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tv   News  RT  August 10, 2021 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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ah, ah, the protesters storm the b. b, c's old headquarters in london. despite the corp having moved that space from there almost a decade ago, the demonstrators are angered up the plan, the vaccination of children and the broadcasters rule. they say in promoting it all to coming off the wife of an alleged us intelligence officer implicated in the death of british motorcyclist. hurry done his claim. she may have been on her phone destructed, when her car plowed into him, we hear from the families adviser about the new developments in the case the u. s. government are trying to shut dr. inquiry down the other side are being
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evasive and inconsistent about producing the phone records from themselves. today, mark 60 years since the us 1st, that used agent orange and vietnam herbicide, which was proven to cause serious health issues among both locals and american soldiers. a veteran tells us it's time washington made a men we really need people to sit down and take a look and say, hey, where is this going to do? not only to the civilians population finally to the enemy, but also to our own church. ah . across the world run the clock. this is the news r and r t great. have your company. my name's union o'neill. anti vaccination protesters in london have clashed with police while trying to storm the old
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headquarters of the b. b. c. the broadcaster largely moved its operations from the building 8 years ago. the demonstrators are furious about government plans to start in ocoee, leading teenagers, and the b. b. c's role. they allege in promoting it the last week, the government denies cobra vaccines would be offered to wall 16 and 17 year olds without needing parental consent. it's believe the national health service will soon be instructed to start giving the 1st doses to about $1400000.00 teenagers, something the government sees is necessary in the face of a highly contagious delta street. meanwhile, the flies, your job has also been authorized for children, age 12 and above, but
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a decision on whether to roll it to the younger age group has not yet been taken. r . t shabby. edwards dusty reports from london practicing protesters on a mission to david taking the trains of london from one media outlet to another job like the b b. c. television. they were met with about steve and trying to push out the entrance. so really days, protest really started out in the nearby park, but hadn't got this mission in mind at that point. but they decided to take to, to be this easy to try and trying to get in relation to guy because they'd like to the people. basically they, they've been seeming to watch tv to me for the last few. mom, pain lied for lies about everything. about cove, it was day i'll hide in feet voted in the baby,
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said journalism is price on the story and i've always heard we're out here to do the paid on the government to put that. i'm glad of the house to be upgraded. security for the wake of freedom day people, all i can say i was really trying to come out in full day. they all like you to be totally ridiculous. my way back to this role not program is not going to on the make and without infringement of freedom of civil liberties as well. so today it's just about what was to come in the future too shabby. edwards nasty in the midst of demons, suitors, police indeed said some of the demonstrators later made it to the bbc's current headquarters. but left hours later, the broadcaster itself made no comment. there has been
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a new development. in the case of british, teenager hurried down. he was killed 2 years ago in the u. k. in a road accident involving the wife of an alleged us intelligence officer that done families. lawyers say i'm so cool. this may have been on her phone when her car plowed into her race motorcycle. the, the relevant from data has since disappeared, and the, the american has been evasive about whether she was on the call at the time of the collision, a spokesperson for the done families. and they just want accountability. we've been trying to get to the bottom of the phone issue in the us civil case for the last 3 months. and as our lawyers have put it the other side or be evasive and inconsistent about producing the phone records and the phone themselves for u. s. government are trying to shut doc inquiry down the civil case me. united states may represent be only chance that this family will get of justice. it's
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never been about money. they want accountability there. and they want to get to the truth in terms of the criminal sense. our position has always been, you don't get to kill somebody or walk away, are requesting mrs. or truism the united states government is that she simply. ready presents herself to the united kingdom justice system and goes through the process. the parents are pursuing every single avenue justice open to them. so cool and who it's claimed as a wife of a cia officer was driving on the wrong side of the road when the crash occurred. she was charged with causing death by dangerous driving in the u. k. although she's never denied her guilt, she fled back to the u. s. fleming diplomatic immunity. an extradition request by the u. k, was denied. well, in july prime minister boris johnson raised the issue in a meeting with president stew biden. the latter expressed sympathy to the family
