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ah, we start the show with the developing story out of new york, where governor andrew cuomo has announced his resignation. tuesday. this, after a scathing report found he actually harassed nearly a dozen women tree. chavez joined us from new york. yeah, that announced that really sent shock waves throughout new york. many people did not anticipate the governor to resign, especially because he had been so adamant that he would not back down. but that'll change today. i think that given the circumstances, the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let the government get back to governing and therefore that's what i'll do. because i work for you and doing the right thing is doing the right thing for you. because
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as we say, it's not about me. it's about way today. 3rd term governor andrew cuomo, stepping down after several lawmakers and the legislator were building a case for impeachment. and just one week after an investigation concluded that he had sexually harassed 11 women. these engineers and pieces of evidence revealed a deeply disturbing yet clear pitcher. governor cuomo, sexually harass current and former state employees, violation of both federal and state laws. over the course of 5 months, investigators spoke to $179.00 individuals and reviewed more than $74000.00 pieces of evidence. investigators said that he subjected women to one wanted kisses, robed their breasts, or box, or otherwise touched them inappropriately. making insinuating remarks about their looks and sex lives and created a work environment rife with fear and intimidation. on november 16th, 2020 in the executive mansion. the governor hunt executive assistant number one and
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reached under her blouse to grab her breast and investigation. also revealing allegations from a state trooper assigned to comb with alligator in an elevator, was standing behind the trooper. he ran his finger from her neck down her spine and said, hey, you the governor who has repeatedly denied allegations of sexual harassment laid out in the scathing 165 page report said today that the generational gap and his sense of humour led to things being misconstrued, i didn't realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. there are generational and cultural shifts that i just didn't fully appreciate. and although the governor has apologized for his actions, charlotte bennett, one of the women who has accused more sexual harassment refused. cuomo, apology, calling it's fake and weird saying in an interview publicly,
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he would rather play dumb privately. he knows that he's sexually harassed staffers, and i think it's easier to explain his behavior publicly by saying there was some misunderstanding his resignation will go into effect and 14 days at which point, new york lieutenant governor cathy hoco will replace cuomo making her the state's 1st female governor, the white house reacting to the announcements at a press conference. well, certainly we look forward to working with her and with a range of new york officials and continuing to deliver relief to the people of new york as we work to fight the pandemic. put people back to work and show people. government can work for them. now, prosecutor, here in manhattan and in albany, have opened up criminal investigations into the governor's actions. meantime, re, counties are also requesting additional materials and information from the new york attorney general's office to pursue inquiries. there are no reporting in new york trinity job as our team. thank you. trinity, you know, i want to bring a try just in the hell contributory riley's topping and john tobacco host of wise
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guys to discuss close resignation. and if justice has been served, thanks for joining me. thank you. you know, you've got to start with you, john on this, are you actually surprised that governor close resignation happening today? oh my goodness, i am shocked that he stepped down today. we had a big talk about this on wise guys the other night. we talked about the narcissism of this cat over the last year, using his staff to go out there and write his book berm, lying about all the bad. it's kind poetic justice that he has to leave on this note because he deserves a disgraceful exit. but the real to me, the real tragedy is 15000 people, died in new york under his watch. he knew about he had his staff right in a book form. and by the way, he had his staff doing all kinds of applications to get him an emmy and pat himself on the back for kill and 15000 people. so to me, you know, why guys we use
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a lot of italian terms, but it's about so i mean, luck with the well, that isn't a time term. and john, i want to get to that, cuz i think that's actually a big part of this story that's happening then. unfortunately, somehow is getting missed. but rory, i want to give you a chance, you know, he went through his speech, he talks about this line that kind of moved back and forth and he didn't realize that hello wake up. it is 2021 in that line. it really kind of scares me where that line was for generations of women to pass, especially in the governor's office. but you know, during the speech called contest to these various situations, different viewpoints. he's claiming innocence that he just didn't realize what he was doing wrong. as a woman who has been in politics, do you feel like he's actually fighting these accusations and what does it say to you when he thinks i didn't realize that it was you know, the line had been moved? well, when he says he didn't realize it, i say shame on him because of somebody whose job is to be a public figure. again,
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he talk about that line being redrawn during the me to movement over the past couple years. he was very vocal and very outfront, claiming that he was supporting women who came forward while final tenuously engaging in the actions that were detailed in the attorney general's report. so i really what he meant is i used to get away with this sort of stuff, how come, i'm not getting away with it anymore. and as i think we've seen with all sorts of things, not just with regards to how men in power are treating women. but we've covered regulations, all sorts of things that there seems to be do as i say, not as i do mentality amongst a lot of powerful politicians. i think we certainly fall that from andrew promo. again, he's, he's not fighting the allegations per se. i think he's more trying to justify his behavior by explaining it away and that shows that even though we've made a lot of progress on this front, we still have a long way to go before we are adequate, the sort of behavior from power differentials like politics okay, so we had the one is issues, john, i gotta give you a chance because i agree,
