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the julian psalms cases, once again in london, high court. this time a washington appealed to extradite him to the us form of british opposition leaders lending his support. the whistleblower under threat includes one compression. what is also known as the threats of example. so all about take my 1st helicopter right and can be for a better reason. he joins a helicopter cru battling the devastating wildfires that have ravaged russia's far east of a month and half a century since the war in vietnam, children of us veterans exposed to the highly toxic agent orange herbicides. right . that said the government failing them, not taking responsibility for the disability. they were born with. we have from the son of woman former us marine and i was born in 1975. and i was missing both of my
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arms that the elbow down in my left leg from the knee down. and it's made my life pretty difficult growing up because i had to adjust to everything. ah, i that life i'm worldwide. this is art, the international for moscow. my name is colleen bray with the developing stories were across we this wednesday went into the program. so as julian assaulted his case, his back before the high court in london, an appeal followed by the united states as being heard against the refusal by a british judge to extradite the wiki legs found the decision to hear the appeals drawn anger across the board. a support has gathered outside the court to protest while they believe to be an unjust appeal and say that it's a case that should never have opened in the 1st place. a sanchez arrested in 2019 for breaching british bio conditions. he remains in london, j. o, but is still wanted on espionage charges from the united states. more than
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a decade ago, the wiki leads co founder published thousands of classified documents, exposing pentagon war crimes, enough going to stand and iraq. he could face up to a 175 years in prison if he's expedited to america. k partridge reports next from outside the court. here the u. k is high court of justice in central london. the u . s. is being allowed to appeal against the decision not to expedite. ricky league founded julian a sorry, i'm not sure which is some of his supporters. on january, the 4th of british judge had ruled someone who couldn't be expedited to america. fighting concerns about his mental health and the risk of suicide in the us prison record remain in a british high security prison. he's considered a flight risk and has spent the last decade either in a prison or the ecuadorian embassy in london. initially to health or in the embassy . 7 in 2012, he lost a u. k. supreme court appeal against his extradition to sweden questioning on re congregation. 7 the swedish case was late to drop and picked out to be between
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april 2019, but he was arrested for shipping his u. k. bale and just needed belmont prison ever since. the 2019 the us announced he was charging his songs with an ard for his rolling really think tough to find document via a wiki league with the help of us army intelligence on this chelsea mounting panel . my 7 years in prison, when a decision on the soldiers ladies hearing isn't expected. and so we often want to fight the high court authority supporters were protesting against his extradition, including former opposition leader, jeremy coven. always trying to create a good job in the history of the country, the world and the chief freedom from colonization or question. boy good paper like that. again, injustice in progress. i want to trade in to be able to communicate with people, and i don't need to be moderated by or any other level. news corp generally is
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under threat tuesday is one site impression journal dominican player. what, what, what is also known as the so the exam was used corporation control of most media, television, radio and print media. and they become a friendship on gen misbehavior. of all, as a continuing to raid across russia's utility region in the far east of the country, the smoke has covered cities and reportedly reached as far as the north pole volunteers, fire fighters, heavy machinery and able forces are all involved in trying to extinguish the flames . and its heavy, exhausting work is ortiz dimitry power discovered when he joined one helicopter cru heading to the front line. so i'm about to take my 1st helicopter. right. can be
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for a better reason. we're going to take a look over the fires of the region, just north of the capital. of course we're going to see how bad situation is, cuz right now the fires are threatening several villages. we will see just how about it is and deliver supplies to the people on the ground fighting it and well take off. this isn't scary at all. on the way to the village of the views were stunning, but the closer we got to the village day became somewhat terrifying. first, it's clear skies in an endless horizon. and just moments later, it's a wall of smoke. soon as we land, we see a whole bunch of heavy machinery. mister defense has a lot of military equipment,
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vehicles, and trucks and everything for this region because it's the most under threat right now from the flyers. armored personnel carriers, a couple of heavy duty diggers and several trucks. their purpose to create a mineralized zone there which the fire will not be able to pass, but no less important. are the human reinforcements, fearless, volunteers, and professional firefighters. they too are getting ready to head out to battle the fires. we, on the other hand are moving on. we travel to a nearby field where 2 trucks full of firefighters are having difficulties getting through the dense forest fires. so we lend them our helicopter right now and taking all the stuff out of all these firefighters that have been deployed here to help with the efforts. by the way, these are 40 firefighters that traveled all the way from the other side of russia. from cordelia mormons, car, hunger. they who have battled wildfires in their home regions this summer. but now
