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the in the ah, in a big closely need to movements the leader of a charity that supports the victims of sexual harassment quits that stuff to. she faces huge criticism for defending the new york man. andrew cuomo, who's accused of abusing 11 women the wife of an alleged to us intelligence officer implicated in the death of british motorcyclists harry dunn basis claims that she may have been on the phone a distracted. when a car plowed into him, we hit the family's advisor about new development in the us government or trying to shut that inquiry down the other side. or the evasive inconsistency about producing the phone records and the phone themselves. today, not 60 is the us 1st use agent orange in vietnam, herbicide,
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which was proven to cause serious health issues among both locals and american soldiers. a veteran tells us this time, washington made amends. we really need people to sit down and take a look and say, hey, where's this going to do? not only to the civilians, populations not only to the enemy, but also to our own troops. ah, by the great, have you with us. this is anti international. this is our, the leader of the gender equality charity times up. we suppose victims of sexual harassment has resigned. after coming on the fall of defending new york governor andrew cuomo, cummins facing potential impeachment to new york's attorney general concluded the governor had sexually harassed 11 women. let's get more on this story now for he's
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done, hawkins. he's across it for us. take us through then why is it such a significant resignation? we're about to cut plan is a lawyer who is one of the founding members of this time's up shower team. and this organization is design. it was founded to help the victims of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault, to raise money for their legal costs. and the whole slogan of this charities that no woman should be silent and they will, they should be left behind and planes diminished regardless of how powerful the alleged abuses are. you deserve more than just the you are showing others at no one has the right to strip here for you no matter how known and powerful they are very well run organization. you can even buy merchandise online clothes, other items with their slogans on them. no doubt it's, it's helped many women come forward and, and tell a story. so what was kaplan's involvement in this cuomo scaffold which has been
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simmering now for many months and really has not come to boiling point cap plan was mentioned in a report released earlier by the new york attorney general lateesha james, we should edge that cap plan help to review, help to analyze a draw less a blog. cuomo attacking one of his alleged victims and essentially diminishing allegations of sexual harassment letter went unpublished in the end, because apparently none of people actually agreed to sign it. understandably the victims of sexual abuse once impressed by this warning event, they wrote a less calling on cap plan to resign and criticizing her involvement in this letter, which was really described, was victim shaming and castigating. one of one of the women that came forward to accuse como all these allegations with 30 victims of sexual abuse, signed this letter. so for a few days, kept plan resigned, cooling up position untenable in this scandal. i can offer the degree of
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transparency about my firms matters now being demanded. since that would be contrary to my responsibilities as a lawyer. what makes this story even more wrong? because that kaplan is actually the tiny, the lawyer representing elizabeth jane carol. she's the right of the sexually suing donald trump for defamation, regarding allegations of rape made against him many years ago. colon date, as i've said, that just not surprised by this. they've said that this was an open secret of sorts for quite a while. and the scale of the cover up here goes much deeper than what we're seeing now that this is really just the tip of the iceberg. us so universally disliked held himself above the law and got away with bad behavior for so long that when it came time for people to take him down, no one really came to his aid. so i think when this actually happened,
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i wasn't really surprised because everybody in politics kind of knows that the cuomo administration is the administration of a bully. this is a pattern that you often see in politics, that even though people act badly, they're actually rewarded and they're not held to the same standards of regular people. and this is why, you know, ordinary folks are so sick of politics and sick of the 2 party system. and they were other choices for leaders. you know, choices, you know, where they can actually vote for the ordinary person that has the same concerns that they have somebody with a conscience and somebody that wants to do good for the 99 percent or call my face calls to resign from all sides from activists, campaign sentences, even joe biden said he should resign. he's one of his top pays melissa the raw. so his secretary resigned just a few days ago. no cap plan. so the domino is really all falling around. andrew
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cuomo, so fall, he denied all allegations you said you acted appropriately. there was nothing appropriate in any of his behavior towards women at any point. flat out denials are working so far, but he does risk impeachment if he doesn't resign. that's not guaranteed. but that is certainly something that could happen in the coming weeks. so really, as we said, allegations coming for that, this is the tip of the iceberg. if resignations continue to get to take place, if allegations continue to come forward and regardless, position really is hanging by threat him to leader of times up work. and we want to keep the sexual harassment really couldn't make us feel like this. really important to bring to abuse. appreciate it. done that with the details. there's been a new development in the case of british teenager hurry done. he was killed 2 years ago in the u. k. in
