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tv   News  RT  August 11, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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i but in police say the use of violence is part of germany's legal system in response to claims of using excessive force. again produces a recent, as you look down running julian, assault of orders gathered outside london like court. hearing washington's appeal to extra right. there was a lot of the us, the former british opposition leader was among those lending support. we can found on the threat is one site depression. what is also on the threats of example about take my 1st helicopter, right. can be for a better reason. and he joins a helicopter cru battling the devastating wildfires that have ravaged rushes for
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each month. ah, for moscow, thanks for joining us tonight. there are things lashelle. i'm daniel who came through of you are welcome to the program. now the un special operator on torture mills mills, who has met with buddy's interior minister, is one of the top please officials about the allegations of police brutality and an anti lockdown protest. earlier this month, the you and expert savvy authorities were open and ready to share material, but the police remained unapologetic about the use of force against demonstrated. the question is, violence, violence hurts. one is injured, violence looks violent,
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direct coercion, even with all the pictures that go with it is still part of our legal system. well, one not video of a pace off the slamming an elderly woman to the ground surface, the wild cried nice brutality that was concern and got outrage, even the balloon police department watch that very same video and essentially came out and said, well this is normal. that's there's nothing to see here. so it's a pretty shocking statement that's been made the following an investigation into numerous complaint about police misconduct of bill in protest on the 1st of all. but how many will remember on that day, 5000 people took to the streets of the german capital and they would demonstrate can bear against lockdown measures. and of course, the coven faxing on the robbie took quite a dog town. when stepped into falsely his thought, the crowd before them punching people in the faces taking and shoving demonstrates his using pass. the spray in the faces and probably the most famous instance
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throwing people vine. let me to the ground around. $600.00 arrests in total were made. now the footage, such and such, so shocking that it went to the very top and grabbed the attention of the un special repertoire and torture mills. moussa, a number of videos have been spread that give ground for concern because a strong enough that human rights violations were possibly committed. well, he also added that the woman could have died just that we understand the severity of the situation. and it's actually got that triggered mouth to reach out to the terminal for a teacher requested additional information and for them to open an investigation. now having concluded that, having looked into incident as these had apparently been, police doesn't see anything to stopping in that footage at all. and in fact, and i was on the leading force actually went so far as to praise his colleague for handling situation. while that was neatly executed, had lever hold, the officer held the woman until contact with the ground so as to avoid head injury . so not only are we hearing justification with this idea,
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that violence is part and parcel of the legal system in a european democracy, which i think is a new and pretty astounding to learn concerning ikea. and we're also hearing sympathy, even crazy offices who are part in a top situation. and they will force to rely on very extreme means to suppress router crowd to responding what's more, the better the police union actually came out and added that most is worry about a human rights violation. having been committed would only involved an anti lockdown protestors and quote, conspiracy theorists who want to discredit the police. so it seems very much that despite real time footage, showing these violent act despite concern from one of the highest organizations in the world be un belinda. and he says, not any refusing to to apologize. it's refusing to acknowledge any type of wrong today. and now criticizing those who tour attention to the wrong thing,
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an era where police are hyper aware of the use of excessive bond that they know what they can lead to the public outcry that it can lead to this move by the bill. and piece was actually wash hands of the situation. unclear itself is a bold move that i think is not gonna find many funds. journalists, and also it's almost suspend, told show an official seems to care more about police brutality, broad than a home. this is a troubling, a very troubling phenomenon which i personally have lived in germany for so many decades would not have expected. it is clearly excessive what we saw and it is troubling. the reaction by the bird enforced the the refusal to admit that they have been wrong doings, especially if we think that one year ago, the german media, the german public. so 100 percent li, condemned the violence against black people in the u. s. a.