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and said the 2 countries were working together. on the case later this month, hurry dunn's parents will come face to face with mister coolers for the 1st time in a quarters in virginia. as a civil train, they filed days heard that done from the spokesperson. again, phase progress is being made. thanks to continued media coverage. we count many americans amongst us. as our friends, we supported these people for decades and diminished. one of their employees killed harry. their reaction was to not stop and think about this family and the consequences that they faced. but they thought about themselves, they recalled her, and the catastrophic miscalculation that they made was that nobody would find out about it and started to your good sales to your colleagues in the media. thank goodness you all came to this family support. this issue is never going to go away until the united states government realizes that there is
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a broken hearted ref family here who need help and needs support. we've reached out and all the rest to them numerous times continually get slapped in the face. ready for doing. ready so they're entitled to accountability and they want justice both in the criminal sense and the civil sense. today mark 60 years since the 1st use of agent orange by the us military in vietnam. the highly toxic herbicide and the fully and cause the suffering of hundreds of thousands of vietnamese people who have been left with the last thing. effects from the indiscriminate use of the chemical a warning you may find the following. images disturbing the
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sample about 5000000 people who have incurable chronic diseases, due to agent or the complete normal life, a fine job the i was a gentle soldier in a bomb squad. my task was to clear past and demolish things. area with boys and didn't know it back then we just went on with our lives. we only realized when we started having children and the game and also when people started having children as a war, they realized what orange pe needs to hear from those. and the parents were shocked and in the family,
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immediately with the former american soldiers also still struggling with their injuries from exposure to agent orange, retired u. s. navy commander and lawyer john well spoke to us about the consequences of that chemical on the attempts of veterans to seek compensation. most significant portion we would say, currently we're looking at about 110000 claims have been filed. some of those are the same person, multiple plans for the same person, but it's probable that we're, i would say 706070 percent of those folks had some problems. today there was cases what they call the ring herbicides and it was used primarily for d, for the ation age and orange was so name because there is an orange strike around
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the center of the barrel. of the things like agent blue had a blue stripe, edge and pink, pink stripe and so on, so forth. as far as we know, edge and orange was the worst, but some of the others are besides, had the same chemical component. the grow chemical giant monsanto is one of the companies under fire. it was a major supplier of ancient orange to the us during the vietnam war. despite facing a barrage of legal claims, both it and its parent company, buyer maintain. they cannot be held responsible for how the military use the product. john wells, again believes more should have been done to prevent the tragedy. i think primarily the v. a system is over bureaucratic and they have difficulty processing them by even now, you know, we've had 2 and
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a half years since that court decision. they've only processed about 60 percent of the claims that are in file. we really need people to sit down and take a look at and say, hey, what is this going to do? not only to the civilians populations not only to the enemy, but also to our own troops. if the world or united states had learned a lesson, and i certainly hope they do because, you know, we wind up spending a lot of time causing a lot more pain and we have to not the, or is it easy? it's never easy. but it's, you know, we should do everything we can to minimize the effect on we all really on everybody . a familiar scene this summer relentless devastation being wrought by wildfires is continuing increase. drone for they cheer shows just above the situation actually is almost $60000.00 hectares. have been
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reduced to us, the rapidly spreading fires have forced local to flee to safety. thousands have been evacuated with elderly residents carried on to ferries. officials say more help is desperately needed to fight the flames. the e u has mobilized one of its biggest emergency task forces. however, greek authority say the risk of further fires remains high in many regions, including in the capital f and one local told us just how dire the situation is. so much that we've been in this situation for 6 days, the far from the nearby village is moving directly towards here. the fight is being fanned by the wind. when you see the village here from one side to the other, it's been burned. we hear this time with 3 fire fighting vehicles. and this little one that can't do anything. we're trying to contain the fire. if the fire passes across, everything here will be at risk. humans are animals are forest, everything will burn. we will die here. we have no way to go
