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tv   News  RT  August 10, 2021 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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the ah, and the big blow for the me to movement the leader of charity, the supposed to victims of sexual harassment quits. that the she faced huge criticism for defending the new york mer onto cuomo who was accused of abusing 11 women wife of an alleged us intelligence officer implicated in the death of british motorcyclists. harry dunn faces claims that she may have been on her phone and distracted when a car plowed into him from the family's advisor, about new developments in the us government are trying to show dr. inquiry down the other side are big, evasive inconsistency about producing the phone records and incentive from themselves. today, mar, 60 is since the 1st few agents orange in vietnam, i heard beside which was proven to cause serious health issues among both local and
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american soldiers. veteran token san washington made amendment we really need people to sit down and take her and say, hey, what is going to do is not only to the civilians populations not only to the enemy, but also drone church. ah, good afternoon and thanks so much for joining us here on our to the leader of the gender equality charity times up. we suppose victims of sexual harassment has resigned. have to coming under far for defending new york governor andrew cuomo. coma is facing potential impeachment after new york's attorney general concluded that the governor had sexually harassed 11 women as good morning. not more correspondent, daniel hawkins. don, how did this one and old lawyer,
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rebecca kaplan, who has not resigned a position, was one of the founding members of times up shower seats, an organization defending women's rights, helping victims of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, raising money for their legal costs. one of the slogans is that no woman should be silent, no woman should be left behind. no matter how powerful influential abuses may be, you deserve more than just that. you are showing others that no one has the right to strip your boy no matter how known and powerful they are. you can even buy merchandise, clothes, other items with that mission statement. blemish on it, it's a very much will run organization well support and no doubt has done a great deal for victims of sexual abuse across the country. so what was kaplan's involvement? well, the attorney was mentioned in the report, but the new york attorney general lateesha james as somebody who's been involved in
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the editing overdraw letter by andrew cuomo, which was effectively attacking the abuses and diminishing attacking. rather the victims of his alleged abuse and diminishing claims. the latter, unsurprisingly, wasn't published. one of the people agreed to sign it. nevertheless, understandably, the victims of sexual harassment, sexual abuse weren't impressed. they wrote an open letter to cap loud around 30 victims criticizing and saying that her involvement in this letter, which was described by critics victim shaming and castigating, really wasn't terrible with her position as one of the founding members of this charity. here's what catherine wrote in her resignation statement. i can't offer the degree of transparency about my firms matters now being demanded. since that would be contrary to my responsibilities as a lawyer is even more run it because capital of course, is all representing elizabeth, she, carol, that's the right. assuming donald trump for defamation. regarding re publications
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many years ago, andrew cuomo, meanwhile, has continued to deny any inappropriate behavior to any women saying he's, there was nothing untoward in his actions. and that's even as a weak resignation mount around him and more more organizations get involved in this story. yes. speaking of organizations getting involved, i understand is one called the human rights campaign that seen its image tarnished by getting caught up in the quote may scandal tell you more human rights campaign is one of the most prominent l g b t advocacy groups in the united states defense that campaigns for minority rights across the country and its president. i'll phone so david as found and so very much in the heat of things as an investigation and internal this occasion has been launched into his role. he actually worked in coroner's office for 8 years. one of his roles prior to his current posting was chief counsel alongside cuomo. he was also mentioning the attorney general's report as somebody who had alleged role in
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the let's say, smoothing over of the scandal. his, he released the accuses one of the victims while the personnel file to the government office. he has himself said there was nothing wrong with his behavior. he acted well within the law. well within his room, it's off his, his role at the time. commentators the upset but not surprised by the magnitude obese allegations they said. what we're seeing now is the tip of the iceberg. and what's been going on for many, many years us so universally disliked, held himself above the law and got away with bad behavior for so long that when it came time for people to take him down, no one really came to his aid. so i think when this actually happened, i wasn't really surprised because everybody in politics kind of knows that the cuomo administration is the administration of a bully. this is
