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or what had been termed as the most winchell infringement on freedom of the press. in the last decade by supporters of julian assigned, the united states has won the 1st appeal battle and the fight to extradite the imprison founder of wiki lease. now today in the british royal courts of justice, the 50 year old assault appeared video link from italy in the bell marsh prison. where has been held up the last 2 years. or the u. s. government is arguing a sondra capable of resisting suicide is pursuing a song for espionage is arguing. he conspired with chelsea men and then an army intelligence officer to hack into government systems to still 3 quarters of a 1000000 secrets and classified cables, which is organized organization wiki leaks dumped on redacted online. now as you can expect, assigned was disappointed with the ruling and a full appeal will now be heard on october 27th and 28th. so gave the reaction,
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we bring in actually tons the host of going underground here on the rti network. always a delight to talk to ash on today was not good news. so for those that are advocating for the full release of julius orange, you know, but are you really surprised by the judge's ruling considering the extent of all of those who have power right now, the kids are going to go to make sure they're deep and dark secrets stay hidden. to side day here in london, i should just correct one thing actually when they release those cables. chelsea manning there were redactions and in fact the guardian newspaper was involved in one of the writers on getting a password out for the redacted cables. but it's not only assign david junior sunday support, it is arguably a momentous day for all journalists all around the world. this was a style in error show trial. that's what it looked like. because media, i mean, your 2nd story is f canister. we would think that in course they'd be discussing how we were able to understand why say that taliban could now take over afghanistan
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from the removal of my niece truth from the afghan war logs. no, they weren't discussing the wall of the merits of journalism in a free speech. they were discussing it, seeing the weapon izing of junior sanchez, young children. and his partner was a battle of psychiatrists. whether one was eminent, psychiatrists accurately represented of the torture. as it's described by you in special up what your meals meltzer with it properly accounted for the faith of julia sanchez, mental health, because he didn't mention at the right time, the fact that he had children. that was a kind of argument that joe biden in his justice department was making him a loves in court. today, i was the 1st journalists into the stars, the headquarters in berlin. as the building wall was fully 260 people died with the strategy h q. they say from because of this because i mean what julius on is talking about
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is 10 millions of people killed, wounded or displaced and were discussing weaponized with his children. i am, i know you're saying we shouldn't be surprised that the military industrial complex does this. but to, to take it out on his children to somehow make his children feel guilty for the incarceration. maybe 175 year prison sentence, he might get an espionage caught and put that's quite something well and, and i don't say that we should be surprised. i don't think we should. that doesn't mean actually that we can't be disappointed. and i think that's a lot of people who've been following this are as they watch it. but guess what, what the us presented with the us justice department presented. it works because they won the 1st step, which gives you an idea of going how this trial might be. but let's just talk about it. i'm one of those to try to figure out, okay, could there be any good in any situation? could a trial actually be a good thing if full transparency is allowed and a sondors legal team are actually able to use the spotlight to showcase why so many want to keep julian locked away?
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well, but every time edge in defense team tries to bring up substantive elements the relate to your transparency argument that the judge says, no, that's not really the point. let's not forget the vanessa rates of this. the magistrate has already ruled that the terms of the u. s espionage act were less apply here. and that boris johnson has a consultative document trying to bring us up to scratch like right across the board to the we do. we have a beefed up official secrets act which would make new public interest. i mean, there's no public interest, but there were some margin, some light in the darkness that the journalist could say, look, i've just got to link it saved lives. you've got to give me some. you're gonna give me some ability to be a journalist even that may be taken away. and so yes, she's already ruled the espionage court. all of that is right. the only thing
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stopping him from being sent to a call where, which always convicts is, is a psychiatric report. but even that apparently now is being attacked even though it's one of the most eminent psychiatrists in the world's evidence. well. and that's, you know, very concerning. as you said, the focus was on that day and not actually the meat of what julian assigned as being held for, you know, i do say you said that not many people are getting aware of it. i did notice on today there was a lot of commotion. there is a lot of demonstrations outside the courtroom. do you feel those times go is going by more people, especially around the world, are becoming aware of the situation. you did see a demonstration in french part french parliament today, people holding upside. so i feel like the more people are becoming aware of it. and the fact is that you're seeing people from britain actually tried to cover for the politicians in the u. s. which makes me wonder, are they worried, they might actually have some dirt also when they released on them, they're just going to go on and cover everything right now. could that also be helping if we continue the story to not have any sort of closure at this point?
