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tv   News  RT  August 12, 2021 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the 10 o'clock moscow time and headlines this morning. 8 people have been rescued but seems 8 is still missing. after a tourist helicopters crushed into a deep blake and rushes far. ethan come shatka region. the search and rescue operations hampered by thick fog and the remote area, a correspondence going to bring it later just ahead on another story as well from the vast russian region, the state of emergency has been declared as firefighters. volunteers back a wildfire sort of rage. now for months of smoke and ash coated a huge areas, again, a correspondence been sent in the thick of it and the reporting back to us firefighters have now created this mineralized zone. this. and basically, the whole purpose of this is that the fire, if you can see it's still burning there, it will not be able to pass beyond the zone elsewhere. berlin police. so the use of
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violence is pato. germany's legal system in response to the claims of using excessive force against protest is the reason anti locked rally set for the sandwiches. the u. s. wins the right to challenge key evidence and is a huge tradition case will blow his fiance giving an emotional play outside the london port room onto him in life. threats of a 175 year sounds and threats against me against our children. ah, why they were good morning, this is alex international. it's kevin o in here with you for the next offer, with our latest and looks talk about a couple of the 1st stories coming from russia. indeed, news we started this morning with 8 people have been rescued, but a to missing to see. after a helicopter, carrying tears crushed into a deep lake,
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elma come chuck peninsula and rushes far east medic saying at least all is rescued, they believe, or a stable condition at the moment portraying his correspondent drops into this. one iliad really unfortunate store in the really up against there, such a deep lake. the weather's bob, take us through it. kevin, hello. well, there was a total of 16 people on board. 3 crew members and the rest are tourists from moscow . and saint petersburg, including one child and i'll tell you what is it true miracle, that half of them have been rescued for many different reasons. and the chances that the remaining 8 they're still alive are slimmer every hour. and this is the main reason why it's very difficult for the divers to get there with the equipment that is currently on site. the helicopter is more than a 100 meters below the surface,
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but the divers only have equipment for working at the depth of up to 20 meters. now, the tragedy happened above a lake, which is very deep. it appears that to the depths, and this particular location is more than 100 meters and again the divers, they can only go as deep as 20 meters below the service and the temperatures. there are very low about $5.00 to $6.00 degrees and we understand that the crash happened several hours ago. and again, in these kind of temperatures, it is almost impossible to survive. now the military service has also been called in to help. but again, the weather conditions at the moment there are very bad. there's a massive fog and this is also the popular tourist area, but it can only be reached by helicopter. and because of the fog again, it's difficult to land. so we'll see what happens. but this me
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a helicopter, it's been why the news in russia since the soviet times before it's set off on its flight, it's been checked and everything was supposed to be fine. so perhaps the reason for this grass are these bad weather conditions above that lake income child care. but clearly we are waiting for more updates from the emergency services on the site. yeah. all right, let you get across and we'll come back to us. bit later we'll, we'll try and they're not reinforcing the story and a token of bad conditions to deal with them still from that part of the world or the east of this country. russia, there are some region of it to tear still struggling to deal with raging wildfires and the devastation last brought almost 5000 people are battling the flames. with 700 pieces of equipment deployed to the state of emergency has been declared now in your cootie. across the vast region with thick smoke is for a number of airports to suspend flights as well. to meet, re poke because they're reporting about the latest for us this morning
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in ah ah, so we're still traveling for the village where we're expected to meet the firefighters . some of those we actually saw yesterday. but right now, on the way, we couldn't help but stop at this. phoenix location is late covered and smoke a red sky above it. and over looking all of this is a bunch of cows. some dogs, some people who live here, this is their life. and now it's all covered in smoke and we know how close the fires have gotten to this place specifically, but firefighters. there's a bunch of equipment. there's a lot of volunteers. so i think these guys are safe and these cows and these dogs definitely to now we're going to head back on the road to the village, which is now under threat of fire. me.
