ruth. now, washington accuse is del ruth of having rigged the previous election despite valid
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reasons. plan that simply doesn't add up to the leadership and deliveries very popular and the results seem to be legitimate. and what's interesting is that when imposing these sanctions, we now have biden's saying that somehow the small country, bella cruise is a threat to the united states. this is what was said, listed in the breast of activities, such as the elimination of political opposition and civil society organizations and the rates in disruption and endangering up international civil air travel constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy will be united states now bella cruises thousands and thousands of miles away from the united states, but it is very close to russia and russia and bella rooster on the brink of becoming a full blown allies. the relations between the countries that seem to be moving in that direction. now we have a situation where the u. s. has accused lucas shank of violently quelling protests that happened after last year's contested election. now, bel,
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ruse has come forward and said this was a crew attempt. this is an attempt to overthrow the government by violent protests violently attacking police officers. it was necessary to take action to stabilize the country. we also have the united states raising the issue of air travel on the fact that there was a plane that was brought down and according to bela bruises authorities, this was done because of a very credible threat of a bomb. now we have also the bel ruth olympic committee that has been called out by the united states. they've called out the recent limbic committee, involving there was a track and field athlete some controversy. but repeatedly the athlete who is at the center of that controversy has said their gripes are not political, but related to athletic. the athlete is upset about decisions that was made by their coach. so regardless, we now at this point, understand that back in july, the leader of bella, ruth is opposition network joe biden and presented the u. s. president with
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a list of potential targets for sanctions. now those sanctions have been handed down. now earlier today, sanctions were imposed by london as well. and we had quite a reaction from the bell rouge and leader, alexander lucas. shank, brittany. good. god. go check on those sanctions, profiles and years. we haven't known britain, and we don't really want to see what you are americans. yes, men. now a number of countries around the world are the target of us sanctions. obama administration escalated the sanctions on a number of countries. new sanctions were imposed under donald trump as well. and it seems like the bye didn't ministration has now come forward and more sanctions are being imposed on della ruth. while the usa continues to demonize the leader of bella, ruth alexander lucas shan't go run a virus cases in the united states or on the rise again with numbers topping last summer's peak. and even though many states have fully reopened,
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some might still think twice about holding a big birthday bash. but having just turned 60 former president brock obama wasn't going to let coven rain on his parade. the news? the news, the cobra 19 has gotten more contagious. so it's more important than ever to get vaccinated vaccines, a thief, and the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones. so well,
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that's birthday was the classic move of i do what i feel like i do. tough fun. but then when i'm going to talk to the public, i'm going to say what they should do. so it's quite critical, don't they don't, they're not following the rules. the think that the rules don't apply to them. so they're not extending that sample for the general population. why the general population feels, it's not important where math is not to take very important. take test vaccine, 100 percent effective. you need to make sure we get rid of that long overdue type of people out there. and we can see what's over a 100 and knowing when i'm with this is going to be safe. this is a sophisticated vaccinated crowd, and this is just about optic. not about 18 or if you'd like more details on any of those stories you just saw. you can also
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check out our website, r t dot com or follow us on twitter. i'll be back with more news in just about 30 minutes. so stay tuned. the the join me every thursday on the alex, silent show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the other stuff. and then you need to talk to someone who can get
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a more than that even. but i that's what i'm doing. if you could position, if you need questions on it for me, which mobile phone when you think about what was working for me, but it was easy. i got to know how to choose. you can put up with me going to be as long food. i want to tell you the other hand that why would you need that? because that quote, should the
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news news. i hello and welcome to cross. we're all things considered. i'm hearing about liberals today. show their face, the mask is all and what do we see? the new mccarthyism. they are proud of their liberalism and tucker carlson and his journey in coverage of hungry things. or what about the liberal establishment will probably never recover. i need to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess george w l e in budapest, he's a podcast or at the gaggle.


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