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well demonstrated, say the court opinion, public opinion is what matters after julia sanchez partner broke down in tears. and a question. one of the wiki leeks is spokespeople said we've got to now take it to the streets, a massive demonstration before the october 28th october 29th, the saturday before it. and in the global south, you know, they understand that it's interesting. here we live media, i'm not sure over there. should presumably me on the from pages of the part of the publications over there. but the new motion posted and seems to be that bothered about the fact that the president maybe being struck here, which would de prison that journalists for a. ready long jail periods. so the meeting, i mean it's kind of funny mid at the end of the noon, almost here in, in britain and the demonstration. so i suppose it all, all that one has really let me just said, actually looking at what was out there. i actually think if you move to try to hear,
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you have a better chance because it's directly involved. the corruption of american politicians is what was exposed. i do think you would actually have a bigger demonstration here in america possibly than what's going over. and you can definitely applaud those on the other side of the pond. i kind of wish we could have the trial here because i do think that you would see some of the main demonstrations we've seen in the past and corruptions been exposed. happen in this case. one could only have real quick before i let you go, i just gotta ask you, you know, enjoying assigned for a long time. you've heard today's test reading and i've been even even been able to see some of the video tape. how do you feel like his mental status is obviously he's a little depressed, but how do you feel like he's holding up andrew and said he was almost unrecognizable on the tape and just very quickly, it's very important to say that we get leaks revealed secrets of russia about china, about countries around the world, about iran. it's interesting that it's only britain in the united states that the forefront of persecuting this tortured most famous john was to publish or in the world action. obviously, you will continue to stay on this case and i thank you for joining us. and i still
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have hope that in the darkness, darkness does not die. our democracy does not die and documents. i hope that actually you get a chance to actually shed some light on the work that he's done. thank you for joining us. how did a continued event, the taller bon growing since you're a sped up the withdrawal of its ground forces from afghanistan? according to the russian defense minister, the telephone fighters are now in complete control of that's gonna stand orders from use pakistan and tajikistan. this could create a potential problem for russia, despite the television, promising not to make any attempts to cross the border and attack a neighboring territories. now, of course you can trust or it's from a terrorist organization, right? well, let's add this to former naval intelligence hub, sir john. story. john, thanks for joining me on this. happy to be yours. got it. okay, so how confident are you at the top? i will see no future going into your back as soon as it gets done,
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as it has stated, do you, do you actually put trust in their words? no, i don't put trust in their words, but i do to put trust in certain objective reality that even the taliban must confront. first of all, the taliban must consolidate their rule in afghanistan, which they really never completely did prior to the us invasion in 2001, where we're ab ganna stand is multiple ethnic cities, multiple language and multiple tribes. and those are the real divisions and that they determine the real pecking order and a half can society. so taking all of our ghana stand is going to be a feat and that's going to be a challenge. i think ultimately we may talk about that later in the segment, but here's why they don't per, as opposed an immediate threat to just on an is becca star is 1st of all, those 2 countries are ethnically distinct from the largely passed on taliban majority. different language, different culture, they don't have a lot of family connections, the clan or the,
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the tribal connect to the sinews of that type of society that they do an afghan, a stand. so they're good. they are outsiders, which meant which, which makes it very, very different. largely also you have the ever present threat of a rush actual, or was that military intervention to keep them out. so time space. the fact that they have their hands want to get in, and the fact that they are not the they're ethnically and linguistically, and culturally different from those former soviet republics means that moving into that area is going to be one heck of a challenge and is not for tomorrow morning with regard to the television. well, and that there's, there's you for that, you know, i do have to ask you because of your knowledge of the area. do you think russia might actually be better equipped, actually present more of a fear factor to the taller bond to stay within their own boundaries of what they're trying to negotiate within the region. then other countries like the u. s. thought that they could try to pull off over the last 20 years. well the u. s. is
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trying to engage in nation building. i mean the u. s. and when military, we were entirely successful with every engagement with the taliban and insurgent force and happiness. and keep in mind that this is a political defeat, not a military one for the u. s. it was a, it was a loss of will and lack of thinking. we didn't have a, we ended up fighting a 20 year war. not a 20. your so much is one year war 20 times over. so there's a real distinction there. obviously, the russians have a lot of experience in afghan and like the united states, it was not a pleasant part of russian history. the russians want to, will they be able to have the basing and touch it gets done, and that gets them to be able to build the type of build up the type of infrastructure necessary for an incursion. again, remember in the cold war, when the russians were last, they are touching on him is becker, and we're part of the soviet union. not really any more. so the question is, the big question, the biggest question of all is, do the russians really want to repeat this? is this going to be something that's popular for the, for the government to do? is there a win for russia in there?