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if you're wondering what the raj all these places looks like. something like that, give me the last step, which when you full fire is the most difficult as it encompasses a large area. the mineral eyes area has been created there along the perimeter, and that area has now been dug up from the to there. so we just arrived at one of the locations where the firefighters have now created this mineralized zone. this is basically a whole purpose of this, is that the fire, if you can see it's still burning there, it will not be able to pass beyond the zone. also this area has obviously been burned off, which is one of the ways they stop the fires. they know that
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a fire is coming from the direction, so they burn every thing off. so they make the trench the mineralized zone than the sort of burn off. as you can see, the ground hears all ash, all of this is ash ah, the result of his employees from the ministry of emergency situations of everyone, his hair plow, plough manage, extinguish, saw. so while this fire does not represent any immediate threats, any people but so it still feels just kind of good to have a part in extinguishing it. so now is just a bunch of smoke but there's no news
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. so we've traveled back to your village that is currently being threatened by the wildfires. there is one coming from one side and the other. it's chaos right now. we tried to go to the fires, but this place is very big. and so we just didn't have enough time to reach it. it's way too far away, and it's through a very dense wilderness. the only thing that can get through there are things like this, but they're all packed with firefighters. but we did see the mineralized line that they made. we saw the burn off, and the aftermath of that burn off the burns trees the burned ground. we walked to know for at least an hour through all of the we still couldn't reach the fire. we decided to head back, it was just too much blood, so they cancel on our eyes on our breath, on our lungs. it's very rough out there. the guys are, they're constantly. some of them have been there for 40 days already and even they
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are getting tired already. so i think at least now many people have gotten understanding of what it takes to battle these wildfires to battle nature and how chaotic all of this can be. i have been to meet your po, rti, you know, pretty crazy, isn't it? will russians know, the only comes a cause really on the wall size right now. let's take a look at what else is happening elsewhere. these pictures information is firefighters gruffly replaces across the country. the military has been called in to help temperatures and the north african nation hitting 49 degrees c in recent days. and same problems, algeria 5 neighboring country, killing $65.00, including $28.00 soldiers homes, olive groves and animals that provide a livelihood in the region to be white out of jerry as president announcing 3 days of morning starting thursday across in southern europe, pfizer approaching populated areas on the italian island of sicily,
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smoke from burning trees is turn the sky red them from. according to local reports, fires have broken up no 9 provinces, as temperature as their touch. 40 degrees celsius using di rag force is part of germany's legal system that so berlin police responded to allegations of police brutality during a recent anti locked protest view and special wrapper turn on torture. early castigated german police after this controversial footage. you pay it online. the, the re question is violence, violence hurts, violence, injury, violence looks violent, direct coercion, even with all the pictures that go with it is still part of our legal system. when those heron, thim, for the police officer slammed an elderly woman to the ground surface. and there
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was a wave of i was raised here in germany call, and alex police brutality from the side of the german police. they looked at the same scenes and call them off the course and even part of the legal system. the sucking statements came in response to prove a few years, complaints of police misconduct, to low down protests on the 1st of august, and the it is clearly excessive. what we saw in the i've seen different accounts and i've also, i have witness accounts from people who i know who happened to be close to cases of police violence, very senior people who were simply shocked by what we saw,
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especially if we think that one year ago the german media, the german public, so 100 percent li, calling them the, the violence against black people in the u. s. a. this is indeed worried. such scenes combat thompson of the young, poor her on tours. her nails smells. her number of videos have been spread that give ground for concern the quiz, a strong enough that human rights violations were possibly committed. he also so sad about the woman and the now infamous video could have died yet to utter the belief from critics. a colleague of the perpetrators who claimed he was actually protract, ensure that was neatly executed, had lever hold. the officer held the woman until contact with the ground so as to avoid head injury at least as long as we look at civilized. let's say you repeat
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nations which include germany, russia, the u. s. police and politicians should definitely be interested in limiting the, the amount of force views. but what is hypocritical is the double standards that are applied and, and again, i fully understand german media. german officials criticize of the european countries while the us for the full for police force. but why do not? why do they refuse to do the same thing when their own police forces are concerned? that is the of the voting fact. but room for joining us on the united states has one the right to challenge key evidence in as you can tradition, case after the decision is fiance stella morris made an impassioned player. so the high court in london where she spoke of the threats shin, a family of received threats against me, that's against our children's threats,