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a pattern that you often see in politics, that even though people act badly, they're actually rewarded and they're not held to the same standards of regular people. and this is why, you know, ordinary folks are so sick of politics and sick of the 2 party system. and they what other choices for leaders, you know, choices you know, where they can actually vote for the ordinary person that has the same concerns that they have somebody with a conscience and somebody that wants to do good for the 99 percent, which is a very much falling around 100 cuomo, he's fight call to resign from acts of a campaign. is politicians even joe biden? the us president himself so far he's holding off, as we say, denying everything he does risk impeachment low. if he doesn't resign himself, there will be a action against him. more and more victims come forward. indeed, as that report reveals the scale of those allegations. yeah it's, it's
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a mess the tango contention to get more more complicated things to bring is the latest done. that has been a new development in the case of british teenager harry done. he was killed 2 years ago in the u. k. in a road accident involving the wife of an alleged us intelligence officer, done families, lewis, and security. this may have been on the phone when her car plowed into harry's motorcycle and they had the relevant phone data since disappeared. the americans been evasive about whether she was on the call at the time the collision spokesperson for the done family says they just want accountability. we've been trying to get to the bottom of the phone issue in the u. s. civil case for the last 3 months. and as our lawyers have put it, the other side or be evasive and inconsistent about producing the phone records and the phone themselves for u. s. government are trying to shut doc inquiry down the civil case. united states
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may represent the only chance that this family will get of justice. it's never been about money. they want accountability there, and they want to get to the truth. in terms of the criminal sense. our position has always been you don't get to kill somebody or walk away. our request to mrs. recruiters in the united states government is that she simply. ready presents herself to the united kingdom justice system and goes through the process. the parents are pursuing every single avenue or justice open to them once a cooler suits claimed, as the wife of a c i, a officer was driving on the wrong side of the road when the trash could. she was charged with causing death by dangerous driving in the u. k. other she's never denied her guilt. she fled back to america, claiming diplomatic immunity. an extradition request by the u. k was denied in july the u. k. prime minister raised issue in a meeting with joe biden,
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the latter expressed sympathy to the family and so the 2 countries were working together on the case later this month. harry dunn's parents will come face to face with securely for the 1st time in the courthouse in virginia, and a civil claim that they fall. this hurt than family spokesperson. again says progress is being made. thanks to continued media coverage. we count many americans amongst us as our friends, we supported these people for decades and diminished. one of their employees killed harry. their reaction was to not stop and think about this family and the consequences that they faced. but they thought about themselves. they recalled her, and the catastrophic miscalculation that they made was that nobody would find out about it. and thanks to your good sales to your colleagues in the media. thank goodness you all came to this family support. this issue is never going to go away until the united states government realizes that there is a broken hearted breast family here who need help and needs support. we've reached
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out and all the rest to them numerous times continually get slapped in the face. ready for doing so, they're entitled to accountability and they want justice both in the criminal sense and civil sense. today mark 6 fears since the 1st use of agent orange by the u. s. military and vietnam, highly toxic her, beside the de, fairly close the suffering of hundreds of thousands of vietnamese people who been left with last thing effects from the indiscriminate use of the chemical sworn. you may find these images disturbing. the address about 5000000 people in vietnam who has incurable chronic diseases due to
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agent or the complete normal life, a fine job. the i was a simple soldier in a bomb squad. my task was to clear the past and demolish things area with points and we didn't know it back then. we just went on with our lives. we only realized when we started having children that go along the game. and also when people started having children, the normal to stuff as a war, they realized what orange pe needs to tell me when i hear from those yet now, the parents were shocked and pricing. the father left the family immediately.