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these women harasses issues are very serious. but i had to say something. does it kind of give you kind of a 2nd thought when the resignation actually came as a result of his personal lives? but not because of this investigation to whether or not he made the right decision and commanding co, a positive patients that went back into facility with high risk individuals lead to the spread. and like you said, the death of a 1000. so some are saying, hey, this is kind of actually an easier way out for him. do you agree with that, john? look, i don't think he has any way out. i think that's coming down the pike to too many things apply on up. and quite frankly, you know, he's an embarrassment to the entire in value heritage. ok, christopher columbus statues, to get ripped down across this country. italian joey, get a bum rap that what we owe and groom bonds and everything else. and then this guy has the unmitigated gall. we would call him a discrepancy dog. disgrace to try to blame is italian culture. this is what we do
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. know that's not what we do. my grandfather would smack me in the head. if i put my hand up a woman's shirt and it's kinda exactly what was said earlier, this guy is trying to find any which way to justify a cultural of change. no, it was never acceptable to grow women. and quite frankly, i thought when i watched all the charges in lateesha, james is a shock in the water. he's looking for his job, build up was going to for his job. so the progressives are all over this right now . but when he's, when, when the investigator said that he sought retribution against women in the workplace, that came forward as whistleblowers. i said to my brother who is with me, that's it. grow, he's gone because whether it's harassment and i don't want to people lose that jobs over allegations. there is due process in this country. but if you see grant, you abuse against employees to tell him the truth against government officials, then you're out the door and he asked me now they're just going to pile on and make
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sure his career is over. well, john, i don't know what the bad thing you hear about italians. all i hear that they're the best cooks ever and we can all go. it's worry. i got you. the last 4, do you think this is the last? we're going to hear of andrew cuomo, the democrats want to disappear because what this is exactly what they don't want to have out there in the public when we hear anything else. well, i don't think he's going to disappear despite all the talk about cancel culture and the other thing know, be in the age of social media and the internet ever seems to really disappear. i think he might lay low for a little while, but as we previously discussed this with somebody with a really big ego, and i think he's going to reemerge in a matter of time. so it'll be interesting to see what that looks like. i think a lot of us wish that he would go away, but i don't think that's a reality. well, we're a john. great conversation will continue to have and i said, john, you're not going to debate about, you know, what it, what culture that's negative. i can tell you the italians make up for every wrong
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doing just some good spaghetti and meatballs. in my opinion. thanks. i will be there. as we all know, cnn got a sick name fake news by former president and donald trump, which could actually play into our next story of a mother who was featured a cnn with her daughters. she was giving an emotional interview about the eviction moratorium. and how, thanks to the hard work of one democratic representative, the bandwidth kept in place, and her family kept under roof. are you sure and finds that shows us how after proven to the story? well, guess what? it all turned out to be fake news. i never thought, but anybody was able to reach up and see it all started. when this woman dosher kelly was facing eviction. so she put up a go fund me on line writing. my name is kelly and i have 3 daughters living in nevada. we were maintaining just fine before this pandemic hit. now we are
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suffering. we owe $1900.00 for rent alone. it is entirely still too hot to be homeless. my daughters are 56, and 8. please help with anything you can. at the same time that posted democratic representative corey bush was sleeping on the steps of the capitol day. 5 day 5 of being out here in front of the capital, bush, pressuring her democratic colleagues to do something on an eviction more. a tory him soon to expire. in the midst of a global daily pandemic, how do we force people out of their home and put them in situations where we know that that can be deadly. the call heard by president biden, who extended the eviction moratorium for 2 more months. cnn reached out to kelly and brought her on live, to meet and talk with the representative who fought for it and say, hey, i got my scholarly hue. this is just for me. so thankful for. know if
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there's people like you out there. i'm so thankful for it. thank you so much. kelly . you and your families, you know, you and your family deserve representatives that care about you. viewers moved by kelly story started to donate to her go fun, me immediately failure. go find me just went up to 97000 and while we were speaking so yeah. 97000. this is crazy. i'm sorry, this is crazy. the story and video went viral. of the mother who lost her job is a las vegas casino dealer. and thanks to cory bush, she has a home and raised nearly $200000.00. but then after raising more than $230000.00 a bomb chef later last week, a woman named shoddy hilo came forward and said she was the mother of those 3 girls
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and they live with her twitter and an uproar. one, even writing. it was all a scam, the girls aren't her daughters, and they don't even live with her. kelly went on to her, go fund me to clarify writing the girls recognize me as a mother figure in their lives, but i am not their biological mother. my partner is the children's father, whom i do not live with, and i take care of these girls in my home for periods of time and have for the last couple years. shoddy, a halo is understandably upset that someone else claim to be the mother of 3 of her children, children. she also cares for the only true part of the story. telly is facing eviction, and did receive a 7 day notice. go fund me now has notified all donors, letting them know they have 14 days to request a full refund. then after 2 weeks, the funds will be released to kelly the previous total. $231000.00.