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against death threats against you. in eldest son, daniel sits on julian life threats of 175 year sentence. and the actual ongoing imprisonment of a journalist for doing his job protest is gathered in london in support of julian assange, but still washington's. nobody allowed to challenge key evidence against his extradition. an early report by a psychiatric expert was judged to be misleading. it claimed that the sons would likely take his own life if extradited, but seems crucially failed to mention his children father during his time in the ecuador and embassy, giving them an incomplete picture. therefore, of the will supply emotional state, the headquarters decisions infuriated human rights activists. the u. s. government, in this case is grasping at straws. it's clear that the current intention of the us
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government is to pursue this and tell the bitter end, but it doesn't have to be this way out. at the point, the bided administration could make this stop. now is the time to put a loan. but now is the time when this case has finally reached a serious court. that can either you or you can find free or not. it's more than a decade ago now. this is going on so long. the wiki lays co founder published thousands of classified documents, exposing pentagon war crimes, enough canister, and iraq sounds was arrested in 2019 for breaching british bail conditions. he remains in london jail to this day. it is still wanted on espionage charges in the u. s. which states that his actions broke american law and endangered lives. he faces a possible prison sentence of nearly 200 years if he's expedited as some support to say that was a blow. his case though, isn't a front to human rights. the lower,
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the lower the mainstream media won't tell us. i can be the people who even needs and all to, to national and what is it thursday morning, thursday morning. yes, thank you for checking in hope your day is going well, having stick around coming up. don't worry about reading, writing mathematics. remember what they are, the week is barely if you need to graduate from high school in oregon in the us, why? well, the state has dropped those very basic gets think requirements will tell you more after the break. ah
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the ah, me. and then i save credit, trillions of dollars that they send to chinese workers and chinese factory owners who make the world goods that they shipping containers into amazon warehouses
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in wal mart stores where millions and millions of americans work at a less than survivor overall minimum wage and are for the 1st time in america, life expectancy is going down the high again. so seems high school students in the state of oregon will no longer have to prove that they proficient in reading, writing a mathematics in order to be able to graduate. you may or may not find that surprising. it's coding to a new law, signed off by the government can move that explains a bit more according to the bill that was signed into law in the state of oregon last month. students in order to graduate from high school in the state of oregon will no longer have to prove that they're capable of reading, writing, or performing basic mathematical operations. this is don, according to the build language, to help students from communities that have quote,
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historically experienced academic disparity. the testing that we've been doing in the past doesn't tell us what we want to know. we want to have kids getting a chance to do and learn and be curious about everything. and what we've been doing is stopping that curiosity. now the bill from what it's supporters say is about trying to help students who are from immigrant populations or refugees who have come to the states who the examinations and the tests required for graduation are seen as kind of a barrier to them getting the high school diploma now, reportedly these rules will now be in place for the next 5 years now. the bill was signed into law without much fanfare. there was no signing ceremony. there was no press release announcing the bill, and it was added to the database a few days after it was signed and now i was last month. and now there's been quite as strong and negative reaction. this is a progressive left form of education,
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dummy down kids. you are taking away the only tool to get to break the poverty cycle. this is the type of legislation that they want to make black people a permanent underclass. these requirements were suspended during the pandemic due to the circumstances, but now the suspension of those requirements has been fully signed into law in the state of oregon. now it's possible that the federal department of education could step in to overturn these requirements. but many see this as a trend of lowering standards. there needs to be standards at what level you need to have reach in high school in order to get that diploma. it's to represent something. so if we take out and dumb it down than what does it really, you know, the more organs graduation rates a bad, but the solution to that is not by taking away all the high school standards solution to make the schools better, not by tending nothing's wrong. everyone should be accountable for the same thing,
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like i think if you come from different backgrounds, you should be able to have the same as like the requirements should be a little bit more level than what they are. so the best intentions, but guess we had from believe that the new law could drag down the states entire education system in the process. i think that there's plenty opportunities. there are what we have head start systems here in oregon. we have tutoring, since we got everything in place to help a student struggling to succeed. that's what education is about not to bring the whole system down. it's somewhat races. i mean, you're putting a class of people down and you're bringing everybody down in time. are you forcing colleges to lower their standards in order to get students to pay their bills? the whole system of education gets damaged by this. this bill will create an evacuation out of public schools in the private schools and homeschooled, and that in turn will hurt them financially. when you take away the primary