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that they have finished the job at home, they've traveled to korea to aid their fellow colleagues. and there they go to the front line of the seemingly endless battle for a moment. we came from more months to help the regions modem and we will work to extinguish the fires. we will do everything we can when we go back to your goods. and on the way we are once again reminded of just how chaotic situation is with the several more fires and even a new one apparently as we circle around it and the fire watchers note as location on their maps. all in all, not bad for my 1st helicopter flight rushers and the only country battling wildfires. volunteer firefighters in greece are also still fighting the flames there. we drove video that shows the extent of the damage caused by the blaze of recent days. a thousands have been evacuated from the region and the greek prime ministers apologized, saying that they had done everything humanly possible, but that it wasn't enough. he also described the situation of a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions. almost 600 wildfires burning
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across the country and several european states been drafted into help. i see them in a vacation order was sent to me or should we do just gets up and go. we can't. if we don't save our houses, who will? they're doing nothing. today is the 4th day and there are no aircraft yesterday. they only carried out to walter draws the local people, save the place to rest with little children left of course, but we are not leaving. even if the fire reached to see, we will not leave our village. we will stay for as long as we can and do whatever we can do. we're going to stay here and try to save the place. we need to stay strong for our children. or the other to one of the most infinite symbols of the vietnam war, agent orange, the extremely toxic herbicide and d. foley induced by the us military in that campaign. the chemical cause, the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people. none the laughing effects of pulse down across generations. just
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a warning that you might find the next images upsetting me. ah ah ah, i was born in 1975 and i was missing both my arms at the elbow down and my left leg from the knee down. and the hospital that i was born in had never seen anything like that before. so they weren't sure if i was going to live or die. so immediately after i was born, they took me from my mom and flew me to denver colorado. and put me in children's hospital and put me in the incubator with all kinds of needles and monitor to stuff
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to make sure that everything was going to be okay. and it's made my life pretty difficult growing up because i had to adjust to everything the u. s government still doesn't accept responsibility for the damage done by the agent orange. it states that there's no scientific evidence linking the toxic substance to adverse health effects found in viet, the son of veteran george kelly, who we just heard from that told us of his deep frustration that leaders won't accept their role in the suffering. if my mom would have been a veteran, my disability would be a 100 percent covered by the v a and they would take full responsibility for it. but since it was my dad, they said that there is no way that it could've affected me. i'm not sure why they won't take responsibility, but as it is right now, over 8000000 people have died from the effects of aging or and there are countless numbers of people born that were disfigured and deformed and they have cancer tumors, and just a list of so many different birth defects that you can't even really
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name them all because it's just so many a politicians and the public have lashed out a boris johnson. after his official residence at 10 downing street splashed out nearly 800000 pounds on to paintings and huge reductions in case spending, leverage buys come off, so the government approved a 20 pound a week cup to the universal credit benefit system, which support low income families during the pandemic, that's on top of a pay freeze for teachers and police, as well as a pay rise of just 3 percent for health workers on the covert front line. the prime minister spending priorities, it's always about himself. as this government cuts universal credit and freezes, frontline nurse police pay, johnson has found more money to treat himself again and it is in desperate need of funding on the pay rise in order to be able to recruit and retain staff
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and catch up with the enormous backlog of work. so i, i think the issue about the paintings is something company relevant. my understanding is it's largely paid for through public money rather than donors as the governments, as suggested, the government is going back down stairs at the root. whereas at the beginning of the coven, we were able to see that when money was needed, it could be found. in fact, the treasury came up with a lot of money and its initial time effort to help the n h s response of the crisis. and now it wanted to turn the top off again. on the 1st time the british premier has been question for expensive home improvements in may, the prime ministers adviser on standards said johnson had been on weiss in how costly refurbishments on his private, flat above 11 downing street were funded. the full details on which johnson has
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still not disclosed this time the government defended the purchase by saying most of the cash came from private donors. the government tax collection helps to promote the creativity of british art and culture. it acquires new work such a consulting and securing the approval of an independent expert panel. and the majority of funding for acquisitions comes from philanthropic sources. not taxpayer money for my head of an english health service. trust told us the timing of this latest scandal couldn't be worse. i think is a very poor decision on this occasion. i think there are 2 reasons why bad judgment . firstly, we've just recently gone through a pay or a pay round without nursing stuff where the government have been pretty mean in the way that they've approached it. and secondly, of course is the overall economic situation. so whether or not these are good paintings and whether or not that good value for money is not as important as what
