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what will make you feel safe for the tycer lation community? are you going the right way? or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah mister, an end to talk the job. i can better understand your job can be just fine. well, don't leave him in either one of those and unofficial
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position if you need questions on it for me, which mobile phone you want to just about what you're going to be joining me, but i got it working. turn all good. how did you can put me going to be as long food one needed my wife if you need any because that should me . ah ah
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hello the other than a la carte because i'm trying to come on more than enough damage. and conversely, economic off of what i saw them in the shot and showed me the ticket in order to get him signed on at the for the child on at this number. so for miss walker, i'm really what all that on guy on, i don't know for me, you know, you know, how much say in other words, you gotta, you know name and that is all of a no show up with them with me on i'm currently in plain
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yet sure. they go to the middle of the give us the feel to go to the one who is a month to month it out. and i almost one almost shit out on the, on the letter. the paper that you should a got push or the multiple volume going out that i'm going to say because she's, it will let him be naval you. they're gonna want to know much who lives in new york to money. oh daddy. in addition to this update on the, on the high school desk and a lot themselves via is charles shot with rich token. got me on the th enough problem. i'll hold on hold on a little to show it to me. it is a big enough gold ball. how petty should we be sure to get
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them down a little more than a moment ago and i was always on call, can be clear for feel fine as well. so again, if you need to talk the you know, i can better understand your job, me a holler at me, please. surely as you have to get it,
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michelle wooldridge and the the other way over to you when you can get for shouldn't be wonderful. you have on the moon, no more a fit for you. as long as you know from the inside of the store, you will have to click on the walls or go to the food shop for fun or why don't i go as long never to be. are you so much so for from luxury there was no meaning scenario when you go home cuz you can do you going to store the whole thing is taking a final course dish and in the hotel. yeah, of course is the right reduction was on. i need to go to the full time i yet,
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but all of that come when you want me to work on him that are leaking. well, i gotta go saw him because more about them who didn't pass to join us among go to be able to be on one of those meet on him. now we will fishing horvath because our daughter who looks very good. they could be here before that because many of us are you the, the, he was the guy who watches to get how did she could turn off? that's me going to be the one the one i couldn't get him out of the bazaar to be the more for the good and that is a bonnie doing how they came. so i'm gonna let him out of the way we're going to connect in quoting. yeah, good to me quote it, i'm book when that i will have a near by to near that and we do shuttle the knack when the
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when i was told by, well i don't have much money . i mean, my son was born in july, the jim was going to good. okay, cool. then the thing and i got a letter on it and i was getting up. i. * don't know about could accomplish. maybe i could look into his voice one minute. what was it about that? a lot of them are they saw the little guys my
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mom got watch all those on a mac. i don't don't. i don't want to miss you. all the moms go to good day on the bottom, the dish, the mobile on the job. i'm a little hard to go to get a little bit better if the method is so great on a stove about on the course of syndic alone, watch me on other things while i was with them out of all on a certain day and good luck on the waters on of it and you could have been for them, but i thought you still, i got that you're doing what she did not as somebody me a lot plus getting can love the boys home. they gave me,
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i could cuticle that are the whole class for me. i was kim, was told that i'm george. how many is i thought it was about many of the one of our judicial was her last name. kelly m. o. john mccollum rational, her last massey g him on monday on is that cornwall, venus heated in germany, the mother of the canary that marcia meant to him. one man many marcy over. okay. and he doesn't know many as i get it because he could ask for me about mission to him. and i didn't know if i'm on hold. let me i'm glad you're getting the membership national. another
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lender recently, i'm not like they want to run this mission in quantities. don't take any of that. i'm not even going in for the one on the window truly. what was that money? i was told that i know that like we're going to when you are much funny, i was in the hospital. my dummy can either send me the procedure or time with that or the charles mission today and you on monday. hello me neither lou or you know, maybe why i'm, if you need to know me should go on some of the weekly. so, ah,
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and i can angela. madame sean and joel mission time off up on the the with that ahead on a procedure that was just on the on that to shut off the wall, which would anyone want us to, to see you much about him? a lot of my little my jane designed me on come on board me for she me, i'll go to them the buddy who not randomly in the phone on cash over, maybe like it was on the on the, on the joe was sunrise. jacqueline ended on a $1000001.00, which was smashed on. they went to kill me, but i'm going down there
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. i stayed prints trillions of dollars that they send to chinese workers and chinese factory owners who make the world goods that they shipping containers into amazon warehouses than wal mart stores. where millions and millions of americans work at a less than survivor, a wall minimum wage. and are for the 1st time in america, life expectancy is going down i think it's part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims at the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you know, just say i disagree with you, i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your adventure logic. you
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see your micro grass mate, you say you triggered me. you said you harmed me again. from psychological way because those are psychological terms and i get an enormous problem for politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the the, the, the, the, me why yes, ma'am nicky, john shale retry to you on this illusion. ne ah ma'am,
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on your truck by check out on set up. the trouble is then a problem that's at all me and i didn't know so much hope i was going with another honda coupon. and let them know that not at all. but in the new city community located in sun valley on anybody, they came to me, she didn't do any good out of there. she's on the bottom on the key for the car was towed in more than one, go on condo to take out another one. and com no, not at all. no, that one got caught up shortly
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. i thought he was gonna be out of dock. my voice came beginning shorted me. me me. name again. i'm gonna get more kim. i appreciate nathan showed me to kind of get that up. that's i don't, i don't want to get a new modem. i already got my on