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ability for persons who are kind of themselves out of poverty, which is education. and then you insert the bigotry who extra cases into basically dumb down all the requirements. not only are they going to have a problem getting into congress are going to have a problem with procuring employment in more than any being this, this forms every last say that because of america, because you're just totally dumbing down our future, which are the jordan next sort of republican senator, who wants defended the right of private companies to do what they wished. and just now found himself flocked by one. youtube run calls accounts no suspended. then for a week, for alleged misinformation, about coven masks. we remove content from senator polls channel for including claims that masks are ineffective, and preventing the contraction or transmission of cove at 19. in accordance with
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our coven, 19 medical misinformation policies. we apply our policies consistently across the platform, regardless of speaker or political views. their daily posted contained claims that cloth masks are an effective and can't prevent the spread of infection. while health officials insist that masks can guarantee a certain level of protection. ron paul, who shows some rather alternative views than criticize the decision by the social platform you to maybe a private entity. but they're acting like an arm of the government, censoring those who present an alternative view to the science deniers in washington. what i said in that video is actual science. most of the mask you get over the counter don't work. they don't prevent infection. now when it comes to the 5 basks, i have always said that those do are yes ma'am. so the libertarian party, but they thought about the policies of some major social media platforms. i will say that government is using big tech as a proxy,
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very often in the censoring of specific opinions that they don't agree with. and that's something that's been going on for quite some time, or any roughly 5 or 6 year period. we have gone from where there's been almost no center ship of opinion except for maybe like hate speech. and even not much censuring of that, to where an increasing number of things are simply verboten. you just cannot see them. if you do say them, then there's a good chance you're going to be removed, not just from one platform, but if you say it on any of them removed from all of them. and you're effectively silenced on the internet. that is a problem. when you have any kind of a scientific opinion, you're often going to get multiple views. and those views are going to be challenged, both in open political debate and open social debate and, and scientific debate. and the way that the truth rises is both through an
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unbiased scientific evaluation, along with additional oversight from the community, from society as a whole. the remember, while the views inside the united states are fairly diverse. the reasons i feel like in the valley or anything but, and you're going to find a lot more preference toward big government status in among the very people that are controlling these big tech networks. so yes, there's no question that conservatives, libertarians are being the platforms much more quickly and much more aggressively then progressive or liberal democrats that have ideas that are equivalently outside of the mainstream, where it's talking about so much more to online, to check it out to the comment of a social media, but that's what we're talking about so far this thursday for me, kevin. oh, in back with more and half an hour and reporting for moscow, wherever you're watching. oh, you there. a good day the,
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[000:00:00;00] i choose one of the worst in mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy a close a little of the real last vegas. where many say elected officials are controlled by casino loaners. the vegas shooting revealed what the l v m p
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d really is. and now it's part of the spin machine to the american public barely remembers that it happens. that just shows you the power of money in las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic had the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care to. here's caroline goodman, offering the lives of the biggest residents to be the control group, to the shiny facade, conceal of deep indifference to the people vice gonna be saved if they were to take an action. absolutely, keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing. they use as a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. this is your media reflection of reality. the in
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a world trends formed the what will make you feel safe for the tycer lation community? are you going the right way or are you being direct? what is truth? what is faith in the world corrupted? you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, the, the, the the
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the the bus, the one bit the show you can't afford to mit branch the board. and i'm rachel blevins in washington, coming after christian sector is facing another shake up as hoford's and pulled off one of the largest highs in history straight ahead. we provide analysis on the vast and the twisted of unfolding plots. china has reimbursed and we think walk down measures as a nation, faces arise and covered cases for take a look at the impact the latest restrictions could have on the ongoing will recovery. then the white house is called on opec plus members to further boost oil production is inflated in the united states, the 13 year high. we'll talk about what this all mean, the fact. so today i write it and we lead the program with one of the biggest crypto current, the highest ever, the centralized finance platform poly network lost an estimated $600000000.00 in
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digital tokens company and now it's on twitter tuesday poly network. also post the details of the digital wallet, where the crypt was transferred, calling on those in the community to blacklist coins from the addresses. the d 5 platform also took the twitter in an attempt to establish communication with the hackers, saying law enforcement in any country will regard that as a major economic crime and urged those responsible to return hacked assets. now interestingly, in response to hackers began returning some of the stolen crypto as of wednesday afternoon, more than 4800000 install and tokens had been repaid according to public block chain records for historical context. here's how it compares to some of the other high profile crypto that's in 2018. tokyo based coin check had more than 530000000 digital coins stolen from the exchange. and of course, there is always mount goc exchange which closed its doors in 2014. after losing


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