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i fully understand the german media, german official, criticize of the european countries for the us for the, for, for police force. but why do they refuse to do the same thing when their own police forces are concerned? that is the, the voting fact the voters of we can found a julian, a son of rallied outside the hike was in london, the protest and p, while the us, it was fall against january ruling, not texture. whistleblower washington has now been allowed to challenge key psychiatric evidence against extradition. the next year will take place in october assault. he was arrested in 2019 for breaching british by all conditions. he remains in london jail and i still wanted on a spit i was charged in the us more than a decade ago that we can ex co founder publish thousands of classified documents, exposing pens are going to war crimes and i've got to stop and iraq. he faces up to a 175 years in prison if extradited to america,
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or his portrait reports from outside the court period. the u. k. is high court of justice in central london. the u. s. is being allowed to appeal against the decision not to expedite. ricky league founded julian a sorry, an action which is broke out. some of his supporters with what you're doing about 15 of purchase justice has just been thrown out the window. the u. s. government is using the u. k. tax payers money for these aberrations of justice cases. the whole thing is going to be can't depend on the pressure on official anybody 33 in the mainstream major in the u. k. r o. notice if they do not get behind these, they're going to be next. on january, the british judge should rule, the sewage couldn't be expedited to america fighting concerns about his mental health and the risk of suicide in a us prison. but of course, remain in
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a british high security prison. he's considered a flight risk and to spend the last decade, either in the u. k. prison or the ecuadorian embassy in london, when a decision on a soldier's native hearing isn't expected. and so we often go outside, the high court is going to support and were protesting against his extradition, including former opposition leader, jeremy coven, is under threatened to his confession, dominican what, what, what he's also on the, for the threats of example, was youth corporation. huge control of most media television, radio and print media and they become a pension on janice, have shown this to mission, met us to watch the video stream of the hearing and says he was deeply disturbed by what he saw. i literally did a double take. i can recognize that it was
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a song she looked extremely old. you know, he's wearing a white shirt, some glosses, his harris, his ruffled, and yet here the tie that was actually on just really looks completely. i mean, you know, part of the rash assessment. he looked very awful and ill and with this is normal because the whole point of the high court, preliminary hearing today was to discuss his health. right. so we had extensive medical witness testimony during the expedition hearing at the bailey back in september and october. and this was again, brought up today and is going to be brought up again in october and up in the high court that his health is deteriorated. he's been tortured, and this is, i'm a journalist who's not serving a sentence. he's not a criminal, and he's in a maximum security prison in britain's guantanamo bay. i mean, someone needs to explain that to me what is happening because this is completely unjust, and it's a crime against press freedoms. and it's, it's an affront against his personal health. the most important thing about this case is press freedoms. because when you have someone who's publishing, you know, work documenting war crimes from the united states in ghana,
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santa and iraq because people, again, they think this is something to do a 2016, absolutely nothing to do 2015. he's being charged julian songs as being prosecuted by another faith because he published documents relating to iraq and afghanistan. you published evidence of war crimes of kidnapping rendition and torture. but if the high school students in the us state of oregon will no longer have to prove their proficient in reading, writing, and mathematics in order to graduate. according to a new law signed by the governor. caleb opened as the story according to the bill that was signed into law in the state of oregon. last month. students in order to graduate from high school in the state of oregon will no longer have to prove that they're capable of reading, writing, or performing basic mathematical operations. this is don, according to the bills language, to help students from communities that have quote, historically experienced academic disparities. the testing that we've been doing in the past doesn't tell us what we want to know. we want to have kids getting
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a chance to do and learn and be curious about everything. and what we've been doing is stopping that curiosity. now the bill from what it's supporters say is about trying to help students who are from immigrant populations or refugees who have come to the states who the examinations and the tests required for graduation are seen as kind of a barrier to them getting the high school diploma now, reportedly these rules will now be in place for the next 5 years now. the bill was signed into law without much fanfare. there was no signing ceremony. there was no press release announcing the bill, and it was added to the database a few days after it was signed and now i was last month. and now there's been quite as strong and negative reaction. this is the progressive left form of education, dummy down kids. you are taking away the only tool to get to break the poverty
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cycle. this is the type of legislation that they want to make black people a permanent underclass. these requirements were suspended during the pandemic due to the circumstances, but now the suspension of those requirements has been fully signed into law and the state of oregon. now it's possible that the federal department of education could step in to overturn these requirements. but many see this as a trend of lowering standards. for example, in the state of new york, they are getting rid of some of the examinations and tests that were once required . many critics are arguing there's kind of a dumbing down of american education. they see this as a result of that as, as, as a continuing of a process in which the academic standards are lowered across the united states. formal organ, republican party chairman perry atkinson says, a new law could drug down the states. the entire educational system has really upset a lot of people and oregon parents, in particular,