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is there an in the game and that was the part that the u. s. policy makers didn't figure out. i don't think that it makes a lot of sense for russia to go in there, especially since the project gets on and it was best on as bulwarks against the taliban in person, into russian territory. and further, even with taliban to penetrate and go through touching it's done with that in a rush of proper that part of russia is not muslims and is even more ethnically different from that ghana stand. so looking at the risk reward calculus, i don't see that it's in russian interest to do that. well, i think that's a very, obviously, a big part that people need to play on this and real quick before i let you go. are you shocked and surprised at how quickly the taliban been able to seize over control of afghanistan? once the american troops had left for you, expecting it to be literally within not, not months, as they said it would be but weeks. now i,
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this is about what i expected. first of all, with the us withdrawal came the end of the america's ability to collect intelligence for targeting of taliban of taliban forces. moreover, you see the complete demoralization of the african of the afghan national military . so it's so rapid collapse is kind of like what happened to the taliban in 1994. everybody wants to be on the winning side. and so there's very few people in the losing side. so you see a lot of people changing sides are becoming fence sitters here so that in that sense, it's not a surprise. but what's, what's really interesting here is you see the pentagon talking today about how rapidly sister is condition that it's hearing that piano. is it, and then you see jen saki in the white house saying something completely different . so you have a real disconnect inside between the white house and are, and their subordinates across the river. the pentagon too. and i think that's kind of illustrative of where we are. and john, this is why we have, you know, because you're an expert and you're pretty good at predicting of what's gonna happen next. thank you so much for joining us. china centers,
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canadian entrepreneur, michael spell or to 11 years in prison, in a case a link to beijing, fight against the canadian government over the rest of an executive tech giant wall way or to correspond to john, how do you join us with the story? chinese police arrested canadian citizen michaels 5 or back in 2018 after the chief financial officer of huawei main one. joe was arrested out of vancouver airport at the request of us authorities. she was charged with bank and wire fraud. as long as it remains out on bail and vancouver staying at the multi $1000000.00 mansion she owns, while awaiting another extradition hearing the chinese court convicted 5 or of espionage accusing him, among other things of supplying intelligence and sensitive information to former canadian diplomat. michael cobra. coverage was also arrested and detained along with 5 or both being held in isolation in the chinese prison for more than 2 years
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with reportedly limited contact with canadian embassy and the outside world. canadian ambassador to china, dominic, pardon, said this, we condemn in the strongest possible terms. this decision rendered after a legal process that lack both fairness and transparency, and a statement. canadian prime minister justin trudeau called barber's conviction and sent in thing absolutely unacceptable and unjust, and said the canadian government would work to secure both he and cove riggs, immediate release. president biden has said his administration would also help in that effort. but that it could require the us to drop or modify its case against mang one job. while ways lawyers are pushing a canadian court to reject the u. s. his extradition request. her lawyers arguing the u. s. is overreaching with its charges. ever been living in china? trying to start up various businesses, both there and in north korea. the chinese court in sentencing him also left open
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the possibility of deportation seen as a move to pressure canada in the one showcase. we had a constant visit with michael right afterwards and he wanted to send 3 messages. one. thank you for all your support means a lot to me too. i am in good spirits and 3, i want to get home us secretary of state anthony blink and also demanded the release subscriber and coverage, saying they had been arbitrarily detained for more than 2 and a half years. and that quote, people are not bargaining chips. the chinese government denies power and co rigor being held as political hostages or bargaining chips. but both men have been seemingly caught in the crossfire in what has become a political war of wells with dangerous consequences. for news views hughes john hardy. when we return, parents are angry as a mask mandates are starting to reappear in school or they have any success in changing all the things are going to bring you at the 360 views
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ah, the united states print trillions of dollars that they send to chinese workers and chinese factory owners who make the world goods that they shipping containers into amazon warehouses in wal mart stores where millions and millions of americans work at a less than survivor will minimum wage and are for the 1st time in america life expect to the thing is going down you know, when you go to a 6 day marathon of creativity, a multi cultural festival,