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does it look like? what do people think when they see the economy is not very good. we've just denied frontline and h her stuff, a decent play. rise and the prime ministers hanging to expensive paintings in the sitting room. number 10, a chest looks bad. okay, on the way spoiler alert, the pentagon pressure hollywood movie makers to pay the u. s. military and a favorable light, according to newly obtained documents, will take you through the us, the plot of the join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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this is your media a reflection of reality? ah ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation to community. you going the right way? where are you being somewhere? direct? what is true? what is in a world corrupted, you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, in the the pentagon has been routinely bullying hollywood movie makers into betraying the
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us military and favorable life. according to nearly obtained documents had often also demand script at its with one tv series, even getting his wings clipped by us top. ross is constantine ross, cover polt propaganda on the silver screen. so the d o. d 's been waging war. the creative freedom is our script writers and directors. perhaps the most blatant case is the 200-1900 c b s. trauma serious the code about marine corps lawyers which was canceled soon after elise got back. we're headed to the as it turns out, the military saw the 1st effort i was before they went on air and was upset about his story line showing a marine turn congress magic. he's the brutally executed and iraqi civilian and another service man who killed a spanish citizen while drunk driving. marine corps leadership was apparently provided advance copies of several of the episodes and was displeased enough that they communicated what they saw serious shortcomings in the depiction of the
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marines. cbs television has indicated a desire to correct the problems in future episodes by accepting deer de assistance as a 1000 pentagon's official web page. the department has a long standing relationship with hollywood. what it keeps quiet about is how many trade offs had cost of filming community. remember, homeland and american long run, an espionage thriller the couple for a week or 2. when, according to the files, the producers asked the us army to support the final season, filming, but initially were turned down by the military. after they saw the script on the entertainment office is currently in talks of the producers of homeland. who have asked the modern army support initial request is declined due to a storyline that was not an accurate portrayal of soldiers. sure. and responded with some significant edits to the problematic areas. army has agreed to provide
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support as requested. show runners responded with significant ad. it's what they were, we don't know why. what we do know is that how lens final season speculates on a full story that the russians fund the tally about insurgence and also plays up the consequence of the wes withdrawal from again, it's then sounds like something that american army bosses might like. the pentagon doesn't always get its way though the same internal reports, the jazz christopher, no one, a hot shot hollywood director simply snubbed the military as they showed their appetite for a script at its continued discussions for supportive chris nolan thriller. merry go round working title support request, it includes use of osprey and clinic f frames and g p. an air force have indicated interest if military characterizations are rewritten, emphasizing military mission request for support of chris. know them thriller, merry go round, working tight to seem to have stopped likely causes that produce a direct, were reluctant to make changes needed to gain the d. support. others like captain
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marbles co directors and a bowden and wine flag, had to cozy up to the defense department report leave. they had lunch with air force top command and took part in a professional development session. whatever that means, before the film's release. no wonder a marvel movies are being branded as military propaganda in the media. more and more. the internal reports coverages. 2 years of pentagon, hollywood cooperation from 2017 to 2019. yet they side scores of famous movies and tv shows that game support or a green light from the military, including transformers the last night. fast and furious. a tom cruises tom gun to the list goes on. but those are the films that made it to the big screens despite the it is a lot of stories like a documentary on guantanamo bay. trials have been rejected completely and never came to be as fall out from tuesday's resignation of the new york governor. he quit
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after the states attorney general concluded that andrew cuomo had sexually harris 11 women. now president biden's being questioned over his previous support. your governor new york on one hell of a job he, i think he's sort of a goal standard for the hell of a job. and i mean both on everything from access to voting, to infrastructure, to a whole range of things. that's why it's so sad. can you really say all of until he's accused sexually harassing? the question is, did he do a good job and infrastructure? i was the question he did outside was personally separate, you know, and i was asked a specific question as well as long been on the fire from the me to movement. the wrinkles that he and fellow democrats passionately back of the you now ex governor . she stepped out late this month and previously given emotional speeches about respecting women and that personal space to sheep in or
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ridicule the pain. a woman suffers from the sexual attack is disgusted. i often will give them a grip of the arm, a pat on the face, a touch on the stomach, a slap on the back. it's my way of saying, i see you. i appreciate you. and i thank you to 2nd guess how a woman should over acted after a sexual attack is sexist and disgusted. i do hug and kiss people casually. women and men. i have done it all my life. and the not so distant past, cuomo was going to women's marches,