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my, you know, really good. how about i don't, i don't want them to get a phone call. i don't, i don't know what's going on towards the top of that. she's going to feel like she has to do with your child and it have nissan fish admissions out of that in the middle of the doctor. so i'm fine. she's to all of that on a i going to be the one because i got both of them. well, lot of them focused on focused on going to enjoy found what i thought of it was our goal for my family and family in family because of what i mean. i was just going to
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buy them august. and what about just another one of which about one of nevada. you don't wanna pay this off. don't want to remind you about him about their payment, but even me and i got a job going on in those on the for sure, because it was a lot of she goes to fill in the on the me. i wish more what i want to do, some of our wonderful fortune will be out on july me. i will be there because i don't know if you would be short on foot. got each other for sure. and i go to the show like a dog for sure that i would have gone by the channel i want you to do, but you can even do more. so i got to go the nevada, virtually any water that was missed on me as well. sorry, that was the patrol large or the new model. this wasn't the may sound
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a little bit better, but in the whole enough, out of an admission on it or it was still come my whole it and do a wonder do go to that one over chicago in oakland, america. she wanted me to get us to look and go to mother go. so i could be taught out there for the modem, which was another reason why they didn't almost what mr. henry was. hold on, hold a minute while i think i was on the list because on the 2nd card jewelry one to say, you know,
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when you get involved and what do you think in gwinnett sandiv already young golf, tenisha kim, located a solution board and join me then you i will meet edition bush and saturday, my way to tanya paid and i get it. but then you think it when i talk to deal because much of my toes, if i can budget job. what to be done by the school to forward her daughter. she 5 question, she glue bush and she was scared. do children pick up? you should, you should go backwards. i'm going to call and say that he i had put my thought a whole brush. meantime you can daddy, i could try to bowie. i gamma you to be used to that to me either because you need to you hope to take them to prescript place, record or family dental hygiene a ball or what did i really care? but then you pay the entire corner where the geek it diameter on the more general
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me i behead, or 3 attention to home or business a clear and i'm going to so i want to hot caught up that we keep a one minute level or my mom because because i mean why call me when i'm back to the quarter, i'm and i'm just someone i'm charles darr, mono more leer. do need that delicious off. whenever is it clear on the all the time we had to get on the fish and deep on the law that on all you've got one and a half or so you can. why would you need any other should it will more harm to actually got some other choice which distortion back
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marsha caught our last showing that your social very soon with me that of course that can be quite honest with you and then i should be done. if someone could call me by my work number so i can find that out to her about it. i ah, i can't call her that. i don't want to call them for a few days. they've done it. she, tony, the coroner letting her benefit, doctor that i was going over today, connie and tony caught on the market. not too good. yeah,
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because i'm sure hockey, i'm going to make sure i'm clear. make it clear to myself, committee busy. we get into my final pay, don't make on my screen. if you put the submission with me, what's going on? what's going on? i'm going to want to get his name isn't on the i'm the guy, but i wish it out on me. cool. yeah. when it was just a little a little mean can it was for the extra $400.00 and then you're going to forgive me for
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me to jump on. we don't want to give us a call hey blevins. michaela sent me the time i thought i went to
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court order today on the day i did go there was no show last to go over the last on i know, but of course get it when i thought i saw this before, the start off and the prescription again. mm hm. so let me go down to that. do storage. how about that is that you already? i go yeah, godaddy would be, i could do if i got in north dakota, we'll finish it. we
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can use it if you're not sure it will. it is a current to try it out as it is available. i mean, finish getting with you or the last you know, of course, can i set up any prescribed for the call to get it on on the machine was that it said hold near. maybe it was a little big enough for us to let us noodle soft when dealing with sad men do too bad too sad. nunley will be with the ball mining just because he should be due to a boot. they said that the middle, the english kevin though the shower wolf, although they still are. 3 on this year and he got to show them to us to show
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us where to go. i'm going to, i don't mean below the center for me to move on to come come to 0. show up at the moment the michigan launch, it was a cascade called oakland enough and my daughter committed time and she left him as it on the neck of the stomach and it was a 2nd time of time i joined that i found the motion over them again, they got us down to jo, casinos for one. it will not be looked at with you soon. got the last one. okay.
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that was nice. can i should issue this issue. would you want them to order? this? is this billing mahonnan will love to share the us? sure. cuz we need to call them lack of either belong to the last image on the committees. my family case and i was in the viola when we get a dresser, got a mix up and i just wasn't much better . my head was divided up maybe one of the one in the hold off the me lose
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the join me every thursday on the alex salmon show when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business and show business. i'll see you then me. oh yeah, you could, i don't know when you go to deal with a 6 day marathon, a creativity, a multi cultural festival. and the biggest variety is the competition for a few days. became a russian cultural capital. 28 categories. ahh . from filing a piano to the parenting and data protection night years just throwing up over water, georgia,
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georgia. if you could give some credit for them to be here. they filter when read in or context, the delta gains only take the very best of the best buy i ah ah,
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ah, mid day here in moscow in our headlines today, 5 fight his volunteers bottled massive wildfires and rushes far eastward native emergencies enforce smoke and ash coated huge areas of correspondence back from the thick of it took for us to keep us posted. the firefighters have now created this mineralized zone. this is basically the whole purpose of this is that the fire, as you can see, it's still burning there. it will not be able to pass beyond the zone lane. police say the use of violence as part of germany's legal system in response to claims of using excessive force against protest. as the recent anti locked rally 8 rescued.


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