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and the biggest variety is the competition for a few days. became a russian cultural capital. 28 categories. ahh from violin and piano to the artist, parenting, and data protection night years just throwing up over water. georgia, georgia. if you could give some is the request of us we are going to be here. they filter when read in or context, the delta gains only take the very best of the best buy. ah, and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own
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interest. what you see in this nice techniques is the state devising message to end essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the victim say they still live with the consequences today. the doctor around paul, the doctor has just been suspended on youtube for a week over a video he posted where you said masks are ineffective. this as
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a national debate over mask in schools is happening as kids are returning to the classroom. and parents are very emotionally charged at the cyber once again being forced on their children's face. so to go to 360 on this as well as to discuss the governor of organ signature on a new law which allow students to graduate from high school without proving they can read, write, or even do simple math. we are joined by director of development advocacy and sustainability for whole child strategies, luther mercer and georgia state lawmakers, dock and taylor. thank you so much for joining me on this. thank you for having luther. i want to start with you. i want to start with this organ focus. this is actually, i was kind of shocked. i was like, is this, am i reading this, right? you know, i get, we live in these challenging times, especially for educators. but do you think it's smart to make a high school degree, be the participation trophy for the last 12 years. a child is invested in their education? well, i'm definitely concerned scotty and thank you. have me on this debate because one
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of the thing has been happening across the country is i know that we're looking at historical issues. data, things like that in relation to our children are progressing in school, but yet to have a standard. and we're now setting that we're not quite sure what the standard is, meaning in oregon, oregon bill said we're going to suspend essential skills, which i don't know what that means as a requirement or having. ready a. ready a. ready degree diploma and at that point, what is the measurement by which we assess how that student has acquired information, whether they retain that information, whether they know how to apply that information. so some of the things that are lacking in the discussion is if we are removing this, then what is the alternative, what are we putting in place? and how do we guarantee these to be able to succeed in the future? right. and it's all about kind of a fisher day, you know, the governance publication director said he suspended that it was fitted reading,
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writing, and math proficiency requirements that it would benefit the organs, black, latina, latino, teen x, indigenous, asian, pacific islanders, tribal, and students of color. i have a real problem with this because how can lower in the standards, especially naming specific minority groups not be seen as insulting to those minority groups? well, you know, it's got the best, very good question, an assessment. the 1st thing we shouldn't do is dumb down education. however, at the same time, we know the historically meaning standardized tests have been not geared towards people from certain demographic groups. so 1st by me to find out why they did what they did because many states have moved away from certain types of standardized testing because they know that it does not accurately measure someone academic performance. but at the same time, we need to make sure we're not dropping the ball, but to be honest with you, if a child has got not about 12 grade at this point and they have
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a lot that check out the past year, the year after year, then something is wrong with that educational system more so than a child leaving they had not been able to read or write. you know, the, i have figures you 100 percent on that one. another thing, however, that's presenting it education system right now, is this mask in the outraged parents or the derrick person at school board meetings, you know, last night lose or in your home state of tennessee, williamson county, very conservative county had over a 1000 parents asking for the ones to county school board to not put on a mask mandate start out peaceful. obviously emotions got bigger and bigger. but you see right here, the board ignored this and actually voted to make elementary school kids where mass, i'm elementary, school kids only kind of odd. i'm scratching my head on this. they say it's because they can't get the shot at this point. the vaccine, are we live in a time when politicians are assuming control from the parents. and is that right?