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that is now dropped 221-1000. as of this broadcast for news views. hughes, i'm fair and runs back. now when we return is the solution to the border crisis. just don't have a border. that's what the president, mexico is suggesting over you. the $360.00 view, the ah, ah oohs . a lot of
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the to talk to the one no, actually going to be fine. but even when i'm in a position where you may need to check on it for me, which mobile phone you want to use and about what i was looking for the day join me . but it was easy. i got to get to they could put up with me quite a bit as long as it doesn't work for you because
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that course should the i think is part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims. the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree or something i said on this program, you know, just say i just agree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your evidence or logic. you say your micro grass, you say you triggered me. you said you hard me again, some psychological wait because those are psychological terms. and i guess an enormous problems or politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the
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ah, vice president come on, harris and the president of mexico are discussing reopening the us mexico border completely, as well as a deal for us to provide more vaccines to a southern neighbour article responded natasha. sweet has the story up there talks between vice president, small harris and mexican president andres manual lopez over the monday. it looks as though the southern border is one step closer to being fully re open. official say, with more vaccines from the u. s. business and travel could be on its way back to normal mexico president andre manuel lopez over to are addressing partners monday just before his call with vice president, kamala harris. news conference before the phone exchange began. he said he had a call with harris that they were planning to discuss their commonalities on migration issues. issue of re opening the border as well as showing thanks for the vaccines provided to mexico from the us. the us government provided over 1000000000
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johnson johnson vaccines to mexico in june more or on the way white house official confirm vaccines from other manufacturers would be given including mcdermott, an astrazeneca president biden had appointed harris back in march to help fight the root causes of the border crisis, record levels of migrants had been arriving at the us mexico border highest in the past 20 years. here we had received criticism for not visiting the border and decided to make a visit after former president donald trump. and now he would be joining texas governor greg abbott at the end of june and the call white house officials said she was updating the mexican president on americas current strategy in a brief tweet after the conversation over door said the conversation was good. he mentioned it must be said that the border is open, not completely, but it has never been completely closed. in june, the u. s. customs and border protection encountered nearly 200000 attempts to cross the us border. that's up 5 percent from me on a central travel between the us and mexico has not been authorized and border crossings have been discouraged since march of 2020. the water is still technically
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open. as over or mention, however, a mexican officials are continuing to urge the fighting ministration to fully reopen a border, and they argue the move would benefit the economies of both countries. reporting for new to choose and hostile suites are t. let's get the 360 view we bring in civil rights tourney and raider host, robert patello and former white house, b trader for george h. w bush. michael. john, thank you for joining me gentlemen. things got robert, i'm sorry you 2 years talked us is getting more vaccines to mexico. big part of this conversation. but i've got to understand, we've already given 4000000 doses sending more, but then both leaders actually discuss the 2 countries can bolster other central american countries, economies. but as mexico actually in a place to send a to other countries, if we're sending a to them or do you think this is just america as wanting, needing to write a bigger check? all americans we had to my head to monaco within the same as we are with going back
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to washing farewell address and monroe doctrine. we take responsibility would be thing to happen in the ministry because we do not what china stepping in, for example, to interstate. we did not want a colonial europe coming in to interfere in our backyards or russia. and so because of this, we do have a responsibility and a duty to ensure that we are helping to that population because they are, there is still this migrant crisis where they are coming to our border coming to our doorstep and helping gold country helps us in the long run, particularly while we work on the long term solution to the immigration problem that we have currently. and hopefully this will spur congress to move toward covering some embracement for comprehensive integration firm. we've heard that my goal, the term a regular migration is what's being used right now. but is it really irregular, considering this issues been dealt with and ronald reagan was president. in fact, i think the only thing regular is the fact that we have a problem at the border that can't get solved to go back to the since it is only at the ease we were promised were security and exchange for
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a one time amnesty. and this became a media way in the border security never came in here. we are decades later, basically with the administration that within days and did some very constructive policies, the president and trumpet put into place we had contained this is crisis. and within days, of course, you know, border risk restoration of catching release. new incentives were rivals and an administration that appears to be working in no real inforcement efforts nationally to track down a legal promises with mc. of course, they're going to come and i think we all would, you know, circumstances are predominantly also exclusively economic migrants were individuals being religiously traffic for criminal purposes. but it's absurd to think