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school boards across the state are very upset about it. and i think that the fall out is just now starting to happen. it's somewhat races. i mean, you're putting a class of people down and you're bringing everybody down in time. are you forcing colleges to lower their standards in order to get students in to pay their bills? the whole system of education gets damaged by this. i think that there's plenty opportunities, there are what we have headstart systems here in oregon. we have tutoring system. we got everything in place to help a student, the struggling to succeed. that's what education is about not to bring the whole system down. this bill will create an evacuation out of public schools in the private schools and home schools, and that in turn will hurt them financially. it's one of the most things from the symbols of the vietnam war, agent orange, extremely toxic herbicide, and the photo used by the us military in that campaign that can cause the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people, the lasting effects of pass down across generations. a warning you
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a final following images distressing? ah, in me that was born in 1975. and i was missing both my arms at the elbow down and my left leg from the knee down. the hospital that i was born in. never seen anything like that more so they weren't sure if i was going to live or die. and it's made my life pretty difficult growing up because i had to adjust to everything. ah, they were just following orders. they weren't like arguing say that they weren't gonna spread. they were commanded by the officials to spread. so they had to do
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what they were told to do. i several major court cases against every single one they went. i'm not sure why they won't take responsibility, but as it is right now, over 8000000 people have died from the effects of aging. and there's countless numbers of people, more number disfigured into form and they have cancer, tumors. you can't even really name them all because it just so many. ah, the me, my mom live in the veteran. my disability would be a 100 percent over and they would take full responsibility for us and it was my dad . they said that there is no way that he kind of affected the veterans kids in the
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veterans. and so they have serious health issues and medication like outrages sent me like i know several of my friends that are children of vietnam veterans. and with the almost that they have, they literally spend thousands and thousands of dollars a month out of their own pocket because the us government will even the why the medication they need or they illnesses and they've done the exposure pens, again, fresh hollywood, moving makers of paint the minutes for a favorable light according to nearly obtained documents, will take you through the block foster plot off the break. ah, ah, ah, to be with
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me. ah ah, i use join me every 1st day on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guests in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me the the,
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the ah, welcome back to the program. wildfires keep raising and rushes you cute your region . in the far east of the country, fix smokers covered cities and reportedly reached the fall as far as the north pole won't. is firefighters, heavy machinery and forces are all involved in trying to extinguish the flames. it's heavy, exhausting work as are to be true. power discovered when he joined one helicopter cru heading to the front line. so all about sick, my 1st helicopter right. can be for a better reason. we're going to take a look over the fires of the region, just north of the capital. of course we're going to see how bad situation is because right now the fires are threatening several villages. we will see just how about it is and deliver supplies to the people on the ground fighting it and well
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take off. this isn't scary at all. on the way to the village of the views were stunning, but the closer we got to the village day became somewhat terrifying. first, it's clear skies in an endless horizon. and just moments later, it's a wall of smoke. soon as we land, we see a whole bunch of heavy machinery. mister defense has a lot of military equipment, vehicles, and trucks and everything to this region because it's the most under threat right now from the flyers. armored personnel carriers, a couple of heavy duty diggers and several trucks. their purpose to create a mineralized zone there which the fire will not be able to pass, but no less important. are the human reinforcements, fearless, volunteers,
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and professional firefighters. they too are getting ready to head out to battle the fires. we, on the other hand are moving on. we travel to a nearby field where 2 trucks full of firefighters are having difficulty getting through the dense forest fires. so we lend them our helicopter right now and taking all the stuff out of all these firefighters that have been deployed here to help with the efforts. by the way, these are 40 firefighters that have traveled all the way from the other side of russia. from cordelia morland's car, hunger. they who have battled wildfires in their home regions this summer. but now that they have finished the job at home, they've traveled to korea to aid their fellow colleagues. and there they go to the front line of the seemingly endless battle. we came from more months to help the regions modem and we will work to extinguish the fires, we will do everything we can when we go back to your cursor and on the way we are
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once again reminded of just how chaotic situation is with the several more fires and even a new one apparently as we circle around it and the fire washers note as location on their maps. all anom, not bad for my 1st helicopter flight. russia is not the only country butting wildfires, volunteers and firefighters in greece are also still fighting the flames. there was a stream video shows the extent of the damage caused by the blaze in recent days. thousands have been about to waited from the region. the greek from many stars apologize saying he'd done everything humanly possible. well that it wasn't enough . he also described the situation as a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions. almost $600.00 wildfires of burning across the country with several european states helping greece, battle of slaves. my shift, i'm whenever q asian order was sent to me, what should we do? just gets up and go. we can't. if we don't save our houses,
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who will? they're doing nothing. today is the 4th day and there are no aircraft yesterday. they only carried out to water drums that gather the local people, save the place 2 or 3 little children left of course, but we are not leaving. even if the fire reaches to see we will not leave our village. we will stay for as long as we can and do whatever we can do. we're going to stay here and try to save our place. we need to stay strong for children or the other pentagon as being routinely bullying hollywood movie makers, into portraying, in the military, in a favorable light, according to need to obtain document sick, also or from demand script that it's with one tv series even getting its wings clipped by the us top. ross ross golf, investigate propaganda on the silver screen. so the d o. d 's been waging war the creative freedom as i've scrape writers and directors. perhaps the most blatant case is the 200-1900 c b s. trauma serious. the code about marine corps lawyers,