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the home american soldiers are also still struggling with their injuries from exposure to agent orange retard u. s. navy commander and la john well spoke to us about the consequences of the chemical and the terms of veterans to claim compensation. significant portion we would say, currently we're looking at about a $110000.00 claims have been filed. some of those are the same person, multiple plans for the same person, but it's probable that we're, i would say 706070 percent of those folks had some problems. today there was cases what they call the ring per besides. and it was use primarily for d, for the ation agent orange was so name because there was an orange strike around the center of the barrel of the things like agent who had a blue stripe agent,
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pink, pink stripe and so on so forth. as far as we know, edge and orange was the worst that some of the others. herbicides had the same chemical component. well the anger, chemical jaw monsanto's, one of the companies on the far it was a major supplier of agent orange to the u. s. during the vietnam war, time facing up hours of legal claims, data and parent company by maintain, they cannot be held responsible for help of military use. the products on wealth again believes more should have been done to prevent the tragedy. i think primarily the v. a system is over bureaucratic and they have difficulty processing . i'm not by even now. you know, we've had 2 and a half years since a court decision. they've only processed about 60 percent of the claims that are in file. we really need people to sit down and take a look at and say, hey,
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what is this going to do? not only to the civilians populations not only to the enemy, but also to our own troops. if the world or united states had learned a lesson, and i certainly hope they do because, you know, we wind up spending a lot of time causing a lot more pain and we have to out there, or is it easy? it's never easy. but it's, you know, we should do everything we can to minimize the effect on really, really on everybody as wildfires, rage and rushes east emergency crews are taken to the skies in a bit to make it rain revolting and playing with them to see how to break the o i is your media a reflection of reality in
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the world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way or are you being that direct? what is true? want to spake in a world corrupted, you need to this end. ah. so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. i join me every 1st day on the alec simon shop and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business, i'll see you then. in
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the moon ah. wildfires arranging in rushes, the acute region with smoke reportedly reaching as far as the north pole. first time occurrence. and dmitri pans joined a group of verbal and firefighters in the region as they seated tribes to force it to rain. so we are now at the you could concern national airport where we're going to watch the launch of the airplane and $26.00. the news. what this plane does is it goes up into the clouds as long as there are clouds and shoot these projects out for chemicals that turn these regular cloud into precipitation clouds. because as a reminder,
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this year has been one of the dryers in this regions history. the last time the precipitation where this low was back in 1888. right now we're going to go talk to the airplane pilots. the engineers who will probably explain more detail how this plane works. the running flight to where the fires are and on command by so iodide into the clouds. depending on the clouds, we have to go around and sometimes we shoot canisters to the right hand side. sometimes the left, but we are trying to fill the clouds silver iodide, which hopefully causes them to rain. so these are the actual cartridges that are going to be fired into the cloud to once again make them raincloud. on the fugit them sitting on these canisters work as sub 0 temperatures. so but the idea is most suitable for ice crystal had an altitude of more than 4200 meters. the
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most just 6 of the crystals. they freeze and then fall in the form of right. now on command, we will see the canister of the clouds in we're just talking to some promising clouds of one of the 5. the flight was a success. the plane did its job and only a few hours after the silver iodide cartridges were deployed firefighters on the ground started reporting rainfall, which tremendously faded their efforts. want to give up, you know, when you bring soon, we're still supposed to work, but firefighters, professional rescue workers and military personnel aren't the only ones battling these wildfires. countless volunteers from all over you, cool, young and old, could not stand idly by and have been joining the fight to save their homeland
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security. there is typically open here. the guys are all patriots. first of all, they want to save you. of course we conduct a briefing so that everything is safe. we send dozens of volunteers to help every day. i decided to help myself protect the homeland or you know, isn't it scary? well, it's a little scary of course, but you need to protect your homeland reports are coming in from the city in port city of la takia. spivey fire on board a tank and more of the split. the fire was preceded by an explosion with 2 people report to lin, just syrian firefighters and emergency services have extinguished the flames. couldn't to report the blast occurred during maintenance work on board the vessel currently unclear who the tank belongs to bring in more details as they come in. the business defense secretary has criticize washington's agreement with the taliban on the palantir of us forces. despite the u. k. self
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withdrawing its troops from the region speak to do strugglers shit, and aims to keep a terrorist group such as al kite are out of the country. and it seems. london has its issues with the pact. the deal was a rotten deal, it is floored. it saddens me that's a deal picked apart a lot of what had been achieved, and if canister done over 20 years will probably be back in 10 or 20 years. and extraordinary from side to deal basically to pull out on conditioning. i mean, the very name of the agreement signed in february 2020 was design talk about an agreement between the islamic emory on which is not recognized by the united states and known as the taliban. i mean, that's an extraordinary thing. negotiate with a group of richard says he doesn't recognize richard indigenous called terrorist organization. nothing was granted demanded of the tunnel except to see saw not to attack us troops as the withdrawal. and the u. s. also agreed to release 5000