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that you're addressing the, or the problem in el salvador honduras in guatemala because that problem is, you know, to the extent that exists, it's been ongoing. it did not worse in, in the days between year 19 in january 21st. what did occur was by things and now you're ation in the and the reversible a whole series of executive orders that, you know, really play a constructive role. one of those course was the stay in next go policy, which by and got rid of well on that i want to bring robert in on that issue right there on that same issue because that's what actually over door is wanting to do to open the borders right now and considering everything going on in america with lockdown, starting to be reimpose, are we had a place to open our borders to any country, but especially mexico at this stage? well, i think that we already look at the american agriculture that there, i know you're having a shortage of farm workers in nearly every part of the country. and we look at the
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manufacturing in the construction set. there were having a lack of skilled labor or able to take these jobs. many of these, the jens ears, in the millennial, or not either trained or inclined to do start to labor. so we have to work on a guest worker program. we also look at the h one b visa program where we are getting much of our intellectual have in our engineering and work into this country. and we do need to work on a policy where people can work here and then return home. most people do not want to leave their tropical paradise to, to go work in minnesota during the winter there for you. so because of our reasons, we also have to look at our drug policy because of the american markets for drugs that are financing the drug. cartels is the american done manufacturers that are army cartels and we have to look at a codified in a centralized solution. not to mention the fact that our neighbors and nor can actually are trying to import 20000000 more people into their country. so find a way to work together across borders under him it's, we're to solve the problem. but the question is, will it happen now? phone conversation, robert. michael always great to chat with you. thanks. now
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a follow up to a story we have been covering since june as a network host tucker, carlson went public, charging the national security agency was spying on him. in hopes of getting him taken off air. now we don't know exactly the motive for the spine, but we do know that also in june the n s a found no evidence to support the accusation. this, after an internal examination was prompted by congressional inquiries. now end of story, well that's what they say was hoping for. but the office of the inspector general at the n a say in the central security services has just announced it's going to start conducting a review related to the recent allegations made by tucker carlson. now this changes happen in this examination. we'll look at the collection, the analysis, the reporting and the dissemination activities included in the unmasking procedures and whether any such actions were based upon improper considerations,
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at least by their terms. now this is all related to the back story to this. this was a request made by tucker carlson to set up an interview with russian president vladimir putin. this past summer, something that many network journalist including myself, have done recently. well, because that is our job. and for some reason, the n s say things reaching out to those high ranking officials that exist in other countries to request a very public interview is something that should be a source of concern and it, it was regarding national security. or maybe just leaders of certain countries and that's what's going on here when they feel that by going public could actually be used to damage a journalist. but i think actually the viewer as well, at least the viewers have visual because i know this audience are very much way too smart to fall for that line. i personally don't have much hope the say will find itself in the wrong. but thankfully,
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i don't feel like the public now that tucker carlson was doing his due diligence is going to be a detriment. rather it is just an example of a journalist doing their job. so maybe that should be investigated by the say, as that seems to be more the rarity these days. and that's all the time we have for today show. but i promise this is a conversation which will continue. so why don't you follow me on twitter at gutting and hughes, you can use the hash tag team and v a. and for this show and more from today in the past, why don't you download the portable dod tv app for your apple or android device? i promise you will not be disappointed, and like, always thank you for watching. we'll see if i me, i self governance is
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more as further and further away from the day to day reality of people on planet earth in particular, america, with that claim to have a government buying for the people. but if the fed is now completely controlled by wall street banks and the said it's not completely controlled by the m f, which is a super national organization that serve the global as the recall. then the idea of self sovereignty in america takes another huge quantum leap of subversion. the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end to essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prisoners deemed
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a danger to the state. was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the victim say they still live with the consequences today the vacuum. and then we need to talk the someone that i can go back in touch with anybody when i'm, when i'm in a position where you may need to check on it for me. which mobile phone,
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when you think about what it was, what you're doing today, join me. i was, i got to get how do you think you put up with me quite a bit as long food? i need to tell you the truth. she doesn't know why you need that because that quote should join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guests in the world. the politics sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then me. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical time time to sit down and talk on the big announcement coming out of new york, where governor andrew cuomo announces he is quitting and bid allocations of sexual harassment, thereby falling victim to the very me to cause he himself claims to support the blow to that cause, the head of a charity that supports victims of sexual harassment. also with bowing to pressure over her ties to andrew cuomo today marks 60 years since the u. s. first use agent orange in vietnam here. her beside, proven to cause serious health issues among both locals and american soldiers. a veteran tells us it is. time amends are made. we really need people to sit down and take a look and say, hey, where's this going to do?
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not only to the civilians populations.


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