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a road accident that involved the wife of an alleged us intelligence officer, the done families, lewis say the answer coolest may have been on the phone. when her car plowed into harry's motorcycle, they ended the relevant phone data has since disappeared. the american has been invasive about whether she was on the call at the time and the collision. spokes person for the done family says they just want accountability. we've been trying to get to the bottom of the phone issue in the u. s. civil case for the last 3 months and as our lawyers have put it, the other side are be evasive and inconsistent. about producing the phone records and the phone themselves for u. s. government are trying to shut doc inquiry down the civil case and the united states may represent b only chance that this family will get of justice. it's never been about money, they want accountability there and they want to get to the truth in terms of the criminal sense. our position has always been. you don't get to kill somebody or
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walk away. our request to mrs. recruiters in the united states government is that she simply. ready presents herself to the united kingdom justice system and goes through the process. the parents are pursuing every single avenue or justice open to them will answer clueless who is claimed as the wife of a cia officer was driving on the wrong side of the road. when the crash occurred, she was charles, we causing death by dangerous striving in the u. k. although she's never denied her guilt, she fled back to the u. s. claiming diplomatic immunity. an extradition request by the u. k was denied in july the u. k. prime minister raised the issue in a meeting with joe biden, the latter express sympathy to the family and said the 2 countries were working together on the case. later this month, harry dunn's parents will come face to face with. so kudos for the 1st time in a court house in virginia. as a civil claim they filed is heard the done from the spokesperson again says the progress is being made. thanks to continued media coverage. we count many americans
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amongst us as our friends. we supported these people for decades and diminished. one of their employees killed harry. their reaction was to not stop and think about this family and the consequences that they faced. but they thought about themselves . they recalled her, and the catastrophic miscalculation that they made was that nobody would find out about it and sent to your good sales to your colleagues in the media. thank goodness you all came to this family support. this issue is never going to go away until the united states government realizes that there is a broken hearted breast family here who need help and needs support. we've reached out and all the rest to them numerous times continually get slapped in the face. ready for doing so, they're entitled to accountability and they want justice both in the criminal sense and civil sense. today marked 60 years since the verses of
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agent orange by the us military vietnam, the highly toxic herbicide and defiant cause the suffering of hundreds of thousands of vietnamese people who been left with lasting effects from the indiscriminate use of the chemical. a warning you may find these images disturbing. the sample i about 5000000 people who have, who has a curable of chronic diseases due to agent or a complete normal life, a fine job from the i was a gentle soldier in a bomb squad. my charge was to clear fast and demolished things with an area with
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poison. didn't know it back then we just went on with our lives. we only realized when we started having children and the game and also having children as award. the realize orange pay me when the time you hear from the parents were trying to hide this part of the family immediately. the home or american soldiers are also still struggling with their injuries from exposure to agent orange retard u. s. navy commander and lawyer, john wells spoke to us about the consequences of the chemical and the attempts of
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veterans to claim compensation. most significant portion we would say, currently we're looking at about 110000 claims have been filed. some of those are the same person, multiple plans for the same person, but it's probable that we're, i would say 706070 percent of those folks. add some problems. today there was a case of what they call the ring per besides. and it was use primarily for d, for the ation edge and orange was so name because there is an orange strike around the center of the barrel. of the things like ages blue had a blue stripe, ancient pink thank stripe and so on, so forth. as far as we know, edge and orange was the worst, but some of the others. herbicides had the same chemical component of the agro
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chemical john monsanto is one of the companies under far. it was a major supplier of agent orange to the u. s. during the vietnam war, fight facing a borrow of legal claims, both it's on its parent company, buyer maintain, they cannot be held responsible for how the military use the product. so miles, again, believe more should have been done to prevent the tragedy. i think primarily the v a system is over bureaucratic and they have difficulty processing them by even now, you know, we've had 2 and a half years since that court decision. they've only processed about 60 percent of the claims that are in file. we really need people to sit down and take a look at and say, hey, what is this going to do? not only to the civilians populations not only to the enemy, but also to our own troops. if the world are united states that learned a lesson, and i certainly hope they do because, you know, we wind up spending
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a lot of time causing a lot more pain and we have to or is it easy? it's never easy. but it's, you know, we should do everything we can to minimize the effect on. we all really on everybody. relentless devastation being rolled by wildfires is continuing in greece. drone footage shows how by the situation is in the air. it was $60000.00 hector's of been reduced to us. the rapidly spreading fires force local to flee to safety. thousands of been evacuated with elderly residents, carried on to ferries, official say more help, desperately needed to fight the flames. these mobilized one of the biggest emergency task forces, while greek authority say the risk of further foss remains high in many regions, including in the capital athens on local told us just how dia things have become. haven't met, we've been in this situation for 6 days. the far from the nearby village is moving