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taliban prisoners unilaterally. native fools who started to pull out the taliban has moved to fill the void. you can see on the map here the terrace group now controls most of the country with the latest flare up and fighting occurring in the north where the militants of recently sees. they 6 provincial capital and under a week now many i spoke with the tell about my son recap to the entire country with africa. military forces save me powerless, the whole by the advance of the course of 20 years, the war and go as soon as the 47000 civilians dead them is 3000 soldiers from the us and u. k. alone of last alive, fighting nor the us taxpayers. the was cost and estimated. one trillion dollars plus and the u. k. the figures, 40000000000 pounds professor of international political science. and linda, mister blizzard, the trip plant was permit you. the reckoning, broken up, members that perhaps got until pull out was pretty much you're, you're not,
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you're straight didn't thing to, to what is going to happen in the event of the groups will out the way you see them sort of taking over regular phone up to down city, up to city, and on the latest tried calling for capital volume to the horses. so just imagine time people go except for nearby 80 is the whole lot of them are pretty much imminent. march and then politicians called on the government to reestablish a military presence in afghan. this done to stop the taliban. the dozens of foreign affairs committee had said good and should make his troops available for another operation. that kills was the us not to withdraw those history sent to repeat itself enough down. the question is debated on a website has policy dot com, who's the former
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us state farm and spokesperson jen sanky claims that she's been the victim of russian propaganda. she made the claims in an interview with vogue magazine saying she felt that she's being picked to part during use briefings off the russian state funded news networks. launched campaign to cast ahead publishing a list of what he called jim perfect ease. most embarrassing fails. she would mock them room is herself and tease the asi reporters when they needled during press briefings. nevertheless, saki said it was good preparation. the later rolls and even became fun towards the end of her time at the state department is some footage of sack in action. you know, there are, there are, there are fluids of gas. natural gas, i should say that go through from western europe through pain crane to russia and we are, i'm sorry you have any problem with the way he put it. i think i'd point you to
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them and i just stated that wouldn't be the way that we would. we would state it from here. i, we wouldn't, we wouldn't state it in those say, why says joe biden, advise you to take such action, nor was it just a coincidence here simply restating farm. and so a lot of times for me, what is it was fine. i think we're ready to move iceland new methodology. it was also highly suppressed with reports of parasol voting, pre marked ballots with carousel. you know, the truth is, is i was reading that i'm not familiar with that term either. it may be that people weren't checking and i'll check and see what, what our team and you may know the story of how she lives on a russian vote for about 8 months when she was 23. and she learned how to perfect, perhaps certain words and a couple of languages. she's english. i was making a tell that her learning 1st words on a fishing boat. hugo is a,
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our position has not changed, but you don't have a position. you don't have a position that could, could change a position, means taking a saw or taking a stance or making a determination. and since you didn't do that, you do not by definition, have a position we have wrecked. i would disagree with you that you have a position on whether what happened in egypt as a could we have determined that we do not need to make a difference. is that the same as not having a position? i will. i will let you part of yourself america's proving to have a growing up baton to russian oil. it's now 2nd only to canada when it comes to supplies of the fuel to the u. s. impulsive, true to refine petroleum products from russia. grew 23 percent in may amount into $900.00 barrels a day. mexico 3rd of to canada and russia though it accounts for less than 3 percent of us imports. so america has been buy morris in all despite tensions with moscow in the energy sector. indeed, washington regards, which is huge,
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no stream to gas pipeline project, a threat to european energy security july germany in the u. s. rates to deal under that berlin will take action if moscow tries to use the pipeline to apply political pressure or to commit aggressive acts against ukraine to yours. but it only has almost completely microsoft now would i be found if we got to ultimately it's in contradiction to the use own energy security goals. i'm sure i'll have an opportunity to reiterate that. including the law, the united states, which requires us to sanction companies participating in the efforts to complete the pipeline commentator alexander bruno believes that america is dependent on countries with which it has deep political tension. washington may dislike all
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those things, but i think it dislikes high gasoline prices even more and right now, thanks to russia's strategic position, pricing position, because russia is not a member of opec. it's independent so it can choose its own range of price within various agreements. it has the most competitive pricing, a lot of titanium, which is used in making aircraft parts and which means defense equipment comes from russia as well. not to mention the fact that critical materials, like rare earth, mostly come from china. so in terms of resources, the united states is highly dependent on countries with which it has deep political tensions. and of course, it is a situation of its own making because by applying sanction, left right and centre,
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its sports to sometimes contradict itself. today. don't forget to check out more stories, as i mentioned earlier by heading to website dot com. i the other stuff. and then we need to talk the someone will actually be fine. but even when i'm in a position that we need to make on it for me,
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i don't want to just about what it was, which would be join me. but it was, i got to know that she could put up with me going to be as long today. i want to tell you the way that you need that. because that course should self governance as before, is further further away from the day to day reality. of people on planet earth, in particular, america, with that claim to have a government buying for the people. but if the fed is now completely controlled by wall street banks and the said it's not completely controlled by the map, which is a super national organization that serve the global as the recall. then the idea of self sovereignty in america takes another huge quantum leap of subversion.
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the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the victim say they still live with the consequences today the.


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