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which was canceled soon after release school pack, were headed to the as it turns out, the military saw the 1st effort i was before they went on air and was upset about his story line showing a marine turned congress magic. he's there, brutally execute, and then iraqi civilian and another service man who killed a spanish citizen while drunk driving. marine corps leadership was apparently provided advance copies of several of the episodes and was displeased enough that they communicated what they sore serious shortcomings in the depiction of the marines. cbs television has indicated a desire to correct the problems in future episodes by accepting deer de assistance as it 1000 pentagon's official web page. the department has a long standing relationship with hollywood. what it keeps quiet about is how many trade offs had cost the filming community. remember, homeland and american long run and asked us thriller the
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council for a week or 2 when according to the files, the producers ask the us army to support the final season, filming, but initially were turned down by the military after they saw the script on the entertainment office is currently in talk of the producers of homeland who have asked the modern army support initial request was declined due to a storyline that was not an accurate portrayal of soldiers. sure, in a responded with some significant edits to the problematic areas. army has agreed to provide support as requested. show runners responded with significant ad. it's what they were. we don't know why. what we do know is that how lens final season speculates on a full story that the russians funded talia about insurgence and also plays off the consequence of the us withdrawal from against them. sounds like something that american army bosses might like. the pentagon doesn't always get its way though the same internal report. so jas. christopher,
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no one. a hot shot hollywood director simply snubbed the military as they showed their appetite for a script at its continued discussion. supportive chris nolan thriller, merry go round working title support request that includes use of all spray and chic airframes and g p. an air force have indicated interest if military characterizations are rewritten, emphasizing military mission request for support of chris nolan thriller, merry go round working title. seemed to have stopped likely causes that produce a direct, were reluctant to make changes needed to gain d o. d support. others like captain marbles co directors and a bowden and wine flag, had to cozy up to the defense department report leave. they had lunch with air force top command and took part in a professional development session. whatever that means, before the films release, wondering marvel movies are being branded as military propaganda in the media. more and more. the internal reports coverages, 2 years of pentagon, hollywood cooperation from 2017 to 2019. yet they cite scores of famous movies and
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tv shows that gain support or a green light from the military, including transformers to last night, fast and furious. a tom cruise this top gone to the list goes on. but those are the films that made it to the big screens, despite p as a lot of stories, like a documentary on guantanamo bay. trials have been rejected completely and never came to be politicians and the public have criticized boris. sean sent off to his official residence, rushed out maybe 800000 pounds on 2 paintings, and the huge reductions in key spending. lavish buys come off, the government approved a 20 pounds a week cut to the universal credit benefit system which supports low income families. during the pandemic and thousands of a pe freeze for teachers and police is what is a pay rise of just 3 percent for health work is on. the coven frontline, the prime minister spending priorities. it's always about himself,
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as government cuts, universal credit, and freezes, frontline nurse police pay. johnson has found more money to treat himself again, and it is in desperate need of funding on the pay rise in order to be able to recruit and retain staff and catch up with the enormous backlog of work. so i, i think the issue about the paintings is something covered irrelevant. my understanding is it's largely paid for through public money rather than donors, as governments, as suggested by government, is going back down stairs the route. whereas at the beginning of the coven, we were able to see that when money was needed, it could be found. and in fact, the treasury came up with a lot of money and its initial time effort to help the n h s. response of the
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crisis. and now i want to turn the top off again. well, it's not the 1st time buttons late has been questioned for expensive home improvement. in may, the prominence is advisor. i'm started, said johnson has been unwise in how costly refurbishments on his private flats above 11 downing street refunded the full details on which johnson has still not disclosed. this time the government defended the work process by saying most of the cash came from private. those the government, our collection helps to promote the creativity of british art and culture. it requires new work, such a consulting and securing the approval of an independent expert panel. and the majority of funding for acquisitions comes from philanthropic sources, not taxpayers, money, or the former head of an english health service. trust told us the thing of this late timing of this latest scandal couldn't be worth i think is a very poor decision on this occasion. i think there are 2 reasons why bad judgment
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. firstly, we've just recently gone through a pay or a pay round without nursing stuff where the, the government have been pretty mean in the way that they've approached it. and secondly, of course is the overall economic situation. so whether or not these are good paintings and whether or not that good value for money is not as important as what does it look like? what do people think when they see the economy is not very good. we've just denied frontline and her stuff. a decent pay rise and the prime ministers hanging to expensive paintings in the sitting room. number 10, a just looks back up next door to the commentary present the latest film, exploring the phenomenon of selling human organs and the african region of kara. k views is boom busts where i can offer now with the latest join us again that me the
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end to essentially destroy personality of an individual. by scientific means, this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the big.


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