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on britain's defense secretary has criticize washington's agreement with the taliban on the police of us force. it's obvious, despite the u. k, itself withdrawing its troops from the region. the dispute a deal was struck last year names to keep the terrorist group such as al qaeda out of the country. it seems, london, it's issues with the pact. the deal was a rotten deal. it is flawed. it saddens me that's a deal picked apart a lot of what had been achieved. and if dennis done over 20 years will probably be back in 10 or 20 years. an extraordinary front. so i didn't deal basically to pull out on conditioning. i'm in the very name of the agreement signed in february 2020 was design. talk about an agreement between the islamic camera to the gun on which is not recognized by the united states and is known as taliban. i mean, that's an extraordinary thing. negotiate with
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a group of richard says he doesn't recognize richard indigenous called terrorist organization. nothing was granted demanded of baton except to see saw not to attack us troops as they withdraw. and the u. s. also agreed to release 5000 television prisoners unilaterally. nato forces started to paula. the taliban has moved to fill the void rapidly, capturing large swedes of territory. as you can see in them up the taliban, no controls most of the country. that's the areas in red. with the latest flare up and fighting happening in the north, after seizing the strategic problems of conduce the telephone has no tick in the city of the bank, which is already the 6 provincial capital captured in less than a week. over the course of 20 years, the war in afghanistan has left 47000 civilians, dead. almost 3000 soldiers from the u. s. u. k alone have lost their lives fighting
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their for american taxpayers. the war has cost an estimated $1.00 trillion dollars plus. whereas for the u. k, the figure is 40000000000 pounds professor of international political science. i'm a lender. miss shrub believes that true polite was premature. the visa recommends are broken up. members that got hops until pull out was be made. you're, you're not, you're states didn't think so as to what is going to happen in the event of the troops will out the way you see them sort of taking over regular on up to down city, up to city. and on the latest tri, county had 4 capital fallen to the horses. so just imagine time people, but they call it, but nobody is stuck on these are pretty much imminent. this is our t still ahead, despite the political tension on how still
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a teeth between the 2 russia has become this 2nd biggest oil supplier to the u. s. so what's driving america to do deals with its main opponents. we reveal more after the break. ah, ah ah me. what we've got to do is identify the
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threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk me the me ah, hello again. the us and a number of its allies have slept fresh sanctions on bella rues targeting the nations key industries. president biden does the european country a key threat to us national security and foreign policy breaking down those latest developments for us kill up mob been then about
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a year since the contested election in bella rues. and at this point, we have the biden administration flapping new sanctions on the country. the new sanctions will hit air travel fertilizer, as well as the financial sector of della ruth. now, washington accuse is bell. ruth says having rig the previous election that despite bella reese's class, that simply doesn't add up, that the leadership and beller is very popular and the results seem to be legitimate. and what's interesting is that when imposing these sanctions, we now have biden's saying that somehow the small country, bella ruth, is a threat to the united states. this is what was said to us. it's in the breast of activities, such as the elimination of political opposition and civil society organizations and the regions, disruption and endangering international civil air travel constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy will be united states. now bella bruce's thousands and thousands of miles away from the united
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states, but it is very close to russia, and russia and bella roosts are on the brink of becoming full blown allies. the relations between the countries seem to be moving in that direction. now we have a situation where the u. s. has accused lucas shank of violently quelling protests that happened after last 2 years contested election. now ruth has come forward and said this was a coup attempt. this was an attempt to overthrow the government by violence with protesters who were violently attacking police officers. it was necessary to take action to stabilize the country. we also have the states raising the issue of air travel on the fact that there was a plane that was brought down and according to bela loses authorities, this was done because of a very credible threat of a bomb. now we have also the bel ruth olympic committee that has been called out by the united states. they've called out the bell roost elliptic committee involving there was a track and field athlete and some controversy. but repeatedly,
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the athlete who is at the center of that controversy has said their graves are not political, but related to athletics. the athlete upset about decisions that was made by their coach. so regardless, we now at this point, understand that back in july, the leader of bella, ruth is opposition. net with joe biden and presented the u. s. president with a list of potential targets for sanction. now those sanctions have been handed down now earlier today. thanks and were imposed by london as well. and we had quite a reaction from the bell rouge and leader, alexander lucas. shank. brittany. good. god. go check on those sanctions. profiles and years. we haven't known britain and we don't really want to see what you are. americans, yes men. now a number of countries around the world are the target of us sanctions. obama administration escalated these sanctions on a number of countries. new sanctions were imposed under donald trump as well. and it seems like the biden ministration has now come forward and more sanctions are