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directly towards where the fire is being fanned by the wind. you've seen a village here from one side to the other. it's been burned. we hear this time with 35 fighting vehicles. and this little one that can't do anything, we're trying to contain the fire. if the fire passes across, everything here will be at risk. humans are animals are forest, everything will burn. we will die here. we have no way to go to britain's defense secretaries criticize washington's agreement with the taliban on the pull out of us forces. now, despite the u. k itself with drawing his troops from the region that the speak to deal with stroke last year names to keep the terrorist group such as al qaeda out of the country. and it seems, london has its issues with the pact. the deal was a rotten deal. it is flawed, it saddens me that's the deal picked apart lots of what had been achieved. and if the dentist on over 20 years will probably be back in 10 or 20 years,
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an extraordinary front. so i didn't deal basically to pull out on conditioning. i mean, the very name of the agreement signed in february 2020 was design, talked about an agreement between the islamic member to the kindest on which is not recognized by the united states and is known as taliban. i mean, that's an extraordinary thing. negotiated with a group of richard says he doesn't recognize richard indigenous called terrorist organizations. nothing was granted demanded of baton a been sent to the saw not to attack us troops as they withdraw. and the u. s. also agreed to release 5000 television prisoners unilaterally. as native force we started to pull out, the taliban has moved to fill the void, as you can see on the amount the terrace group non controls. the majority of the country with the latest fly up in fighting happening in the north where the militants have recently since day 6 for britain shall capital in. under a week. many experts will in the taliban,
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may soon recapture the entire country with africa. military forces seemingly powerless to hold back the other bands. over the course of 20 years, the war in afghanistan is left 47000 civilians that almost 3000 soldiers from the u . s. s. u. k, a loan of lost their lives fighting the the us taxpayer as the was cost in estimating $1.00 trillion dollars plus and for the u. k. the figures, 40000000000 pounds professor of international political science. i'm a lendue, mr. i believe that the to pull out was permit you the visa, reckoning or broken up members that perhaps got until pull out was pretty much you're, you're not, you're straight. i didn't think so as to what is going to happen in the event of the school out the way you see them sort of taking overall regulars on up to down city up to city. and on the latest had gone, we had for provincial capital, had fallen to the horses. so just
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a matter of time before they go except perhaps cumberland, nearby 80 is the whole of these are pretty much imminent. while german politicians are called on the government to re establish a military presence, enough galveston to stop the taliban. the bundle talks for the 1st committee had the berlin should making strips available for another operation in the country. he also urged the us not to withdraw. so is history said to repeat itself, and i've counted on that question is debated on our website. find out more by having to r t dot com. i'll fill a hedge despite the police contentions, and still it is between the 2 rushes become the 2nd biggest bull supply to the us. so what's driving america to do deals with its main opponents reveal all the news
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self governance is war is further and further away from the day to day reality of people on planet earth, in particular, america with its claims to have a government bind for the people but if the fed is now completely controlled by wall street banks and the said is not completely controlled by the map, which is a super national organization that serve the globalist as the recall. then the idea of self sovereignty in america takes another huge quantum leap of subversion rather driven by dreams shaped by those in me i
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think we dare to ask me ah, we'll come back anti vaccination protest is in london plans with police are trying to store, milled headquarters with the b, b. c, has to move the vast majority of its operations from the building a years ago. that demonstrates as a furious about government plans to start in ocoee late in teenagers and the b. b. c's, wrote the legend, promoting it the last week, the government announced coded vaccines would be offered to all 16 and 17 year olds
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without needing parental consent. it's believed that the national health service will soon be instructed. start giving the 1st day says to about 1400000 teenagers, something the government says is necessary in the face of the highly contagious delta strength. one finds a jap has also been authorized for children, age 12 and above the decision on whether to roll it out to that young age group has not yet been taking the session reports from month faxing protestors on a mission today they're taking the streets of london going from one media outlet to another day job, right? the b b c. television, years they were met with about police officers and even offices. trying to figure out all the entrance south days. protest really started out in the nearby pause. i hadn't got this mission in their mind at that point,
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but they decided to take to the babysitter to try. i'm trying to get a malaysian because because they'd like to the people basically they, they've been seeming to watch tv for the last 15 mom pain like when lies about everything about it was a hiding p t vote in the baby thing. journalism is price on the story and i've always heard we're out here to do today to pay off the government to put the house problems in the babies. the upgraded security protocol, the way for freedom day, many people all say all that to me out that place that really are trying to come out in full day. they all you to be totally ridiculous of why we know that the back road out program is not going to go on without infringement of freedom