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and speaking up in support of the me to movement condemning sexual harassment, talking about the rights of women. but at this point, we have 11 women who are speaking up and saying that andrew cuomo engaged in inappropriate behavior with them. now. andrew cuomo has resigned, but insist that he is innocent. he says he did nothing wrong. it would simply be impossible for him to continue governing in this atmosphere created by these allegation. this situation in moment. i'm not about to fax. it's not about the truth. this is about politics. and our political system today is too often driven by the extreme twitter has become the public square for policy debate. there was a new phenomenon. and all of this happening today, lawsuits involving sexual dalliance is occur when somebody denies them. so then you follow up with defamation suit,
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you don't so anymore for what they did you. so for them denying what they did. so there are, he has said some pretty interesting things as far as the various women who have come forward and said he touched me here and did this. so this is not in any way done there that this is, i hate to say it's epstein, leon black fever. i mean this is, this is what we're used to in our zeitgeist. now, cuomo says this is politically motivated and that the only evidence is a bunch of tweets on social media. however, while most supported this very same movement, the me to movement in similar situations, and many critics of me to have pointed out that all it takes in order to have a politician, step down is allegations the word of accusers, as well as social media outrage. there's really no procedure. there is no way of determining guilt or innocence. the accusations, fly, and careers are destroyed. now, many have pointed out to me to seem to be primarily targeting, you know,
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republicans and conservatives, donald trump. but cuomo is a democrat, and his accusers are democrats and the new york state attorney general lateesha james, who issued the report that seems to have been the last straw, was also a democrat, as damaging to the democratic party. and the, and the democratic party mil. busy yeah, the democrats weaponized the me to movement, they used to devastating effect against red cavanaugh. it was a very powerful weapon that was brought to bear and now has been brought to bear on one of their own is acutely embarrassing and to have cuomo, who was a cheerleader for the me to movement down to fall the, to the movement. i think these, these are, these accusations are backfiring, people got to be very careful if for bring in charge like this again. and this whole episode leaves a very bad taste in everybody's mouth. a british citizen has been arrested in germany on suspicion of spying for russia. prosecutor say he worked at the british
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embassy and berlin kevin earlier discuss developments with correspondent donald quarter. the 57 year old man was, is a citizen of the u. k. and he was working for his countries embassy in berlin. it said that his name is david s. on tuesday, he was arrested by german security services in an operation in cooperation with the british security services in the german city of potsdam. and that was on an accusation that he was forwarding documents to the russian authorities on at least one occasion, according to the german prosecutor's office. now the german prosecutors also say that he received an, an, an unknown amount of money in return, and he's been collaborating with russia since november of 2020. at the very latest . now, david asked, was arrested in connection to germany's official secrets act, which means that this investigation falls under the jurisdiction of the counter terrorism unit. there we know that his home and his workplace were searched,
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but we don't know much else at this point. other than all that, so of course we'll bring our viewers the latest details as they become available. because that's the way it looks for moscow. so far this wednesday i'm calling brought back with her next update after going underground the ah, the ah, ah me. hello,
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driven by dreamer shaped by those in me dares think we dare to ask me. ah ah
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ah, i use the, [000:00:00;00] the was not an action or can see we're getting underground uncovering allies told by the so called mainstream media coming up in the show as the us and gun ships into afghanistan is why do suppose withdrawal from the country we speak to award winning
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joined the temple, the british army captain, who and smith my 2 decades of lives told about the war and ask if truth can be found in the fog of war. while the western media differ to power and is u. k. dr. minister barts johnson, the government backs new colonialist actions around the world. we speak to the artist to his bringing article on unit sculpture, to the heart of imperialism, london's trafalgar square. all the more coming up in today's going underground, but 1st taking place today is another extradition hearing in the case of julian, the san j trial and could decide the fate of journalism around the world. there were helix publisher. it's famous among other things for the african war logs, one of the largest leeks in u. s. military history. they detailed the horror of the nature war and f can it's done, including hundreds of on reported civilian killings. so what was it all for now the us troops appear to be finally leaving the canister. joining me now from norfolk and the u. k. is one smith, a former soldier and award winning journalist who is embedded with the british army in afghanistan and $27.00. and also gave shelter to julian assigned in his home in
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2010 in the wake of the release of the war logs. he's the founder of london's frontline club for journalists, welcome back von, to going underground. it wasn't that long ago. i seem to remember that there were journalists that your frontline club telling us things were going fine in this war after 911 will be with the saudi that were more involved in afghanistan. you were embed, it would soldiers in helmand, after serving the british army and you get sloppier. what do you make of events now? and i tv screens. i yes, i didn't, i didn't trim, but actually i was embedded with my own old regiment. i'd been assaulted myself in the old days and yes, you're right. that's been so much news and discussion of this, this war. this is a factor to go on. on the 20 year. we've been in a kind of phone for 20 years,


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