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well, you know, from 4 to 6 you have to have the polio, the measles chicken, par bashing. and at this point because of. busy children or so the cdc, dr policy of next kind of put in place something to say they were ready to go with vaccinating these other groups of people. the question is how you protect other members of your community. how do you protect others young people in, in class? and so i think the board was making the decision that because we don't have that requirement just yet. and therefore we need to have at least at basics. mass i am, i am always concerned about though it taking a moving forward. i am also concerned about the school board not listening to parents concerns and trying to meet them where they were in relation to trying to balance, protecting the students, as well as a human, to in listening to parents concert. right. so when i saw this bay last night,
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that was one that was one of the red flags that was raised to me. and the real quick i want to try to because regardless of how you feel about the mask, and i'll leave that debate and medical professionals, do you think there is a problem right now about boards and politicians using and the idea of public health taking away power and decision making skills from the parent. do you feel like parents rights are being challenged in this situation? and can there be danger on future issues? i mean, we've seen governments the wrong in the past. i have to think of segregation immediately comes to mind. i have a 20 seconds on this one. you know what? i think everybody is losing their mind. math, protect people. and so i'm all for the children. if required math and let them wear a mass. anyone that go to school to fight, to not have their child protective. i need to get their mice check there because something obviously is going on. this is more so than the protection of the children was an interest in that didn't you know what, as a fellow parent, i think you're there. i do that. i respectfully disagree. i'm one of those that say
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that i believe that the mental health has been damaged, but this is why we can have this conversation and we can do in a respectful way. and that's why i appreciate you always coming to my show. thanks for joining me. d and luther, that's all the time we have for today show, but i promise this is a conversation with you. okay. so for me on twitter at study, and here's a hash tag team and a lot of great conversation to debate about the topics of the day. and if you were to continue to learn more, download the app for your apple or android device, you get past episodes of this show and all the programming that we have here on our c america. like always thanks for watching the same. ah, with me, i the other stuff and then you need
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to talk the someone will actually be fine. but even when i'm in a position where you may need to check on it for me, which mobile phone, when you think about what it was which would be join me. but it was easy. i got it now watches to get. how do you think you put up with me going to be as long food? i want to tell you the other hand that way when you need that, because that quote, should the i think is part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze
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political claims, site firms, language and mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you know, just say i just agree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your evidence or logic. you say your micro grass, you say you triggered me. you said you hard me again from psychological way because those are psychological terms. and i guess an enormous problem for politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the the an unexpected. i'm side of the pandemic kenya is experiencing and elephant baby boom. 200. why does kenya have so many allison
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carves and how has the panoramic impacted people's lives? is andree role is a fairly big long in a bunk. and in fact, he end up killing himself. i don't live on the lee and then you go buy a car. well and i will make it will be available for you to be in the media group if they get mad. and i can say elected when the mean thing in it, because at night is that of the when the nimble who did the they didn't even notice whether they call to do this. but i know they come when it just wasn't go or whatever. did it me
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the fire fighters and volunteers, battle massive wildfires and rushes far east, where a state of emergency is enforced. smoke and ash coated huge areas are correspondent, is in the thick of it. fire fighters have now created this mineralized zone, this and basically the whole purpose of this is that the fire, as you can see, it's still burning there. it will not be able to pass beyond the zone. cobit vaccine from 5 and madonna show a severe drop in efficacy when faced with the delta variant. according to a us study and almost a 100 asylum seekers are locked down in a former army barracks in the u. k. following a cobit outbreak, many say they fit for that lives in claim conditions are far from safe.


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