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of civil liberties as well. so today it's just about what was to come in the future to police as some of the demonstrations later made it to the bbc's current headquarters. but left hours later, the broadcast herself has made no comment as yet the u. s. and a number of his allies slap fresh sanctions on by the roofs targeting the nation sky industries. president buttoned up the repeating country. a key threat to american national security and foreign policy. breaking down developments for a scale mobile been about a year since the contested election in bella rues. and at this point, we have the biden administration flapping new sanctions on the country. the new sanctions will hit air travel fertilizer, as well as the financial sector of della ruth. now, washington accuses bella. ruth says having rig the previous election despite bella bruce's class, that simply doesn't add up, that the leadership of beller is,
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is very popular. and the results seem to be legitimate. and what's interesting is that when imposing these sanctions, we now have biden's saying that somehow the small country, bella ruth, is a threat to the united states. this is what was said to us in the breast of activities, such as the elimination of political opposition and civil society organizations and the regions, disruption and endangering international civil add travel constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security. and foreign policy will be united states. now bella bruce's thousands and thousands of miles away from the united states, but it is very close to russia, and russia and bella roost are on the brink of becoming full blown allies. the relations between the countries seem to be moving in that direction. now we have a situation where the u. s. has accused lucas shank of violently quelling protests that happened after last 2 years contested election. now bell ruse has come forward and said this was
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a coup attempt. this was an attempt to overthrow the government by violence. they were protesters who were violently attacking police officers. it was necessary to take action to stabilize the country. we also have the states raising the issue of air travel on the fact that there was a plane that was brought down and according to bela cruz's authorities, this was done because of a very credible threat of a bomb. now, we have also the bellow, ruth olympic committee that has been called out by the united states. they've called out to bella luce olympic committee involving there was a track and field athlete in some controversy. but repeatedly the athlete who is at the center of that controversy has said their gripes are not political, but related to athletics out of the athlete is upset about decisions that was made by their coach. so regardless, we now at this point, understand that back in july, the leader of bella bruce's opposition met with joe biden and presented the u. s. president with a list of potential targets for sanctions. now those sanctions have been handed
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down. now earlier today, sanctions were imposed by london as well. and we had quite a reaction from the bell rouge and leader, alexander lucas. shank, britain. good. god, go check on those sanctions. for 1000 years. we haven't known britain and we don't really want see you americans. yes. men, now a number of countries around the world are the target of us sanctions. the obama administration escalated the sanctions on a number of countries. new sanctions were imposed under donald trump as well. and it seems like the binding ministration has now come forward and more sanctions are being imposed on del ruth while the usa continues to demonize the leader of bell roost. alexander lucas shank of america is proving to have a growing out the types of russian oil is now 2nd only to canada when it comes to supplies of the fuel to the us. imports of crude and refined petroleum products
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from russia grew 23 percent in bay, amounting to more than $800000.00 barrels per day. mexico, 3rd after canada and russia, although the counts for less than 3 percent of us imports. so america has been by more rational, despite tensions with moscow and the energy sector. indeed, washington regards russia's huge no string to gas pipeline project. a threat to european energy security. in july, germany in the us reached the deal under which berlin will take action if moscow tries to use the pipeline to apply to little pressure or commit aggressive acts against ukraine. i hope to see what it only has its almost completely microsoft sounds good. i do see sound if we got to ultimately it's in contradiction to the use own energy security goals. i'm sure i'll have an opportunity to reiterate that including the long united states,
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which requires us to sanction companies participating in the efforts to complete the pipeline. political commentator allison bruno believes that america's dependent on countries with which it has the political tensions. washington may dislike all those things, but i think it dislikes high gasoline prices even more. and right now, thanks to russia's strategic position, pricing position, because russia is not a member of opec. it's independent, so it can choose its own range of price within various agreements. it has the most competitive pricing, a lot of titanium, which is used in making aircraft parts and which means defense equipment comes from russia as well. not to mention the fact that critical materials, like rare earth, mostly come from china. so in terms of resources,
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the united states is highly dependent on countries with which it has deep political pensions. and of course, it is a situation of its own making because by applying sanction, left right and centre, its sports to sometimes contradict itself. gatherings rather today. thanks, he accompany or return with more in hoffman. i'm me the the join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me.
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the imac guys are. this is because the report, the word of the day is magnitudes. let's find out what's happening, stacy. yes, we need to take a step back and look at the magnitudes. this is coming up in a tweet i'm going to read. but i also want to remind you that this is the week that set in motion the end of bretton woods right. august 15th, which was a sunday, $971.00. president nixon went on to live television in america sunday evening and announce they were basically closing the gold window temporarily. they said, and then on monday, the 16th came into effect. but on august 15th he announced that. and now here we are 50 years later.


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