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being imposed on della russo. while the usa continues to demonize the leader of bella roost, alexander lucas shan't go. another intriguing story to bring, you know, america is proving to have a growing up a time for russian oil. it's no 2nd only to canada when it comes to supplies all the fuel to the u. s. imports of crude and refine petroleum products from russia grew 23 percent in may, amounting to more than 800000 barrels per day. mexico is 3rd after canada and russia, although it comes for less than 3 percent of us imports. so america has been buying more russian all the spice tensions with moscow in the energy sector. indeed, washington regards russia is huge. newer stream to gas pipeline project, a threat to european energy security. in july, germany in the u. s. reached the deal under which berlin will take action if moscow
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tries to use the pipeline to apply political pressure or commit aggressive acts against ukraine to yours. but it only has almost completely microsoft now, what i do, forgot to ultimately it's in contradiction to the use own energy security goals. i'm sure i'll have an opportunity to reiterate that, including the long united states, which requires us to sanction companies participating in the efforts to complete the pipeline. a lot of pressure life that has come from across the atlantic, political commentator alessandra bruno believes the u. s. is actually dependent on countries with which it has deep political attentions. washington may dislike all those things, but i think it dislikes high gasoline prices even more. and right now,
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thanks to russia's strategic position, pricing position, because russia is not a member of opec. it's independent. so it can choose its own range of price within various agreements. it has the most competitive pricing, a lot of titanium, which is used in making aircraft parts and which means defense equipment comes from russia as well. not to mention the fact that critical materials like career, it's mostly come from china. so in terms of resources, the united states is highly dependent on countries with which it has deep political pensions. and of course, it is a situation of its own making because by applying sanctions left, right and center is forced to sometimes contradict itself. states approved
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torture on trial next documentary asked just how did the success of government get away with it for so long? for me, the the other stuff and then need to talk to someone that could be able to pay more than that even when i'm in a position where they need to go on it for me. which mobile phone bill. and it
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isn't about what it was, which would be join me, but it was easy. i got to know how to choose. it could put an office me going to be as belong to the one to tell you the other hand that what you would need is that quote, i think it's part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims inside the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you know, just say i just agree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your evidence or logic. you see your micro grass mate, you say you triggered me. you said your heart be again some psychological weight,
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your news or psychological terms. and i guess an enormous problems or politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the you could go to a 6 day marathon of creativity, a multi cultural festival, and the biggest variety is the competition for a few days. became a russian cultural capital. 28 category ah, violinist piano, to be honest with parenting and data protection nigeria just going up with water.
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sure. you know if you could get some, is there a way for them to be here? they 1st her when read and or contest, the delta gains only take the very best of the best buy. i me the news i father contacted many lawyers in both canada and in the united states and no one was prepared to do this. they were very, very brave to go up against the government in this way. that night. parents bought
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them as heroes. and and so today, david orla, coach stanley has a member of parliament. didn't really help us that much. the powers that be an honor. we're more concerned about not rocking the boat with their american colleagues and they were about advancing a case that was brought by one of their own members of parliament. a lot of this our physical therapy. ringback is going on in psychiatry at the time. no one had ever used a combination of very powerful drug electro, convulsive therapy, extended sleep century isolation and all the other methods that she was using. there's been never anything like this where i grew up. this is my street. you see that tree there?
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i remember when i could put my fingers around it. we planted trees so that trees planted in 1945. quite a long time ago, harvey decided to write a book about his thoughts as experiences. as he researched the legal case, he began to get a lot of attention. some strange things were happening. nail was arriving in our house opened. there were all these strange clicks on the telephone then about 2 weeks after that, i'm driving to pick up my kids from a school dance clear night. clear road. from behind me comes a car with no headlights on. slams into me, pushes me off the road and disappears.


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